OLTL Update Monday 3/30/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/30/09


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In the courtroom, Téa stands up and surprises everybody by saying that she agrees with Todd’s petition that in the event of Blair’s incapacitation, the kids are best in the custody of their father. Then she clarifies that she means their stepfather, Blair’s husband. In response to that, Todd asks just who she is alleging is Blair’s husband. Right then, John stands up and announces that that would be him.

In Blair’s hospital room, Addie comes to see her daughter and wants to celebrate the wedding and Blair becoming Mrs. John McBain. Blair tells her mother that they must be realistic and know that John only married her to help her prevent Todd from taking her kids. John is in love with Marty, and Blair accepts that as reality.

Jessica runs into Marty at Buenos Dias. Marty looks at her, stunned, remembering when she was Tess and having no memory of Jessica, the nice person, her friend who’d never do what Tess did. Jessica tells her that she must know that she was not herself.

Dorian and Ray Montez are getting closer. She is really impressed by his plan to get Téa to represent Blair and surprise the court by naming John McBain as her husband. He asks her what has happened to that husband of hers. Hearing that David has gone off to Hollywood, Ray tells Dorian that David must really be stupid not to know what he’s missing out on by having such an extraordinary woman as his wife.

When Téa and John show the judge the marriage certificate, she questions it. She knows that the wedding came out of nowhere the day before. She questions that it might be fraud. Todd’s lawyer protests that this is fraud perpetrated against his client. The judge remarks that he has a point and asks Mr. McBain if he loves his wife.

In Shane’s hospital room, after they’ve found out that the anonymous donor cannot donate the bone marrow to save Shane’s life after all, Rex does not know what to tell his son. Gigi talks to Brody, distraught, and not knowing what to do. Stacy enters Shane’s hospital room and tells Rex that she knows that maybe he is not as committed to her sister as he wants everybody to believe he is.

Brody tells Gigi that he wants to help. He tells her that there may be another donor even if the one fell through. She tells him that in fact there is, her sister. Hearing that, he tells her that that must be good news. She clarifies to him that her sister is threatening her and will only donate if she gives up Rex.

Right when Dorian is talking to Ray, she gets a call from David on her phone.

Jessica tells Marty that apparently John was onto her or onto Tess. She admits that she does not remember, but she knows that John was willing to stop at nothing to rescue Marty from Todd. Marty tells Jessica that she knows about integration. Jessica informs Marty that she knows John was willing to risk his job and many consequences for her. Marty tells Jessica that she realizes that John has been seeing Blair and she is important in his life. Jessica encourages Marty to know that John loves her regardless.

In the courtroom, Todd stands up and tells the court that it’s clear to see that John is only doing that in order to sabotage Todd’s case.

Blair remembers talking to Téa and hearing her plan about how to beat Todd at his own game. Blair is very untrusting of Téa, but Téa explains to her that what she needs is a “Stand up” guy to help her case. Dorian stands beside Téa and the two of them urge Blair to take John up on his “offer.”

When Dorian gets the call from David while talking to Ray, he can tell that she is distracted. She tells him she wants to know all about his audition. Ray is impatient, and she knows she cannot talk to David. She tells David she is “busy.” She doesn’t want to admit it, but Ray is her first priority.

In the courtroom, Todd’s lawyer tells Téa that Blair and John only got married in order to ruin his client’s case.

Blair relives Téa and Dorian persuading her to marry John. He did not seem anywhere near as enthused about the plans as they were. She demanded that Téa and Dorian get out, knowing that they had made John completely uncomfortable and she would really rather not be a part of it. Addie then asks her daughter if nobody even mentioned the word love in that conversation. Blair replies no, they did not.

In the courtroom, John admits that he may not have intended to do it the way that he did, but when he saw Blair in the ICU and he knew he could not help or protect her, he realized how much she meant to him; and it’s despicable what Todd is doing. Todd’s lawyer argues. The judge then demands that John answers the question of whether he loves Blair. John then answers yes, very much.

Marty admits to Jessica that she can see John has good reason to be angry and give up on her. She allowed herself to fall in love with Todd. She forgot about John as well as her own son. She waved Wes in front of his face. Jessica seems like she really wants to help Marty with that situation.

Gigi tells Brody that she is stuck between a rock and a hard place having to comply with what Stacy wants in order for her son not to die. He tells her that she cannot let Stacy do that. She realizes she does not have a choice.

At the hospital, Stacy tries to work on Rex and asks him where Gigi is. He tries to call her but she is not picking up. Michael then enters, and Rex urges him to tell him what will happen. They have absolutely nobody as a viable donor. Stacy, however, has her secret. Rex may not know what she has just done, but he knows that she does not care about his son’s life.

Blair relives telling John that she does not like the idea of his offering to marry her for the sole purpose of preventing Todd from taking her kids. He tells her that it’s entirely possible that Todd can win. He realizes that she is in no shape to fight this alone, so she may not have any other choice. Blair asks John if he is not “forgetting” something here.

In the courtroom, Todd asks John what about Marty. In response to that, John says Marty is none of Todd’s concern. Téa protests that Marty is irrelevant to the custody hearing. Todd’s lawyer protests that it is relevant. Mr. McBain has clearly chosen Ms. Saybrook over Ms. Cramer. He risked everything for Marty. There’s proof that he got thrown and jail and fired from the police force because of her. There’s no way he’d choose to marry Blair except for the obvious reason. The judge then asks John to answer that question. He stands up and replies that he and Marty are no longer seeing each other. The relationship is over.

