OLTL Update Wednesday 4/1/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 4/1/09


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Todd says that it took long enough. Jackie says that he can’t believe she had to join the day spa to take a meeting and tells Todd that he owes him $200. Todd says that it is money well spent and that now he knows he isn’t wearing a wire. Jackie says that the last guy who called him a rat got a Bolivian necktie. Todd asks how much it would cost to order one for someone else.

Dorian tells Jack to pick up all the toys because she doesn’t want her living room looking that way. Jack says that it is Uncle Moe’s living room, not hers, and that only his mom and dad can tell him what to do. The doorbell rings and Dorian opens the door. Dorian tells Jack that “daddy” is there when she sees John standing at the door.

Téa tells Cristian that she fast tracked his annulment and that he is now officially a free man. Téa asks if she can get a table for two because she has a date.

Bo says that he doesn’t have time for a sit down breakfast and that he is just going to grab a doughnut to go. Clint says that they are going to sit down and asks for a couple of menus. Bo says that he has to meet with Nora and then wants to get over to Matthew before visiting hours are over. Clint says that Bo has to take care of himself. Bo says that he is okay. Clint says that this is an intervention and that Bo has been running on fumes ever since Matthew’s accident. Bo says that he can handle it. Clint says that is exactly what Nora says and it sounds just as ridiculous coming from Bo.

Nora argues with someone about the house being wheelchair accessible. Nora threatens to pull the guy’s license and opens the door to see Hank standing there. Hank asks where Nigel is and Nora says that Nigel is supervising the construction that is going on. Nora thanks Hank for coming. Hank tells Nora to point him in the direction of the renovations and put him to work. Nora says that he is a guest and won’t be helping. Hank tells Nora that he came to lend a hand that she needs it.

Clint says that Matthew is in physical therapy until 7pm and tells Bo to relax because he deserves a break. Clint says that he is wondering what Bo would be doing if Matthew clammed up like this. Bo says that he wants to make sure everything is ready for Matthew to come home.

Talia and Layla exercise and talk about Antonio and Layla’s internet date. The conversation turns to Cristian ruining Layla’s date. Layla says that her internet date thinks that she and Cristian are exes and were fighting because they are still in love with each other.

Cristian tells Téa that Todd isn’t welcome there. Téa says that she has no interest in Todd and that she isn’t representing him anymore. Cristian asks who her date is. Téa says that she is meeting Ray Montez.

Ray asks Dorian for directions to Capricorn and says that he has a date with Téa Delgado. Ray asks if it bothers Dorian. Dorian says that if Ray wants to get involved with Todd’s old cast-offs, then he should go for it.

Todd says that he needs his kids’ new step-dad to take a dirt nap.

John tells Jack that he is just trying to be a friend. Jack says that Todd warned him that John would try to buy him. Jack says that Todd said John is supposed to catch bad guys, but never does and that is why Blair was stabbed.

Jackie says that there isn’t enough money in the world and asks why Todd doesn’t do it himself. Todd says that nothing would give him greater pleasure, but he would be the first person they would come looking for. Todd says that John married Blair to get the kids. Todd asks if Jackie is scared of John and says that Jackie owes him for ratting him out when Margaret Cochran was supposed to be dead. Todd says that he would hate to put the word out that Jackie squealed like a pig to the DA. Jackie says that he would hate to have to kill Todd. Jackie says that if he went after an ex-cop and an ex-fed, he would end up on the business end of a noose and tells Todd that in Llanview, murder doesn’t solve anything.

Dorian and Ray talk about his date with Téa.

Cristian says that he will have someone else set Téa up with a table because he has no intention of staying and watching her with Vanessa’s ex-husband. Téa thanks Cristian and says that he is a good guy.

Layla and Talia talk about Cristian. Layla says that Cristian went out of his way to make her feel like damaged goods. Layla says that she didn’t want to be with Oliver Fish in the first place. Oliver walks up and asks if he heard his name.

Clint says that he doesn’t know what he would be doing if one of his kids was in Matthew’s situation. Clint tells Bo that he doesn’t have to have all the answers and that he should be leaning on his family and friends because they all want to help.

