OLTL Update Thursday 3/26/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/26/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Téa recites her speech before Cole’s trial starts. Marty enters and tells her she really appreciates her for taking Cole’s case. They both realize that Cole believes he deserves to be punished for what happened to Matthew. Téa tells Marty that they will just have to convince him otherwise.

A physical therapist appears in Matthew’s hospital room while his parents are there. Nora informs her son that she would like to stay but has to get to court ASAP. Matthew asks his mother if she is going to Cole’s arraignment. She replies yes. He then asks his mother to please go easy on Cole and realize that it was an accident. He says Cole is hurting, too.

Before Cole’s trial, his drug dealer arrives and tells the guard he is Cole’s peer counselor from school. The guard allows them to talk alone.

Starr tells Langston that she cannot go to school today. Langston reminds her that Cole is not there. Starr reminds Langston that too many students have too much gossip going on about her and Schuyler.

Stacy is still staying in Schuyler’s room at Angel Square. She exits the shower having used all of the hot water and the last clean towel. She tells him that she won’t be his houseguest for much longer. She appreciates all he has given to her but she will be “out of his hair” very soon.

Rex enters Shane’s room to notice his son wearing face paint and a very odd-looking wig that Roxy gave him. He tells his dad that he’s not very worried about losing his hair because it won’t last forever. Rex asks his son why he is optimistic. Shane replies that he happens to know that he’s found a donor.

Gigi is alone in the chapel asking God why it is that he can’t make her pay for what she’s done wrong in her life with something other than having her evil sister blackmailing her and threatening to take her boyfriend from her in exchange for her son’s life.

At Schuyler’s place, Stacy is very confident that she can have everything she wants and needs. Schuyler asks her what is up but she won’t tell him of her specific plan. He can tell, however, that it has something to do with her sister and Rex.

Rex asks his mother and son what is up with the news that he will be getting a donor soon. Roxy admits to her son that she “kind of” told her grandson that he would be getting a donor -- today.

Stacy admits to Schuyler that she is not going to let her sister take anything from her ever again. Gigi took the man she loves form her. Schuyler tells Stacy he realizes that she has reason to be angry with her sister but he wonders just how far she is willing to go in order to seek revenge upon Gigi.

Starr tells Langston that there’s more than the issue involving Schuyler. It was because Cole was upset with her that he got in the car under the influence, and it’s because those kids hurt Matthew that he demanded Cole drive him. She wants to kick the butts of the kids who hurt Matthew.

Cole tells his drug dealer, Asher, not to worry, he won’t rat him out. Asher says, “Thanks for helping me out, just like I always help you out.” He then slips Cole some drugs.

Nora tells Bo that Matthew is a better person than she is to be concerned about Cole. She tells him that the reason she is persecuting Cole is not about revenge. It’s about making certain that Cole cannot hurt himself or another person again. He tells her that he trusts her judgment call, but maybe she should do what Matthew suggests and not go after Cole. She tells him that their son is not thinking clearly and is too busy blaming himself, but she will take what Bo suggests under advisement. Bo then goes into the room, and the physical therapist brings out a wheelchair. At that point, Matthew and Bo stare angrily at it, facing the grim reality of what has happened to him.

Outside the courtroom, Cole asks his drug dealer to put the bag away, but the Asher reminds him that nobody can see them. He tells Cole he can see he’s quit cold turkey. All the people in the courtroom are going to know that he has a habit and it won’t do him any good when they see the withdrawal symptoms. The drug dealer leaves when he sees Nora enter. She approaches Cole and asks who that was.

When Matthew sees the wheelchair in the room, he tells the physical therapist to get that thing out of there.

Knowing she had better not tell him the details of Stacy threatening to expose her secret, Roxy tells Rex that there is hope for Shane. He tells his mother that she cannot get his son’s hopes up only to devastate him again. She tells her son that she knows what she is doing. She realizes, however, that she'd better get out of there and not tell Gigi or Rex what is really going on.

