OLTL Update Tuesday 3/24/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/24/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

BBrody comes to see Jessica. He observes her holding Chloe and asks how she does it. She tells him that she has to get her life together because she’s a mom. He tells her that he has this ‘issue” involving Shane. She encourages him to know that he’s come a long way in his recovery after what happened to the boy in Iraq. At that point, she asks him if he wants to hold Chloe. He holds her, but it seems as though there is some sort of unconscious thought he has about how they have something in common with kids who are not theirs.

Natalie asks Jared what they are going to do. She tells him that Jessica will be devastated and will be sent right back to St. Anne’s if she finds out that her baby died. He tells her that, since they know that the baby is not Jessica’s, they have legal and moral obligation to Starr Manning, who mistakenly believes her baby is dead, as well as to everyone else involved. At that point, the lab technician tells them that he has the results of the DNA test.

Téa goes to see Nora and informs her that she is going to represent Cole. Nora asks her why she is seeking her out. Does she want to “feel out” the victim’s mother? Téa reminds Nora that Cole is remorseful and is just a kid. Nora reminds Téa that Cole is 18 years old; that makes him an adult by law. Téa asks Nora if she intends to prosecute him to the furthest extent of the law. Téa tells Nora she does not want to hurt anybody. She knows Nora has good reason to want to nail him after what has happened to Matthew, and she wishes there was something she could do.

Gigi tells Stacy that if Shane dies, she is dead too. Stacy then reminds her sister that that is why she is wiling to help her save Shane’s life. Gigi asks her if she has to trade her son’s life for the love of her life. Stacy tells her that she has to choose. What’s it going to be? Shane or Rex? Gigi then asks her sister who she is. Stacy replies that she is the girl that Rex should be in love with. Gigi asks her what she is talking about when she says that. She cannot make Rex love her; nobody can make anybody love them. Rex will certainly not love her after finding out what she did. Stacy says that Gigi made Rex love her, and she is nowhere near as hot as Stacy is. Gigi tells her that is ridiculous; this is not about being hot. She asks Stacy what is wrong with her. Stacy reminds her sister that she has learned how to get what she wants. She asks Gigi if they have a deal or not. Gigi replies no.

NNatalie and Jared open the results of the DNA test and confirm what they already know. The baby everybody knows as Chloe Brennan is really Starr’s child and the dead baby at the cemetery is Jessica’s.

Brody admits to Jessica that he is really concerned about Shane, but he can’t do anything for him since his bone marrow is not a match. She encourages him to know that Shane loves him; he’s a navy seal and a great father. She holds Chloe and asks Brody if he wants to go to the hospital with her to see her cousin Matthew

Viki tells Todd that he has gone too far by wanting to get full custody of his kids while Blair is in a coma. He tells his sister that he needs her help. She reminds him that she needed his help when she was all the way in Africa. Tess was ready to kill people and she needed help. Todd knew that Tess was out and what she was doing. Viki needed his help then, and he did not do the right thing. Hearing that, he tells her he realizes he made a serious mistake and is sorry, but he intends to redeem himself if she will give him a chance. She tells him he must know that Blair will never forgive him after finding out what he has done.

At the hospital, Starr talks to John about Blair. She tells him that she is so happy that her mother has woken up. She asks him if he can find out who hurt her mother. He admits that he is not entirely certain right now but is not going to give up until he gets to the bottom of it.

Todd leaves Viki’s home and gets a call informing him that Blair is awake. He tells his contact that he wants full details about everything that is happening and everything that Blair has said and done since she’s been conscious..

At the hospital, Starr hugs Addie, happy that Blair will be ok. Addie then informs John that Blair has asked to see him. He goes in to see Blair. She looks at him coldly and not like welcomes him. She asks him how long she’s been there. He replies a couple days. She admits that the last thing she remembers was arguing with him when Marty called and interrupted him. She remembers that she told him she’s done with him and he’d better not come back. He asks her what she remembers after that. She replies that she just thought she had to take a shower. He then informs her that somebody stabbed her.

When Todd leaves Viki’s home and gets his call about Blair, he’s surprised to notice Téa outside the door. He stares at her and asks her what she’s doing there. He concludes that he no longer cares, realizing she is done with him. Téa comes in and informs Viki that she is no longer representing Todd. Viki tells her she’s happy with that. The idea of suing the mother of his children for full custody of kids while she’s unconscious in a hospital room makes her ill. Téa tells Viki she feels the same way, and she realizes she has spent a lot of time making excuses for Todd. Viki tells Téa she realizes she has also.

