OLTL Update Monday 4/6/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 4/6/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Rex demands that Gigi explains what she meant when she said she “has no choice” except to break it off with him. He asks if somebody is pressuring or threatening her and reminds her that he loves her and knows she loves him and he wants to marry her. At that point, Roxy enters. Rex informs his mother that he and Gigi broke up. Hearing that, Roxy is shocked and asks why. Rex replies that Gigi slept with Brody

In the other room, Stacy talks to the lab technician whom she wants to bribe in order to have him tell Rex, Gigi and Shane that she is the bone marrow donor. But she indicates that she does not trust him to do what she wants.

Jared is standing alone in Viki’s home. He observes his father and remembers what it was like to be a child with Charlie in his life. Charlie notices his son standing alone and appearing spooked.

Right then, Marcie runs into Natalie sitting by Hope’s gravesite. She has flowers for her deceased adoptive daughter. She can tell that Natalie has something on her mind.

Zach, Todd’s “buddy” from his frat who went to prison for the rape of Marty appears at Todd’s office at the Sun. Todd knows that Zach wants revenge since he (Zach) went to prison yet Todd did not. Todd demands to know what Zach wants.

Starr goes to Schuyler’s apartment at angel square after he’s gotten out of the shower. She looks like she wants to sleep with him and takes off her blouse. He tells her she has to leave. She is just a kid. He is her teacher. She tells him that if he can tell her he does not want her, she will leave. But right then, Cole appears outside the door and bangs on the door. Starr knows that she better hide herself or else Schuyler will be in trouble. Cole bangs on the door, telling Schuyler he knows he’s in there and if Schuyler does not open up, Cole will kick the door down.

At Buenos Dias, Marty finds out that John and Officer Fish have found out that Zach Rosen (the rapist who just got released from prison) is probably nearby. John asks Fish to check every boarding house and place where Zach might have gone or checked into. John tells them that he knows that Zach has no family nor money. Marty asks him if he thinks that Zach is the killer. She tells John it does not make sense that Zach would go after people he doesn’t know yet has not gone after her. If he wants revenge upon anybody it would be herself since her testimony sent him to prison.

Zach tells Todd he just wants to talk to him since it’s been a long time. He reminds Todd that he’s had his share of strip searches, cold showers, lovely prison food and being assaulted. He tells Todd that prison teaches one patience. And now he needs Todd’s help.

After Roxy asks Gigi why she would break up with Rex, Gigi informs her that the test results proved hat Rex chose to sleep with Stacy and was not drugged. But Roxy then tells Gigi that she needs to go with her to the lady’s room. Gigi tells Roxy that she and Rex are through no matter what anybody says or does. But, at least, they have finally found a bone marrow donor for Shane. Roxy then asks who on earth it would be, pretending she has no clue. Right then, Stacy appears and announces that it is herself. She reminds them that it’s a miracle that she happens to be there. Had she stayed in Vegas, there’d be no way to save Shane’s life. Roxy overhears and appears furious that Stacy is doing this and appearing like a hero. Yet Rex has no clue what she has done. He reminds Gigi, however, that even if she’s done wit him, he has as much right to see his son as she does and she will not shut him out of their son’s life. They walk together to see Shane. Stacy then reflects, appearing gracious, that she would do anything in order to save that little boy’s life. Alone with Stacy, Roxy hauls off and smacks her really hard.

Charlie tells Jared that he can se that Jared has something going on and wishes his son would talk to him. At that point, Jared asks his father what he might do if something he knew could profoundly affect many people’s lives. Hearing that, Charlie asks Jared if he is aware of a big secret.

At Hope’s gravesite, Marcie tells Natalie that throughout the time since Hope died, everybody has been telling her that things will get better. She informs Natalie that she keeps having a dream where Hope is with her and everything is happy. Then she awakens and has to remind herself that that is not the case. Hearing that, Natalie stares speechlessly at her not knowing what to say or do.

Marty tells john and Fish that she believes that Todd is the person with motive to kill Lee Halpern, kill Wes and to stab Blair.

Zach tells Todd that the two of them were regarded as the alpha males. They did what they wanted to do. They were seen as equals He had a bright future ahead of him and was going to be a doctor. But he took the hit for Todd by doing what Todd asked him to so. And now, he tells Todd, Todd owes him.

