OLTL Update Friday 3/6/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 3/6/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

While Blair is alone in the shower, an unseen person enters carrying a knife. They enter the bathroom, tear down the shower curtain and stab her.

Right then, John and Marty are in his car looking for Cole. He calls Starr’s cell phone. She remarks that she didn’t know that he knew Starr. He admits he doesn’t really but knows her number.

Right then, Cole notices Starr and Mr. J. kissing. And he punches Mr. J.

Rex invites Gigi to have a massage with a loofa. In the living room, Stacy and Shane are playing video games. Gigi reminds them that Shane is staying at his friend’s house. That leaves the three of them alone in the house. Rex then asks if he must play the video game by himself. And of course that opens the door for Stacy to inform him that she can play with him.

Nora is in her living room looking at old photo albums of herself and Matthew when Bo notices her getting emotional. He tells her that he knows that she is probably looking at them because their son went to his first dance. They reflect that when he was a child he was such a cute little kid but now their baby is all grown up.

At the dance, Matthew is making contact with Becca. But his new friend notices that Becca’s boyfriend is off somewhere and up to no good. The boy is talking to the drug dealer. Langston and Markko dance. She tells him she can see that he is “worried” about Lola. And she remarks how “sweet” that is. Right then, markko remembers being alone with Lola when she kissed him but knows he better not tell his girlfriend about that happening. Having no clue what just happened, Langston tells her boyfriend that she really wishes that her cousin could enjoy herself and that people would see how cute and nice she is. Hearing that, Markko hasn’t a clue what to say or do.

Starr watches Cole push Mr. Jo up against a locker and urges him to clam down. But he does not.

John gets on the phone to call Blair in an attempt to find out if she might know where Cole is. But there is no answer. Dorian then notices her niece’s phone ringing and assumes that Blair is missing an important call. She has no idea what just happened.

Meanwhile, John and Marty are looking for Cole.

Right then, Dorian goes to find Blair and notices her passed out on the bathroom floor. She screams. And Todd appears behind her looking as though he just stabbed Blair.

At Gigi’s, she asks Stacy to go and help Shane pack his stuff to go to his friend’s house. Believing she is alone with Rex, Gigi asks him what they should do alone. From the top of the stairs, Stacy eavesdrops upon their conversation. Gigi asks Rex how he feels about finding out from Roxy that his father is somebody whom she might have killed and whom she doesn’t want him to know anything about. Stacy appears to find their conversation very interesting.

Bo admits to Nora that a lot of what he has found out about Matthew when he was a baby was from the pictures. Realizing that he did not even know Matthew was his son all those years ago, he tells Nora that he wishes he could find out what it was like to have him. He then has a flashback of years ago when he and Nora were married and they both believed that she got pregnant with Matthew by another man. Remembering that, she tells him she never meant to hurt him like that. Bo then remembers what it was like to believe that Matthew was not his. And that was the worst thing he could ever imagine.

At the dance, Becca asks Matthew who this strange girl is. Matthew replies that her name is Desitinee. But he ignores Destiny and asks Becca to dance. Without her boyfriend, she tells him sure. Destiny seems disappointed that Matthew is ignoring her.

Langston tells Markko that she really hopes that Lola finds a really great guy and hopes he agrees that her cousin deserves to find happiness. And at that point, she admits that she is concerned about Starr.

In the hallway, Cole demands to know what Starr and Mr. J were doing alone. He lashes out and threatens Mr. J. Starr then asks him to please not make her call his mom. He reminds her that his mom could care less about him. And what is it that got her to be interested in this low life.? Starr protests that Schuyler is not a low life. Hearing that, he asks her how it is that she is on a first name basis with their teacher. Cole tells Starr that he is using her and brainwashing her the same way her father is doing to his mom.

When Todd appears outside Blair’s bathroom and Dorian assumes that Todd must have stabbed her, Todd appears to have no clue what happened. Noticing Blair all bloody on the floor, Dorian can only assume that Todd stabbed her.

Gigi takes Shane to his friend’s house and admits that she has to go to work. Stacy then tells Gigi she mustn’t worry about her(Stacy) and Rex. And she encourages Shane to have fun. Rex goes up to shower. Stacy then has a plan of phone calls she can make to worry GIgi about Shane. She they pulls Shane’s asthma medication. And it looks like she wants to prove Gigi and unfit mother to Shane.

Lola finds Markko and tells him that she could understand if he hated her. He tells her he does not hate her. It’s all over. She tells him that maybe Langston would be very upset if she found out. But he tells her that Langston is never going to find out.

After Cole tells Starr that MR. Jo is manipulating her the way Todd is manipulating Marty, she asks him how he can compare Mr. J to her dad. Cole angrily tells them that Mr. J’s mother was working with Todd to steal their baby. At that point, Langston enters and demands to know what is going on. Cole informs her that their teacher wants to mess around with Starr.

In the dance room, the DJ announces that Matthew has dedicated a love song to Becca.. All the kids stand around and notice them together.

The principal enters the hallway noticing that Cole and Mr. J. just got into a brawl. She instantly assumes that Mr. J put his hands on this boy and not the other way around. In response to that, Cole tells him that it’s better Mr. J. assaults him than putting his mouth on Starr. Hearing that, she asks if that is true. Starr does not deny it.

