OLTL Update Tuesday 3/17/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/17/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

When Todd is in jail, Téa comes to see him. He assumes she is there to harass him, but she tells him she will not be staying long.

At the hospital, Viki sees Dorian, who is distraught over what has happened to Blair. Dorian warns Viki not to lecture her or judge her. She’s in no mood for that. Viki tells Dorian she would not do that; she is there for Blair and asks how she is doing. Dorian informs Viki that Blair is still in a coma and suffering a cranial hemorrhage. She asks who could do that to Blair and she cries.

Todd asks Téa if she thinks that he stabbed Blair. She does not answer.

John is busy observing the autopsy photos of all of the stab victims that Michael has allowed him to see against hospital rules. Marty enters to get Cole a soda from the vending machine. Nora goes in to see Cole and informs him that her son has just gotten his test results that confirm that he is paralyzed from the waist down and may never be able to walk again. She informs him that she and Bo had to tell their son that he may spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair. She asks if that sounds fair to him. She tells him that her 15-year-old child is dead, as he knows it. She reminds him that when he lost his mother and then lost his child, he could have come to her, to John, or to anybody. They all be would be happy to do whatever they could to help him; but he did not do that. instead, he chose of his own free will to pop pills so that he could not feel or have to deal with his life. That was not her son’s choice, however. Matthew wanted to be able to play sports, climb mountains, and have a quality life, but because of Cole’s choice to be a coward and drive under the influence, that is not happening.

Marty tells John that she realizes that if she had not called him, he would have been with Blair, and Blair might not have been stabbed. She tells him that she cannot keep screwing up her life and expecting him to come and rescue her each time. Her son has been arrested for DUI, Blair is in a coma, and she is not ok with what has happened. He then informs her that he happens to know that somebody has been “targeting” Blair. They were waiting for the right time to find her and stab her, and if it had not happened on the night in question, it was just a matter of time before it did happen. Hearing that, she asks him if he is saying that somebody has been stalking Blair.

Téa tells Todd that she knows he always has an alibi for everything that casts suspicion upon him. She reminds him that she went to bat for him the night Lee Halpern was killed as well as the night when Wes Granger was killed. It’s very possible that he could have snuck off that night he was with Blair when Wes was murdered. She was dead-drunk, and she would not have known if he went off to stab Wes. He could have returned, cleaned everything and destroyed all the evidence. She tells him that she has been defending and representing him throughout all of this -- but not any more.

Dorian admits to Viki that she would like nothing more than to see Todd nailed for what happened to Blair, but she knows that Todd loved Blair as much as anybody cold love anyone.

Cristian goes to see comatose Evangeline in the private hospital in Maryland. He tells her that he will always miss her. He needs her right now. She is the only one who can set him straight. He admits that he really messed up now. Outside the door, Layla enters to overhear him.

In Cole’s hospital room, he tells Nora that he would do anything to be able to trade places with Matthew and be paralyzed instead of her son. She reminds him that she took him into her house and treated him like her son, and he has ruined her son’s life. He then shouts at her that she may hate him, but she tells him that that is not enough. She is going to send him to prison for a long time. He drove under the influence and committed a felony.

Todd reminds Téa that the night before Blair was stabbed she went off on him and told him that he will never see his sons. It was right when they were making progress. He thought they were getting along, but then she threatened to call the cops on him if he saw his own sons. Téa then tells him she bets that he had the perfect motive to stab Blair for that. He yells at her that he went to the house after Blair was stabbed. She tells him that she knows all too well what he is capable of doing, having been married to him and knowing about his temper. He then asks her what he has to say or do in order to get her off of this high horse of hers. She then admits to him that she is a lawyer, it’s her job to protect all of her clients from legal consequences, whether they are guilty or not, but she won’t do it for him anymore. She reminds him that she went after Starr and ruined that young girl’s life in order to protect Todd from going to jail. She has done too much and hurt too many people in order to protect him, and she won’t do it any more.

Marty admits to John that she did not want to admit to herself or to anybody how she felt about the situation involving how she trusted Todd to take care of her. She could not remember anything, so she locked it away and shut her own son out. She liked to be able to drink and indulge with Wes Granger. He then asks her why she is doing this to herself. She replies because she has to.

Layla observes Cristian confessing to comatose Evangeline that he married some woman he barely knew and did not realize that she was using him. Sara told him that this strange woman used the night in shining armor thing to manipulate him, and maybe Sara was right. He admits he cannot explain the reason he did the things he did. Maybe a part of him cannot commit to Sara or to anybody because a part of him will never be able to get over Evangeline. He remembers when she told him he might need to move on and he now knows that maybe he cannot ever get completely over her. Right then, Layla enters and angrily asks him if he thinks anybody would believe the reason he did his cowardly acts is that he’s still in love with her comatose sister.

Dorian asks Viki if she does not know that Clint paid a man who went to prison for murdering his wife to kidnap Langston. Viki tells Dorian she is terribly sorry and does not condone Clint’s act that could have gotten Langston hurt. Dorian then reminds Viki that that low life, Moe Stubbs invited Ray into her house and enabled Ray to stab Blair. Viki asks Dorian how she can be certain that Ray stabbed Blair. She reminds her that if Todd did not stab Blair and neither did this Ray Montez; they must know that the real assailant is still out there.

Cristian asks Layla if she is eavesdropping upon him. She tells him no. He informs her that her mother let him have access to the place. She asks him if that is so, that he can blame Evangeline for his pathetic action. He tells her that he is not blaming Evangeline. He needs guidance from a wise person whom he once loved. She angrily tells him that if he wants to confess his sins, he may do that with a priest. He then asks her if she should be so self-righteous. He remembers how she betrayed her sister. She tells him that she knows what a self-righteous hypocrite and coward he is to be talking to the one person who cannot talk back. She knows that if Evangeline could hear him and speak, she’d tell him to get his worthless, cowardly, lying and cheating ass back home and out of her life.