Starr hides in the bathroom of Schuyler’s apartment when Cole goes tearing through the door demanding that Schuyler tells him where she is. He tells him that he knows he’s doing something he’s not supposed to do and demands to know if Schuyler is sleeping with Starr.

After Todd asks Zach just what Zach wants from him, Zach admits that he has not yet “figured that out”. And he asks Todd just how Marty Saybrooke is. In response to that, Todd is silent. Zach then assumes that Todd must have forgotten Marty. He reminds Todd that that is the chick who got them all sent up. He also reminds Todd that he knows all of the things that have happened in Todd’s life throughout the last few years. Todd asks Zach if he killed those two people and stabbed Blair. Zach does not answer that question with a yes or not but tells Todd that they both know the answer to that.

At Schuyler’s apartment, he tells Cole that he is not having this conversation with him and affirms that he is not “involved” with Starr. Schuyler replies that he believes Starr is a great kid and he understands her. Heading that, Cole tells Schuyler that he does not understand Starr. He prevented her from reconciling with him. And he tells Schuyler that he and his mom ruined their lives. Starr overhears form inside the bathroom

Marcie tells Natalie that some days when she remembers looking forward to adopting and raising Hope, it’s very agonizing for her to realize that she is not there. But it did help her to get back with Michael. Hearing that, Natalie listens intently and tells Marcie she’s really happily surprised to hear that Marcie and Michael got back together. Marcie informs Natalie that she really does have a good life. She has a husband and many great friends. She also, very ironically, alludes to talking about Jessica in a similar situation of losing her husband yet having her child with her. And she tells her that she noticed Star with baby Chloe. When Starr holds that baby, it’s as if it’s her own baby. Hearing that, Natalie is stunned.

At the hospital, Stacy reminds Roxy that she still holds the cards and can tell Rex all about his real father if Roxy does not do exactly as she says. Roxy tells Stacy that she is despicable to break up Rex and Gigi and break her sister’s heart. Stacy tells Roxy that Gigi will get over the loss of Rex. Roxy tells Stacy that she is an evil bitch. Stacy tells Roxy that she (Roxy) is a coward. She can’t even tell Rex the truth She reminds her that none of this would have happened if Roxy weren’t afraid to tell Rex the truth. Roxy protests that she did not want to hurt her son. Yet she can see that Stacy is not afraid to hurt anybody. Stacy tells Roxy that Gigi has her kid and that’s all she cares about anyway Roxy tells Stacy that even if she thinks she can “separate” Rex and Gigi, she cannot stop them from loving each other. IN response to that, Stacy tells her they will see. Right then Rex goes to see Shane. Gigi walks behind him and asks him if he remembers that they’ve agreed not to tell Shane that they have broken up until he’s better. He tells her that he won’t tell their son that she cheated on him and has dumped him. Right then, Rex opens the door and appears as positive and upbeat as he can be. But Shane tells him he may cut the act because he (Shane) knows. He informs them that Aunt Stacy told him that the lady from Australia cannot donate the bone marrow. He tells them it’s not Stacy’s fault. He demanded she told him. Gigi then tells her son that even if the lady from Australia cannot be his donor, they have found another match. He asks if it’s anybody they know. They reply yes. It’s his aunt Stacy.

In the other room, Roxy tells Stacy that she knows hat Stacy has forced her sister to break it off with Rex in exchange for the bone marrow. And she demands to know how Stacy could do that to her own sister. Stacy then asks how Gigi could do what she did to her. She tells Roxy that she was in love with Rex and Gig took him from her. She tells Roxy that she knows she can make Rex fall in love with her. Right then, the lab technician enters and tells Stacy he knows that he’s checked for her bone marrow and can tells that she is not a match. Yet, their anonymous “friend”, is a match. He asks Stacy why she wants to lie and have Shane, Rex and Gigi falsely believing that she is the donor when she’s not. He asks her if there is something she wants to tell him. At that point, Stacy replies yes. She just wants to be able to save her nephew’s life.

Charlie attempts to grill Jared about his secret. Has he lied to somebody about something the way they scammed that he (Jared) was a Buchanan and the way Charlie scammed that he was Rex’s father? Jared tells his father no. This is not even his secret. Charlie asks them what the problem is. Jared replies that if “this” situation got out, it could do a lot of damage. It’s different than the situation with Nash where both he and Charlie had to keep their mouths shut for selfish reasons. Charlie asks if it’s something involving somebody cheating on their spouse. Jared replies no. It’s far more serious than that.

