OLTL Update Tuesday 3/10/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/10/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

In the O.R., Cole expresses to Marty his concern about Mathew. Hearing that, she is puzzled to hear her son mention Matthew. As far as she is aware, Matthew went home from the dance with his parents and is safe, she tells him. Cole tells her no; Matthew was in the car with him when they had the accident.

Bo walks by the accident site and is startled when he discovers Matthew’s hat on the ground. At that point, he panics and yells out his son’s name. Matthew is lying on the ground, bloody; but he moves his head.

Todd is at the hospital after Blair has been stabbed. John and Talia believe he is a suspect, but cannot prove it. He calls Starr and tells her she must come as something has happened to her mother. When Starr arrives, Dorian and John tell her that her father has no business anywhere near Blair or calling Starr because he stabbed Blair. Starr does not want to believe that; however, and demands to know what happened to her mother.

In the other room, Gigi and Shane are trying to reach Rex, but he does not answer his phone.

Stacy is drugging Rex and attempting to seduce him with her pole dance. He can hardly move, and she leads him to his bed. Stacy’s phone rings, and she can see that it’s Gigi, but won’t let her sister get through to Rex. She tells him it was the wrong number, and she must get him up to bed. Rex is completely disoriented and calls for Gigi, but Stacy tells him that she is not there. She’s at work and it’s just her. Rex tells Stacy he feels really wasted like something a lot stronger than beer has taken control of him. She then leads him to his room and looks like she wants to “take advantage” of him.

While Gigi cannot get a hold of Rex and realizes she has no transportation, she tells Shane that maybe they can just call a cab.

Starr demands that Dorian stops talking to her as if she is a child and tell her what is going on. Dorian admits that she cannot tell her what she believes has happened. She tells Dorian she needs to know why she believes that Todd stabbed Blair. Dorian admits to her niece that she found Blair on the bathroom floor in a pool of blood, and when she turned around, Todd was standing right behind her. She freaked because she was afraid that Todd would hurt her too. John confronts Todd and tells him that if he were to assault Todd, he doubts anybody could come to his defense. Right then, Marty rushes to find Starr and informs her that Cole just informed her that Matthew has been lost in the crash. She needs to call Bo and Nora and let them know what happened to their son. Starr then asks if Matthew is ok and appears very worried.

While Bo calls to Matthew, he finally hears his son call back to him. He then rushes to Matthew and covers him with a blanket. Matthew is bloody but appears conscious and alert. He attempts to move, but Bo tells him he should not try to move. Matthew tells his father he is just fine. Bo tells his son he might have been hurt worse than he realizes and he gets on the phone to call for help. Right then, he gets a call from Marty informing him that Cole just told her that Matthew was in the car with him. She was there with John but had no clue that Matthew was in the car with her son. Bo tells her that he just found his son. She asks if he is ok. Bo tells his son that he will make certain he is ok and asks Matthew what happened. Matthew replies that he did what his father encouraged him; he asked that girl, Becca, to dance. She did, but he found out that she did it only on a dare. He had a really bad experience and wanted to get out of there. He didn’t want to stay there any longer. He asked Cole to take him home. Hearing that, Bo tells his son how sorry he is.

Gigi tells the doctors and nurses that she and Shane are fine, and they need to get home. She has to get Shane his asthma medicine, but they are concerned about how she will get home without her car.

Back at the house, Stacy takes off Rex’s pants and he is passed out on the bed. She admits that she has been in love with Rex since the first day she met him, yet her sister “took’ him from her.

Starr rushes to see Cole in his room and acts concerned that he is hurt. He tells her that he is sorry. He really screwed up and should not have been driving, and he needs to get up and find Matthew. He’s very worried that he endangered Matthew. She tells him that Bo found his son and he will be ok. Marty enters and informs Cole that Bo found Matthew. He asks her what about Gigi and Shane. She tells him that they will be fine too. They were wearing their seat belts and the air bags saved them. Starr tells them that she must go and see her mom. Hearing that, Marty is shocked and asks what happened. Starr replies that Blair was stabbed. Marty asks if they knew who did it. Starr replies she hasn’t a clue, but Dorian and the cops believe that Todd did it. She tells them she has to go and see her mom. Alone with Cole, Marty stares at her son startled to hear that Todd may have stabbed Blair. Cole faces his mom and asks if she thinks that he did it.

