OLTL Update Thursday 3/19/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/19/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
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Starr is in Blair’s hospital room when Langston enters. She tells her friend that she wishes more than anything that she could talk to her mom about the situation involving losing her baby. She tells her that Marcie just informed her that she and Cole have the same blood type, so it’s impossible that Hope could have died from RH disease.

Not far away in the hospital, when Natalie is ready to run the DNA test in order to prove that Chloe is not Jessica’s child, she admits that maybe they should not go through with it.

As Jessica is taking her baby home, she is surprised to run into Brody.

Rex and Gigi are sleeping in Shane’s room near his bed. Shane wants to get up and do things and is tired of being confined to the bed. Roxy enters with an attempt to lift her grandson’s spirits with fun and food, but he has to go and throw up.

At Buenos Dias, they are having a bone marrow drive for Shane. Viki is serving coffee. Charlie is getting people to sign up to get tested to be donors. Officer Fish is talking to Viki and tells her that he will do anything he can in order to help Shane. She tells him he is a good man. Right then, Stacy enters and announces to Charlie that she would like to sign up. Viki goes and greets Stacy, informing her that she is a good friend of Gigi’s and that Gigi has told her a great deal about her sister. Stacy seems to know that Gigi has done just that and what Viki has heard about her is probably not positive.

After Roxy realizes that she cannot let Shane eat food that will make him ill, she goes and tosses it. He then asks his grandmother if she can go and walk with him, so she accompanies him. They observe what appears to be a young boy Shane’s age without hair, ready to play soccer.

At Buenos Dias, Stacy admits to Viki and Charlie that she realizes that Gigi is not her biggest fan right now. She decided to move out because she knows that her sister needs a lot of space given the situation with Shane and all. Charlie concludes to her that at least she is doing the right thing by getting tested. She smugly agrees. She remembers overhearing and spying upon Roxy when she went to the room of Rex’s biological father and took a sample from him.

Jessica talks to Brody and admits to him that although she’d like to get tested, she is not certain she can. The reason is one of the things that Tess gave her is hepatitis, so she cannot donate bone marrow.

At the hospital, Jared tells Natalie that he wishes that the two of them were not the ones to figure out what really happened. She tells him she wishes that also, but they need to realize the very likely probability that Bess or Tess kidnapped Starr’s baby after negligently getting her own baby killed, and this cannot be kept a secret. Right then, Marcie and Michael enter. Marcie reminds them that she just found out that there’s no way that Starr’s baby could have died from RH disease if Cole and Starr have the same blood type. Michael suggests that it’s entirely possible that Cole was not the father of Starr’s baby, but she tells him of course he is, and this can only mean that the baby could not possibly have died from RH disease.

Starr tells Langston that she feels responsible for what happened to Cole.

Marko is working and believes that Langston is coming up behind him and kissing him, but he turns around to see Lola. Layla enters and notices Cristian. She later notices Stacy and appears hostile to both of them.

At the hospital, Shane approaches a young person his age, whom he assumes is a boy without hair, but he discovers that she is a girl. He asks his grandma, dad and mom if he’s going to lose all his hair and look like her, but Roxy encourages her grandson to know that they will not let anything happen to him. He tells them he does not want to delay the procedure. They might as well just shave his hair before it starts falling out, but he’s worried that he may never get the bone marrow. Gigi tells her son that of course they will. Viki and Charlie are rounding up a ton of people at Buenos Dias to sign up to be bone marrow donors. They all make efforts to make it fun for Shane when Roxy gives her grandson a buzz cut.

Langston tells Starr that maybe she needs to go and talk to Cole about her most recent discovery regarding Hope, but Starr asks Langston how that would work. Does Cole need to be informed that his baby died for nothing and nobody knows the reason why at a time like this when all of this is happening to him?

Marcie and Michael admit to Natalie and Jared that they know that there is an unsolved mystery about the death of Hope. Marcie concludes that there is no point in stressing over whatever happened or didn’t happen. None of it will bring Hope back. Natalie and Jared do not dare provide their “theory” about what happened to Hope. Alone with Jared, Natalie admits that they have a very difficult objective ahead of them. It will devastate Jessica, but Starr has the right to know that her baby did not die and that everybody had it all wrong.

Starr tells Langston that she wants to stay with her mom and not worry about Cole at this time.

In Shane’s hospital room, his parents and grandma have a video of him, and they let him see himself in the mirror. He looks and is spooked to notice that he no longer looks like his dad. Rex then goes to the mirror and tells his mother that he wants to get his head shaved also. Roxy stands by her son and asks if he is really sure he wants to do this. At that point, she is ready to shave his hair with the razor, but he tells her that he needs to do that for himself. He then shaves all his hair.

Natalie and Jared go to the hospital lab with their DNA evidence. She asks what this will mean now. He concludes that they will have to deal with the outcome and so will Jessica.

At Buenos Dias, Viki tells Cristian she really appreciates his help in getting tested, and he must tell his mother that she gives her warm regards. He tells her he will and goes out the door. Layla then goes to find Officer Fish and asks him if he believes that she is a nasty bitch or that she used him.

In the other room, Lola finds that she wants to come on to Markko, but she asks if they should keep this a secret. Right then, Langston enters and asks if she is interrupting something.

