OLTL Update Thursday 3/5/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 3/5/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

When John and Blair are together and resolved that they want to make their relationship work, he gets a call which she can clearly detect is from Marty. She then tells him that he may now choose. He must decide which of them he wants because he cannot have them both. At first he says nothing and hesitates. But he then drops his phone and refuses to take the call. Marty is alone in Nora’s home expecting John to pick up and surprised and disenchanted that he does not.

At Dorian’s (old house), she tells Ray Montez that he cannot come to her house even to see his daughter. She clarifies that Lola is welcome in her home at any time but he is not. Right that that point, Moe interrupts her and reminds her that this is not her house anymore. It’s his. And she is trespassing.

Bo tells Nora that he has reconsidered sending Matthew to a military academy. He wants to be in close contact with his son and not just send him away. He knows that he has one son who never knew him and will always wonder what might have become of David if he had had proper guidance or a good father figure. And it’s too late. So, he will not let anything like that happen to Matthew. He does, however, need to find out who is supplying drugs to his son at the high school..

The high school dance is underway. Langston and Starr are together and wondering where Cole is.

Right then, Cole is drugged and alone. He staggers to Todd’s home and knocks on Todd’s door. Todd asks him what he wants. Cole replies he wants everything that Todd took from him.

When John does not answer his phone, Marty leaves a message and calls again, unwilling to accept the fact that he is busy. John and Blair get ready to make love. But before that can happen, Blair picks up John’s phone. Assuming it’s John on the line, Marty tells him she has to leave a message for him. Blair then tells Marty she has a message for her. John is busy. And Blair hangs up the phone.

When Cole goes to Todd’s home, Todd can tell that he is under the influence of something and tells him he better go home. Cole tells Todd that he is not going anywhere. Todd ruined Cole’s relationship with Starr. Todd smirks and tells Cole that he ruined his own relationship with Todd’s daughter. Cole tells Todd that right when he and Starr were ready to become friend again, Todd had to ruin that. Cole reminds Todd that their baby is dead because of Todd. Todd; tells Cole that the baby’s death had nothing to do with him. Cole tells Todd hat he needs Todd to help him get back with Starr. But Todd tells Cole that that is impossible. He could not convince his daughter of anything because she hates his guts. He tells Cole he knows that Cole he will be happy to know that.

At the high school dance, Schuyler Joplin appears and admits to Starr that he is supposed to be there as a chaperone but admits to her that he is not certain what a chaperone is supposed to do. She tells him that Cole has found out that they have been talking about his drug habit and Cole is furious with her. He tells her that is Cole’s own problem She mustn’t get worried about that. She then asks how she can help Cole if he does not help himself. Schuyler replies that there is nothing anybody can do for Cole until he admits that he has a problem. And nobody has any control over when or if that happens.

Todd smirks and tells Cole he doesn’t know what his problem is. His mother is alive and Cole can see her whenever and wherever he wants. Cole demands to know what Todd thought he was doing with his mother. Todd tells Cole that he helped her to walk and she was happy with him.

From Nora’s empty home, Marty tries but fails to explain to Blair that she needs to talk to John. She then hangs up. John asks Blair what was said. Blair replies nothing. Marty hopefully got it through her head that he is not available every time she wants him to answer his phone. But right then, John gets up and puts his coat on. He is obviously not ok with the fact that Marty has been prevented from talking to him. Blair protests that she can see that he only spends time with her when it’s convenient and he can fit it in his schedule to have a little quickie. But from the moment, Marty contacts him, he jumps up and drops everything he is doing to rush to her side. John then tells Blair he does no have time for this. He has to go. She then tells him he may do whatever he wants. But he can’t expect that she will be there for him waiting for when he comes back.

After Moe tells Dorian she is trespassing upon his property, she asks him how he can say that. She realizes she has not visited him in a while. She is grateful to him and Noelle for their “temporary house-sitting”. But he clarifies to her that this is now their home. She has signed over everything, lot stock and barrel to him and his wife. He also reminds her that she chose to marry David and take Asa’s Buchanan’s home. So why does she need to come back there. Is she already having “trouble in paradise”? She tells him of course not. He shows her the legal document that gives him the rights to everything in this house. She sees that and is furious that she no longer has any wealth. Ray stands up to add his two cents. She demands that she shuts up. Moe tells her that even if she throws it away and destroys the one document, he has many more copies and one hidden in a safe that she can never have access to. Hearing that, Ray tells Moe he really admires his style. Moe tells Ray that he is welcome in his house and mustn’t mind Dorian. Dorian then furiously tells Mot he is a how life hick and undeserving of her hospitality in her house

Matthew is ready to attend the dance and wears a hat, vest and tie. Bo stands beside him and Nora takes a picture of their son. He is happy that he can now attend the dance and stay in town with his friends. But he is not completely comfortable with what he must now face now that he’s staying.