Viki and Dorian stand outside Blair’s ICU room. Viki tells Dorian that she remembers what a strong and vibrant young woman she has always known Blair to be. Dorian tells Viki that that girl is as close to her heart as if she were her daughter. She cries and tells Viki she cannot lose her nice, and she cries. Right then, Addie appears and overhears them.

Todd tells Téa he does not know what kind of day she is having. He tells her he realizes that people might have reason to suspect him of murdering Lee Halpern or Wes Granger, although he did not, but he could never stab the mother of his children. She asks him if that would be the case if she threatened to keep his kids from him. She concludes that he still loves Blair and always will.

John tells Marty she will get through this. She tells him if only it were that simple. She tells him that Cole is devastated, Nora is out for blood, and she doesn’t know what to do. He tells her he will help in any way he can. She then hugs him and thanks him. She tells him she hopes that Blair gets better, and she walks out the door. Alone in the room, John goes over to brainstorm his autopsy evidence.

Nora tells Cole that in most cases, driving under the influence is a misdemeanor for first time offenders, but this is a special case. He not only hurt Matthew, but also Gigi and Shane could have been killed. She asks him if he knows what it means for somebody to cause bodily harm that could result in permanent paralyses. It’s a felony. She tells him he had better get dressed and ready to be arraigned, and he will need a really, really good lawyer. At that point, she walks out the door to inform the guards that Cole is going to court ASAP.

Outside Blair’s hospital room, Shawn appears with Addie and the boys. Dorian asks her sister if she is ok. Addie replies that of course she is; she has to be. She is Blair’s mother.

Todd admits to Téa that he is still in love with Marty, and if she is so certain that he is in love with Blair, then she must know that he is innocent. He tells her she must know that the police have nothing on him, but he’s their best scapegoat, so she must please help him. She then tells him she cannot do this anymore. He asks her why she cannot do her job. How much more money does she want? She tells him she does not want his money. He just doesn’t get it.

After Nora has told Cole of the consequences for his actions, a nurse enters and tells him she can administer pain meds, but he turns his back and disregards her. Right then, Marty enters and asks her son what is going on. He tells her that Nora informed him that Matthew may never walk because of him. She urges him to know that it was an accident, but he tells her that it’s all his fault, and he wishes he were dead. Marty then goes and holds her son and cradles his head in her arms.

Layla tells Cristian that it’s time for him to leave. He then tells her that maybe instead of judging him; she should look at her own life. She has a lot of bitterness for trusting Vincent and then using officer Fish. He tells her maybe the problem is not the men she’s been dating; maybe she is the problem. She tells him how dare he enter her mother’s house and judge her. He tells her that she can’t be taking her man-hating issues out on him. He reminds her that she used and disrespected Fish just because she was angry, bitter, and unwilling to deal with her own mess. She then angrily demands that he leaves he sister now. He tells her that they may be biological sisters, but she is nothing like Evangeline. Evangeline is strong, heroic, and beautiful. Layla is just a nasty, hateful bitch.

At the hospital, Dorian introduces Shawn to Viki. They shake hands. Viki informs Shawn that Starr is her niece. She tells him that she is very grateful for all he has done for Starr and her family. He tells Viki that he regrets that he could not protect Blair from this happening. Right then, Jack enters and tells Dorian he’s afraid that his mom will die. She tells him that will not happen. He asks her what he will do if his mom dies. She tells him he will always have her and his sister and his grandma. He tells Dorian he wants to see his dad. She cannot respond to that, but she holds him in her arms.

Téa admits to Todd that for all she knows, he might not have done this. He then tells her that she must stop playing games with him. This is his life they are talking bout. She then angrily tells him that it’s always his life. It’s always all about him. She will give him referrals, but she is done with him, and he’d better not contact her. She goes away, but Todd calls out to her telling her he needs her. She hesitates and reveals that maybe she cannot tear herself away from Todd, but she walks away.

Cole tells his mother that he wants to die and will go to prison where he belongs. She asks how that is. He tells her that Nora says he is going to be charged with a felony. She tells him that they will get him an attorney, but he asks her how he can be free when Matthew is trapped in a wheelchair. He asks her how he can ever face Matthew again. He admits he wishes he were dead.

John gets on his phone and asks a contact to get to the hospital and see him right away.

After Cristian leaves Evangeline’s room, Layla tells her comatose sister that she hates Cristian. She wants him gone, but she wonders if what he said might be true. Did she push Fish away and turn into some man-hating bitch? She wishes that her sister could help her and shed some light on that.

Viki goes to see Todd in his jail cell and tells him there is somebody who wants to see him. Jack appears.

Addie tells Dorian that maybe she should not have taken Jack to see his mother. Dorian tells her sister she believes that she made the right call. Jack needs to see his mother, and he needs to see that regardless of what his father is, his father loves him. Addie then tells her sister that she now knows that love between a family is all a person needs. She knows that all of those years when she was in St. Anne’s and could not be there for her daughter, Dorian took good care of Blair and was there for everybody. She says she doesn’t want anybody to keep their family apart. Dorian then hugs her sister and promises that they won’t be separated.

Cole finds a way to escape from his hospital room before his arraignment hearing. Nora rushes into his room and sees Marty. She demands to know where Cole is. Marty replies that he’s gone. It looks like Cole has wandered off to see Matthew.

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