OLTL Update Friday 3/27/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/27/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Jack talks to Todd about how he’d rather have him living in his home than John McBain. Todd is satisfied that at least one person feels that way.

Gigi goes to talk to Viki. Viki can tell that something is up and that Gigi did not get any sleep the previous night. She asks her if Shane is ok. Gigi does not reveal to her what happened until Viki asks her how the search for a donor is going. She then replies that they have found a match. Hearing that, Viki is surprised to notice that Gigi is not ok. She asks her if this is not great news and asks her who the donor is. Gigi then replies, coldly that it’s her beloved sister.

Stacy sleeps and has a dream that Rex is beside her in the bed. But Schuyler awakens her to the reality that it’s not the way she wants it.

At the hospital, Rex asks Bo how Matthew is. Bo tells him he’s hanging in there. Bo asks Rex how Shane is. Rex replies that they’ve found a bone marrow match. Hearing that, Bo wonders it is that Rex is not rejoicing. He asks Rex why he is appearing as though he lost his best friend.

After Viki finds out from Gigi that her sister is a bone marrow donor match, she asks her why she appears as though she has lost her best friend. Gigi replies that she did. She and Rex broke up.

Schuyler asks Stacy why it is that she has been happily dreaming and what she might be envisioning in her sleep. She replies, smugly that it’s finally “her turn”. He asks her what specifically she means. She replies that she has gotten tested and is a match to be Shane’s bone marrow donor. He tells her that that his great. But he knows that she has Rex on the brain and in her dreams when she was sleeping. He asks her if she wants to get Rex in the sack. She replies that all she cares about is saving Shane’s life. But he tells her that he knows that she is playing games, getting her hopes up and has the idea that if she saves her sister’s son, then she might be able to get her claws into her sister’s boyfriend.

Rex informs Bo that he and Gigi have broken up. Bo asks how that could have happened. Rex replies that Gigi slept with another guy. Bo asks who.

Gigi replies to Viki that she slept with another guy. Viki asks whom, She replies Brody Lovett. She cries and indicates that she is not proud of what she did. Viki tells her she is not judging her but wonders why, if she’s in love with Rex, would she sleep with somebody else.

Bo asks how Rex would believe that Gigi would sleep with another guy. Rex replies that he walked in on them and saw it with his own eyes.

At Buenos Dias, Noelle notices Officer Fish on his lap top and knows he has a secret plan that he is not sharing with anybody.

Marty sits with Cole and asks what it’s like to be living in the drug treatment facility. He tells his mom that he is not ok with getting off easy and knows he belongs in prison. Matthew may be crippled for life because of him. She tells him he mustn’t believe that. She tells him that the best thing that he can do for Matthew is to get some help so that it cannot happen again. She tells him that he has to take responsibility for what happened and move on. She takes his hand and tells him that he promises he will get over this.

At Dorian’s old house (now Moe and Noelle’s), Starr and John are wondering what to do with Jack, knowing that he is not happy with the new arrangement. They are both also concerned about Cole. He encourages her not to give up on Cole. She reminds him that Cole cannot have visitors at his new residence. She reminds John that she told Cole many times he needs to clean up his act. But he never listens. Now Matthew is in a wheelchair and Schuyler has lost his job because of Cole. Hearing her talking about Schuyler, John asks Starr whom Schuyler is. She replies that he’s her teacher. He used to have a drug problem himself and she knows many things about him. Hearing that, John asks Star how it is that she would know so much about her teacher’s personal life.

Schuyler asks Stacy just what type of trick she has up her sleeve. She tells him that Gigi and Rex have broken up. Hearing that, he asks her why it is that he’s getting the feeling that that has something to do with her.

Todd asks Jack how it’s going with his new step dad. He is happy to know that Jack is “on his side”. So he shows him the article that he’s printing in the Sun bout John marrying Blair in order to fool the court. And he reveals to his son that he’s going to consider “hooking up” with Blair’s lawyer in order to prove that Blair and John’s marriage is a fake.

At the house, Starr tells Moe that she knows that Jack has gone to talk to his father at Todd’s office. At that point, John gets on his phone knowing where he might find him.

