OLTL Update Wednesday 3/11/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/11/09


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Todd says that he wishes there was news about Blair. Starr says that she canít believe she let Todd comfort her.

Dorian says that she knows who stabbed Blair, and it wasnít Todd. Dorian says that Todd swore on his childrenís lives that he didnít do it, and she believes him. John asks who stabbed Blair. Dorian says that it was Ray Montez.

Moe brings the officers something to eat, but the officers say that they are fine. Noelle says that maybe if they had heard something they could have helped Blair. The officer asks Ray if he heard anything. Lola and Langston come in. Noelle tells them that someone attacked Blair and stabbed her.

Starr says that after what happened to Blair, she almost forgot what Todd did at the hospital the night her baby died.

Marty tells Cole to relax a little, but he says that he canít. Cole asks Marty if she actually saw Matthew, and she says that he was still with the doctors. Cole says that he needs to know if Matthew is okay.

Matthew says that he is fine and asks why he canít go home. Nora says that the doctors are checking a few things out first. Michael asks Matthew to let him know when he feels something, and Matthew asks what he is supposed to be feeling.

Gigi asks what is going on, and Stacy says that she thought Shane was at a sleep over and that she was supposed to be at work. Gigi says that stuff happened. Rex asks Gigi ďwhatís upĒ and she asks him to tell her.

Matthew says that his legs fell asleep, but is sure that once he gets going they will be fine.

Dorian tells John about Ray. John says that he isnít a cop anymore and that Dorian needs to be telling this to Officer Sahid. Dorian asks if John wants to help track down the psycho and if he cares about Blair.

Marty suggests that she should go check on Matthew again. Cole says that he will go because he needs to see Matthew himself. Marty tells Cole to lay back and that it is okay.

John says that if Dorian knew him at all, she would know how much he cares about Blair. Langston calls Dorian and asks if Blair is going to be okay. Dorian says that Blair is still in surgery, and they wonít know anything until she gets out. Langston asks if Starr knows, and Dorian says that Starr is there at the hospital too. Dorian tells Langston to stay away from Ray and not to go anywhere alone. Dorian hangs up and tells John that if he isnít going to do anything about Ray, then she will.

Starr talks to Todd about the night her baby died.

Nora asks Michael why Matthew canít feel his legs. Michael says that it is too soon to know and says that they have to run more tests. Bo asks Michael if someoneís legs can fall asleep after an accident. Michael says that Matthew was thrown from the car, and it did some damage, but they donít know what damage yet. Nora asks when they will know. Bo asks Michael what the worst-case scenario is. Michael says that Matthew might have suffered a spinal cord injury and that there is a possibility that he is paralyzed from the point of injury down.

Rex asks Stacy what she is doing. Gigi asks if Rex is drunk. Rex says that he had a couple of beers and that he doesnĎt feel right, but he doesnít know what is going on. Gigi says that Rex is completely trashed and in their bed with Stacy. Rex says that he doesnít know how he got up there. Rex asks Gigi if she hurt herself and Gigi says that while Rex and Stacy were having a throw down, she and Shane were in a car accident. Gigi says that she and Rex are fine. Rex says that he needs to see Shane. Gigi asks Stacy what she and Rex were doing. Stacy tells Gigi not to worry about that right now. Gigi asks what Stacy was doing in bed with Rex. Stacy says that Rex came on to her.

Todd says that Dr. Joplin told them that something went wrong with the baby because something did. Starr says that Dr. Joplin didnít even know that there was a problem with the baby at first.

Langston says that she canít believe this happened to Starr, not after everything else. Dorian says that Ray tried to murder her niece and tells the officers to arrest him.

Michael says that they still have a lot of tests to run before they make a diagnosis because the neurologist is going to want to do a full work-up. Michael says that it will take a few hours. Michael says that there is a lot of tissue swelling and need to wait for the IV steroids to take effect. Bo asks if the loss of feeling in Matthewís legs could be temporary. Michael says that it could be, but they have to wait and see. Michael says that someone needs to go down to admitting and do the paperwork. Nora says that she can do that, but wants to see Matthew first. Michael agrees, and Bo and Nora go in to see Matthew. Bo tells Matthew that the doctors want to run a few more tests to make sure everything is ok inside. Michael comes in and says that he is going to give Matthew a shot to help him sleep. Matthew says that he doesnít like shots. Bo tells Matthew to squeeze his hand.

Starr tells Todd about the letter that Dr. Joplin wrote to her son before she committed suicide.

