OLTL Update Wednesday 4/8/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/8/09


Written By Jen P.
Pictures by Laurie R.

John goes to Rosen's motel room and after making sure Rosen isn't there, he busts open door, looking for anything that he can bust him on. John then calls in a breaking and entering call to 911, telling them someone is breaking into Rosen's room.

Meanwhile, Todd is being questioned by Talia and Oliver about Zach Rosen. Todd tells them that he has seen Rosen since his return to Llanview and Talia tells him to watch his back. Rosen is hiding in the bushes listening in as Talia and Oliver leave.

Marty visits Blair in hospital.  She brings her some tulips and Blair asks her how she knew she liked them. "Everyone loves tulips", says Marty. Marty asks Blair how she's doing and Blair says other than still being in pain, she is doing fine. Blair then cuts to the chase and asks Marty why she is there. Marty tells her that she is sorry for what happened to her, that if she hadn't called John then he would never have left her and she would never have gotten hurt.  Marty then tells her it won't happen again, to which Blair says "You bet your butt it won't." Blair becomes upset when she finds out that Marty and John had been talking, but Marty assures her it was just about the case. Blair pointedly tells Marty her marriage is about more than just keeping her kids. Marty asks what she remembers from her attack, and Blair recalls getting into the shower, being hit and the blood in the water and after that nothing. Marty keeps questioning her and Blair wants to know why she is so curious. Could it be that she is trying to cover her own behind? Marty says no, that she believes that it is Rosen and wants to make sure he is caught so nobody else gets hurt.

Back at the Buchanan's, Rachel and Hank show up. Nora is overjoyed at seeing them, especially Rachel. She wants to know why she is there and Rachel tells her she wants to help her with Matthew and Cole. Nora and Rachel talk about Matthew's accident and how he's dealing with the paralysis. Nora tells her that it is hard on him. Clint threw a welcome home party for him, but Matthew wasn't interested. After discovering that everyone left the party, Hank leaves them alone to go in search of Bo and Matthew. Rachel tells Nora that she needs to deal with her issues with Cole before she can begin to help Matthew. With all of her feelings toward Cole and being angry at herself, she can't help Matthew begin to deal with his issues. That's what Rachel is there for; to help Cole and be there for Nora and Matthew. Nora is angry that she never noticed that Cole and then Matthew were doing drugs until it was too late, that it reminded her of when Rachel was on drugs. Nora tells her that Cole is sentenced to rehab and Rachel tells her that is not going to work. She explains to Nora how an addict thinks and feels and tells her she will help. Nora is happy they are together again and says she wants her family to be strong again.

At Dorian's, Jack catches her and Ray in a compromising position. Whipping out his cell phone, he takes a picture of them kissing and threatens Dorian that he is going to send it to David, her husband. Dorian is livid! Jack tells her that unless she calls her lawyer and get John out of his life so he can go back with his dad, Todd, he will send it to David right away. Dorian starts to argue with him, but Ray steps in and tells him to go ahead. No big deal. He spent many years in a Colombian prison...his cell mate once tried to blackmail him. Unfortunately for him, he didn't live to tell anyone. Apparently he had a nasty accident with an incinerator. Good thing for dental records or they never would have figured out who it was. Jack rethinks his position and gives Ray the phone, saying he doesn't want to end up like the guy in the incinerator. After he storms out, Ray tells Dorian he admires her for standing up to Jack and realizes that Jack is angry over everything going on with Blair, his dad and John. Dorian responds that Jack is just like his father; he doesn't listen to reason, only to threats. Dorian thanks him for being there for her when David said he wasn't coming home. 

In the meantime, Starr tells Langston that she went to see Schuyler. She tells her that she loves him and had written him a letter, but threw it away. Langston is shocked when Starr tells her that she took her sweater off for Schuyler, trying to show him that she is not a child. Having lost a child herself, she will never be a child again. Though Langston doesn't agree with Starr's actions, she tries to be a friend to her and tells her what she and Cole had was true love. Starr yells that she loves Schuyler, that it is real love. But Langston wonders if maybe this is Starr's way of dealing with her separation from Cole. Starr is upset with everything that has happened and angry at Cole for interrupting her at Schuyler's. Langston is worried for her friend. Suddenly, Jack slams through the door, knocking their book bags off the table. He yells at Langston that her uncle is a jerk and stomps upstairs. As they are picking their stuff up, Starr notices a letter from the school to her mom.

John finds tabloids and newspapers chronicling the Blair/Todd/Marty story. Obviously Rosen is obsessed. Talia and Oliver respond to the breaking and entering call and find John. She asks what he is doing there and he explains that he is the one who called it in. Oliver is confused and wants to know why he called it in if he was there. Talia explains that this way they can legally get a warrant, otherwise anything John found is inadmissible. Talia calls a judge to get a warrant. She then tells John to leave so they can do things the legal way.

Cole goes to Todd's and demands he lets him in, he has something important to tell him. Todd is less than thrilled to see him. Cole tells Todd that Schuyler is trying to sleep with Starr and that he needs to know about it. Todd tells him it's impossible, that Starr would have told him if she was in love or had a crush on her teacher. Cole laughs wryly and reminds him that after all he's done, that Starr would not be too inclined to tell him much of anything, especially something like this. Todd asks him why he suspects that Schuyler and Starr are together.  Cole tells him that he saw them kissing and later, when he went by Schuyler's to confront him, that he answered the door while putting his pants back on. Oh, and he had just gotten out of the shower. Todd doesn't like the insinuation and is out for blood. Cole tells him he can find Schuyler at Angel Square. While Todd and Cole are talking, Rosen slips into Todd's house. Todd goes to leave and tells Cole to lock up when he finally goes home. Once Todd is gone, Rosen comes out and Cole asks him if he knows him. Rosen says that he is an old friend of his mom's and Cole puts two and two together, realizing he was one of Marty's rapists back in college. Rosen says Marty ruined his life and calls her a bitch. Cole attacks him. Rosen knocks him out and then pulls out a knife, thinking of the best way to get his revenge on Marty.

Meanwhile, John runs into Marty as she is leaving Blair's hospital room. He asks her why she's there and how Blair is. Marty explains that she just wanted to make sure Blair is fine and that she is doing okay. John tells Marty that Rosen has a bunch of information on her, Todd and Blair and seems to have developed an obsession. John tells her that she needs a security detail because he believes Rosen will come after Marty. Marty looks concerned.

Starr opens the letter to her mother. The letter is to inform Blair that Schuyler has been suspended due to inappropriate behavior with a student and that repeated attempts to contact her have failed so they have also sent a letter to Todd. Starr freaks out and tells Langston that she needs to go stop Todd.

After Starr leaves, Langston goes in and asks Dorian if she can borrow the phone, as hers needs to be charged. Before Dorian can answer, Langston picks up Dorian's cell and sees the picture of her and Ray kissing. She looks at Dorian in shock! 

Todd shows up at Schuyler's and is angry. He sees the letter that Schuyler has started and even though he asks him not to read it he does, "Dear Starr." He looks at Schuyler with murder in his eyes.

At that moment, Starr shows up at Todd's looking for him and instead finds Cole on the ground passed out. Rosen walks up behind her, creepily saying "Twinkle, Twinkle, little Starr..." 

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