OLTL Update Thursday 4/2/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 4/2/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the gym, while arguing, yet again, Cristian and Layla get locked inside the steam room together.

John and Officer Fish discover that two of the very likely suspects of the murder of Lee Halpern, Wes Granger and Blair's stabbing are members of the same frat where Marty was raped. One of them, named Zach Rosen is now out of prison. And Fish discovers that he was in the frat house with them.

Jessica and Marty talk about their respective failed plans to tell the men in their lives about their feelings for them. Marty informs Jessica that when she went to talk to John, she found out he married Blair and is now Blair and Todd's kids' stepfather. Jessica admits that she found out that Brody might have been sleeping with his ex.

Stacy calls the lab technician whom she believes she successfully bribed into lying and telling everybody that she is the bone marrow donor. She meets Brody and he can tell that she has a trick up her sleeve that might involve hurting Gigi, Rex and Shane.

Dorian runs into Jack McNaughton and appears to want to kiss him in an attempt to make Ray Montez jealous while it appears that he is interested in Téa. Todd is asking for Jack's legal help to prevent John from having custodial rights of his kids, at any cost. And he has a scheme to get Téa to marry him in order to blow a hole in the credibility of the case she's building to help Blair get custody by marrying John.. Ray notices Dorian with Jack and asks why it is that she's with another man when she's married to David.

While talking to John about the two rape victims who might be out of prison, he asks John if he really went through with marrying Blair. But John does not want to discuss that. They discover that two of the rapists are probably free to roam and endangering society.

When Todd approaches Téa to proposition her, she does not buy it since she's learned that he places both Blair and Marty as more important to him than she is. He tells her that his son does not appreciate being kept from his father. But she tells him that is no longer her problem.

Marty is surprised to hear that Jessica was "unsuccessful" with her pursuit of Brody. And she concludes that she has no choice except to leave John alone. For one thing it would cause too much gossip if she first gets in the middle of Todd's marriage to Blair and then messes around with John when he's married to Blair. She asks Jessica the name of the guy she's interested in. Jessica replies it's Brody. Hearing that name, Marty remembers that Wes spoke of his friend Brody and wonders if that's the same one. Jessica replies yes. They met in St. Ann's. She thought they had a connection. And then she finds out that he is still with his ex girlfriend. So she needs to realize that Brody is not available to her.

Brody confronts Stacy about the despicable thing he knows she's done. He tells her she is a worthless person to withhold bone marrow that could save a little boy's life just because of spite toward Gigi and obsession over Rex. She then reminds him that he is not exactly honorable to be sleeping with Gigi when she's with Rex. But he tells her that he only did that because she (Stacy) left them with no choice except to convince Rex that Gigi was done with him. He reminds her that he loves Gigi and Shane, accepts the fact that she is in love with Rex and would never do anything as despicable to another human being as what she has done.

Gigi goes to talk to Rex in a desperate attempt to get him to believe that she has willfully slept with Brody and is breaking up with him. But he does not accept that and knows something is up.

While locked inside the steam room, Layla and Cristian continue to argue and insult each other's body parts.

Brody tells Stacy that she has no concept of love for another human being. She tells him that's not true. She loves Rex. He asks her how she thinks she's going to win him over when he finds out that she is threatening his son's life just to get him to break up with Gigi. She goes on about how she used to be the geek whom nobody wanted. But Rex has to see her differently now. He tells her she is a sick piece of trash to endanger her own nephew's life because of this sick situation. And he tells her that he could very easily tell Rex all that he knows she's done and then what will happen?

Rex demands that Gigi tells him what is up. But all she can tell him is that she has to put her son's well being before anything else. He asks her how she thinks she's doing that by breaking up with him and sleeping with Brody. At that point, she remembers Stacy assuring her that she will save Shane's life if Gigi does as she says. And Gigi knows she cannot answer that question to Rex.

John and Officer Fish investigate and find out that Zach Rosen, one of the rapists has been out and loose since about the time when Todd was hiding Marty in his home.

Téa tells Todd she does not buy that he wants her. He tells her that "they" have never made sense. She tells him she knows this is all about his need to prevent John from being a father figure to his kids and being married to Blair. Yet Todd can tell that on some level, Téa might still have "feelings" for him.

Not far away, Dorian, Ray and Jack McNaughton are talking about her dilemma with being married to David, yet wanting Ray to believe that she's "seeing" Jack. Neither Ray nor Jack buy anything she tells them.

While stuck in the steam room, together, Cristian and Layla go from trading insults to admitting that they may be attracted to each other.

Jessica and Marty talk about their respective convoluted situations of finding out that John married Blair and Jessica finding out that Brody is supposedly sleeping with Gigi. And Jessica informs Marty that she happens to know that Gigi is "spoken for". She is involved with Rex. They both admit that things are a little too mind-boggling and maybe they both need a drink..

Fish tells John that he can see that Rosen would have plenty of motive to kill the people whom Todd would have motive to kill and set Todd up for the crime. Todd raped Marty and got away with it when Rosen paid the price. So Rosen is a good suspect for the crimes..