Schuyler reveals to Stacy that he was suspended from his high school teaching job. She asked him if he is “using” again; he says no. She asks how that could have happened if he’s off drugs. She asks if he messed around with a student. When she sees his silence, she can tell that that is exactly what has happened to him. She finds that very interesting. She asks if he slept with a student.

Starr and Langston talk about how she’s going to face what is going on in school. Langston knows that Starr still has Schuyler on the brain.

Outside the courtroom, Cole reveals to Nora that he had a dream last night that he and his mom were in that van that blew up again. She tells him that when someone has had an accident, it’s common to have unconscious thought of a previous accident. He tells her that in this dream it was he who died and not his mom and that he did not mourn the loss of his mom, use the drugs, and ruin his life and that Matthew is not paralyzed. Right then, Marty enters and asks if everything is ok. Nora coldly tells her that her son needs her. Marty asks her son if he is ok. He clutches the stash of drugs the dealer just gave him

Matthew tells his father that there is no way he’s going to touch that wheelchair, but Bo tells his son that it’s only temporary. Matthew tells his father he knows it’s permanent, and he can’t accept that.

Starr tells Langston that she feels responsible for what happened to Cole and Matthew.

Schuyler tells Stacy that he did not sleep with a student. She then asks why he was suspended. He tells her that he was accused of inappropriate contact with a student, but it was just a misunderstanding. She asks why he was accused of inappropriate conduct if he did not do anything inappropriate with a student. She then remembers noticing a woman’s glove in Schuyler’s apartment and concludes the girl had been there. He tells her that a girl at the school has kind of a crush on him, and some things maybe shouldn’t have happened the way they did. He believes he can be cleared of the charges if he can let the courts know that he has an ex-girlfriend who is still in love with him. Stacy agrees to pretend. Schuyler goes to shower. Stacy hears a bang on the door. She opens it to see Roxy. Roxy demands to know what has happened to their deal.

At the hospital, Michael tells Rex and Gigi that there is good news. The chemo is working well and Shane can get better sooner. They ask how he would be able to know that. He then informs them that they found a donor. Rex is elated, but Gigi is really puzzled how he’d know about Stacy’s secret.

Starr tells Langston that she has “real feelings” for Schuyler. It’s more than just a “crush.”

Roxy tells Stacy that she has an icebox for a heart. She would rather be spiteful to her sister and expose Roxy’s secret than care about Shane. Roxy points her finger at Stacy, warning her she’d better not mess with her and goes out the door. Schuyler enters and asks Stacy why his landlady is threatening her.

After Michael gives Rex and Gigi the joyous news that they have found a donor, they are elated. Shane overhears form inside his room and nobody is worried about anything.

In Matthew’s hospital room, he tells his dad he really does not want him to “make” him go in that wheel chair. Bo tells his son that he would never “make” him do anything. Matthew asks his father if he’s a disappointment to him. Bo tells his son he could never be a disappointment to him. Matthew asks his father if he was not disappointed when he believed that Matthew was doing drugs and if Bo would believe that Matthew is a wimp. Matthew reminds his father that he’s heard that Buchanans never get scared. Bo asks his son just who told him that. Matthew replies his grandpa, Asa. Bo tells his son that Asa may have wanted people to believe that he was not afraid of anything, but he was. Everybody is afraid of something at some time in their life. He admits to his son that he is scared of something. Matthew asks his father of what. Bo replies he’s afraid that he will never see his son smile again.

