OLTL Update Thursday 3/12/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/12/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Jessica goes to visit Brody at St. Ann’s. It looks like they are happy to see each other. She informs him that everything is fine but that Gigi and Shane were in an accident.

At Gigi’s home, she observes Shane talking to Stacy about how he and his mom “braved” the accident. She is not comfortable with Shane being so comfortable and friendly talking to his aunt. She asks her son to go upstairs so that she can talk to her sister alone. Alone with Stacy, Gigi asks her where Rex went so early, this morning. Stacy replies that he might have been too embarrassed to show his face in her house or to continue to live there after seducing her sister. Gigi tells Stacy that they both know that is not what happened, but Stacy wants her sister to believe that it did.

Rex is in hospital getting tested, ready to get to the bottom of what happened. In the other room, Marcie goes to see Michael and tells him that knows that he treated Cole, Matthew, Shane, and Gigi after an accident. He tells her he did, and it’s good news that everybody is ok so far. She admits that she is very concerned to hear that Cole has been arrested for drugs. She saw the article in the paper. Cole had been a student of hers. She had no clue how he could have gotten into drugs.

Schuyler is ready to move out of his room at Angel Square. Roxy tells him that she is concerned about what happened to Blair. She has had a tough year; now she’s been stabbed. Roxy has no clue what has happened to Schuyler.

Starr goes to see John McBain and tells him she hopes that he is not accusing her dad of stabbing her mom. She does realize, however, that if he did not do it, they need to find out who did. John tells Starr that all he wants is the truth.

Stacy tells Gigi that she is merely doing her sister a favor to admit to her that Rex may not be able to be faithful. He already dropped one wife like a hot potato, so Gigi should not count on Rex being there for her without cheating. Right then, before they can continue their discussion, Rex enters and tells them he happens to know that there is no way that he could have gotten so trashed from having two bottles of beer. That is, of course, unless he was drugged. He bets that is what happened. Stacy tells him that that is absurd, but he tells her that he knows that she is capable of doing things like this, and that is the reason why he had no clue that she turned his phone off when Gigi needed to reach him after having an accident. Stacy tells him that assuming that she slipped a Mickey in Rex’s drink and that he has no responsibility for what happened is like saying the dog ate his homework. Rex tells her that he can prove that that is what happened. He got a blood test today to prove it.

At the hospital, Marcie notices Cole’s hospital report that confirms that he has a blood type that is completely different from what Dr. Joplin explained is the reason why Starr’s baby died. She tells the nurse she happens to know that that would have to be a mistake. Cole could not have that blood type. If he did, then Hope would not have died. She knows about blood types. Her husband is a doctor and it’s foolproof.

Natalie informs Jared that she is asking Rex to investigate what Tess or Bess might have done the night when Chloe was born. She remarks that it’s very coincidental that Chloe was birthed and has been completely healthy. Starr Manning’s baby, on the other hand, was born the same night and suddenly died. They both conclude that when they saw Bess bringing the baby to the hospital, it was because the gatekeeper knew that she needed care. Little do they know the real reason Tess was carrying the baby through the hospital.

Starr tells John that she feels responsible for what Cole did. Matthew could have been killed. She could have said something. John tells her it’s not her fault. She tells him that Matthew is her friend, and he might be crippled for life because of her failure to get involved. Had she not gone to the dance, gotten into Cole’s business, and encouraged Matthew to dance with those girls, then it might never have happened. If she’d stayed home, then her mom might not have been stabbed. John tells Starr she cannot blame herself. Michael then finds his brother and tells him that he needs to know why John is investigating the autopsies of Wes Granger and Lee Halpern. He knows that John assumes the same suspect stabbed Blair. When Michael asks John just what he is investigating and assuming, John tells Michael that form what he’s seem, the killer might have left his “calling card”.

While reading the article about Cole and the accident, Roxy tells Schuyler she knows that he is a teacher at Llanview High and probably knows Starr Manning. Having absolutely no clue what just happened, she tells him that since both of Starr’s parents are “out of commission,” Starr may need a friend to talk to. He tells her that maybe Starr needs to find somebody else. At that point, she tells him that Dorian Lord is Starr’s aunt, but she may be preoccupied with her own issues involving her marriage to David Vickers and the “Buddhist thing” he’s gotten into. Viki Davidson is Starr’s aunt, and Roxy knows Viki pretty well since they "kind of" share a daughter, but she thinks that Starr could be really inspired by a hot young man like him. She remembers herself as a teenager and knows she would like a guy like him. Schuyler obviously doesn’t want to have that conversation, so he dismisses Roxy out the door.