Jessica introduces Brody to baby Chloe. Brody smiles and is happy to meet the baby he’s heard so much about for the first time.

At the hospital, Natalie and Jared go to find Starr right before she’s ready to take a shower outside her mom’s ICU room. Natalie asks Starr if she’d like Natalie to hold her locket for her.

Viki greets her daughter and granddaughter and tells Jessica she can tell that she appears to be very fond of Brody. Jessica admits to her mother that it is true. He’s the nicest guy she’s met since Nash, but since they are both new in their recovery, they have agreed to be just friends. She then goes to find Michael and ask him if she can be tested. He tells her he’s sorry, but they cannot do it.

Stacy goes to the hospital lab and finds a young medical technician. She tells him that she wants to get tested to be a donor for Shane Morasco, and it looks like she is bribing him to do what she wants. She assumes that she can seduce him in order to get him to do what she wants.

After Shane gets his hair shaved off, he goes with his mom to see Rex. They are shocked when they see that Rex has also gotten his head shaved. Outside the door, Stacy is spying upon them and upon Roxy. Roxy then goes and asks the same medical technician whom Stacy bribed if either she or her “friend, John Doe” (Shane’s biological grandmother and grandfather) might be “winners”. He replies that he’s sorry to tell them that they are not.

At Buenos Dias, after Michael informs Jessica that she cannot be a donor for Shane, she tells her mother she feels as though she’s let Tess ruin her life and the life of her child right when she was hoping she could do something good for a child. Right then, Marcie enters and asks if she can hold Jessica’s beautiful baby, still having no conscious clue whose baby she is. Jessica tells Marcie of course. Marcie picks up the baby and holds her. Jessica makes a comment about how she loves her baby and believes she does not deserve her, but Viki tells her daughter of course she does. She assures Jessica that Tess will not be able to hurt anybody else ever again.

In the hospital lab, Natalie admits to Jared that if the truth comes out then they could lose both Chloe and Jessica.

When Langston walks in on Markko with Lola, Lola tells her that they were just talking about Shane. Markko then asks Lola to let him talk to Langston privately. Lola then tells him that this girl is just like a sister to her, but it appears Lola has some sort of trick up her sleeve. Alone with Markko, Langston tells him that she can clearly tell that something is up that he is not telling her.

Brody finds Charlie out in the dining area at Buenos Dias, and he tells him he owes him an apology for asking him to keep the secret that Shane is not his son and that he falsified the DNA test. Keeping that secret could have endangered Shane when he needs bone marrow from a biological family member. He had no right to expect Charlie to keep that secret for him, even if it was said confidentially in an AA group. Charlie tells Brody that Brody does not owe him an apology. He has falsified his own DNA in his life also, and ironically, it involves Rex and Shane.

Stacy spies and eavesdrops unseen as the lab technician announces to Roxy that her “friend, John Doe” is a match. Roxy is astounded to hear that. He tells her that this unknown person’s bone marrow could save her grandson’s life, but now he needs to know the true identity of this mystery person. Roxy asks if it matters as long as something or somebody saves Shane’s life. He tells her that maybe Shane’s family does not care, but the hospital records department needs to know, so in order to save her grandson’s life, she needs to let him know who this donor really is.

At Buenos Dias, after Layla asks Fish if he believes that she had been a bitch to him and if that is why he “dumped” her for another woman, he tells her absolutely not. She does not believe she’s done anything wrong, but he appears embarrassed to recall his decision to “commit” to Stacy even though she could care less about him, and he gets up and walks away.

Brody talks to Jessica at the table about how had this ‘issue” about holding onto a child that was not his. He knew, throughout Shane’s life that Shane was not his son, but he had to keep a child away from his biological father.

Right then, Natalie and Jessica are ready to make sure that Jessica cannot do that with baby Chloe.

Observing Shane and Rex with shaved heads, Gigi tells them that they are still the two most handsome men in the world.

Roxy tells the lab technician that her “friend” needs his privacy protected. He asks her if this person’s privacy is more important than her grandson’s life. Right then, Stacy appears and reveals to Roxy that she’s ready to blackmail her.

When Jessica and Brody are ready to depart, she tells him that maybe they could “run into” each other some time. She concludes there’d be no harm done if they are just friends. He asks her if she believes they’ve made the right decision to be friends. She replies yes.

Right then, Natalie and Jared are ready to drop the bombshell.

Brody departs. Marcie sits by Jessica ready to reiterate to her that there’s “chemistry” between Jessica and Brody. Jessica insists that they are just friends, but that may not really be entirely true.

In the kitchen, Langston asks Markko what went on between him and Lola. Were they arguing? She tells him that he may share anything he wants with her, but it does not look like he’s going to, so she goes out the door. At that point, he comes after her, kisses her and tells her he loves her.

Cristian and Layla are in an argument, and they just walk into a room where they are locked together.

Charlie tells Viki that he can see that she has heard some very disturbing news about Gigi’s sister. Viki admits that Gigi had a little chat with her about her sister and it did not sound like her sister deserves any praise.

At the hospital, Stacy corners Roxy about her “friend” who can save Shane’s life, and it looks like Stacy wants to commit blackmail.

Michael goes and announces to Gigi and Rex that he regrets to inform them that Shane will need bone marrow sooner than they had expected.

Stacy then tells Roxy that she is onto her and her little secret about Rex’s biological father.

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