OLTL Update Monday 3/16/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/16/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

In Brody’s new room in Angel Square, Jessica is with him. They talk and enjoy being together. He kisses her passionately.

Starr rushes to Schuyler’s home and tells him that there is nobody else she can talk to except him. He urges her to seek out her family. She reminds him there is nobody in her family. Her mom is in a coma and she won’t have any more communication with her dad. Dorian is off on her “mission.” Langston doesn’t understand anything anymore. Cole is in a big mess. This is something she can only discuss with him. She has found out startling information about the death of her baby.

Natalie and Jared wonder how they can break the news to Jessica that this beautiful baby girl who they see before them is not hers and that her baby died.

Bo and Nora go to Matthew’s hospital room and attempt to tell him the devastating news that the doctor has informed them that he may never walk again.

Rex and Gigi go to inform Shane about the test result that confirm that he has leukemia.

Roxy goes and finds the mysterious unseen person in the hospital bed who is Rex’s biological father. Stacy follows and spies upon her. She overhears Roxy talking about Shane being “their grandson.” She inquires why it is, that she heard that Rex’s father is supposed to be dead. Roxy tells Rex’s bio father that he better listen and listen good. Shane needs a bone marrow transplant, and that means that all family members must do something in order to save his life. She tells him (while Stacy overhears) that Gigi, Rex, herself, and even Gigi’s skanky sister are getting tested to find out if they are donors for the bone marrow transplant that Shane will need. She tells the unseen father of Rex that she realizes that asking him to do something to save a child’s life is pointless. He has neither conscience nor human feelings.

Shane asks Gigi and Rex how it is that he could have leukemia, need bone marrow, and need chemo. What did he do to deserve this?

The doctor goes in to explain to Matthew that the accident could have “been worse.” He could have damaged his spinal cord so that he’d be worse off. Matthew then asks him why he thinks that it’s acceptable that he is paralyzed.

After Brody kisses Jessica, she knows that they better separate. They agree to talk but are both very confused about the compulsive need they had to kiss.

Natalie and Jared wonder what they will do regarding the fact that Jessica will have to find out sooner or later that Bess switched Chloe with Hope. How do they tell her that she has to accept that her baby is dead and give “Chloe” back to Starr?

In Schuyler’s room, he tells Starr that they cannot ever talk again, privately or publicly. She tells him that she won’t accept that. He tells her that he made a mistake confiding in her about his mother. So, he believes, in the future she needs to seek out somebody else to communicate with who is a little more appropriate for that purpose than he is.

Brody admits to Jessica that he believes he “had no right to do that,” without asking her first. In response to that, she jokes and reminds him that this is not the Navy. He does not have to “request permission” from his commanding officer to do what he desires doing. And he must know that that kiss was mutual. He tells her that he is very used to knowing how to follow commands and do all that is expected of him in the line of duty and combat. He knows the drill with all of that, but dealing with is feelings and why he kissed her is a little more complicated. She then tells him that they are both recently out of therapy and have some real stuff going on. They have both come a long way and can deal with their feelings head on.

Natalie and Jared both acknowledge that they realize that they cannot announce to anybody that Chloe is not Jessica’s without real evidence. They realize that hair samples could confirm that the baby they see before them is Starr’s. In regards to the real baby Hope, who is dead and buried at the cemetery, how do they match her DNA with Jessica’s?

Starr tells Schuyler that she just found out that she and Cole have the same blood type. So there is no way that Hope could have died from RH disease. Yet, his mom blamed herself for not catching that disease when it didn’t even happen. So that is very relevant to both of them. He then tells her that if he understands her correctly, she is telling him that his mother killed herself for nothing.

Roxy finds a needle to inject into Rex’s comatose father. She tells him that it won’t hurt although she wishes that it would hurt him. From outside Stacy overhears and spies unseen.

Shane cries and asks his parents if him getting leukemia is a “sentence” for his doing something wrong. Gigi attempts to explain to her son that it’s not a punishment that people get for failing to do their homework or making their parents angry. Rex tells him that the reason is because he had bad luck, but that ends right now. From now on, there will be only good luck, he promises his son.

After getting the “sample” from Rex’s bio father, Roxy tells him that she does not enjoy doing this. But, at the very least, she was able to prevent Rex from ever having to know the truth about his father. Shane deserves better than knowing also. She would not give up her relationship with her son or grandson for the world. Stacy overhears and appears very surprised.

After Matthew asks his parents how they can put any type of positive spin on his being paralyzed, Nora tells her son that his uncle Clint is calling all the specialists he can find. A large part of his spinal chord has not been damaged. He has the use of his hands and upper body and it won’t be so bad. But Matthew demands to know if that means that he won’t have the use of his legs. Bo then answers his son saying that in the worst case scenario, the answer to that is, yes. Nora attempts to distract her son by asking him if he wants to play cards. He tells his mom she does not have to entertain him as if he were a little kid. He asks if they will please just go away. She tells him that she does not want him shutting his parents out. He tells his parents he is not shutting them out. He just wants to be left alone. They tell him that they are not going anywhere. They are all in this together. He tells them that this is the way it has to be. They argue, "No." He tells them that he knows that he “did this” to himself, and he has to accept his fate.

Jared asks Natalie how she’s going to sneak into Starr’s house and get DNA from her without being seen by Dorian, bodyguards, or the new owners of Dorian’s house. She tells him she knows how to get into Starr’s bedroom without her knowing it and get some hair from her hair brush. He reminds her that Jessica informed them that Starr has a locket that she wears with the baby’s hair. They realize that she never takes it off.

