OLTL Update Wednesday 3/4/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 3/4/09


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Ray says that he hopes that he can get to know Langston as well as Lola. Dorian comes in and says that she can’t believe that Ray got to Langston. Lola says that Dorian killed her father.

Carmen tells Cristian that Carlotta just left. Cristian and Layla run into each other. Layla says that Cristian is the biggest jackass on the planet.

Gigi says that she is running errands and asks what Stacy is doing. Stacy says that she was checking up on the waitressing job. Gigi says that Carlotta never got Stacy’s application.

Natalie and Rex break into the security room at the hospital. Rex says that with any luck they will find out what Jessica was doing there.

Viki tells Jessica that they got more food on Chloe than in her. Viki tells Jessica that she is a very good mother. Jessica says that Natalie is making an effort.

Natalie says that she is pretty sure that Jessica was Tess the night she went to the hospital. Rex says that if they can find her on the DVD, they might be able to figure out what Jessica was doing.

John confronts Blair with the paper. Blair says that she is calling it just like she sees it and John asks how the paper got the photo. Blair says that she took the photo with her cell phone at the crime scene. John asks why Blair would sell Marty out to a piece of crap tabloid.

Cole asks Marty what she is doing in his room. Marty says that she is moving back in and was released from jail that morning. Marty says that she saw the letter from the school that says that he is failing. Cole tells Marty to get out of his room and Marty says that she will when he tells her what he is doing with all the pills.

Dorian says that if she wanted to kill Ray, he would be dead. Starr says that Dorian didn’t do Ray any favors. Dorian says that she was trying to prevent Ray from absconding with Langston again. Langston says that Ray was apologizing. Dorian asks if anyone called the police because Ray is an escaped felon. Lola says that Ray didn’t do anything. Ray says that Dorian has every reason not to trust him.

Stacy says that she filled out an application and suggests that maybe it was lost. Gigi asks a waitress for an application. Stacy asks if she did something wrong and if it has to do with Rex.

Rex asks Natalie not to tell Gigi that he is doing anything illegal because he promised not to do anything to get arrested, at least until the honeymoon. Natalie swears that this will be the last time and says that she needs to find out why Tess came there and then left before she got a doctor to take care of her or Chloe.

Viki says that she has never worried about Jessica with the girls since she came home. Jessica says that she did, but she finally feels like she is earning Viki’s faith in her. Jessica says that she finally feels like she is getting back to herself.

Marty tells Cole that the pills are dangerous and that he could kill himself with them. Marty asks how long Cole has been taking them. Cole says that he thought all Marty likes to do is party. Cole tells Marty that she can take her fake mother act and go straight to hell.

Blair says that everything she told the paper was true and that she wanted to make sure that the dangerous woman was off the streets. John asks why Blair would do this if it wasn’t to get back at him. Blair says that she did it because she doesn’t want John to be the next one to get a knife in his chest. Blair says that if Marty were in jail, they could be together.

Marty asks Cole when he started using them and he says that he doesn’t know. Cole says that it might have been when his baby died, when Todd walked away from all the charges against him or when he finally figured out that Marty didn’t give a damn about him. Marty apologizes.

Ray says that he is fine and that all Dorian did was try to be a parent to his niece. Dorian says that Ray is a convicted murderer and he says that he has been cleared of all the charges. Dorian says that he and Lola can go back to Colombia for good now.

Layla says that Cristian is a moron because his new wife has been deported because she framed her old husband for murder. Layla says that Cristian is the biggest jackass on the planet because he dumped his old girlfriend. Cristian tells Layla that it is enough and that she can’t make him feel worse than he already does. Layla says that she thought Cristian was one of the good guys and so did Sarah. Cristian asks if Layla knows how to reach Sarah.

Stacy says that Gigi looked mad when she walked in on Stacy helping Rex stretch out his back. Gigi says that what Stacy saw was worry because Rex has been going through a tough time. Gigi says that she is glad Rex and Stacy hit it off. Gigi asks the waitress to make sure Carlotta or Noelle get the application.

Natalie and Rex look through tapes for the correct date and time. Rex says that they will start with the tape from the east wing garage entrance.

Jessica says that she needs to give Chloe another bath because she is hiding yams behind her ear. Jessica says that Chloe is sneaky, just like her dad. Jessica says that she misses Nash so much, but when she holds Chloe and Bree, she feels close to him. Viki says that everything is going to work out. Jessica says that things have to get better from here.

Rex and Oliver talk. Natalie says that it is her fault that they are in there because she had to use the restroom. Oliver asks if it occurred to them that the room they were breaking into wasn’t the restroom. Natalie says that they came in to see if someone could tell them where the restroom is. Oliver says that the door was locked and Natalie says that it was wide open when they got there.

Gigi visits Viki for a Paris, Texas coffee talk. Viki asks what is bothering Gigi.

Layla says that since Vanessa turned out to be a lying, manipulative bitch, now Cristian wants Sarah back. Cristian says that isn’t the reason he wants to reach Sarah. Layla starts rambling about men. Cristian says that he just wants to talk to Sarah. Layla tells Cristian to do what he needs to do and he thanks her. Stacy and Layla talk about having the same purse.

