OLTL Update Tuesday 4/7/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 4/7/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

David calls Dorian. She acts happy to hear from him. But he tells her he can detect that she sounds like she’s seen “better days”. Right then, Ray enters and she does not want either to know about the other. David informs Dorian that things are looking up and she will see him today. She is obviously in a dilemma with the two men.

There is a party for Matthew to return to his home. Viki, Natalie and Jared come to join the welcoming party. When Natalie and Jared are alone, they are still wondering what to do in regard to letting Jessica know that her baby died.

Right then, Jessica is with Bree at the gym. They run into Brody. She appears guarded after walking in on him when it appeared he was sleeping with Gigi. He tells her he would like to take a minute to explain the situation to her.

While Gigi and Rex appear supportive to Shane before his bone marrow transplant, he can tell that something is going on and his parents are not as happy as they want him to believe they are. Right then, Stacy appears and acts friendly and excited to her nephew. He is elated that she will save his life. But Rex and Gigi are less than thrilled.

In the other room, Roxy talks privately to the lab technician about the mysterious John Doe who had the bone marrow match for Shane that could save his life.

Natalie tells Jared that she does not want Chloe to e growing up and never knowing who her real mom is. She knows what that very situation did to her. But he tells her that they could keep it all a secret so that nobody will ever know. And it might be a better option.

At the gym, Brody attempts to explain to Jessica what she walked in on when it appeared he was sleeping with Gigi. He tells her that he has decided and confirmed with Dr. Levin that it would be ok to admit and act on his feelings toward her (Jessica). Hearing that, she smiles.

Natalie tells Viki that she is happy to have Jessica and Chloe coming. But they wonder where they are. Right then, Matthew enters in his wheelchair with his parents. They all happily welcome him back. But he does not appear happy.

Desiree (Matthew’s friend) goes to Dorian’s home to see her brother, Shawn. He asks his younger sister what is up. She punches him in the stomach telling him she knows he has the means to do something that he is failing to do..

When Dorian talks to David, she appears happy to hear him but does not want Ray to know whom she is talking to. She asks if he’s going to be wearing a tuxedo standing beside a car in a commercial. He tells her that she will see when she turns on her television. Ray stands beside her. She ends her conversation with David. She tells Ray that her husband is going to be on television and his acting career is skyrocketing. He asks her if that is her playing the married woman or if that is her asking him out on a date.

Brody tells Jessica that he did not intend to sleep with Gigi. He needs to do whatever he can do in order to save Shane’s life. Hearing that, she appears puzzled as to how that would be relevant to Shane.

In Shane’s room, Stacy acts happy and gracious to him, with Rex and Gigi standing beside her. Michael then asks Stacy if she’s ready to get started. At that point, she is not certain how to answer that.

Roxy meets with the lab technician about hiding the identity of John Doe and naming Stacy Morasco as the bone marrow donor. He asks her why she is doing that. She cannot answer that question.

In Shane’s room, Michael tells Stacy that if she’s willing and able to donate bone marrow, she needs to come with him. Hearing that, she says no.

Jessica assessed to Brody that she is hearing him say that Gigi cheated on Rex because her son was sick. He protests to her that he knows it sounds crazy. But she tells him he needn’t explain and it’s none of her business. But he tells her he wishes he could tell her everything. She then tells him that maybe it’s better that nothing happened between the two of them. That way nobody gets hurt. And at that point, she rushes to get her kids ready to leave and tells Brody she has to go.

Stacy tells Rex, Gigi and Michael that if she has the testing done, she cannot do it there. Hearing that, Gigi demands to know why.

Roxy takes the lab technician to the private hospital where Rex’s bio father is staying. She tells him he may do whatever he needs to do. But he better authorize the guy’s bone marrow in order to save her grandson and not reveal his identity to anybody.

Stacy tells the others that she cannot donate the bone marrow because she has no health care insurance. Rex tells her that she need not worry about the money. Shane encourages her. The others ask Stacy why she cannot get the show on the road. At that point, Gigi asks if she may talk to her sister alone.

Dorian asks Ray if he is really full of himself to assume she is attempting to make him jealous. He reminds her that he asked her a simple question. She then replies that no. She is not asking him out on a date. She is married. And she reminds him that he has been with Téa. And she tells him that she knows he “needs” Téa in order to get over the pain of her (Dorian's) rejection. Ray then asks her just who is full of themselves. She tells Ray that he is strutting around like a peacock acting like he is so important. And when he sees her husband, he will be able to see what an extraordinary and talented man he is. Ray then tells her that he would really like to see if this man is worthy of her.

