OLTL Update Monday 3/9/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/9/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Matthew demands that Cole drives him home. Cole is under the influence and appearing sleepy at the wheel. Gigi and Shane are in another car going the other direction. It looks like they are going to collide. Not far away, John is with Marty, and they can hear the crash.

Dorian rushes Blair to the hospital while paramedics have her on a stretcher. She tells them there are multiple stab wounds and her niece needs medical care right away. Todd is not far behind and wants to make certain Blair is OK, but Dorian tells Todd he is not going anywhere near Blair. Todd then asks Dorian just who is going to stop him. Right then, Bo appears with the cops and replies that he is going to stop him.

Alone in the hallway at school, Starr is remembering her unsuccessful attempt to get Cole to admit that he has a problem with drugs, and his refusal to listen. She shows many contacts on her phone but cannot get a hold of any of them.

Right then, we see Cole’s car flipped over and it looks like both he and Matthew are unconscious.

Gigi awakens with her head on the steering wheel air bag and asks Shane if he is ok. He appears to have also been unconscious and asks his mom what happened. John rushes to get help when he hears the collision. Gigi hears Shane cough and realizes he is without his asthma medicine.

Unknowing what happened, Rex is at the house having beers with Stacy. She asks him how it is that he is recently divorced and if he was not still legally married when he had the “thing” with Gigi. He replies that yes, he was still technically married to Adriana when he got back with Gigi, but he does not merely have a ‘thing” with Gigi. It’s the real deal. She asks if he is sure. Rex then stands up and notices that the beer has had an “effect” on him. He appears dizzy.

Gigi and Shane appear to be ok, but it looks as though Cole and Matthew are unconscious after the car flipped.

Starr leaves a message on Cole’s voicemail confronting him for ignoring her and telling him that whether he wants to hear it from her or not, she will tell him what she is thinking and feeling. She tells him that she hopes he is happy now for getting back at her for his jealousy over her and Mr. Joplin, and he should know he might have cost Mr. Joplin his job. She continues that she no longer cares what happens to Cole. Right then, Mr. J. appears behind her and demands to know what she is still doing there.

Markko, Langston and Lola are at Buenos Dias together. Langston informs them that Cole freaked when he saw Starr with Mr. J. She believes that Starr made a bad judgment call to be kissing her teacher. Markko replies that the whole thing overwhelms him. Lola remains silent wondering what her cousin would do if she knew that Lola had kissed her (Langston's) boyfriend.

At the hospital, after Dorian calls Bo, she tells him that she has called the family members to let them know what has happened to Blair, but she is very concerned what would happen if the kids knew that their father stabbed their mother. Hearing that, Todd calmly asks her to shut up and tells Bo it did not happen. Dorian tells Bo that Todd is all his. Alone with Todd, Bo asks him what happened this time.

John and Marty rush to the crash site. He calls the ambulance and asks Gigi what happened. She tells him that she is concerned about Shane needing his inhaler. Right then, Marty walks by and sees her son lying bloody and unconscious on the ground and she stares, speechless. John urges Gigi and Shane to stay calm when he notices Shane having what looks to be a seizure and tells them that the ambulance will be there any minute. He asks her if she can pop the trunk. She tries but discovers it won’t open. He tells her he will get a crow bar out of his vehicle. Marty is tending to her son, determined to save him and get him to wake up. He turns his head and appears to hear his mother urging him to hang on

After Stacy asks Rex about his very short marriage to Adriana ending when he reconnected with Gigi, she tells him that maybe she is being nosy, but he tells her that it was a fair question. He realizes she is just concerned about her sister having a man who is faithful. She tells him she is a fine one to be giving anybody advice about relationships with the most recent one she had that failed. Hearing that, he advises her that it’s very hard to have a relationship with anybody until one is over the previous one.

Marty tends to Cole, and he asks her if he is going to die. She then remembers being with him when he was a baby and she firmly tells him “not a chance.” He is very worried that he cannot move.