Hank asks if there is any chance of Matthew getting the use of his legs back. Nora says that if there was, they would have heard about it by now. Nora asks how she is supposed to keep it together for Matthew. Hank says that Nora needs to do it the same way she did for Rachel’s addiction. Nora says that Rachel’s addiction was different. Nora says that she wanted to throw the book at the kid responsible for the accident. Nora says that Matthew begged her to take it easy on the kid and when they got to the arraignment, all she could do was think of Rachel when she was using drugs. Nora says that she sent Cole to rehab instead of prison. Hank says that Nora did the right thing. Nora says that punishing Cole wasn’t going to make Matthew better. Bo and Clint come in and see Hank.

Oliver asks Talia and Layla why they were talking about him. Talia says that they were just talking about how ripped Oliver is looking lately. Oliver says that he has been working out now that he is back on the force, and in case he ever wants to have a social life again. Oliver leaves. Layla says that once again, Cristian screws her up. Cristian walks up and asks what she is laying on him now.

Oliver and Kyle bump into each other.

John tells Jack that he isn’t a cop anymore, but that he wishes he had caught the guy that hurt Blair before they did it. John says that he is there to make sure Blair, Sam, Jack and Starr never get hurt again. Jack says that his dad could take care of them all if he lived there. John says that he isn’t going to act like Jack’s dad, he just wants to make sure they are all safe. John says that he promised Blair that he would keep them all safe, so they are stuck with each other. Jack says that Blair promised they would be a family again and Todd promised that they would be together again. Jack says that promises suck and John agrees. Jack leaves.

Kyle and Oliver catch up with what is going on with them since college. John calls Oliver and says that he has some information about the Halpen-Granger murder. Oliver says that he is on his way.

Ray and Téa meet. Téa says that since Ray no longer needs her services as an attorney, she thought they could get to know each other on a more personal level. Ray says that he isn’t sure that he believes her. Téa ask what other reason she would have. Ray says that maybe Téa is trying to mend a broken heart or trying to run away from someone else.

Cristian asks how he screwed up Layla’s life now. Layla asks Talia if they can leave. Cristian asks if Layla can even be in the same room with him. Layla says that it isn’t him, it is the dark cloud that follows him around and rains pain and misfortune on everyone who comes close. Cristian says that Layla should see someone about the visions and that not everyone feels that way about him. Layla says that his mother doesn’t know the real him. Cristian says that he doesn’t need to be ragged on by some lonely ice queen. Cristian says that it isn’t his fault that Layla’s blind date got a load of what she is like and took off.

Nora asks about Matthew. Clint says that Matthew was doing pretty good when they left. Bo says that Matthew kicked them out when the physical therapist showed up and said that he could handle it on his own. Clint says that it has been a while since Matthew has seen Hank and suggests that Hank should stop in and visit. Nora says that Matthew isn’t going to take any visitors today, but says that tomorrow would be great. Hank says that he isn’t going anywhere. Nora says that she is going to make up Hank’s room and Clint says that he will help. Hank asks Bo about Nora and Clint and Bo tells him not to go there.

Clint asks Nora if they can talk for a minute. Nora says that she has a gazillion things to do. Clint says that he would like to take some of them off her hands. Nora says that it is better if she says busy. Clint asks what he is doing wrong.

John asks Oliver to close the doors. John says that he believes he found the link to the Granger and Halpern murders and the attempt on Blair. Oliver reminds John that it is still an open police case and that John isn’t a cop anymore. John says that he would run this by Bo, but he has his hands full with Matthew. Oliver says that he has done things in the past for John that haven’t been by the book, but he just started back and needs the job. Oliver asks where they start and John says that they start with Todd.

Ray asks Téa if she knew that Todd would be there. Téa says that she had no idea and asks Todd if he is enjoying an evening out. Todd says that he has a lot of time on his hands since Téa decided to help Blair steal his kids. Téa tells Todd that Ray is her date, not her client. Todd tells Ray to run away. Ray says that he is either there because Téa wanted him to help her get over Todd, or she wanted to make Todd jealous.

Oliver asks if John likes Todd for the murders. John says no, but that he isn’t ready to rule Todd out either. Oliver says that Todd had alibis. John says that two of Todd’s alibis stink and that he doesn’t have one for Blair and was even in the house when she was stabbed.