John and Talia watch over Todd. He tells her he has to go and talk to his daughter

Dorian informs Starr that she has brought in the best plastic surgeon for Blair, who is currently in ICU. Dorian knows that Starr’s mother will want to be back in a bikini this summer, so she has to get the best. John asks how she believes that Todd could have gotten into the house when he had a restraining order. Dorian replies that Shawn went with Addie and the boys on their trip. Starr tells them she must go and talk to her dad. Dorian tells her that after what that man did to her mother, she is not going to let him near anybody she loves ever again.

At the accident site, Bo gets a call from Nora. She informs him that she hates to bother him when he is busy, but she’s gone to the high school to pick up Matthew and he is nowhere to be found. Bo then tells her that something has happened to their son.

Gigi and Shane get ready to leave and wait for their cab.

Stacy tells an unconscious Rex that he probably does not remember the day they met. He probably has no memory of her. She had braces and glasses. He was amazing, so confident and desirable. He was her big sister’s boyfriend and paid her no mind. Once, when he came to the door, she thought for a minute that he might be there to see her, but he was there to see Gigi. Then she found out that her sister was pregnant, and she was afraid that they would be together forever, yet he broke it off with Gigi and left. She realizes that if Rex wanted to come back to Gigi, he would have. She tells him that she would have loved him and believes he would have loved her, and she wouldn’t have just felt that way if they were having a baby together. It would be because they were meant to be together forever.

Starr tells Dorian that she has to talk to her father privately whether Dorian approves or not. Dorian urges her niece please to not do this. She goes into the room and tells Talia and the other cop she wants to talk to her father alone. They leave reluctantly but tell Todd they are right outside. Todd tells his daughter that he knows this is a devastating situation, but they are lucky that they got Blair to the hospital in time. She then demands that he tells her the truth about whether he did this to her mom.

Marty asks Cole if he really believes that Todd would stab Blair. He tells her he wouldn’t put it past him. He is a rapist. He was going to take Starr’s baby. He assaulted him and endangered Starr. She tells him that instead of worrying about all of this, he needs to get well, and she needs to be there for him. She tells him she has made some tragic mistakes, but she’s going to be there for him from now on no matter what. She says she loves him and will never leave him again. She hugs her son.

Gigi and Shane return and wonder what they will tell Rex. He tells his mom that they need to tell Rex that the car was totaled. She tells her son that they don’t want to worry Rex. Shane urges his mom to know that guys are not afraid of hearing news like that. They enter the house and notice nobody in the living room. There are only empty beer bottles, and Stacy’s underwear and Rex’s clothes on the floor. She sees Rex’s cell phone on the floor, and it looks as though he’s gotten her messages and done nothing. Upstairs, Stacy lies beside Rex on the bed and tells him that she was in love with him and believed her big sister took her away from her. When she saw the two of them in Vegas, it seemed as though she had a chance to take him back from Gigi. She quit her job and knew that if she took Gigi’s ticket and red dress and crashed the ball, she believed that Rex would see her and give her the response she has always wanted. She tells him she realizes that when Gigi finds out about “them”, it will be ugly, but she knows that they were meant to be. Rex lies unconscious and cannot hear a word she says. Downstairs, Gigi looks very suspicious and Shane asks her what is up with the pizza and beer on the coffee table. She demands that he goes up to his room. She cannot answer her son’s questions nor wants to think of what could have happened.