Viki observes Gigi crying when she informs her that she slept with Brody. She tells Gigi she does not understand how something like that would happen when Shane is in this desperate situation and needs both of his parents. Gigi then explains to her that she must know what it’s like to stop at nothing to do anything you can possibly do in order to save your child’s life. But she cannot reveal to Viki exactly what happened. Viki holds Gigi while she cries and asks her how it is that she would cheat on Rex in order to do whatever it takes for Shane.

Bo asks Rex how it would happen that Gigi would sleep with Brody. Rex explains that Gigi informs him that she ran into Brody. She was upset about the situation involving Shane. He comforted him. One thing led to another. And he saw them with his own eyes in bed. But Bo tells Rex he does not believe that Gigi would do something like that and there must be something gong on. Rex then informs Bo that he had tests done because he thought he was drugged by Gigi’s sister. The night that Gigi and Shane had their accident, he had some beers. And the next thing he remembered was Gigi went nuts and he woke up in bed with Stacy. All he had was two beers. So he bets that Stacy must have drugged him. He has no way to prove it. But he got the testing done. Gigi now tells him that she does not trust him. He knows that he has no interests in Stacy and would never cheat on Gigi. And now, all of a sudden, so conveniently, Stacy announcing that she is the donor who will save Shane’s life. And it’s a little too coincidental.

Gigi explains to Viki that she found Rex in bed with her sister. Hearing that, Viki tells her she does not believe that Rex would willfully cheat on her.

Stacy asks Schuyler why he would blame or judge her for the fact that her sister and Rex are breaking up. She is about to sacrifice her bone marrow to save her nephew’s life and her sister does not even appreciate it.. She makes it clear to Schuyler that she believes that Gigi “stole” Rex from her. But he tells her that she needs to know that she does not have a future with Rex. He tells her that he knows all too well what she is capable of. He tells her if she thinks she stands a chance at getting Rex to love her, she will be very disappointed. She then replies, appearing courteous, that she appreciates his concern. But she knows what she is doing. She is not using Rex. She learned her lesson a long time ago. He tells her that he cares about her. But she has this really bad habit of getting her own way and he does not want to see her get hurt again. She assures him that that will not happen. She tells him she must go off to the hospital.

Starr stares out the window and remembers being with Schuyler. She still has him on the brain and calls him. His phone rings. He wonders whether to take Starr’s call. And he decides to delete it.

Viki tells Gigi that she has met Stacy. She knows that Stacy is not an honorable person. And she believes that Stacy is probably lying about Rex wanting to sleep with her. She tells Gigi that she has known Rex a long time. Gigi tells Viki that this would not be the first time Rex has messed around. But Viki assures her that she knows that Rex is committed to her and would never sleep with her sister. Gigi then tells Viki that she does not want to be a burden to her. She has to get to the hospital But Viki tells Gigi that she is never a burden to her. And she’s worried about how upset she is. She wants Gigi to stay and talk to her and seriously encourages her not to break it off with Rex. But Gigi tells Viki she has to go out the door. At that point, Viki gets on the phone and asks somebody if they are busy.

It appears that Todd has a “plan” that he is discussing with Jack. Jack wants to know how he’s going to get him to come home. He tells him he needs him there when he has to live with Starr and Aunt Dorian but his father and mother are not there. Todd tells his son that he knows that his plan will work. And right when they talk about John, John appears at the door.

At Buenos Dias, Cole can tell that his mom is ok and tells her that he knows that John just married Starr’s mom.

Bo tells Rex that this whole situation where Gigi would cheat on him with another guy does not add up. Rex tells Bo that Gigi is falsely accusing him of sleeping with Stacy and didn’t believe him when he protested to her that he did not and was willing to prove it. He knows that he would never be interested in Stacy and would not sleep with her unless she was drugged. Gigi, on the other hand, knew what she was doing. She did not even attempt to apologize or explain. She told him straight out that she willfully slept with Brody and wants to break up with him (Rex). He forgives her. He is willing to do whatever it takes in order not to lose her. BO then tells Rex that he knows he will not give up on Gigi. At that point, Gigi appears and overhears them.