Marty tells John that he cannot blame Todd Manning for everything. Cole’s problems are not Todd’s fault. She is the one who abandoned and did not even remember her son. But he tells her she cannot let Manning off the hook so easily. He tells her that she did not abandon Cole. Nora is his legal guardian and has a court order to let Cole stay in her house. She tells him that may be. But for reasons that are nobody’s fault except for hers, she chose to move away form her son and forget him.

Noticing Blair unconscious on the floor of the bathroom, Todd calls an ambulance. He is unaware that Dorian has every reason to believe that he stabbed Blair.

Alone in Gigi’s home, Stacy gets some beer out of the refrigerator for herself and Rex. And she puts drugs in Rex’s. . Right then, she gets a surprise visit from Roxy carrying Rex’s favorite pizza. Noticing Stacy at the door, she asks where her son, Gigi and Shane are and asks if she(Stacy) is “the stripper”. Stacy clarifies no. She is an exotic dancer.

Nora and Bo look at photos of Matthew and reflect how they knew from the start that he was Bo’s son. Bo tells Nora that finding out that he was one of the best days of his life.

At the dance, Becca’s boyfriend is ready for combat with Matthew. Becca then tells him and all the others that overhear that she does not care for Matthew. The only reason she even said yes to dancing with him was because of a “dare”. Hearing that, Matthew appears to be very hurt. Right then, Destiny unplugs the sound system. It appears the kids don’t like her.

Roxy can tell that Stacy is up to no good. She also seems to know that Gigi is a stripper and not an “exotic dancer” as Stacy clarifies that she is. Roxy tells her she knows, from living in Atlantic City that girls develop muscles that she does not have when they learn to dance the poll. Stacy wants to get rid of her. But Roxy knows she better stay there as she does not trust Stacy around her son or her grandson.

Dorian tells Todd that she is going to make him pay for what he did to her niece. Yet he looks as though he just appeared there and was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Blair remains unconscious and bloody on the floor of the bathroom.

After the principal intervenes in the brawl between Cole and Mr. J., Cole tells her she might want to check out his resume as a “meth king”. He happens to know that Mr. J. has had a drug problem, went to a methadone clinic, had his mom lie for him so that she could get away with stealing his baby. And he makes out with students. Hearing that, Langston tells him that cannot be true. Cole then tells Starr that he has to take her home. But Starr tells Cole she is not going anywhere with him. She clarifies to him that Mr. J did not kiss her. She kissed him. She tells him that she has tried to tell him. She cannot talk to him. She has talked to Mr. J because she’s concerned about how messed up Cole is. Cole bangs on lockers and leaves. The principal then takes Mr. J aside and it looks like she might get him in trouble. Starr does not want that to happen.

John tells Marty that he knows she has pushed people away because she could not remember the feelings she had for them. She tells him that maybe she does not want to feel her feelings about Cole or about her past life.

Bo and Nora talk about how they wonder if their son is having a good time tonight. She then tells Bo that she cannot image any kid having a better father in his corner than Bo. She then remembers the two of them explaining to Matthew that Bo was his biological father when Matthew was a small child who did not understand what that meant and how happy they all were. Bo tells her he hopes that Matthew is having fun right now.

Right then, Cole goes outside and pops pills. He gets into his car. And Matthew jumps in the passenger seat upset and humiliated after the incident involving Becca and the other boy. Cole seems to somehow know he is in no condition to be transporting Matthew. But Matthew tells him he wants to get away from there now. And he demands that Cole just drives. Cole fires up the engine and they go.

Dorian calls paramedics to treat Blair after she’s been stabbed. Todd stands by. They ask Dorian what might have happened. Dorian asks if it is not obvious. This bastard tried to kill her.

When Gigi drives Shane to his sleepover, she remembers that she forgot his asthma medicine and must go home and get it.

At the house, while Roxy eats the pizza, Stacy tells her that she happens to know that Rex just found out that she never wanted him to know about his father. Hearing that, Roxy appears suspicious and asks Stacy what Rex said. She gets restless and ready to leave. Stacy then dismisses Roxy out the door. Right then, Rex comes down the stairs. He is happy to eat the pizza of his choice. And she encourages him to drink the beer that she spiked for him.

Rex eats the pizza alone with Stacy, having no suspicion of what she is up to. And she gets him to drink the beer.

Nora and Bo sit in the house and admire all the photos of Matthew and his family.

Cole drives with Matthew in the passenger seat. He then becomes sleepy and takes his eyes off the road. He appears distracted remembering the incident between himself, Starr and Mr. J.

Alone in the hallway, Langston tells Starr that she is very concerned about Starr kissing a teacher. Doesn’t Starr know what she just got herself into?

The medical staff haul Blair out of the house in a stretcher. Todd tells Dorian he is right behind them. She tells him she wouldn’t do that if she were him. She tells Todd that the first cop she sees she will turn him in to. But Todd calmly tells her she must know that he would never harm Blair.

Marty talks to John about how she is beginning to have memories of that little boy who needed her protection and how he is still vulnerable. She shakes the bottle of pills that she discovered in Cole’s room.

Cole and Matthew are in the car together. Cole is having the flashback of noticing Starr kissing Mr. J and his tantrum over that. He also remembers telling his mother she better get out of his room. He becomes totally distracted.

Marty tells John that she always loved her son but was afraid to feel the feelings about her son. He tells her that everything will get cleared up for her.

Cole is becoming sleepy and unable to see the road. GIgi and Shane are in the car he passes. Matthew can see that Cole is about to have a head on collision. GIgi knows that that will happen also. And we won’t know what will happen until the next episode.

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