At the dance, Langston dances with Markko and asks him if he is really ready to give up on his dream of film making and art. He tells her that he would do anything for her as long as it’s legal. She then tells him actually there is something he could do for her. They observe Lola standing by herself. She tells him he can ask her cousin to dance. Starr is alone after Schuyler has left and she is leaving messages for Cole. But he is at Todd’s.

Cole tells Todd that his mother might as well be dead because of Todd. Todd asks Cole what is problem is. She is alive and Cole can be with is mom whenever he wants. It’s not Todd’s fault that she has chosen what she has chosen. She lived with Wes Granger and got charged with murder. Hearing that, Cole is furious. Todd then demands to know what Cole wants. When Cole does not answer, Todd tells him to get out of his house, go home and get a life. Cole then picks up a photo of Todd and his mother and demands to know what this is.

Right then, John rushes to Marty’s ready to be there for her when it looks like she is in trouble.

Dorian still gets the idea that Moe and Noelle merely work for her. She tells him he is no longer in her employ. And this man(Ray) is not welcome on her property. But he reminds her that he has a guest in his home that is courteous to him and does not tell him he is a hick. She tells him he must admit that she has been very kind and generous to him and his lovely wife. He replies right until she found out that she may not inherit the Buchanan estate. He then talks to Ray about cooking and families. Dorian informs Moe that Ray spent many years in prison for murdering his daughter’s mother. Ray clarifies that he was cleared of all charges. Moe seems to believe Ray

At the dance, Matthew finds Becca. But before they can even talk, another boy takes her aside and tells her that Matthew’s parents won’t let him do anything and he asks her to dance.. Matthew’s new friend tells him she is surprised to see him when she thought he told her his parents were going to send him to a military academy. He tells her they have reconsidered.

Langston asks Starr how Mr. J. is. She saw them talking. Starr tells her they were just talking about the science project they were working on. But Langston does not buy that they discussed that at a dance. Starr tells Langston she can see that everybody is having fun except for herself. In the other room, Lola and Markko are together. And suddenly, she kisses him unexpectedly.

Cole knocks some things off of Todd’s mantel piece. Todd ass him if he feels better. Cole tells Todd that he(Todd) is one sick son of a bitch. Todd tells Cole that he cared for Cole’s mother. And he knows what Cole is feeling for having lost Starr. Cole tells Todd that he loved Starr. What Todd thought he had with Cole’s mother was sick and demented. Todd reminds Cole that Starr is done with him and his sick behavior and his own mother doesn’t even want to live with him or know him. At that point, Cole grabs Todd by his collar and pushes him up against the wall.

At the dance, Starr and Langston talk about Cole and his current situation. Langston tells her she realizes she has her concerns. But standing here all depressed is not going to help her. Starr asks Langston what she suggests. Langston tells her maybe she should “start dating”. Hearing that, Starr asks Langston just how she suggests that she does that. Starr asks Langston if she thinks she should be interested in any of these guys whom she’s obviously not interested in. IN response to that, Langston tells Starr she is sure there’s got to be at least one cool guy in this school. At that point, Starr notices Schuyler. And it appears that that is the only “guy” she would consider.

When John goes to Marty’s room, he asks her what is up. She replies it’s Cole. She can clearly see that her son is in trouble. And she doesn’t know what to do.

Dorian tells Moe and Ray(sarcastically) that she hates to break up their little admiration fest but… They ignore her and Moe tells Ray he knows that Langston really likes having her cousin nearby. So he suggests that the two of them stay at his home. Hearing that, Dorian yells at that asking what they just said.. Moe tells her that he understands hospitality. She asks him if he welcomes any stranger that wanders in off the street. He tells her yes. So, for that reason, she is welcome to stay there too.

At the high school dance, after Lola kisses Markko, he pulls away and asks her what she did that for. She tells him she is sorry. But he’s been so nice to her and she doesn’t know anybody there. She tells him that he must promise not to tell Langston what just happened. He then asks her if this is merely a mistake and it won’t happen again. She tells him of course. It will not. It will just be their little secret.

