OLTL Update Wednesday 3/18/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/18/09


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John says that he wants to talk to Téa about Todd. Téa says that she doesn’t work for Todd anymore. John says that when Téa said she killed Lee Halpern, she was obviously covering for Todd.

Todd asks how Jack is doing. Jack asks Todd what he thinks; Blair is in the hospital and may die and Todd is in jail. Todd says that Blair isn’t going to die. Jack asks if it is ever going to stop.

Brody tells Gigi that he has been discharged from St. Ann’s. Gigi says that the DA’s office called Rex. Brody says that he should have called first. Gigi tells Brody that Shane has leukemia.

Bo asks Rex if Nora called him. Rex says that he thought Matthew was fine. Bo says that Matthew is amazing, considering the fact that he may never walk again.

Nora asks Marty where Cole is. Marty says that Cole went to see Matthew.

Cole tells Matthew that he is being discharged, and Matthew says that Cole is lucky. Cole asks how he is supposed to live the rest of his life knowing that he did this to his brother.

Marty says that Cole needs to talk to Matthew. Nora says that she doesn’t care what Cole needs because Matthew might be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, thanks to Cole.

Téa says that she has told anyone who will listen that Todd didn’t stab Lee Halpern. John says that they are just a couple of people talking off the record because someone broke into Dorian’s house and stabbed Blair. John says that the same person killed Lee Halpern and Wes Granger. John asks Téa if it is worth risking her life to protect Todd.

Viki says that Addie brought Sam and Jack to the hospital to see Blair. Todd says that he knows Blair’s condition because he talked to the doctor. Todd says that it must be scary to see Blair in the ICU. Jack says that it isn’t as scary as jail.

Bo tells Rex about what is going on with Matthew. Rex tells Bo that Shane has cancer.

Matthew tells Cole that it was an accident. Cole says that he was already high, and before Matthew got in the car, he took a handful of pills. Cole says that he wishes he could fix it and Matthew says that he can’t.

Marty says that Nora can arrest Cole when he comes back and that he just wanted to see Matthew before he was taken into custody. Nora and Marty argue about Cole. Marty says that she is sorry about Matthew. Nora says that Marty couldn’t care about Matthew because she doesn’t even care about her own son. Nora says that this happened because Marty is a selfish monster of a mother.

Rex tells Bo about the doctor’s finding Shane’s leukemia. Bo says to sign him up to be tested as a bone marrow donor for Shane. Bo asks Rex if he has insurance, and Rex says that John made sure Shane was covered under Gigi’s insurance from Rodi’s. Bo says that Shane and Matthew have to fight and that they have him to back them up.

Cole asks what they can do, and Matthew says that they could go back to the way they used to be. Cole asks why Matthew doesn’t hate him. Matthew says that he pressured Cole into driving, even though he knew Cole was high. Matthew says that Cole should be mad at him for not getting help.

Todd says that Blair is stronger than any of them and has the best doctors taking care of her, so she is going to be fine. Jack says that his mom is in a coma and everyone thinks that his dad put her there. Todd says that he didn’t put Blair in the coma. Jack asks Todd if he hurt Blair so that he could be with Marty.

Nora says that Marty is the reason that Cole started using drugs, and Marty agrees that it is her fault. Marty says that she was a lousy mother because she couldn’t even make an effort for Cole. Nora says that she won’t forgive Marty.

Gigi says that she came home to grab some of Shane’s things for him to have while he is in the hospital. Brody says that he will get tested to see if he is a bone marrow match for Shane. Brody assures Gigi that everyone who cares about Shane will help her to get through this.

Rex and Bo talk about Shane. Bo says that he was all over Matthew about smoking dope and he wasn’t even doing it. Bo says that Matthew tried to start a rumor about himself to impress a girl. She was the same girl who treated him so rotten that he got into a car with someone who shouldn’t have been driving.

Cole says that it isn’t Matthew’s fault. Matthew says that it is because he didn’t tell Nora about the drugs that Cole was using because he wanted Cole to like him. Cole says that he has always liked Matthew. Matthew says that he wanted everyone to think that he was as cool as Cole and ended up letting everyone down. A nurse comes in with pain medication and asks if Matthew is feeling any discomfort.

John says that Téa should watch her back. Téa says that she stabbed Lee Halpern, but John says that she has never stabbed anyone. Téa admits that she didn’t kill Lee Halpern and says that Todd didn’t either.

Todd swears to Jack that he would never hurt Blair, no matter how mad he got or how loud she yelled at him. Jack says that he is scared. Todd says that he is working on getting out of there and getting rid of the restraining order. Jack says that Todd needs to get his act together, come home, and be their dad.

Marty tells Nora to take it out on her instead of Cole. Nora says that none of this would have happened if Marty had stayed dead.

John asks how Téa got used by Todd. Téa says that Todd is damaged. John says that if the DA finds out what she did, she will lose her career and maybe her freedom. Téa and John both say that they aren’t going to tell the DA. John asks why Téa would go to bat for Todd. Téa says that Todd is her client, and John adds that she loves him.

Nora says that Cole has to take responsibility. Marty says that they were all better off without her. Nora says that it isn’t true because she was very happy when she found out that Marty was alive. Nora says that she got so wrapped up in Marty’s case that she didn’t even see what was going on in her own house. Nora says that she should have seen it.

Brody tells Gigi to go back to the hospital, and he will put some stuff together for Shane. Gigi says that she didn’t even write a list and Brody says that if he has any questions he will text her. Gigi tells Brody a couple of things that Shane will probably need. Brody says that Shane will fight through this.

Rex asks Bo how he is supposed to get through this. Bo says that you do what you have to do. Bo says that he is going to go check on his son. Rex says that if he gets through this, it will be because of Bo, and Bo says the same thing about Rex.

Matthew says that his shoulder is a little sore, but he will be fine. Matthew says that he keeps getting mad at himself for getting in the car, not putting on a seatbelt and not getting Cole help. Cole says that he is sorry and so does Matthew.

Todd says that he wants Jack to stay strong for Starr and Sam. Jack runs off. Viki says that Jack isn’t going anywhere. Viki says that even Dorian doesn’t think Todd is guilty this time. Viki asks if Todd wants her to call Téa for him. Todd says that Téa quit on him and asks Viki to call him a new lawyer.

Téa says that her business relationship, along with any hope of a real relationship, is over. John asks if there were any special markings on Lee Halpern’s body, and Téa says no. John asks if the letters “d” or “a” mean anything to Téa. Téa says “DA, as in Nora.”

Marty says that Nora took wonderful care of Cole. Marty says that none of this would have happened if she hadn’t walked away, and she apologizes. Nora says that she didn’t mean what she said and apologizes.

Todd meets with his new lawyer, Morgan Guthrie. Morgan says that he has already dropped a motion on the DA’s office to drop all charges. Todd says that he wants his kids back.

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