OLTL Update Monday 3/23/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/23/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

When Cole is locked in jail, he bangs the bars and asks if a guard can get him some aspirin, soda, water, anything. He is obviously having withdrawal symptoms with nothing to satisfy his addiction. At that point, Téa enters. Seeing her and knowing that she has represented Todd and hurt many people he loves, he angrily demands to know what she wants. She clarifies to him that it’s not what she wants; it’s what he wants. She informs him that she is his only ticket out of there.

Marty goes to see John and find out what he’s investigating about the anonymous stabber. She looks at the autopsy photos and notices that the letters look familiar. They are the same at the frat house where Todd raped her many years ago, she tells him. Hearing that, John is shocked.

Todd enters the house and goes to see Jack. Jack tells his father he'd better clean up his act or he is out.

At the hospital, Dorian comes to talk to Addie after getting an urgent call from her sister regarding the subpoena she got. Starr takes Sam away so that her aunt and grandmother are alone. Addie then shows Dorian the subpoena she was served with and informs her sister that Todd is suing for full custody of all three children.

Roxy informs Rex that “somebody” has the matching qualifications to be a bone marrow donor for Shane. Hearing that, he is elated and asks his mother who it is. Roxy’s expression reveals to her son that she is not happy with what she has heard about that.

Stacy enters the chapel to hear Gigi praying aloud about how she needs a miracle in order to save her son’s life. Stacy tells her sister that she is a match. At that point, Gigi is very grateful to her sister, but Stacy spitefully informs her that she is not about to save Gigi’s son’s life.

When Rex asks Roxy what she heard, and who the bone marrow donor is, Roxy does to know what to tell her son. She then remembers that Stacy threatened to expose Roxy’s secret about Rex’s father. At that point, she tells her son that she has just heard that they must have hope and believe that sooner or later there will be a donor for Shane.

Dorian reads the conditions of Todd’s petition. It lists that Todd has been exonerated of all charges, the kids’ mother is incapacitated, and they have an aunt who has too many strikes against her with the laws and is unfit to raise her nieces and nephews. Dorian is horrified. Addie tells her sister that she thought she’d better let her know ASAP. She does not want to be a part of anything that could help Todd gets what he wants, but she is required by law to accept a subpoena when it is served.

Todd confidently tells Jack that he really wants a chance to redeem himself and knows that he can be the father that all three of his kids need. Jack hears that and appears very skeptical.

Téa informs Cole that she is there to represent him for his DUI and reckless endangerment charges. Hearing that, he angrily tells her that he does not want or need her help. She tells him that his mother does; Marty has retained her to represent Cole.

When Rex demands to know what Roxy is implying about finding a donor for Shane and then sounding like she’s changed her story, she tells her son that she was just betting on the odds and knows when a “winning horse” will come up sooner or later. Rex, however, knows there is something she is not telling him.

Stacy spitefully tells Gigi that she hopes Gigi does not expect any help from her. Why should she help her or Shane? Gigi has treated her like the black sheep sister. She has not contacted her; she ran away with Rex. All she’s been doing is demanding that Stacy get a worthless job at the diner. Gigi does not give a damn about her. So why should she help Gigi or Shane? Hearing, that Gigi cries.

Rex asks Roxy just what she is telling him. She is completely confused and uncertain what to tell him when she remembers Stacy blackmailing her to do as Stacy wants so that she does not tell Rex the deep dark secret about his father. She remembers Stacy telling Roxy that she will keep the secret if Roxy tells the others that Stacy is the bone marrow donor. At that point, Gigi cries and demands to know just why her sister is so hateful and spiteful. She’s sorry if she hurt Stacy’s feelings, but this is not a frivolous favor; this is her sons’ life. Stacy continues to be spiteful.

Dorian reads the subpoena where Todd names Dorian as a person who is unfit to have his three children in her home. He lists that she has signed over her estate to opportunist named Moe Stubbs. Now that Mr. Stubbs owns the place, he invites known criminals like Ray Montez to the house and he bets Ray tried to kill his kids’ mother.

Right then, Moe notices Todd in his house and demands he gets out. Ray enters and makes it clear to Todd that Moe welcomes him to stay there with his daughter and niece. Moe makes it clear that he believes that Todd stabbed Blair. Todd makes it clear that he believes that Ray did.

After reading the petition, Dorian concludes to Addie that she knows just who it was that put this idea in Todd’s head (meaning Téa), and she gets on her phone.

Cole tells Téa that he does not want any lawyer to help him get away with driving drunk and causing Matthew to be crippled for life. She tells him that even if he made a mistake, he does not deserve to go to prison and have the rest of his life ruined. She tells him that he did not know what he did. He was wrong to take drugs and get behind the wheel, but what happened to Matthew was an accident. Right then, her phone rings. She answers it and hears Dorian threatening to get her disbarred. She demands to know who is on the phone. Dorian tells her that if she did not have enough gall to let Todd get away with what he did. Now she’s helping him get custody of kids he has no right to go near. Téa then informs Dorian that she is no longer representing Todd, so if he got a petition she has nothing to do with that. Overhearing that, Cole asks her if that’s really true. Is she really developing a conscience about Todd?