Matthew is staring at Becca dancing with the other boy and the other girl notices him even though he pays not attention to her. She tells him that he should not be interested in anybody who is not interested in him.

In the hallway, Markko notices the boy dancing with Becca buying drugs from the drug dealer and informs Mr. J.

Starr goes out into the hallway and notices that Cole has not returned her message. She gets very depressed and frustrated.

Marty tells John that she found Cole’s pills and a letter that said he might not graduate. John asks her where Cole is now. She admits she does not know. She tried to talk to him but he told her he won’t listen to her and she is no longer his mother. John tells her that Cole is merely a teenager and does not mean what he says. But she tells John that Cole was right. She has not been there for her son. He asks her if she might know where her son went. She tells him she does not know and is afraid of what Cole might do with all that anger. She doesn’t know who he might lash out on next. John then tells her he might have some idea of where Cole has gone

Cole grabs a hold of Todd and tells him that everything that has happened is Todd’s fault. He would not be that way if it were not for Todd. Todd tells Cole he knows all too well about a person who blames everybody else for all the bad stuff in their lives. Cole then lets go of Todd. And he tells Todd he has to go. He tells Todd that he will never be as sick as Todd is. And he leaves.

Markko informs Mr. J of what he just observed of the drug dealer selling drugs to the freshman. Mr J (Schuyler) finds Starr. He tells her she looks like she is having fun. She admits to him that she does not feel as though she fits in anymore. She is so different than everybody else. Cole used to be the only person she could talk to. But now he’s not there anymore. Langston doesn’t understand her anymore. And she admits to Schuyler that she can talk to him. He tells her that he has made every mistake known to man. She tells him she thinks it’s great that he turned his life around. She tells him that she thinks that Cole will never understand how she had to protect her dad. But she believes that Schuyler does. He tells her that there is a reason he understands. Starr then asks him what he means. Schuyler then replies that his mother knew that her father was going to steal her baby because she was going to help him do it. Hearing that, Starr appears shocked.

Matthew approaches Becca and asks her if he may cut in. She replies sure. The boy she is with asks Matthew’s new friend if she wants to dance. She replies yes. He then tells her she can keep wanting because nobody wants her. And he walks away.

Cole explains to Starr that his mother wrote him a letter informing him that she was going to help Todd take Starr’s baby and tell her and Marcie and everybody that the baby died. Starr asks him how that could have happened. Dr. Joplin knew her and her mother and Marcie and why would she want to do that? Schuyler replies that she did it in order to “protect him”(Schuyler)

Todd calls Blair and tells her that he needs to see his kids. In response to that, she tells him she has two words for him: restraining order. He tells her that he needs to see his kids. She tells him that the old Blair Cramer is back and that means that the restraining order is still in effect. He is not going near her or the kids or else she will have him thrown in jail. At that point he yells bitch and slams the phone down.

After Schuyler admits to Starr that his mother informed him that she was going to help Todd take her baby and tell everybody that the baby died, Starr grabs the locket with her baby’s hair and tells him she does not understand that. How would his mother help Todd in order to protect her son? He replies that Todd knew about his drug problem and threatened to expose him and his mother for aiding and abetting him if she did not go along with his plan. And he concludes to Starr that this probably changes many things between them.

John tells Marty that he bets that Cole has gone to Todd’s because Todd is the target of his anger. They go to Todd’s and John demands that Todd opens up.

At Nora’s, Bo tells his son’s mother that she has done a great job with Matthew. She says thank you. And he tells her that they both must sit back and watch their son grow up and be his own person. She tells him that she is concerned about that girl Becca hurting Matthew.

John knocks on Todd’s door but he does not answer. At that point, he attempts to pick the lock. Marty asks him if he really wants to do that. He asks her if she really wants to find Cole or not.

Alone in the house, Blair is still wondering what happened with John. And unknown to her, an unseen person enters

Schuyler admits to Starr that he burned the letter that his mother wrote him that would be the only evidence that would put Todd away. He realizes that he also let Todd get away with what he did. She tells him that he did not want to implicate his dead mother. She can understand that. At least she has two living parents. His mother is gone. But he tells her that he may have made a big mistake because he could have gotten some justice for Cole’s mother. She tells him that she is very grateful for all he has done for her. And at that point, they kiss. Cole enters to see them.

John shows Marty the picture on the floor that Todd has of Todd and Marty. And he smashes it.

Blair is showering alone. The unseen person enters and opens the door to the bathroom while holding a knife.

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