At the hospital, Starr is looking at her mother through the window very worried not knowing if she would be ok or not. John shows Michael the very odd “thing” he found under Blair’s fingernail when she was in the ICU. It was a letter “D” removed from some sort of jewelry that might be linked to the murders of Wes Granger and Lee Halpern. At that point, Michael concludes to his brother that with or without a badge he will always be a cop. He agrees to let John see the medical files form the autopsies of the two murder victims.

Jessica and Brody look at the article about the accident involving Shane, Gigi, Cole and Matthew. She tells him that her cousin Matthew was in the car with Cole and could have been hurt. He then connects that Nora Hanen, whom she confirms is Cole’s mom, cut Brody the deal where he doesn’t have to go to jail for almost killing Rex. She tells him that she just wanted him to know that Gigi and Rex are ok. Realizing that he needs to find out for himself, she hands him her cell phone.

Right then, Rex is arguing with Stacy about how he knows what she did. Gigi then gets a call from Brody making certain she and Shane are ok after the accident. She lets him talk to Shane. Shane is very happy to hear from his “father”. He tells Shane he knows he is in good hands with his mom and his dad and encourages him to take care of himself. He hangs up and tells Jessica he really misses his son and he shares with her his good news is that he is going to be released from this place today. Hearing that, she appears happy.

Natalie admits to Jared that she was so angry at Jessica for what she put them through that she wanted to punish her and prove that she was an unfit mother, but she saw from the surveillance videos she observed with Rex that there is no way that she could have done anything to endanger Chloe. She saw Jessica (as Bess) taking the baby to the hospital in order to get her some help, yet she is still completely confused about what could have happened in that short an amount of time. Right then, Marcie appears and admits to them that she hasn’t a clue what happened to “her baby.” Hearing that, they don’t know what she is talking about.

Shane tells Gigi, Rex, and Stacy that he has to head off to school. Stacy tells them she has to go too, but Rex tells her she is not going anywhere; he knows what she did. She tells him that nobody would buy his little theory and asks Gigi if she is really “falling” for this. Gigi does not respond.

At St. Ann’s, Jessica tells Brody she is really happy he is being sprung from this place. He tells her how grateful he’s been to her for all she’s done to help him work out his issues involving Iraq and Wes and everything. He asks her how things are going with her and her sister. She admits that she and Natalie are still having their rocky situation, but she is confident that they can work out their differences, and even if Chloe has bonded with Natalie, she is confident that she is her child’s mother.

At the hospital, Marcie informs Natalie and Jared that she, Starr, Blair, and Dorian were told by Dr. Joplin that the reason Starr’s baby died was RH disease. She told them that that can happen, although extremely rarely, when the mother’s and the baby’s blood are not compatible, and the only way that could be the case is if the father’s blood type is not compatible with the mother’s. She just saw Cole’s medical records that stated that his blood type is the exact same as Starr’s. Hearing that, Natalie suggests that maybe there was some sort of error, but Marcie informs her that she found out that Cole’s blood was tested over and over again because of his drug issue. Dr. Joplin told them that babies dying of RH disease is extremely rare and almost never happens to mothers as young as Starr and not until the 2nd or 3rd pregnancy. Michael confirmed she was right. Marcie asks if Hope did not die from RH disease, how she did die. She tells them she just wants to know what happened to her baby. They both look at her, stunned and speechless.

Right then, Starr is staring at her locket of “baby Hope’s” hair outside her mother’s hospital room when she gets a call. She answers her phone, surprised to see that it’s from Schuyler Joplin. She asks him why he’d be calling right after telling her they cannot have any more contact. He tells her he figured he couldn’t get any more suspended from his job than he already is. He tells her he read about Cole and her mom and wonders how they are. Starr informs him that her mother is still in a coma, and Cole had to get his stomach pumped because he OD’d and is in a lot of trouble. She concludes that Cole really pushed it too far. She cannot talk to anybody. She so wishes she could run over to his class and talk to him because she feels so alone, but she can never do that, can she?

At the hospital, Michael tells John that he could lose his job just for showing his brother the confidential medical records, so John will need to leave them at the hospital. John is not going to give up. Michael then agrees to let John have a little time and a magnifying glass.