Todd tells Téa his theory that the reason she is acting interested in Ray and representing Blair to screw him over is due to the "woman scorned". She wants revenge upon him because she wants him. So, he tells her, she may have him. He realizes that he and Blair are through. He cannot have Marty. So maybe he and Téa should hook up. She can have him if she withdraws from the case to prevent him from having his kids.

Brody tells Stacy that he understands all too well what it's like to be obsessed about somebody who is in love with somebody else. But she needs to wake up. And it's beyond reprehensible that she'd let an innocent kid, her own nephew die because of her obsession over Rex.

Rex demands that Gigi talks to him and tells him what is going on. He tells her that whatever hardship there is, she must believe that they can get through it together. But she knows that she has no choice except to break up with him..

Layla and Cristian apologize for insulting each other's body parts and admit that they are both attractive.

Dorian denies to Ray that she is following him. But he asks her why it is that she's kissing another guy when she's married. As for him and Téa, he's not married. He realizes that Dorian may not be interested in him. Téa asked him out and he has no reason to refuse her. He's not going to pursue a married woman. He respects the institution of marriage. And he might be able to see right through Dorian's facade. While Todd is attempting to "work" on Téa, Ray observes them and asks if "everything is alright"

Brody tells Stacy that he woke up and saw the reality that Gigi was in love with Rex and not with him. She needs to see the same reality that she can't have Rex just because she wants him.

Rex tells Gigi that he does not believe that she chose to sleep with Brody and she must know that he would never choose to sleep with Stacy. He tells her that he loves her and knows she loves him. And he asks her to marry him.

While in the steam room, Cristian asks Layla if she’s trying to start something with him. She asks if he wants her to. But she admits that after Vincent and the mistake with Fish and all of those internet dates, she’s sometimes afraid that she might be forced to settle. Either that or be alone for the rest of her life. But he assures her that he does not believe she has to be alone. At that point, a guy enters to inform the two of them that this steam room is not co-ed. She tells him it is now. But she walks away.

Jessica and Marty talk in the kitchen and drink wine. Marty tells Jessica that maybe she it’s just as well that John made the choice he made to marry Blair. It may be motivating her to focus her time and energy on Cole. She has not there for her son when he needed her. So she has to put John McBain on the back burner and he has to do that with her. Hearing that, Jessica tells Marty that she really admires the fact that John “stepped up” in order to help Blair not have to lose custody of her kids.

John and Officer Fish talk about the case of the unknown stabber. Fish informs John that he ran into an old college fraternity mate. And he relived old memories. At that point, when John is alone, he wonders just whom it is that Fish knew from his frat.

At Capricorn, Jack McNaughton asks Dorian if that guy she now appears to “like” (Ray Montez) is not the one whom she once hired him to have “whacked”. Hearing that, she does not answer the question. But she stares at Ray with Téa appearing insanely jealous that he may be interested in somebody else.

Gigi asks Rex if he really wants to get married. He tells her of course. But she cries and tells him it cannot happen. She tells him she is so sorry. But he demands to know what is going on. He knows that she loves him and wants to marry him. And what is all this other “stuff”? She then replies that she cannot trust him. She cannot be with someone she cannot trust when her son is fighting for his life. But he tells her she cannot say this. They are meant for each other and that is why they found each other in Paris, TX after all these years.. He tells her he cannot lose her. She is his world. She and Shane are his life. She cries and tells him she cannot’ But he tells her that this is not her. This is her fear talking But this is real. And he kisses her. She does not stop him but reveals that she has to be non-responsive.

Brody tells Stacy that he knows what it’s like to feel that you cannot be happy until you can make that person love you who does not. But he tells her she needs to realize that she cannot make Rex love her. And risking the life of her own flesh and blood to make somebody love her won’t work. Buts she tells him that he does not know that. He protests that she is trying to wreck her sister’s s family. Rex and Shane are Gigi’s family. He had to learn that also. He asks her how she can live with herself. Why can’t she get over her high school crush? And why must she ruin an innocent boy’s life in the process? She protests that Gigi can’t have it all. He tells her neither can she. She walks away.

Rex asks Gigi if she wants to tell Shane while he’s waiting for a bone marrow transplant, as sick as he is, fighting for his life, which his parents are breaking up. Does she want to tell him that when he’s in this state that he’s in? She tells him that they will find a donor. She will wait until he’s better. But Rex does not buy what she is saying nor know why she is doing what she is doing. Right then, Stacy appears. Gigi faces her sister and announces that she and Rex have broken up. Knowing she must “play the part”, Stacy graciously tells them she’s so sorry. That’s terrible. But, they will be happy to know that she has some good news. They have found a donor for Shane. The test results have come back and she is a match.

At that point, a singer is singing a song at Capricorn. We see Dorian alone and appearing bitter as she watches Ray happily with Téa. Todd goes home to an empty room alone and depressed. Rex sits alone not knowing what to do with Gigi. She is distraught while Stacy holds a threat over their heads.

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