Natalie informs Marcie that she remembers being the God mother for Sam. And now Jessica wants her to be Chloe’s God mother. Marcie tells her hat’s great and asks her if she wants to be Chloe’s god mother. In response to that, Natalie does not know how to tell Marcie how that’s a bit complicated at this point.

Schuyler admits to Cole that he’s been doing teaching for a long time. And he’s never had a situation like this. Maybe he’s gotten too personal with Starr and knowing her situate and how it relates to his mother and all. But he would never sleep with Starr. Cole then tells Schuyler he does not trust him. And Cole goes out the door. When he’s gone. Starr comes out and tells Schuyler she heard what he said to Cole. And she believes he’s lying. She feels it and knows hat he feels it. And there is no point in denying it

Charlie tells his son that he doesn’t know what is going on with him. But Jared has to do something. He admits that he is hardly a role model for anybody in making any decision about anything. But he knows what the program says about making it simple. Right then, they hear baby Chloe cry and Charlie goes to take care of her. Jared sits alone on the steps. Natalie returns. She asks him what he is up to.

Starr tells Schuyler that she knows the two of them share something. He replies yes. It’s the grief involving losing his mother and her losing her child. But this cannot go on. She tells him that she thinks about him all the time and knows that he has feelings for her also. He tells her he’s sorry but there is nothing between them. She was his student. He cares about her as a friend. But the two of them can never be involved. She tells him that when they were student and teacher, it was wrong. But now he’s no longer a teacher. He then tells her that she must know what happens when a grown man hooks up with a student, it doesn’t work. He reminds her that he is living with somebody and does not want her. And can he make that any clearer? She then storms out the door. Cole stands outside the hallway.

John asks Marty if she is ok. She asks him what Zach Rosen’s motive would be for the murders and stabbing of Blair. John suggests that he could have done it to get revenge upon Todd by setting him up. Yet she can tell that John does not believe that.

Zach then tells Todd that he has no motive to murder or stab people he doesn’t know. But he has no money. So he needs a million dollars from Todd. Hearing that, Todd smirks and tells him he won’t give him a cent.

Stacy and Roxy tell the lab technician that this anonymous John Doe is somebody who just wants his privacy. Yet, he must know that Rex is a private investigator and could very easily find out whom he is. SO they need his help. Stacy tells the guy that he may go to the clinic where John Doe is resting and pulls strings so that it will look as though the bone marrow came from her instead.

John tells Marty that he doesn’t want to assume that Zach Rosen is the culprit. But he reminds her that he must now pick up Sam at pre-school. And he encourages her to keep her eyes open. He shows her the picture he has of Zach from when he got sentenced all those years ago.

Todd tells Zach he’s not going to give him anything. He served his time and now he’s out. And if Zach thinks he (Todd) has not paid, he’s wrong. He pays every day. So Zach better not come there looking for pity or guilt or anything. He firmly tells Zach that he owes him nothing. So Zach better get out of there now. Zach ten tells Todd whatever he says. He leaves but affirms that this is not over.

Natalie informs Jared that she saw Marcie and it appears that she’s doing a lot better and able to accept the loss of her baby. And they both know all too well that if Jessica found out that her baby died, she would fall apart and her life would be ruined. Natalie also remembers that Starr was too young to have a baby and ready to give her up for adoption. Jessica would never have done that. He then asks her what she’s going to do now. She replies that she intends to tell the truth regardless.

Cole goes to baby Hope’s grave and tells her that he believes that he could have worked things out with Starr if she had lived. But now things have gone too far. And he pops another pill.

Starr sits alone at Buenos Dias and writes a letter to Schuyler.

Schuyler sits alone in his apartment not knowing what to do.

Stacy and Roxy remind the lab technician that if he doesn’t hustle with the bone marrow, Shane could die. And does he want that on his conscience?

After finding out that Aunt Stacy will save his life, Shane happily tells his parents that this has to be the happiest day of his life. But he observes his mom cry and knows she is not ok. He asks her what is up. She replies those are happy tears.

Right then, the lab technician agrees to hide the identity of John Doe. And nobody will ever know.

In Shane’s room, Rex and Gigi surround their son and hold him

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