OLTL Update Friday 3/27/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/27/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Brody is alone lifting weights in his room at angel square. He gets distracted remembering his encounter with Jessica showing her how to throw a football, getting closer to her, and kissing her. At that point, he knows that he can’t “go there” and needs to think about continuing his weight lifting regime.

Natalie and Jared enter the Buenos Dias and wonder how they are going to let Jessica know that her baby has died and that Chloe is really Starr’s baby. They reflect that they might be better off if circumstances had not fallen into their laps for finding that out and if they never knew. Natalie tells Jared that she knows that Marcie is aware that Starr’s baby could not have died of RH disease, and they both haven’t a clue how she died. She can see how devastated they both are in knowing that, so they cannot just let a sleeping dog lie. Right then, Jessica enters and happily greets them, but she can tell by their expressions that they are not ok. She asks them what is wrong, and they haven’t a clue what to tell her.

Dorian talks to John about how confident she is that they can beat Todd at his own game with the help of Téa. He holds baby Sam but doesn’t seem quite as zealous about her plan as she is. She tells him that the beauty of the whole situation is that Todd won’t even see it coming.

Right then, Todd gets on an elevator in the courthouse.

At the end of Cole’s arraignment hearing, and after Nora had agreed to reduce the charges as long as he attends an in-patient substance abuse program, they immediately meet the intake counselor. She immediately pulls out of her purse a plastic bag and a cup. Cole stares, not knowing what to do or say, knowing that the drug dealer stopped by and gave him some pills, and he recently swallowed them. Hearing that he must get tested right away, Marty tells the counselor that it won’t be necessary since her son has been “clean” for a long time. The counselor tells them that it’s standard procedure that they get a sample before he can be admitted. She hands the supplies to him and tells him he may go and use the bathroom down the hallway. At that point, Todd appears and asks Marty how her situation is going with her son. Seeing him, she tells him she refuses to talk to him. Right then, Starr enters and approaches Cole. He asks her what she is doing there. She replies that her dad is filing a petition to get full custody of her brothers and her. Hearing that, Cole tells her she must be kidding. She replies she wishes she were, but Todd is alleging that her mom is not fit to parent them. She asks how he is. He tells her that instead of going to jail, the court has agreed to let him do a drug and alcohol program. She tells him she’s glad that he gets another chance, but he tells her that he is not ok with what happened to Matthew. He knows he was really out of line for the way he behaved at the dance, and maybe she was right with the message she left on his phone that he really needs to wake up and accept the consequences of his actions.

After Michael gives Rex the horrifying news that the miraculous donor who is a match for Shane’s bone marrow cannot donate, he explains that she gave birth recently and cannot donate bone marrow until 7 months after having the baby. Rex then tells him that Shane does not have 7 months, so what are they going to do? Michael suggests they go back to square one and find another match.

After Gigi goes to visit Stacy and confidently announces that she is no longer at her mercy for bone marrow, Stacy asks how that could be. Gigi tells her that they found another donor, and they can all now wash their hands of her. Shane is going to be all right, so Stacy can take her bone marrow and her little plot to get Rex and shove them.

After Cole addresses the message Starr last left for him, she tells him that she was angry and did not mean what she said. He tells her that he is still angry and suspicious of Schuyler Joplin for sticking his tongue in her mouth. At that point, she turns away, unwilling to face him. She informs him that Mr. Joplin got suspended from this job and will have to go before the school board this morning. She protests that it was her fault; she kissed him. Cole walks away, but she asks him to wait. She tells him that she did not mean it when she said she was going to wash her hands of him and no longer cares. She will always care about him. Throughout this whole time, the drug counselor observes and hears their entire conversation. Cole then tells Starr that he’d like to continue this conversation, but he must go pee in this cup.

Marty tells Todd that she happens to know about his plan to get full custody of the kids. Blair’s lawyer informed her of that. He then asks her since when she talks to Blair’s lawyer. She does not answer that question and gets in the elevator to leave. Todd then enters the courtroom and sees Téa. He informs her that Marty informed him that Blair’s lawyer was there with her. He asks her if she is representing Blair. Téa replies that she is. He tells her that she really “goes for it’. She tells him this is nothing personal. He tells her that she must really hate him to want to take his kids from him. She protests that it’s not about that; yet, she does not know exactly what she should tell him.

Back at the house, Dorian tells John she is really amazed that he is willing to go to bat for Blair. He tells her that he is willing to help Blair prevent Todd from taking her kids. He will play the father figure to the kids and husband to Blair if he has to.

At the hospital, after Rex hears the devastating news that Shane cannot have the bone marrow, he asks Michael how he’s going to tell his son that. They have so many plans that are now ruined. Michael replies that he must tell Shane that they cannot give up hope.