Starr enters when Dorian and Addie are reading the petition. Dorian does not know whether she should know what Todd is doing, but Addie tells Dorian that Starr must know. Starr asks them what this is about, and Addie then tells her granddaughter that her father is petitioning to get full custody of her and her little brothers.

Marty tells John that she knows that what happened to Blair is very much about her, so she wants to be part of this investigation and help him get to the bottom of this.

Stacy tells Gigi that she will help Shane, but there is a “condition.”

Roxy remembers asking Stacy how she’s going to say that she’s a match for Shane when it’s really the “John Doe.” Stacy tells Roxy that she can just put her name on the info and sign off on it and nobody will ever find out. Roxy is spooked to remember Stacy’s “deal.” Rex then asks his mother what is up. He remarks that she looks like she has seen a ghost.

Gigi demands to know just what the “condition” is for her son’s life. Stacy smirks and tells her sister it’s that Gigi gives up Rex. Gigi demands that Stacy tell her what Rex has to do with saving Shane’s life. Stacy replies that Gigi stole Rex from her. Hearing that, Gigi is outraged.

Rex tells Roxy that he really does appreciate all the support she’s given him and Shane through this whole thing. He tells his mother that he knows they have had their issues, but he knows that she is there for her son and grandson, and they all love her. Hearing that, she tells her son she wishes she could be the donor. He tells her he wishes she were too.

Stacy tells Gigi that she remembers herself as a geeky little outcast. Their parents did not love her; Gigi was their favorite. She was coming home from school picked on by children because of what a loser she was, and nobody cared about her. Rex rescued her from the tormenters. He then became her hero and her knight in shining armor. She fell in love with Rex, but Gigi was the one Rex wanted, and he did not know that Stacy was alive. Hearing that, Gigi tells her sister she had no clue that any of this happened or that she had those feelings for Rex. Stacy tells Gigi of course she wouldn’t know, but she’s not going to take this sitting down. If Gigi really wants her son to have the bone marrow transplant, then she needs to make that the most important thing in her life; and isn’t it worth giving up on Rex? That way, nobody walks out of this empty-handed.

After Cole overhears Téa telling Dorian that she is done representing Todd, he asks her if she has developed a conscience. She tells him yes. She defended Todd and hoped he could clean up his act, but she realizes it’s too late. Cole, on the other hand, is young and has a future ahead of him. She doesn’t want him to be prevented from redeeming himself or, heaven forbid, give him any excuse to turn out like Todd.

After Starr finds out that Todd is petitioning for custody of his kids, she tells her aunt and grandmother that she is outraged and can’t let that happen, but they tell her that Todd is pulling out all the stops by blaming Dorian for letting Moe live in her home. Moe is responsible for Ray having access to the house, and they believe that Ray stabbed Blair..

After Starr finds out that Todd is petitioning for custody of his kids, she tells her aunt and grandmother that she is outraged and can’t let that happen, but they tell her that Todd is pulling out all the stops by blaming Dorian for letting Moe live in her home. Moe is responsible for Ray having access to the house, and they believe that Ray stabbed Blair.

At the house, Todd tells Ray and Moe that if he were still in this house, he would not let anybody dangerous anywhere near his kids. Dorian signed her property over to Moe who let Ray stay there. He is the father to his kids and wants to protect them from living in a house full of strangers and murderers. At that point, Jack tells Moe and Ray that he wants to talk to his dad alone.

Marty tells John that she knows that he has made her his primary focus. She tells him that she and her son are the reason why Matthew is paralyzed, and John was prevented from being with Blair when he had to go and rescue her, and in turn, that could be why Blair was stabbed.

When Roxy and Rex reflect that they are a family, he tells her that he only wishes he knew who “The old man” is. Hearing that, she asks her son if he can agree not to ask her more about his real father..

Dorian goes to the house and confronts Todd, but Jack indicates that he is on his father’s side and wants him to come back and live there.

Gigi knows she is at the desperate mercy of Stacy.

When Marty sees the letters on pictures of the stab victims, she is spooked by having a flashback of being raped.

When Moe asks Shawn to have Todd escorted out of his house, Jack protests that they cannot do this to his dad, but Todd tells his son calmly that everything will be ok. He will show himself out. Ray Montez appears cordial to Dorian. He seems to want to help her prevent Todd from going through with his plan and informs her that he has an idea.

At the hospital, Dorian and Addie figure out that Todd’s restraining order has expired and he has the legal right to petition.

Téa seems to convince Cole that he deserves a chance to redeem himself and to be forgiven just like Todd was. She encourages him to know that his mother wants him to be a successful and upstanding young man; and so does she.

Alone with the medical report, Roxy notices it and tells Rex’s biological father that he did something right for the first time in his miserable life.

Stacy shows Gigi the report that confirms that Stacy is the donor match, and she asks her sister just what it’s going to be.

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