At the high school, Mr. J reminds Starr that she has been asked to go home. She tells him she cannot do that. She had to make certain that he is OK. She asks if he got in trouble for what was her fault when she kissed him. He replies that what has happened is he’s been suspended from his teaching position indefinitely. They are going to do a thorough investigation of his previous drug history and his previous relationships.

At the hospital, Todd protests to Bo, Antonio, and Talia that he would never stab Blair. Dorian wants them to believe that he did but they must know better. Talia observes him and tells him he has a history of violence against women. Bo tells Todd that he better stay away from Blair and his kids since he has a restraining order.

In the O.R., Michael and the doctors and nurses struggle to give Blair a blood transfusion and revive her. Dorian is there beside her niece. She cries and tells her she is going to come out of this. She has three beautiful children and a family who loves her. She won’t let anybody or anything take her away from them. She kisses an unconscious Blair on the head and cries.

Bo asks Talia to question Todd. He then leaves a message for Nora asking her to please go and pick up Matthew at the school dance since something has come up, and he has his hands full and cannot make it.

Right then, John rescues Shane and gets him the care for his asthma. Marty makes certain that Cole does not give up and tells him he is not going to die. She tells him he is her son, she is going to take care of him, and he'd better stick with her. Right then, she screams that she needs help saving her son and attempts to move the car. Still, nobody is aware of Matthew.

While Rex drinks the beer, Stacy tells him that some loves are harder to get over than others are. She tells him she does not believe in love at first sight. He tells her that he does; otherwise, he would never have found his way to Gigi or to Shane. He notices that something has happened because he cannot see clearly. He asks her what is in this beer. She tells him that it’s ok to drink up. She asks him why he and Gigi are not married. He replies that they are going to and are just waiting. She asks for what. For the previous divorce to be final? He tells her that they want to make certain that everything is OK concerning Shane. She asks him if maybe he’s afraid that he will break up with Gigi the way he did with Adriana. He tells her no. She then tells him that Gigi is not the right girl, and he knows it. Rex is now impaired and asks her what she just said.

After Starr finds out that Mr. J. is in big trouble for letting her kiss him, she protests that this was her fault. He tells her that he has nobody to blame except himself. He got too involved with a student. He should have known that with his past, he’s going to be questioned and he does not assign any blame to her. He asks her to leave him alone and go home as she’s been told to do.

At Buenos Dias, Langston tells Markko that nobody really knows what happened between Starr and Mr. J. He asks her if she thinks that Starr was lying that she kissed him. Langston tells him that there may be more than what they know, that maybe Starr felt she had to protect Mr. J. She observed that they know, all too well, what she might be afraid of concerning what her father is capable of doing when he discovers her with a guy.

At the hospital, Talia asks Todd if he expects her to believe that somebody just came out of nowhere and stabbed Blair, and he was just nearby in her house violating a restraining order, yet he did not do it. He asks why he is getting the third degree. He informs her that he got Blair the medical care she needed, and the person who stabbed her is still out there. Maybe they could question Dorian since she was also there. The other cop replies that Dorian did not have a restraining order. Talia tells Todd that Dr. Lord could not have stabbed Blair. Todd asks how they can be certain. Right then, they wheel Blair out. Talia asks her if she can tell them who did this to her. Blair turns her head but cannot talk. Then she slips back into cardiac arrest.

Bo rushes to help Marty to help Cole and assures her that her son is alright. He tells her that he will check on Gigi and Shane. Nobody seems to know that Matthew has also been in the accident. Marty tells her son that she is not going anywhere, and he must stay with her. Bo asks Gigi and Shane if they are OK. She tells him they are now and asks how Cole is. Bo replies that he thinks Marty just saved her son’s life. At that point, Gigi hugs Shane. Marty and John stand by Cole and urge him to stay awake. Marty is very worried that her son appears to have crashed and has probably OD’d.

Mr. J. tells Starr that he should not have shared his drug problem with a student. She tells him that she is not just a student; she is his friend. He tells her that they cannot be friends. He failed to establish boundaries. She tells him that she knows that he felt something and calls him Schuyler. He reminds her that his name is Mr. J, and if she cannot understand that, then they cannot have anything more than the professional relationship they had, and they cannot be alone in the same room again.