Marty talks to Nora about what happened. Nora says that it has been a rough night. Nora asks about Cole, and Marty says that he is worried about Matthew. Nora asks if Cole is so worried because he was driving, and she says it was an accident. Marty says that Cole was doing drugs.

Stacy says that Rex tossed his drinks back too quickly and passed out, so she dragged him up the stairs and put him in bed. Stacy says that Rex grabbed her and pulled her down on top of him. Stacy says that Rex was all over her. Rex comes in and swears that he never laid a hand on Stacy.

Moe says that no one is arresting anyone. Moe says that Dorian canít just waltz in there and accuse another guest of attempted murder. Dorian says that Ray stabbed his first wife to death. Ray says that it isnít true. Noelle says that everyone is upset about Blair, but Ray was with them the whole time. Moe says that Ray was teaching him how to make tamales. Dorian says that they are covering for Ray. Talia tells everyone to stop.

Michael tells Starr that Blair pulled through the surgery, but lost a lot of blood. John suggests that Michael should go easy on the details. Starr says that she needs to hear everything. Michael says that there has been a lot of swelling in Blairís brain and sometimes the neurologist will put the patient into a chemically induced coma. Starr asks if Blair will come out of the coma and be all right. Michael says that they are doing their best and that Blair is in the ICU right now.

Marty says that Cole has been doing painkillers and that she found them in his room yesterday. Marty says that Cole was self-medicating, and she doesnít know how long he has been doing it. Marty says that Cole overdosed and had to have his stomach pumped.

Cole listens to a message Starr left saying that he was out of control and asking what he was thinking.

Starr tells Blair that she has to wake up because she canít live without her. Starr talks to Blair about her pregnancy and says that she needs her mom.

Todd says that he has to see Blair because she is the mother of his children.

Stacy says that Rex was hitting on her all night, but he denies it. Stacy says that Rex was trying to raise her spirits by having her show him her exotic dance routine. Stacy says that Rex admitted to being afraid to rush into marriage with Gigi because he wasnít sure about her. Rex says that he would never say that, even if he were dead drunk. Rex says that he doesnít really remember what he said, but that he doesnít have the slightest doubt about Gigi. Rex asks why Gigi didnít call him after the accident and she says that she did a lot of times. Gigi says that it seems like Rex did a lot of things tonight that he would never do, but that Stacy would.

Cole asks Nora how Matthew is doing. Nora confronts Cole about driving while he was high on drugs. Nora says that Matthew has no feeling in his legs.

Starr says that she always thought she would love Cole no matter what, but he was very mean tonight, and she left him the meanest message. Starr tells Blair about Coleís accident and says that she needs to talk to Blair. Starr asks Blair to come back to her because she doesnít know what to do.

Langston says that she and Markko can take Dorian back to the hospital. Ray says that he did not kill his wife and that he prays that Blair will recover.

John says that Todd got to see Blair and that now he can get lost. Todd says that he is going in to see Blair. Todd tells Talia to get off him and she says that Todd is assaulting an officer.

Nora asks Cole if he was smoking pot when they accused Matthew of doing it. Cole admits that it was him and says that he tried to say something. Marty tries to say something, but Nora tells her to stay out of it -- like she always has. Marty tells Nora to leave her son alone.

Dorian asks Starr if Blair is out of surgery. Starr says that the doctors had to put Blair in a coma because her brain began to swell. Starr says that Blair might not make it. Dorian says that she is going to see Blair. Langston and Markko ask Starr about Matthew. Starr tells them about the car accident.

Gigi and Stacy argue about what happened. Rex says that he is really worried about Gigi. Stacy suggests that Gigi should take a look at her relationship because itís not as perfect as she thought. Rex says that he would like to talk to Gigi alone. Rex tells Gigi that there is nothing else and nobody else that he wants.

Noelle and Moe talk about what happened.

John says that he never should have left Blair.

Marty tells Nora to get out and that Cole will face the consequences that he has to. Marty tells Nora to go be with her son. Cole asks what he has done to Matthew.

Starr says that Cole has a few bruises and had to get his stomach pumped. Nora comes up and asks Starr, Langston and Markko if they knew that Cole was doing drugs. Starr says that Cole has been doing them for a while. Nora asks what kind of friends they are, and what is wrong with them.

Gigi tells Rex about the accident. Rex says that he feels sick, and Gigi tells him to take an aspirin.

Bo says that they wonít know anything until tomorrow morning because the neurologists want to do a complete work-up before they have any news. Nora says that she wants to see Matthew, but first she wants to tell Bo something about Cole.

Talia arrests Cole for driving under the influence and for reckless endangerment.

John tells Blair that if she makes it through this, he will never stop making it up to her.

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