At the house, after Matthew gets the surprise of the party and all the people welcoming him home, he tells them that he did not know that they would be doing this. He is not ok with the surprise and doesn’t want to be with anybody right now. He goes off in his wheelchair. At that point, Natalie tells her father that she knows he did a good thing for his nephew and can tell that Matthew is very sad and maybe needs time. At that point, Jessica arrives with her kids. She happily greets her family and asks if Matthew is there. Viki tells her daughter that he’s not comfortable to face them all right now. Bo and Nora talk to Matthew outside the room. He tells them that he’s not ready for a party. He does not like the fact that all of these people feel sorry for him. He can see the looks on their faces about how pathetic they think he is. At that point, Nora tells her son that she remembers a girl who came to see him at the hospital.

At Dorian’s, Destiny tells her brother, Shawn that she told him about her friend from school who is paralyzed. She realizes that there is nothing anybody can do for Matthew. But she believes that Shawn could do something about it

Dorian invites Ray to watch the television program David is hosting. They observe David in his tuxedo. David announces that he’s been invited to a party with Brad and Angelina. But he announces that he cannot go. He attempts to sit but reveals that he has hemorrhoids. At that point, Dorian frowns, no longer proud nor confident she can make Ray jealous of her husband.

At the hospital, Gigi demands that Stacy tells her what the problem is. She reminds her that she stuck to her end of the bargain to break up with Rex. Stacy tells her sister she knows. But she cannot tell Gigi the reason why she cannot go through with the testing to donate her bone marrow. Stacy tells her sister that she intends to do something. But she’s afraid of needles. Gigi tells her she could care less. She reminds her that Shane has seen more needles and ERs in his life than they could ever know. She is wiling to sacrifice everything including giving up the love of her life for him. At that point, Rex enters and asks them if there is anything wrong. He tells Stacy that he is eternally grateful for what she is doing and apologizes if he and Gigi have not been as nice to her as they could have been. Gigi stares speechless and distraught.

At Matthew’s party, Natalie can tell that Jessica has something on her mind and asks her sister if she would like to tell her about it. Jessica then admits to Natalie that she was considering having a relationship with Brody Lovett. Hearing that, Natalie tells her sister that’s great. She has heard that Brody is a good guy and she’s glad that Jessica might be moving on. But Jessica informs her sister that she discovered that Brody is “seeing” somebody else.

Stacy goes off with the doctors to get the bone marrow transplant. But she is resisting not knowing what will happen. Rex tells Gigi that she needs to get over her anger toward Stacy and be grateful that she is saving their son’s life. He goes off angrily. Right then, she gets a call from Brody. He asks her if her sister is coming through on what she promised in order to save Shane’s life.

Michael takes Stacy to the exam room to give her some drugs. He warns her that she may have some sever side effects after they give her the drugs and extract the bone marrow. Hearing that, she is afraid and realizes that there’s no point since she doesn’t even have the bone marrow that could save Shane.

Meanwhile, Roxy is “working” with the lab technician to get the bone marrow from Rex’s biological father and doing what Stacy wants.

Michael warns Stacy about the complicated procedure where they will extract blood and bone marrow from her shoulder bones and if that does not work, they will have to extract it from her thigh. He warns her that she may become very nauseous and weak and not feel too great. She becomes worried hearing all that he’s warning her of.

Dorian and Ray watch David’s commercial for “Have A Seat” The hemorrhoid product that enables somebody to have just “one swipe of the wipe” and be able to sit on top of the world without the pain and embarrassment of hemorrhoids. She looks very disappointed that Ray is watching that. Right then, she gets a call. David asks her if he was not fantastic. She replies that she is very happy to see his dream come true. He tells her that he can celebrate long distance with her. But she tells him it would be so much better if he came home. So why can’t they celebrate together? She then observes Ray sitting there and realizes she has a real dilemma on her hands. David tells Dorian that he cannot come home. He got a contract and is the new “face” of “Have A Seat”. She tells him that’s great. But she’s sure that his employers could pay for his trip home. He then raises objections to that, gets another call and cuts her off. Ray stands behind her sensing her disappointment.

Destiny tells Shawn that she is going to see Mathew and join his party. And he better come with her. He tells her that won’t do it. They reveal that he had an “issue” with Matthew or his family a long time ago. But she tells her brother that she is doing this not to defy him. But for Matthew. And she’ll do it with or without him.