At the Buenos Dias café, Antonio informs Talia that he has to go on a mission to find Carlo Hesser. She tells him that she wishes that he had given her a heads up on the situation involving her father. He tells her that this whole thing came up so fast, and he has no choice except to go through with this.

Téa informs Viki that Dorian had called her and assumed that she was representing Todd in the custody suit. She told Dorian she would not do that. She admits to Viki that the last time Todd walked away from her she thought "good riddance." The man is self centered and arrogant, and he has gone too far. Viki concludes although she knows that all too well, under everything Todd has a heart. Téa then begins to cry, and she says she knows what Todd has done and what he is capable of. She knows what she has done for Todd, and she is disgusted by it..

At the hospital, Rex goes to the lab and finds Natalie and Jared. He knows that there is something wrong. Not wanting to tell him what they are up to, they tell him that they regret that neither of them are a match for Shane.

Stacy tells Gigi that she is the only match for Shane because she is his aunt, and Gigi says she will find another donor. Stacy tells her sister that she will always love Rex. Gigi tells Stacy that she is evil. Stacy tells Gigi that she will always have Shane and that Gigi can find another man, but Stacy has nobody, and she was meant to be the one for Rex. Gigi tells Stacy she is psycho; she is insane.

When Brody accompanies Jessica and Chloe to the hospital, he runs into Rex, who encourages him to engage with Shane and to ask Shane to show him the new comic book.

Stacy tells Gigi that “this offer” is not going to last forever, and if Gigi thinks that Stacy is going to wait around for Gigi to make up her mind she’s got another thing coming. She asks Gigi what she will do when she has tried, failed, and exhausted all of the possibilities of bone marrow donors and Stacy is gone.

Téa admits to Viki that she has been in love with Todd. She knows that Todd cares about his kids in his own way, but no good intention goes untainted with that man. Téa tells Viki that she wants to represent Blair, and it’s not because of Téa’s own issues with Todd. Maybe it’s so that she can “Break the cycle.” Viki then asks Téa how she’s going to accept sitting in the courtroom on the other side of Todd. Téa admits that it won’t be as easy as that. Viki then asks Téa if she’s ever told Todd how she feels.

At the hospital, Todd runs into Nora. They stare coldly at each other. Todd asks her how her kid is. Nora says nothing and walks away.

Starr runs into Jessica and Chloe. She tells her he’s so happy that her mother has come back. She observes Chloe and tells Jessica that she can really see a family resemblance. Jessica then tells her that maybe the two of them and Chloe can go down to the cafeteria for a treat..

After John informs Blair that she was stabbed, she tells him she does not understand. He informs her that Dorian found her and got her the hospital. He admits he hasn’t a clue who did it, and he hoped that maybe she could tell him.

Antonio tells Talia that he has to go alone on his mission to find Carlo Hesser. She wants to come with him, but he tells her that the feds won’t allow it, and he needs her to stay with Jamie.

After Viki suggests to Téa that maybe she should tell Todd how she feels, Téa tells her that if she were to do that, Todd would laugh in her face. Viki tells her maybe not. Téa cries and tells Viki she needed to talk to her. Viki is the only person who understands Todd and what it’s like to love him. Viki hugs Téa.

Stacy tells Gigi she is killing her own son. At that point, Gigi smacks her and tells her she is not her sister. Stacy tells Gigi that she has been looking for a miracle from God, and He gave it to her and she is spitting in His face. She says Gigi is going to be sorry, but Gigi walks out the door. Stacy calls to her sister that she will regret it. Alone, Stacy vows that Gigi will have to know that Stacy is doing the right thing. She needs to know that Stacy should be with Rex.

Gigi runs back to find Rex. He sees her crying and asks what has happened. She tells him she is so worried that they do not know of a bone marrow donor. He tells her they must have faith and know that they will find somebody.

Natalie and Jared are right in the middle of a discussion when he tells her they must inform Starr that Bess took her baby and that Jessica’s baby is dead. Right then, they run into Jessica, Starr and Chloe, who invite them to join them for lunch in the cafeteria

Téa leaves Viki’s home.

John asks Blair if she has any recollection or knowledge of who did this to her. At that point, she appears to have a flashback of being stabbed in her shower. Right then, Todd appears outside the door.

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