Outside the courtroom, Téa asks Nora if she really wants to send Cole away. Then they all enter the courtroom. The judge asks Nora if the persecution is ready. She replies yes, the people are filing a case against Cole Thornhart, but she does not list the charges as extensively or intently as everybody assumes she would. The judge asks Nora if those are the only charges, she replies yes. When Cole is asked how he pleads, he has difficulty answering. Nora answers for him that he pleads guilty to the lesser charges, and she looks intently at him as if he must know that he has to accept the consequences. The judge asks her just what she is doing. She replies that the prosecution is willing to suspend their sentencing and reduce the charges if Mr. Thornart agrees to the terms of his probation and enters a drug and alcohol treatment facility. The judge asks how the defense responds to that. Téa responds that she accepts that. Cole stands up and tells the judge that he would like to talk. He tells the court that he is guilty. He was high on drugs, he had no business driving, but more important than any of that, the sweetest boy he knows may be crippled for life because of him. Matthew Buchanan is like the little brother he always wanted. He loves Matthew, he knows he is kind, intelligent, and brave, and has never hurt a living person in his life. Matthew is all the things that he is not, and he wishes more than anything he could trade places with Matthew, but he cannot. He tells the judge he does not deserve this break. He cries and tells the court that he promises to make the best of it. He faces Nora and tells her that he will spend the rest of his life trying to make up for what he did.

Bo carries Matthew out of his bed and puts him in his wheelchair.

In the courtroom, Marty runs after Nora and tells her she does not know how she can thank her. Nora angrily tells her that she may thank Matthew, and she storms out the door.

Bo looks into his son’s eyes when he gets into his wheelchair and asks if he is ready. Matthew tells his father he is ready to roll and they do a high five.

Starr tells Langston that she has noticed that Schuyler might have a girlfriend whom he lives with. Langston tells Starr that she bets that he is just using his ex girlfriend in order to give Starr the message that he is not interested. One could say that means he is a jerk, but maybe it means that he is not a bad guy and that he doesn’t want to lead her on or give her false hopes.

Schuyler tells Stacy that he knows she has some nasty trick up her sleeve that involves her sister and he is not about to be any part of hat.

Rex and Gigi happily tell Shane that they can all go on a vacation and have fun. Hearing that, he asks them if “Aunt Stacy” can come with them.

Schuyler asks Stacy just what this issue is involving her sister and the father of her sister’s child.

Gigi tells Rex, Shane, and Roxy she has to go somewhere, but she won’t tell them where or who she intends to go see.

Stacy admits to Schuyler that Roxy just happens to be Rex’s mother and they were both upset because her nephew and Roxy’s grandson, Shane, needs bone marrow. He then tells her he is so sorry. He asks her if her nephew has found a donor.

Roxy enters the room after Gigi leaves. He tells his mother that she is his hero. He hugs her and spins her around. He tells her they have found a donor. Hearing that, Roxy replies she’s so happy that “she finally got off her butt.” Rex asks Roxy just how it is that she would know the donor. Roxy does not know what to tell her son.

Bo and Matthew meet Nora in the wheelchair. They are all happy and ready to accept circumstances.

Téa introduces Marty and Cole to the drug and alcohol counselor whom Cole has agreed to work with. She leaves them alone to talk. The counselor immediately tells Cole that he must “get tested” before she can admit him into the treatment facility. She pulls out a plastic bag with a cup. He asks what she wants him to do with this. She replies he needs to “fill it.”

Langston tells Starr that there's no way that she can ever date Schuyler if he has a girlfriend and since he an adult and her teacher, but Starr protests that Schuyler will have to know that they have a connection.

Stacy replies to Schuyler’s question about whether they’ve found a donor for Shane by replying that they have not. He then tells her that maybe they can all get tested to see if somebody is a match.

Roxy finds out that Michael has found a donor all the way in Australia whom they don’t know. Roxy is stunned and relieved. She rushes to the chapel and thanks God for the miracle and all that is involved. She tells Him, most importantly of all, she wants to thank Him for not letting that bitch of a sister of Gigi’s threaten her and get her way and for making certain that that sleaze of a biological father of Rex does not have to donate any of his evil bone marrow to Shane.

Something tragic happens however. Michael enters to tell Rex and Shane that he is terribly sorry, but the bone marrow transplant cannot happen.

Gigi rushes to see Stacy. She tells her that she may take her skanky, miserable, spiteful ass out of town and leave her and her son and her man and her promise of bone marrow alone because they do not need it.

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