Todd asks Starr how she could possibly think that he would kill her mother. She tells him that she knows he wanted to take his own life. He admits to her that maybe he would consider doing that, but he would never take her mother from her. He asks her how she could even think that he’d do anything like that. She then asks him how it was that he went to the house in the first place. Todd then explains to her that Cole went to his house drugged out of his mind. He then called Blair and warned her that Cole might be looking for their daughter. She wouldn’t listen to him. He could not find Starr and was afraid that Cole might have found his way to the house, but when he got there, he saw Blair had been stabbed. She asks him why he did not call the cops. He protests that he did call an ambulance for Blair, and Dorian did take good care of her. He appears very confident in his explanation, when Starr asks him to swear that he did not stab her mother. He tells her that he and Blair have had many problems. He’s been very angry with her many times, but he swears on everybody’s life that he could never do it. Dorian listens at the door and can tell that Todd might be getting through to his daughter.

Marty tells Cole that she is going to get him out of here. She tells him she is so sorry that it took him almost dying to wake her up. He tells her that he knows he should not have been driving. He did a very stupid thing to get addicted to the drugs, and he must make it up to Matthew. She tells him that he need not worry about anything. Everything will be ok.

Nora rushes to see Matthew. Bo assures her that their son will be ok, but they have yet to see the doctor. She asks why he has not seen a doctor yet, after being thrown from a car. He lets her know that Cole was brought in earlier, and Gigi and Shane were trapped in their car and have been treated. Michael McBain and the other doctors have been extremely busy. There was a ton of confusion. Nobody even knew that Matthew was in Cole’s car. Michael then enters.

Starr asks Todd if he did not stab her mother, then who would have done it. Who would have hated her enough to stab her in the back several times? Starr is horrified to know that an unknown person might have done something like that to her mother. Todd calmly tells his daughter that her mother lost a lot of blood, but Dorian made certain she got the care she needed, and she was conscious when they got her to the hospital.

John brings Dorian some coffee. She tells him she realizes he is no longer on the force, but she was wondering if he might ‘have a word” with some of his former colleagues. She tells him that maybe they should be looking at other suspects. Hearing that, John is very surprised to hear Dorian imply that she believes that Todd might not have done it. She informs him that she just overheard him talking to Starr and swearing that he did not do it. Now, she is not naïve; she despises Todd. She would like nothing more than to see him locked up for the rest of his life, but she’s not certain that he did it. John then gets up to leave, not knowing what to say. He finds Marty and asks her how Cole is doing. She tells him her son will be ok and there is no permanent damage. He asks her what about the drugs. She tells him that for the first time she is ready to be there for her son and help him get clean. She asks if Gigi and Shane are ok. He informs her that they were checked out and have left. At that point, she realizes that John left Blair to rescue her. Now Blair is in danger, but they might never have been able to find her son, Cole, and get him medical care if John had not felt obligated to rescue her.

Michael McBain examines Matthew and asks if he is in pain. Matthew appears not to be worried that he is seriously hurt. He tells Nora and Bo that he just has to leave Matthew there for observation. Yet it looks like they cannot remove Matthew’s “collar”.

Starr seems as though she believes her father when he tells her hat he would never stab her mother. She tells him that she is worried that whoever did it has gotten away with it, and there is this big mess involving Cole. Todd then asks her what has happened to Cole. She informs her father that Cole got in a car accident while under the influence and Matthew Buchanan was in the car with him. Todd hugs Starr, and she does not pull away from her father.

Dorian tells John that she does not believe that Todd has stabbed Blair, but she thinks she knows who did.

Nora talks to Matthew in a confident and joking manner about how the next time he wants to leave a party after being snubbed by a shallow girl he must call her and get her to pick him up. He tells her he’d rather drive himself. She jokes that he’s too young to drive. He reminds her that some flunkies his age are driving. She jokes about him wearing a yellow helmet like this one to school the next day. Unknown to them, when Michael tests Matthew’s reflexes, it appears that he might have paralysis.

Gigi walks into her bedroom to see her sister lying beside Rex and is horrified.

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