At the house, Nora tells Matthew that he will be very excited to see what they got. They have ramps and many great devices that will enable him to go up and down. But he is very disappointed. Clint then comes out and tells Nora he’s sorry. He thought he was doing the right thing to throw the party. He realizes now that maybe he merely did it for himself and not for her and Bo or for Matthew. He did it because he feels so damn helpless to do anything in order to help Matthew. She sits alone revealing she is not ok.

After Jessica reveals to Natalie that she discovered that Brody may be seeing somebody, Natalie tells her sister how sorry she is. But Jessica tells Natalie and Jared that she is ok. NO matter how much pain she is in with what has happened, she is so fortunate to have Chloe. She will always have this memory of Nash. And it will always give her hope. Hearing that, they are more baffled as to what to do.

Gigi talks to Brody on the phone crying. She tells him that she loves Rex more than she can say. She hates being at the desperate mercy of her malicious sister. But at least, she is willing and able to save Shane’s life. He tells her he wishes there was something he could do. Right then, Rex enters to hear her address Brody and tell him he is the only one she can talk to. He will never know how grateful she is to him. And right then, Rex pulls the phone out of her hand and angrily tells Brody that he and Gigi may do whatever they want. But they better not do it anywhere near his son. He then tells Gigi that she has a lot of nerve calling and professing her love to Brody when their son is fighting for his life. She cries not knowing what to do.

When Stacy is alone in the exam room she calls Roxy and tells her she better do something to get her out of this. She hates needles. The doctors tell her that she has to have tubes stuck in her neck and thighs. Roxy tells her that it serves her right for what she did to Rex and Gigi. Stacy asks Roxy why she would care about Rex and Gigi. Roxy replies that Stacy broke her baby’s heart. So she hopes whatever is in those needles kills her and makes her fat. At that point, Stacy is horrified. Michael enters and she firmly tells her that cannot do this.

After Ray witnesses David’s hemorrhoid commercial and overhears that he has no time to be with Dorian, she asks him if he’s not going to tell her he told her so. In response to that, he asks her why she’d think he’d do that. She tells him that David’s hemorrhoid commercial was humiliating. But what was even more humiliating, was that he’s made it more important than her. Hearing that, Ray can sense she is upset and appears sensitive. He tells her that the reason he came by was to apologize if he may have hurt her by waiving Téa in her face. And he kisses her. She does not stop him.

Nora observes all the happy people in the room but hears the doorbell ring. It’s Hank. She hugs him and admits that there are some things going on that are not great. At that point, Rachel appears and greets her mom.

Jessica observes that Natalie and Jared may not be ok. She asks them if something is wrong. Natalie then tells her sister there is something they need to talk about.

Brody pumps iron at the gym in a frustrated manner. And at that point, he is able to see that he’s gotten a text from Gigi. She writes that she is sorry that Rex went off on him. He did not deserve that.

Jessica is happily with Natalie and Jared and “ok” with the fact that she may not have a man in her life. At least she has two wonderful children, she tells them.

Gigi checks her text messages at the hospital and sees that Brody’s response that she need not worry about him. He’ll be ok. .All he cares about is that Shane is ok. She enters the room to see an angry Rex sitting beside their son.

In the room, Stacy asks Michael just what will happen if she does not donate the bone marrow. He tells her that he obviously cannot make her go through with it. And without her help, they will have to go back to the registry which she knows was not successful before.

In Shane’s room, he tells his mom that he could see that she and Aunt Stacy were arguing outside the room. He asks her why is angry at Stacy. He tells his parents that maybe now they need to be nicer to Aunt Stacy. Hearing that, Rex confirms to his son that he’s right. They will be nicer to Aunt Stacy. He looks at a furious Gigi who is not in agreement with that.

Alone in the exam room after Michael has left her alone to think it over, Stacy has a “vision” that Rex finds her and tells her how grateful he is to her for saving his son’s life. And in her dream, he holds her and kisses her and tells her that he knew from the moment he met her that she was the love of his life. But when Michael enters, she remembers Roxy telling Rex’s bio father that she hopes she hurts him by extracting the bone marrow and her telling Stacy that she hopes it kills her. Stacy then lets Michael inject the needle realizing she must have Gigi Rex and Shane believing she is their hero. But she winces when Michael injects the needle.

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