OLTL Update Friday 3/13/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/13/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Marcie and Starr stand outside Blair’s room. Starr tells Marcie that many people believe that her dad stabbed her mom but she does not. Marcie sounds like she does not want to accuse Todd either She encourages Starr to know that she can be the leader to her two little brothers even though nobody knows what to tell them about what happened to their mother.

Roxy takes Brody to his new room. Jessica accompanies Brody. She informs them that there may be a “bad omen” since the soldier boy, Wes Granger “bought the farm” in this very room. She does not know that Brody was his best friend until they tell him. When they inform her that that is the case, she realizes it’s an awkward situation. But she tells Brody that she wants him to be comfortable in this room. Jessica then tells her that maybe he needs to knock off some of the rent and give him a good deal.. She tells them she can do that and leaves. Jessica sounds like she wants to be there for Brody. He also wants to be there for her.

At the hospital, Natalie tells Jared that with what she has just heard form Marcie; that she was with the baby less than an hour before she supposedly died, and they know that Tess or Bess was on the premises with the baby right at that time, Natalie concludes that maybe Bess switched the babies.

When Stacy invites herself to stay in Schuyler’s room at angel square, he tells her that maybe this is not the best idea. She is all ready to take out her sexy underwear. But he reminds her that she never told him the reason why her sister kicked her out of her home. She replies it was because Gigi got the absurd idea that she(Stacy) was hitting on her(Gigi) “baby daddy”.

Michael tells Gigi and Rex that unfortunately he has run test that confirm that Shane has leukemia. She cries and asks if that means that he could die.

Starr tells Marcie that she has been practicing what she’s going to say to her two little brothers about what happened to their mother. She could imagine them looking at her. And it makes her think about what would happen if she was a mom having to deliver disturbing news to her kid. Marcie reflects with Starr that she knows that she is missing Hope. And she reveals to Starr that so has she. Starr then asks her if there is something on her mind. Marcie then tells Starr that she realizes this may not be the right time. But she found out something about how Hope died that does not make sense.

Natalie tells Jared that she remembers and so does he that Tess was really in trouble when she was going into labor right outside the room where she kept them. Then she goes to the abandoned house all by herself. Then she miraculously gives birth to a healthy baby. Yet, so strangely, Starr Manning’s baby was born and then died on the very same night.

Brody tells Jessica that maybe he should get out of town. But she does not want that to happen. She wants to communicate and find things out.

After Stacy tells Schuyler that Gigi falsely accused her of seducing Rex, he tells her that he wouldn’t put that past her. But she asks him why anybody would believe that she would have feelings for a loser like Rex. But he can tell that she must not see Rex as a loser and she probably does have feelings for him whether she wants to admit that or not.

Michael tells Gigi and Rex that with modern technology, there are many things that can be done so that Shane will not die. But it will require “aggressive” approaches. Hearing that, Rex asks him what type of “aggressive” treatment needs to be done. He informs them that Shane needs a bone marrow donor and blood transfusions. He will need chemo. And what they need to do is find family members. They are the best candidates to be donors. And he tells them he will leave them alone. Gigi cries hysterically and tells Rex she cannot lose her baby. He tells her that he promises that will not happen.

Nora and Bo go to see Matthew who appears happy and encouraged he will be ok. He informs them that he wants to get out of there and go home soon. He tells them the hospital food sucks. They go outside the room and talk to the doctor. He informs them that maybe a younger patient like Matthew can handle information that his parents are informed about. He tells them that their tests have found out that Matthew has sustained a spinal cord injury. Hearing that, Bo confirms that that means that he is paralyzed. He asks if that means that there is no way that Matthew could come back from this. The doctor tells them that it’s possible that with extensive physical therapy, their son could regain some “sensitivity”. But Nora seems to know that Matthew cannot accept being crippled for the rest of his life. The doctor tells them that Mathew can be a productive and happy member of society. But she knows that this will not be ok for her son as he is an athlete and a physically active, healthy kid. Bo hugs her and she cries. Right then, Clint appears and sees them.

Starr asks Marcie what it is that she heard. Marcie explains that she as able to see Cole’s medical records and noticed that his blood test says he has rh negative blood. Starr is also that blood type as they know. So there’s no way that Hope could have had any other blood type. And that means there’s no way that the baby could have had rh disease.

At the same time, Natalie theorizes, to Jared that she knows that the rh factor is not relevant to Starr or her baby. But it is relevant to Jessica and Nash and their baby. She tells him that she bets it’s entirely possible that they have the “wrong baby”. They observe baby Chloe realizing that for all they know, she might not even be Jessica’s baby. She might be Starr’s.

Gigi cries and tells Rex that she cannot accept the fact that her son has leukemia. She blames herself and asks Rex what kind of a mom she is not to know that this has happened to her son before it’s too late. Having asthma was not enough. She throws files off the table. But Rex grabs a hold of her and tells her that they are going to fight this together. She is no longer alone. She doesn’t have to live without somebody who is there for her. She and their son will never be alone again.