Talia tells Todd that she is going to take him down to the station to get a full statement. He asks her if she believes that he did it.

The paramedics put Cole on a stretcher. It appears he is critical. Marty encourages her son to fight. She tells him that he was in an accident but he’s going to be fine, and nobody will give up on him. They help Shane. Bo and Gigi tell Shane that they have to make certain he is ok. He needs to go to the hospital to be checked out. She needs to call Rex and tell him what happened. She calls Rex but notices his phone going to voice mail. Rex drinks and asks Stacy how she would know anything about him. When he was with Gigi before, all those years ago, Stacy was just a kid. When he continues to drink the beer, he appears to be disoriented. He explains to her that she must know that he loves her sister.

At the hospital, Talia tells Todd if he refuses to go to the station, then maybe he can answer her questions here. Todd then calmly tells her that she must realize that Blair is the mother of his children. When he saw her lying there in a pool of blood, he was determined to save her. They rush Cole, Gigi, and Shane in. Cole is critical. Gigi and Shane are ok but unable to contact Rex.

Stacy asks Rex if he thinks she is unaware that he is in love with her sister. She can notice they are all over each other. She is envious and afraid that she may never find that. In response to that, Rex asks her if she’s ever looked in the mirror. Any guy would notice how great she looks, and he’s a guy like any other. She then asks him if he remembers when they first met. He tells her he remembers she was a little girl. She tells him that she felt like a geeky little girl. Kids were picking on her when she walked home from school once. He saved her from the tormenters, and it was amazing. He tells her that he does not remember, and she tells him she will never forget it. He then tells her that maybe he is a nice guy some times. She tells him he is the best. She tells him that she can see that he is in love with Gigi, but Stacy was the one who met him first. At that point, Rex notices that he is completely wiped out and is ready to pass out on the couch. He tells her he remembers the last time he got this messed up was at his bachelor party He remembers a pole dancer. At that point, she removes her robe and tells him she can show him how it’s done.

At the high school, Mr. J. tells Starr that he is never going to be more than a teacher to her. They can’t have a “relationship”. Cole is the one she wants. She tells him she and Cole are done. He tells her that regardless, he should not have shared anything about his personal life with her.

At Buenos Dias, Markko and Langston talk about what was involved in Starr kissing Mr. J. Lola asks them if Cole is having problems, as she’s noticed he may be using. They reflect that yes, they are concerned that Cole is a drug addict.

In the O.R., Marty leans over Cole and tells him that the doctors are going to flush the pills out of his system. She will get him the help he needs. They will do this together the way they always did. John stands by them. He then goes outside. He runs into Dorian and is afraid that she might have some tragic news about Blair.

Mr. J tells Starr that she is a very special girl, but she is in love with Cole whether she realizes that or not.

Todd is in the hallway, with Talia and the other cop standing by him. He pulls out his cell phone. They raise an objection. He tells them that regardless of whatever they think of him, he’s going to call his daughter and tell her what happened to her mother.

At the high school, Starr hears her phone ringing. She sees a happy picture of herself and Cole, but then the flash of her dad calling alerts her. She angrily asks what he wants. In the other room, Gigi wonders why Rex is not answering his phone.

Right then, Stacy is drugging Rex, playing music and wearing her underwear. She notices that Gigi is trying to call but won’t let her sister get through to Rex. At that point, Rex is passed out.

Todd urges Starr not to hang up. She tells him that she’s already told him that she has nothing more to say to him. He tells her that this is not about that, and that this may be very hard for her to hear, but something has happened to her mom. With that, Starr listens.

Right then, when Cole is in the OR and Marty is standing by his side, he attempts to tell her that he is concerned about Matthew. Hearing that, Marty is stunned to hear that Matthew was in the car with him when nobody else had a clue.

Right then, Bo walks by the crash site and instructs the cops to examine everything thoroughly. At that point, he comes across a familiar hat on the ground. He can see that it's Matthew’s. Horrified, he yells his son’s name, but Matthew is lying unconscious on the ground unfound and cannot hear his father.

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