On the phone, Starr tells Schuyler she is worried about Cole. He tells her that maybe this is Cole’s wake-up call. In response to that, she reminds him that Cole has had enough wake-up calls already. Should she assume that this would enable him to smarten up any more than anything else that has happened? He tells her that he knows from experience that sometimes, in order for somebody to turn things around, they have to hit bottom first, and maybe this will motivate Cole once and for all. He does tell her, however, that he won’t be able to talk to her anymore.

Michael tells John that he will let him have the medical evidence for a short time. He’s breaking the rules, however. Alone with the photos, John examines Blair’s fingernails.

Gigi tells Stacy she finds it very hard to believe that Rex would try to get her into bed drunk or sober; but, she tells Rex, Stacy slipping him a mickey, seriously? He tells her he will prove it if she doesn’t believe it. He leaves angrily. Stacy then asks Gigi, in a smug manner, if Rex is always as “edgy” as this. Gigi then yells at her sister to shut up. She tells her she finds it a little odd that everywhere Rex is, Stacy is all over him. Stacy then asks her sister if Gigi believes that Stacy has to drug a guy in order to get him to sleep with her.

At St. Anne’s, Jessica tells Brody that she knows of a place where he can stay for a while: Llanfair. She’s certain that Viki would welcome him. He tells her that maybe living with Gigi, Rex, and Shane right on the property is not the thing to do.

At the hospital, Marcie informs Natalie and Jared that she finds it too odd that she remembers being there with Starr and Blair when Starr gave birth. Everybody confirmed that she was perfectly healthy, and then she suddenly died. They look at the baby whom they believe is Chloe. Marcie informs them that she met baby Chloe shortly thereafter when Viki brought her in, but she only saw Hope one more time, in Dr. Joplin’s office. Hearing that, Natalie notes how odd that would be. Only an hour earlier, she had this perfectly healthy baby girl. She demands to know what could have happened in an hour. Natalie then asks Marcie if she is really certain that she was in Dr. Joplin’s office before Hope died. Marcie replies, absolutely. That would mean that it was less than an hour before Jessica arrived, Natalie realizes. Jared asks if Hope spent any time in the neo natal ICU. Marcie says that it never happened. That’s just a little too odd. Marcie tells them she must find out what has happened. She knows how upset Starr is with all that has happened. She wears a locket of her baby’s hair. How can she ever tell Starr what she’s discovered?

Michael notices similarities in Wes’s tattoos, Lee Halpern’s autopsy photo, and what happened to Blair. Right then, Rex enters and demands to know what is up. He is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery involving what happened to him the other night.

Gigi tells Stacy she does not trust her. She wouldn’t put it past her to drug Rex. Every time she sees her with him, she has her hands all over him. Stacy tells Gigi she is her sister and Gigi should know her, but Gigi tells her that she does not know her anymore, and if they do find anything in Rex’s system, she will make Stacy pay. Right then, Gigi gets a call from Rex, but he does not tell her what has happened. He just tells her he needs her to get there right now. Stacy asks what happened. Gigi tells her regardless of whether she knows or not, Stacy had better pack her bags and get out.

Right then, at the hospital, Michael is confirming some information that Rex does not want to hear, and he tells him how sorry he is.

Starr tells the nurse that she has to see her mother and talk to her, even if she cannot consciously hear Starr.

After hearing Marcie’s testimony about the night when Hope and Chloe were both born, Natalie concludes that if Tess or Bess carried a baby through the hospital the same night when Hope died, she thinks she knows what Tess was doing.

Jessica goes with Brody to the Angel Square Motel. Roxy shows them his new room but warns them that this is the same room where Wes Granger “bought the farm.”

John makes a call to a friend from the force that was in the Navy. He tells him he has a question about the mottos, the tattoos, and what Wes’s lettering looked like. He figures something out from the photo of Wes. He then puts the letters ADA together.

In Schuyler’s room, he hears somebody knocking on the door. He assumes it’s Roxy, but it’s Stacy. He asks her what she is doing there. She rushes in and informs him that she is moving in.

Gigi goes to the hospital to find out the results of Rex’s blood test. She demands that Rex and Michael tell her what has happened. Are they about to tell her that Rex has nothing in his blood system that indicates that Stacy drugged him? What is his excuse for that? Does that mean that he chose to sleep with her sister? At that point, Rex informs her that he has not gotten the results of his test, but Michael did a test on Shane, and they’ve found out that he has leukemia.

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