After Stacy hears that a stranger is a willing match for Shane’s bone marrow, she asks her sister how she could choose this stranger over Shane’s own aunt. Gigi replies that this stranger is a decent human being who is willing to save her son’s life. His aunt is a malicious blackmailer who would let him die. She asks Stacy if she’s ever heard of good taking precedence over spite and hate. Well, that is what happened today, she tells her. God heard her prayer, so she doesn’t have to give up Rex in order to comply with Stacy’s condition for saving Shane’s life. It’s not as if Stacy ever had a chance with Rex anyway. She had to drug him in order for him to let her touch him, so why doesn’t’ she just go back to Vegas. Stacy protests that it is not true that Rex does not love her. She reminds Gigi that they are sisters. Gigi tells her that they are not sisters; Stacy is nothing to her, so she may go right back to the pole. Whatever Stacy may call herself, she’s just a stripper. She tells Stacy she’d better not use her name, or even associate herself with Gigi or her family. Gigi confidently walks away. Right then, her phone rings and she picks it up to greet Rex assuming that everything is good. He asks her where she is. She replies she’s on her way back to the hospital. She says she will pick up some food and they can celebrate, but he tells her that he has found some bad news.

Ray Montez tells Dorian that she is what Americans call a real piece of work. Assuming that he is judging her, she protests, “These are desperate times that call for desperate measures.” he tells her he does not mean that negatively. He admires her for that and understands that she loves Blair and will stop at nothing in order to help her. Blair is like a daughter to her, he can see. He reminds her that he has a daughter also and feels the same protective instincts toward her.

Brody gets on the phone to call his shrink and admit that he has feelings for another patient whom he met recently. He knows that it’s not appropriate for him to be more than friends with Jessica given their respective circumstances, but the feelings are too strong.

Marcie enters Buenos Dias, runs into Jessica, and instinctively picks up baby Chloe and holds her when Jessica needs a free hand. Jessica remarks that she cannot hold a baby and fold a stroller at the same time. Natalie and Jared observe them speechlessly. Marcie tells them she has to get going and meet Michael. Jessica asks Marcie if they found out any answers about Starr’s baby. Marcie informs Jessica that they just found out that Hope could not possibly have died from RH disease. Marcie leaves. Jessica reflects that that whole situation must be devastating. She could not imagine losing her own baby. She asks Natalie and Jared why they called her there. Natalie replies that she wants to talk about Hope.

When Cole goes to the bathroom, he runs into his drug dealer who knows he’s in big trouble if he gives a sample. Asher asks Cole to hand it over knowing that he has to find a way to “cover his tracks”.

In the courtroom, Téa tells Todd she does not hate him, she’s merely a lawyer who only takes cases when she knows she can win. He tells her that she must know that in this case everything is in his favor. The restraining or has expired. He has a good case. She replies that she likes the challenge. She then reminds him that she won his case when it looked hopeless.

John enters and runs into Marty. She tells him that she’s really happy that Cole does not have to go to jail. She tells him she is really glad to hear that Blair has regained consciousness and asks if they found out anything more. He tells her that they have not come up with any conclusive information about who stabbed her. Right then, Starr enters and asks John if he is going in to testify at Todd’s custody hearing in favor of Blair. He replies yes. Marty then asks John if he’s there for Blair as well as for Cole.

After Rex informs Gigi that the donor cannot save Shane, she cries and asks how that could happen and what they are going to do.

Dorian fixes Ray some coffee. She asks him if he ever found out how Lola’s mother really died. He tells her that it’s not so easy to talk about, and perhaps they could save that for another time. She tells him that she really appreciates the way he stood up to Todd Manning, and she is in his debt for his referring her to Téa Delgado. She is very friendly and gracious to Ray. At that point, she tells him she is dying to tell somebody about the plan they cooked up.

John enters the courtroom and sits beside Marty. Todd demands to know what John is doing there. Todd’s lawyer stands beside him. Téa represents Blair. The judge tells them that Manning vs. Cramer is underway.

In the bathroom, the Asher asks Cole just what he’s going to do if he does not allow the dealer to help him.

When Brody talks to his shrink about his feelings for a single mom with a baby, the shrink remarks that, given Brody’s history of a similar situation with Gigi and Shane Morasco, he is wondering if it’s a pattern.

Jessica sits with Natalie and Jared and holds her baby. Natalie asks her sister if she is ready to come back and face all that has happened. Isn’t she still angry at them? She tells them that she wants to put the whole situation behind them. She announces that she wants the two of them to be Chloe’s godparents.

Marcie meets Michael at the hospital. He tells her that he heard that they found a bone marrow donor for Shane, but he found out that he got Shane, Rex, and Gigi’s hopes up for nothing because it all fell through. Hearing that, she tells him that she doesn’t know how much more suffering one family must take.

Rex enters Shane’s room. Shane asks his dad if he knows the name of the lady who is his bone marrow donor. Rex replies no, he does not.

After Gigi gets the devastating call from Rex, she goes back to Stacy. She informs her that the match fell through, so she needs her.

In the bathroom of the courthouse, Cole tells his drug dealer that he just told the mother of the kid he may have crippled for life that he would accept responsibility for his actions. Hearing that, Asher tells him that he realizes that and doesn’t want him to ruin his first day in the treatment facility.