Jackie reminds Todd that he said no deal. Todd says that he didn’t even negotiate. Jackie says that he isn’t interested and that if he doesn’t go bother someone else, he will have no problem remembering every detail about the incident. Todd says that it is Jackie’s loss.

John and Oliver go over Todd’s possible motives for wanting the victims dead. Oliver asks what Todd had to do with the letters that the killer left behind with the victims. John says that maybe Todd is trying to send them a message. Oliver asks if John is saying that Todd has turned into a serial killer.

Nora says that she and Bo have to be fine so that Matthew is. Clint asks Nora if she is being “fine” by obsessing about the construction and keeping her feelings bottled up. Nora says that she let it all out with Hank and talks to Bo four or five times a day. Clint says that he is glad that she is talking to someone. Nora asks Clint if he wants her to call when she is having these momentary meltdowns. Clint says that his phone is on 24/7 for her. Nora says that she has been going non-stop dealing with everything. Clint says that he wants to take some of it off of her. Nora says that he can’t because Matthew is her responsibility and that she has to set her priorities, but some things are going to go by the wayside. Clint asks Nora if she wants him to get out of her way.

Layla confronts Cristian in the men’s room. Layla criticizes Cristian’s “chicken legs” because he criticized her arms. Cristian tells Layla to get out and she says no because she is just starting to have fun.

Téa tells Ray that she asked him out because she enjoys his company. Ray suggests that they give Todd something to look at. Dorian comes up and asks what brings them there. Ray says that he told Dorian that he was meeting Téa there. Dorian says that she assumed he meant the Palace because it is more elegant for a date of any consequence. Dorian says that she is there because she promised Blair that she would keep an eye on the place. Dorian says that Todd is there and says that she doesn’t see the manager anywhere. Téa says that Cristian stepped out for a second, but left Phil in charge. Téa asks who is trying to make who jealous of who.

Jack calls Todd and says that John moved in. Todd asks if John said anything and Jack says that John wants to be their dad. Todd says that there is no way he will ever let that happen, but Jack says that Todd is full of crap.

John says that Todd doesn’t fit the profile of a serial killer, but he could have snapped when his plan to run off with Marty failed. John says that the letters spell out K-A-D and it might stand for Todd’s old fraternity, where he and his brothers raped Marty. Oliver says that K-A-D is his fraternity.

Clint tells Nora that if she needs her space, to let him know. Nora says that she doesn’t even know how to answer that. Bo says that he is going to show Hank the renovations and asks if Clint wants to go. Clint says yeah and tells Nora that she just answered it.

Layla criticizes Cristian’s abs. Layla tells Cristian if he is going to leave, to leave. Cristian says that he can’t because they are stuck. Layla asks what good Cristian’s muscles are.

Téa confronts Ray about accusing her of using him to make Todd jealous when he is doing the same thing with Dorian. Ray says that he and Dr. Buchanan are playing a game and are now on to the next round. Téa says that Dorian plays for keeps and takes no prisoners. Ray says that all he did was take Téa’s hand. Téa says that he might as well have fired into her demilitarized zone and that he should be working major damage control. Ray says that Téa is as smart as she is good-looking.

Jackie says that if Dorian is thinking about putting a hit on the uncouth creep, he isn’t the guy. Dorian says that she doesn’t want him to kill anyone, but she wants him to kiss her. Jackie says that he is Dorian’s guy.

Todd says that he had it all worked out, but didn’t know that Blair was going to marry John. Jack tells Todd to come up with something else because he doesn’t want John to be his dad. Todd says that John won’t be Jack’s dad. Jack asks what happens if Sam starts calling John “dad” and Todd says that he will never let that happen. Jack tells Todd to bring them home with him and get help or something. Todd tells Jack that it is a good idea.

John says that he thought the K-A-D chapter of the university had been disbanded after what happened to Marty. Oliver says that it was for a long time, but when he was in school they were granted a probationary charter to start up again. John says that they can’t assume that Todd is the killer until they have ruled everyone else out. Oliver asks if it could have been Marty because she has some of the same motives as Todd and a bad connection to K-A-D. John says that other people have a bad connection too. Oliver asks who they are and John says that Powell Lord and Zach Rosen raped Marty too. John says that Rosen did his time and is now back on the street.

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