Marty talks to Jessica about her dilemma.

Blair remembers talking to John and agreeing to marry him. She then affirms to her mother that John is going to marry her in order to help her and the kids. She agreed and she’s ok with the decision she made.

Marty tells Jessica that maybe she needs to realize that John still has feelings for Blair, but Jessica encourages Marty not to give up on John.

Gigi tells Brody that it’s not like she has any other choice except to do whatever her sister wants in order to save Shane’s life. There’s nobody who can make Stacy donate. She has the right to choose not to, and there is no time to consider negotiating. Shane needs the transplant immediately or else he will die. She cries and Brody tries to comfort her.

Outside Shane’s hospital room, Rex reflects to Stacy that he has to go in there and emanate a positive attitude to Shane. She tells him she will help him.

Brody tells Gigi that maybe there are other ways. she tells him that she remembers when Shane has his asthma attacks, she asked God to help her. He did at that point, but now, she’s at the desperate mercy of Stacy. Brody tells Gigi that Stacy must realize that there is no way for her to “get” Rex. Can’t she see that Rex only loves Gigi? He tells her he really wishes he could help. He’d do anything for Shane. If she just tells him what she needs, he will be there. It looks like she has a plan in mind. Perhaps drastic times call for drastic measures.

In the courtroom, Téa tells the judge that Starr Manning can testify if they want to hear from her. Starr then stands up and asks the judge to please not make her live with Todd. She realizes that he is her father, but he is dangerous. He endangered her when she was pregnant and caused her to go on the run because she wanted to be with her boyfriend. He’s violent. Her brothers are younger then she is and she feels the need to protect them from him. She tells the judge that she believes that John McBain is a good man and will make a better father to them than her real father is. The judge then calls a recess. Todd then asks Téa if she is happy now. He tells her that he once thought she walked out on him because she hated him, but he now knows that she is angry at him for putting both Blair and Marty before her, and he believes that she is still in love with him.

Addie tells Blair that she does not think it’s selfish for her daughter to follow her heart, but Blair reminds her mother that this was mainly for the kids. It meant a lot for her that her daughter was on board. She recalls the wedding in her hospital room. Starr brings the bouquet. Michael is standing outside the room and hugs his brother. Starr, Addie, Dorian, Téa, and Michael all stand as the families and friends of the “happy couple.” They smile. Blair throws a bouquet. Addie catches it. Addie then announces that she may get married again some day, but if she does, it will be for the right reasons.

Dorian tells Ray that even if she has feelings for him, she is married. He asks her if she’d rather be married to a man who would rather play an actor than be with her. She angrily demands that he gets out of her house ands stays away from her.

The judge announces that for the time being, the children will remain with Blair Cramer and her new husband, John McBain. Starr thanks Téa for all her help. She tells John they must go and tell her mom. He tells her he will catch up later; He has something he needs to do first. Alone in the court with John, Todd approaches him and asks him if he’s proud of himself to first take Marty, then Blair, and now his kids from him.

At Buenos Dias, Marty can tell that Jessica has “somebody” on the brain. Jessica admits that she does have a man she’s agreed to be friends with, but they both realize that it may be more than that. Marty then encourages Jessica to follow her heart.

Brody tells Gigi that he thinks that she should tell Rex the truth about what Stacy has done. She tells him that if she does that, then Stacy will take off and leave her son to die. She tells him that she has no choice. The phone rings and they see it’s Rex. Brody answers and informs him that Gigi cannot come to the phone. Rex demands that Brody puts her on the phone, but Brody tells Rex he’d better “get over it” and hangs up on Rex. Stacy overhears Rex on the phone and asks him what Gigi said. She can tell that her sister is being non-responsive to Rex and asks what happened He does not answer but tells her he has to go.

Téa enters Dorian’s home. Dorian assumes that she is there to announce that she’s won. She is elated and ready to write Téa a check, but Téa is there for another reason. She sees Ray and asks him on a date.

Alone in the courtroom, John is ready to make a call. Marty enters after Jessica has encouraged her to go forward with John. He doesn’t know quite what to tell her.

Starr enters Blair’s hospital room and happily announces to her mother and grandmother that they have won. They want to know all about it. She informs them that Téa delivered for them and John was great. Addie asks where John is.

When Marty enters the courtroom to see John, he announces to her that he has something he needs to tell her; He married Blair.

Blair gets a call. It’s Todd. He tells “Mrs. McBain” she needs to make no mistake about this; she is going to pay.

Stacy enters Shane’s room and acts friendly to her nephew. Having no clue what his aunt is up to, he asks her why it was that his dad did not seem to happy to see her. She tells him she’s certain that Rex will be ok as soon as Shane gets his bone marrow transplant.

After talking to Marty, Jessica decides that she’s right. She is going to “go for it” with Brody.

Brody and Gigi know what they need to do in order to convince Rex to break up with Gigi and get Stacy to believe that Rex and Gigi are through.

Rex goes to Brody’s home in search of Gigi. He catches them in bed together.


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