Viki invites Moe to her home to see if he might be able to shed some light on what might be going on with Gigi. He tells her he cannot believe that this has happened to Shane. Shane. He remembers when he took his first steps at the Bon Jour. Viki then informs Moe that apparently they found a match. He asks her who and how. She replies that she heard that it was Gigi’s sister. This sister seems like she’s not a very honest person. And Gigi also informed her that she and Rex are breaking up because she caught Rex in bed with this sister. She asks Moe if eh cannot smell a rat in all of this.

At the hospital, Bo tells Rex and Gigi that the two of them belong together. That is what he thinks. But neither of them will talk.

Marty tells Cole that she appreciates that John has been courteous enough to tell her that he married Blair and s she will be ok. But Cole does not believe his mom.

Not far away, Fish talks to his old frat buddy.

John goes to find Jack at Todd’s office and tells him he has to go. Jack protests that John cannot tell him what to do. He is not Jack’s dad. But Todd calmly tells his son he needs to go. Alone with John, Todd tells John that he may have turned Starr and Blair against him. But Jack won’t be fooled. He tells John he knows about his fake marriage to Blair. John replies that Todd knows all about fake marriages. And he will do whatever it takes in order to keep Blair and the kids safe.

Alone in his apartment, Schuyler goes to shower. Starr notices his door is open and enters. She calls to him and shuts the door.

At Buenos Dias, Marty tells her son enough about her. She wants to know about his treatment program. She asks if he’s been assigned to a counselor yet. He replies yes. But he doesn’t want to talk about it. She asks him why. He replies that the counselor is a teacher at the high school. Hearing that, she asks her son if it’s not a good thing if it’s somebody he might be able to relate to. He then tells her that he does not “relate” to Mr. Joplin. She then asks him why. Has he had a problem with this teacher? Realizing his mom hasn’t a clue about this very crucial and sensitive issue in his life, he tells her he doesn’t want to discuss it and goes out the door..

At the hospital, Gigi tells Rex that they need to go and tell Shane the news. He asks her if she were to tell him that she slept with Brody and they are breaking up, does she believe it would make their son’s day.. She does not respond to that but reminds him that they need not worry. They have finally found a match who is Stacy. He tells her that regardless, she is doing something terrible to him. And he wishes that she would tell him what is up.

Not far away, it appears that Fish’s old friend is the lab technician whom Stacy meets with. She tells him that she is the “lucky” bone marrow donor. But he eyes her coldly and tells her there must be some sort of mistake.

John goes to find Marty at Buenos Dias and tells her that being married to Blair is not all it’s cracked up to be. Jack does not care for him. At that point, Fish finds John and tells him he must interrupt him to share some information he’s just found. Marty then asks him if this is about the case, she’d really like to know if they’ve found anything.

When Schuyler gets out of the shower, he sees Starr and demands to know what she’s doing there. She tells him they must talk. He tells her that she has to get out of his home. But she gets ready to take off her clothes and tells him she wants him. He tells her this is not going to happen. She has to get over him and get out. He asks her if he’s going to have to call her parents. She then reminds him that her dad does not even have custody of her and her mom’s in the hospital. And she knows that regardless of what he tells her, he wants her. He tells her she’s just a kid. But she reminds him that she has been though more in the last year than many people go through in their entire life. And it forces one to grow up. She then tells him that if he tells her he does not want her, she will leave. Right outside in the hallway, Cole walks around.

At the hospital, Rex reminds Gigi that Shane needs both of his parents and he cannot believe that she wants to break up with him. She cries and cannot tell him what her secret is. He tells her that it appears that somebody is threatening her with something and she needs to tell him what is up.

In the other room, the lab technician tells Stacy that he happens to know that she is not a match. He ran her DNA and knows that she is mistaken to say that she is

Fish talks to Marty and John about the information he’s found out and it relates to the frat he used to belong to. That also happens to be the frat where Todd and his group raped Marty many years ago. He tells them that a suspect has been released from prison who could have been responsible for the two murders and the stabbing of Blair.

Right then, an old acquaintance of Todd appears unexpectedly in his office. His name is Zach.

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