In the courtroom, the judge asks Todd and his lawyer just why Mr. Manning has requested an emergency hearing. Todd answers that when his ex-wife was initially granted sole custody of the kids, the court told him that if he accomplished certain things, then he could petition again and prove that he’s redeemed himself. He then states that he went to the anger-management counseling group he was asked to join. He also saw a shrink and got some help. He wants the court to know that his two young sons have expressed interest in having him live with them again. At that point, Starr speaks up and wants to protest. Todd tells the judge that he has told the truth about what he has accomplished. He also informs them that Blair is currently in the hospital and cannot care for them. He tells the judge that believes that all three of his children need a stable home environment and he does not believe that their fruitcake aunt Dorian can provide that for them.

In the hospital, after Shane asks whom the donor is, Rex tells his son that he thinks he should use his imagination to create the character that comes to the rescue from his comic books. Shane then asks his dad why. He replies that he knows of nobody better at names than Shane is. Shane then shows his father that he wrote a story about “chemo boy” running out of power so he needed to find a hero. He created a character named T Rex, the same as his dad, the hero. Rex tells his son that he appreciates that but knows he is no superhero.

Stacy asks Gigi if things did not work out with her donor angel and now she’s coming back to her worthless slut sister. Gigi tells Stacy that this is not about them; it’s about Shane. Stacy tells Gigi that she does not have too many choices right now; it’s a one-time only deal. She either takes it or does not. Gigi cries and tells her sister she will take it.

Ray and Dorian get friendlier. She tells him she’s very curious about what he did before he went to prison. He makes her guess. They laugh and enjoy talking.

Brody talks to his shrink about Jessica. The shrink says that maybe he needs to be honest not only with her but with himself.

After Jessica offers to make Natalie and Jared Chloe’s godparents, she can see that they hesitate. She tells them they cannot still be angry at her. She explains that when Nash died, she lost it and had to blame somebody, but she loves her sister and Jared will be her brother in law. What better way to make peace with her family.

At the hospital, Michael admits to Marcie that there is no scientific evidence that Starr’s baby died of RH and no explanation for Hope’s death. He asks her if she can make peace with that, realizing she may not be able to.

Rex tries to distract Shane from wondering how or if he will get the bone marrow.

Stacy asks Gigi if she is really willing to break up with Rex in exchange for the bone marrow for Shane. Gigi reminds her that she said she would. If she saves Shane, Gigi will come through on her end of the bargain. She then tells Stacy they must now go to the hospital to get this process started. Stacy asks Gigi if she takes her for being stupid. Does she think that Stacy is going to go and help Gigi and take her at her word that she will break up with Rex? She needs Gigi to break up with Rex first. When she can confirm it, then Stacy will go and donate the bone marrow. Gigi cries and protests that they cannot wait; Dr. McBain said it’s an emergency. Stacy then tells her sister that she must think of something because this whole situation is not Stacy’s problem.

Todd tells the court that without him or Blair in the house, the kids are with their Aunt Dorian. She has a lot of problems right now, including that she doesn’t even own the property where they live. Their grandmother Addie Cramer is a sweet person but is a “little off”. She spent many years living in St. Ann’s. Dorian signed over her house to her chef. Now Todd’s kids are living with a convicted murderer whom the chef invites to stay there. He tells them that he is not doing this in order to get revenge upon his ex-wife. In fact, Blair’s lawyer believes he is still in love with Blair. He believes that Blair is a great mother, but if she cannot be with her children when she’s incapacitated, isn’t the next best choice their flesh and blood? Therefore, he petitions that the kids live with their father. The judge then asks Téa what she has to say. Téa then surprises them and announces that she agrees with Mr. Manning. The children’s best place to live is with their father.

When Dorian is guessing what Ray’s career was before he went to prison, she suggests many things. He tells her she ran out of guesses. He kisses her. She does not stop him.

At Buenos Dias, Jessica picks up Chloe and tells Natalie and Jared that she has to go and pick up Bree. They tell her they are willing to take Chloe. She happily tells them that she knows of nobody better to be her child’s Godparents. She then goes out the door. Again, they are alone, not knowing what to do

Marcie tells Michael that sometimes when somebody hasn’t a clue what to do they need to have faith and hope for the best. She tells him that she is a lucky woman; she has him. They hold each other.

Stacy reminds Gigi that she has no reason to stay in town, has no family, and has to pack. Gigi had better hustle and find a way to enable Stacy to be with Rex before she’s gone, and how Gigi manages to do that is her own problem. Gigi goes out the door and runs into Brody. He can see she is upset and holds her. She cries in his arms.

Téa tells the court that she agrees with Mr. Manning that the kids need a father, but she needs to clarify that the person whom she means is their stepfather.

Marty calls and leaves a message for John having no clue that he’s going to marry Blair.

Todd stands up in the courtroom after Téa announces that the kids live with their stepfather. He asks what she is talking about. She replies she means Blair’s husband. Todd asks who Blair’s husband is. John then stands up and announces that that would be him.


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