Starr and Schuyler brainstorm over what it means that his mother believed that she failed to catch RH disease in baby Hope. She realizes that whatever they theorize or prove, she knows it does not make him feel any better now that his mother has taken her own life. She tells him that regardless of the situation, she still believes that his mom was a really good doctor. He tells her that he has so many questions. He wishes that what he could get from his mom and from her baby is peace, but that will not happen until they find out how and why it was that her baby died.

Jessica tells Brody that her family has some real issues with her and for good reason. She has to prove herself to them for all of the things she has done. When she is with him, she does not feel that way. He accepts her as she is, and she feels no guilt or need to prove herself. Yet, he tells her that he knows that she was not “ready” for that kiss.

Rex and Gigi talk to Shane about the things that they’ve done together. They remember bruises that he’s gotten from playing sports and how Michael concluded that he has leukemia. Shane asks them directly if that means that he is going to die. He knows that Rex’s father and Gigi’s parents are both dead.

Roxy finishes her “testing” of Rex’s bio father and tells him that she wishes he would do them all a favor by staying there and staying dead. When she walks out, Stacy is careful to hide so that Roxy never knows that she has spied on her. Stacy then asks why it is that Roxy is keeping Rex’s father such a big secret. After Roxy is gone, Stacy walks into the room and sees for herself. She reflects, that is amazing and not what she has expected.

Jessica admits to Brody that she has feelings for him that are more then friendship, but they are both still recovering from their situations. He tells her that he knows that he shot and almost killed Rex. Rex is her sister’s brother. He concludes, he does not want to hurt her or cause more pain to her family. So they conclude that for the time being, in the interest of both of their recoveries, they should remain friends.

Starr tells Schuyler that they both have to make it known that he should not be losing his job. He does not deserve it. She kissed him. He tells her it’s not that simple. Right then, she discovers a thong on the floor. It’s Stacy’s. She picks it up intrigued that she’d find anything like that in Schuyler’s room and asks him where it came from.

After Stacy enters the private room of Rex’s bio father, she asks why Roxy would be afraid of a helpless comatose individual who could not hurt a fly. So, she’s going to find out. She gets on the phone to attempt to find out the patient’s name.

Shane tells his parents that he is very worried that he’s going to die just like the other family members who have died. They tell him that will not happen. He asks them why he won’t die? They explain to him that he will get the best care from doctors. He will get chemotherapy. He asks what the nature of chemotherapy is. They explain that chemo is very powerful and will kick the leukemia’s butt. They admit that chemo can also kill good cells but will kill bad cells and save him. They tell him that they will find a bone marrow donor.

Matthew tells his parents that he was the loser who believed that Becca would dance with him and like him for who he is. He let those kids laugh at him for having been “had.” Then he rushed out of the school dance and demanded that somebody he knew was high on drugs drive him home, and he did not where a seat belt. So all of this is his fault. Hearing that, his parents are very disheartened.

Natalie tells Jared that she can easily get DNA samples from baby Chloe when she is sitting right in front of them. She has saliva and hair samples. Jared asks her if she really wants to go through with this. Right then, Jessica enters smiling and happy to see all of them and expresses her adoration for her beautiful baby. At that point, they haven’t a clue what to say or do.

After Starr discovers the thong on the floor of Schuyler’s room, she realizes that maybe it’s none of her business where it came from. Yet, she is very surprised to think that he may have a “relationship” that she does not know of. He explains that his ex-girlfriend is temporarily staying with him. At that point, Starr appears to be devastated and runs out.

Roxy goes to talk to a doctor and tells him that she has some DNA to test. Noticing her, he asks her if she has an appointment. She just demands that he tests it. She needs to save her grandson from leukemia, she tells him.

Rex and Gigi tell Shane that they know that he has the will to fight this disease. They will all be there for him in order to help him beat this. Rex promises his son that he will fight like hell to make certain that nothing happens to his son.

Bo and Nora tell Matthew that the last thing he needs to do is blame himself, and all he needs to think about now is getting himself well. Bo tells his son that he loves him more than anything in this world. Matthew then tells his parents he is very tired and asks if they will please go.

After Natalie has gathered DNA from baby Chloe and secretly put it in a sealed paper bag, they notice that Starr is not far away. Natalie reminds Jessica that their cousin lost her baby. Hearing that, Jessica “happily” tells her baby she doesn’t know what she would do if something like that happened to her. Right then, Starr appears and goes to interact with baby Chloe. Natalie and Jared are stunned not knowing what to do.

A nurse comes and takes Shane into his new hospital room. Alone, Rex and Gigi admit how afraid they are. He tells her that he needs to go somewhere. He will make some phone calls in order to find some more people to get tested. He notices her crying and holds her. She clings to him and tells him, "Thank God" he is here.

In Matthew’s hospital bed, his parents observe him crying and they don’t want to leave him.

Gigi goes to be with her son.

Nora holds Matthew. Bo stands by the door. Rex is on the other side of the door.

When Starr sees Jessica and baby Chloe, Jessica asks her how her mom is doing and expresses concern for this family tragedy. Starr holds the locket with her “dead baby’s” DNA. Natalie and Jessica stare knowing that she will not take it off and realizing they don’t know what to do.

Schuyler sits in his apartment, looking at the medical reports about Starr’s baby and RH disease. Stacy enters, telling him what a “day” she had. She seems to know that he has had a “visitor” and some secrets that he is not telling her.

After Roxy shows the doctor the “sample” she took from Rex’s bio father, he asks her where this came from. In response to that, she asks him if he is asking for her “odds” in the daily double. She equates the whole process of finding the DNA and playing with the odds as similar to gambling high stakes. In response to the question of whom the donor is, she asks if they may just identify him as “John Doe”? The doctor then agrees. She tells him that her “friend” is nuts about his privacy.

After Stacy is able to gather that Schuyler has a “secret” which he is not telling her, she concludes, that is okay. She declares that she has enough secrets of her own, and she walks away.

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