At Schuyler’s apartment at the angel square hotel, he tells Stacy that he won’t throw her out. She then goes into the hallway and sees Roxy. Roxy makes it clear that she does not welcome her in her hotel and knows she is up to no good. Right then, Stacy gets a call from Gigi. And Roxy gets a call from Rex. Stacy asks her sister, in a cocky manner, if she has now discovered that she(Stacy) was right about Rex in that he is an unfaithful skirt chaser. And would Gigi like to apologize to her? But Gigi firmly tells her sister that this is not about Rex or herself or Stacy. This is about Shane. She informs Stacy that her nephew has leukemia. Roxy asks Rex what is up when he calls her. He tells her that her grandson has leukemia. Both Roxy and Stacy rush to the hospital. Roxy finds her son and tells him that she is there for Shane. What has happened, she asks? He informs his mother that Shane needs a bone marrow transplant. And all family members need to be tested. She tells him that of course she will be tested if that means saving her grand son’s life. In the other room, Gigi tells Stacy that she(Stacy) has every right to tell her sister to go to hell after kicking Stacy out of the house. But she desperately needs Stacy’s help. It’s Shane. Hearing that, Stacy surprisingly asks her sister what has happened to Shane and what Gigi needs. Gigi replies that Shane has leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. Stacy tells her sister she will get tested and do whatever is needed to save Shane. Rex asks his mother what he is supposed to do and think and feel. She tells him he has every right to be angry and fight for his son. And she encourages him to know that Shane is a strong and wonderful kid and he will make it through this.

Clint asks Bo and Nora what has happened and how Matthew is. They tell him that Matthew may be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Jared tells Natalie that even if she is correct about the situation involving Jessica and the babies, how can she tell her sister? If Jessica lost her baby and she had the sickness she could not help that turned her into Tess and then Bess, how are they going to ‘handle” the situation? Natalie admits that she does love her sister and knows it will devastate her if that is in fact the case.

Jessica and Brody talk about both of their issues involving getting their lives back.

Jared tells Natalie that he is afraid of one of two possibilities; either Jessica knows full well that Chloe is not hers. Or else, if she does not, then she is no more integrated than the person who locked them in the basement and tried to blow them up with a bomb.

After Marcie “drops the bombshell” upon Starr that she has irrefutable proof that Starr’s baby could not have died of rh disease, Starr asks Marcie what she is supposed to do. She has accepted her baby’s death and blamed herself. And what do they do now? She cries.

Natalie holds the baby and tells Jared that she knows that Jessica would never consciously know that Bess or Tess would have taken Starr’s baby and let Starr believe that her baby died. Starr is Jessica’s cousin. But she wouldn’t put it past Tess or Bess to switch babies without thinking twice about it, in a heartbeat.

Gigi and Rex ask Michael what Shane’s “odds” are. He admits that 75% of the times, patients do not find viable donors. Many of the family members are not compatible. But he tells them and Roxy and Stacy that they might not even need a bone marrow transplant. He’s only giving them worst case scenario. Gigi reflects that if only her parents were still alive, there’d be more chances of biological family being able to save Shane’s life. And we see Stacy’s’ face reflecting that she delivered the news that hers and Gigi’s parents are dead. Rex tells them that his father is dead. Roxy looks at her son realizing that she knows something else. Roxy then tells the doctors that she will go right in and get the testing. Stacy stands by and when she is alone, she is able to see Rex’s blood test to confirm that he was drugged. And she throws it in the trash, telling him that neither he nor Gigi ever needs to know what really happened.

Clint asks BO and Nora if they are really certain that the doctor knew what he was talking about. He tells his brother that if anybody told him that his child was paralyzed for life, he would not accept that. He would get a second opinion. And more and more and more and nobody would be able to get him to give up on any child of his. Bo then asks his brother if he is implying that he does not care about this son. Clint tells him that he will stay out of his brother’s business with his son. But he(Clint) will start calling every specialist and every person he can find so that Matthew can walk. And he asks Bo and Nora if they do not believe that their son deserves at least that much?

Brody and Jessica admit that they are best friends. They joke about playing football together.

Jared tells Natalie that maybe they should talk to Bo about this situation. But she is not certain she wants to go through with that. And they don’t know, for a fact that their theory is correct about Jessica having Starr’s baby.

Stacy goes in to get the testing to see if she is a blood marrow donor. Roxy gets on the phone and tells her contact that she is going to find her son’s father. It’s an emergency. Stacy overhears and smirks that she knows Roxy’s secret about Rex’s father.

At the hospital, Michael tells Rex that he wants to be there if Rex needs anything. They mustn’t hesitate to call him any time of the night or day if they want or need to. He knows that Rex and GIgi are not going to be able to handle this all the time all by themselves without support. Rex needs to write down all things he needs to know and thinks and feels and Michael will be there to support them throughout this whole thing. Rex thanks Michael. Michael tells Rex that it’s the least he can do for Rex after all that Rex has done for Michael and Marcie.

Bo and Nora enter Matthew’s room. He asks them what the scoop is. They don’t know what to tell their son.

Rex goes and talks to Shane. Shane asks his father what is up. Rex attempts to tell his son that the doctors need to “run some tests”. But he does not know what else to tell him.

Roxy then rushes to find Rex’s real father in the isolated hospital room. She tells him that it’s their grandson. He’s in trouble and needs their help.

Starr rushes to Schuyler’s room. He opens the door. She rushes in, hugs him and cries. He asks her what happened.

Natalie and Jared wonder what to do in regard to Starr and Marcie losing the baby that is supposed to be theirs and Jessica having their baby.

Brody and Jessica are alone. And they kiss passionately.

Natalie asks Jared how they are going to tell Jessica that her baby is dead.

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