OLTL Update Wednesday 3/25/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/25/09


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Pictures by Laurie R.

Todd tells Viki that he needs her help because he is going after custody of his kids. Viki says that going after custody while Blair is in a coma is disgusting, even for Todd.

Starr and Michael talk about Blair being awake. Michael says that they can go see her one at a time, but they have to keep it brief because they don’t want to overwhelm her. Addie says that Starr should go first because she is the one Blair woke up to see.

Natalie and Jared stop in to see Kyle. Kyle goes to check on the results. Natalie asks Jared if they are nuts for doing this and he says that it seems like they are supposed to be doing it because clean DNA samples for both Starr and her baby just sort of fell into their hands. Natalie says that any minute they are going to know if Jessica is raising a baby that isn’t hers.

Jessica visits Brody. Brody tells Jessica that he just found out that he isn’t a bone marrow match for Shane.

Téa says that she can’t imagine what Nora is going through. Nora says that she knows she should be grateful that Matthew is alive, but she can’t help but to know how compromised his life is from now on. Nora asks Téa why she is there and Téa says that Marty asked her to represent Cole.

Todd says that his kids need him since their mother is in a coma. Viki says that Todd isn’t doing this for his children, he is doing it to hurt Blair.

Starr visits Blair and tells her that she is in the hospital.

Stacy says that all Gigi has to do is let Rex go and she will save Shane. Rex comes up and asks what is going on. Gigi asks about Shane. Rex says that Shane fell asleep and shows Gigi the new comic book that Shane is working on. Gigi says that Stacy was trying to make a deal with her.

Starr says that Blair fell and hit her head and has been asleep for a long time. Blair asks about the boys and Starr says that they are find, but they really miss Blair.

Addie asks John when they should tell Blair that Todd is trying to take the children.

Todd says that Blair is in a coma and the kids are scared to death. Viki reminds Todd that he has a restraining order against the kids and isn’t even allowed to see them. Todd says that the restraining order expired and he can see the kids whenever he wants. Viki asks why Todd isn’t with Jack and Sam. Todd says that he was just with them, but Dorian kicked him out. Todd says that his kids need him and he needs them and asks if Viki is going to help him or not.

Brody says that he doesn’t know what he is going to do if Shane doesn’t make it. Jessica says that Brody can’t think like that, but he says that he has to be prepared.

Rex asks about the deal. Gigi says that Stacy wants them to bury the hatchet for Shane’s sake. Rex says that he is going to see if there are any bone marrow matches yet. Gigi says that she will go too. Stacy asks Rex if she can finish her conversation with Gigi. Gigi tells Rex that she will catch up. Stacy says that she thought Gigi was going to rat her out and Gigi says that she wanted to, but couldn’t. Stacy says that all Gigi has to do is tell Rex that they are through, or Shane dies.

Antonio comes back and tells Talia that he isn’t staying. Antonio says that he has a chance to finally put Carlo away forever. Talia says that Antonio can’t go back because Carlo will kill him.

Jessica tells Brody that he has to take it one day at a time. Jessica asks Brody if he wants to hold Chloe and he takes her.

Natalie and Jared talk about what the DNA test could mean and what they should do. Kyle comes back and says that the results just came back.

Téa says that Cole hasn’t officially agreed to let her represent him, but Cole is extremely remorseful. Dorian calls Téa, but she doesn’t answer it. Téa says that she is trying to take cases for the right reasons. Téa says that Cole made a life-altering mistake and Nora says that Cole made a mistake that altered the life of Matthew. Téa says that Cole isn’t a criminal and he needs help. Téa says that her prayers are with Nora and her family. Téa asks Dorian what she wants.

Gigi says that if Shane dies, they will have to bury her next to him because her son is everything to her. Stacy says that she is offering Gigi a chance to save Shane. Stacy says that Gigi has to choose, Rex or Shane. Stacy says that all Gigi has to do is convince Rex that she isn’t in love with him anymore, but Gigi says that Rex will never believe it. Stacy asks if they have a deal and Gigi says no.

Kyle says that the whole system has been upgraded and there is no mistake with the results. Kyle says that Jared and Natalie are not bone marrow matches for Shane. Natalie says that they were right, Chloe is Starr’s baby.

Jessica says that she found a match and she believes that Shane will too. Jessica asks if Brody wants to go see Shane. Brody says that he wants to go and Jessica asks if he wants her to go with him for moral support. Brody says that Jessica has to put Chloe down for a nap, but Jessica says that Chloe vetoed that idea.

Viki says that maybe Todd is doing this for the children, but to initiate this while Blair is incapacitated is not going to win him a lot of sympathy. Todd says that he is just trying to take care of his children while their mother is ill. Viki says that Blair will never forgive Todd if he does this and he says that he tore his ticket with Blair a long time ago. Todd says that Starr needs to know that she has a father who is going to be there for her. Todd asks if Viki is choosing Blair over him and she says that she is choosing sanity over chaos. Todd tells Viki to forget it and leaves slamming the door.

John tells Starr that Blair is going to be all right. Starr says that Blair asked what happened to her and that she covered by saying that Blair fell and hit her head. John says that Starr did good.

Todd gets a phone call telling him that Blair is awake.

Addie asks how they are going to tell Blair what happened to her. Addie says that Blair wants to see John.

John goes in to see Blair and she asks what happened to her. John tells Blair that she was attacked and someone stabbed her.

Téa goes to visit Viki. Téa says that she wanted Viki to know that she won’t be representing Todd anymore. They start to discuss the custody issue and Viki suggests moving the conversation to the library. Téa says that Dorian wants her to represent Blair in the custody battle. Viki asks if Téa is still in love with Todd and Téa says that she is falling fast.

Natalie asks how she is going to tell her sister that her baby is dead. Rex comes up and asks what is wrong. Jared says that they just found out that neither of them is a bone marrow match for Shane. Rex says that it means the world to him that they got tested and that he knows they are going to find a match.

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