Ray says that it would be cruel to separate Lola and Langston because they have grown close. Ray says that he is going to make a fresh start in Llanview and try to make it their home. Dorian asks the girls if it is time to get ready for the dance. Langston tells Lola that she has a great pair of earrings that she can wear. Starr asks Langston which earrings she is talking about and Langston says that she was talking about the gold ones. Dorian says that she doesn’t believe that Ray is an innocent man.

Lola asks Starr to go with them and she says no. Langston says that if Starr doesn’t go, she will spend the whole night worrying about her and that the dance will be a lot of fun. Starr tells Lola that Langston is going to start guilting her too.

Marty says that she is there so they can start over. Cole tells Marty about the day he got the acceptance letter to LU and going to tell her, but she and Wes were fighting so he figured it wouldn’t be the best time to tell her. Cole asks if Marty killed Wes.

Blair says that she wants Marty in jail because she killed Wes and that them being together is a side benefit. John says that he doesn’t like it. Blair says that when she wants something, she fights for it no matter what. Blair tells John that he has to deal with the real her or not at all. Blair says that they were doing really good, but Marty came back and John changed.

Ray tells Dorian that he would really like to get to know Langston. Ray says that if Dorian will forgive him for what he did to her and Langston, he will forgive her for hiring a hitman to kill him.

Stacy asks Layla if Rex really is a bad guy. Layla says that she isn’t going to talk about it because Rex is with Gigi now. Stacy says that it is okay because she doesn’t want her sister to get hurt. Stacy asks what happened between Rex and Layla’s friend. Layla says that everyone knows that Rex married Adriana and then hooked up with Gigi.

Oliver says that he could have sworn he locked the door, but has been distracted lately. Oliver asks about Stacy and Rex says that he will tell Stacy that Oliver asked about her. Natalie thanks Oliver for his help. Natalie and Rex leave. Natalie asks how they are going to break back in without Oliver catching them and Rex sets off the fire alarm.

Viki and Gigi talk about Stacy. Gigi says that some of the little things are bothering her. Gigi says that she walked in to seeing Stacy’s hands all over Rex.

Natalie and Rex find the DVDs they need.

Marty says that her son thinking she could stab a man to death bothers her. Cole says that his mother would never get into a hair-pulling match with his ex-girlfriend’s mother. Marty says that she acted like an idiot, but it doesn’t make her a murderer. Cole says that he doesn’t know who Marty is and asks her if she does. Marty says that she knows that she wants to be his mother. Marty says that she knows they can be close again.

Gigi tells Viki about Stacy checking on Rex when he had a nightmare. Gigi says that she knows Rex loves her and there is nothing that Stacy can do to change that. Gigi asks what she should do because she doesn’t trust her sister.

Layla says that she doesn’t feel comfortable telling Stacy the details. Stacy says that Layla can trust her. Layla says that Rex got drunk the night before the wedding and went to see Gigi and that Gigi showed up at the church and announced that she loved Rex in the middle of the ceremony. Layla says that Rex swore that he loved Adriana, until he ended it a few weeks later. Layla says that Rex was a real player before he met Adriana.

Rex and Natalie see Jessica on the surveillance with the baby. Rex suggests that they should fast forward to when Tess left.

Dorian and Ray argue about the hitman she hired. Ray says that they should lay down their grievances and call it even. Dorian corrects Ray when he calls her Dr. Lord. Dorian says that she married Clint’s nephew.

Langston tells Starr that the dance is going to be awesome. Lola thanks Langston for the earrings. Starr says that Lola will be the prettiest girl at the dance. Lola says that she hopes they both get asked to dance.

Cole says that Marty wants to be his mother because she found his pills. Marty says that she is worried about him and that she is sorry for what she has done to him. Cole asks Marty to give him back the pills.

Ray says that he was trying to broker a truce by sweet talking Dorian.

Cristian tells Sarah that Vanessa was a mistake. Cristian apologizes and says that he never should have treated her the way he did.

Gigi asks Viki how she deals with Tina. Viki says that she doesn’t anymore because she told Tina that she never wanted to see her again. Viki says that she will never really give up on Tina. Viki tells Gigi to watch her back.

Stacy realizes that Adriana wasn’t the first woman that Rex hurt. Layla says that Gigi should keep an eye on Rex.

Rex says that the DVD ends just before Tess left. Natalie tells him to try another one and says that they have to hurry fast because they don’t want Fish coming in and catching them.

Gigi thanks Viki for the Paris, Texas coffee talk. Viki and Gigi say goodbye. Jessica says that Chloe laughed all the way through the bath. Viki says that babies know their mothers.

Lola asks Starr what is inside her necklace.

Jessica says that when she came home from St. Ann’s she didn’t think that things would be they way they should be, but now she is starting to feel all right.

Rex and Natalie see Jessica leaving. Rex asks why she is wearing glasses and Natalie realizes that it was Bess.

Starr says that it is a lock of her baby’s hair.

Jessica says that sitting there holding Chloe, she finally feels like she has hope.

Starr says that the lock of hair is all she has left of hope.

Natalie says that Bess was at the hospital, not Tess. Rex asks what she was taking care of at the hospital.

Cole tells Marty to give his pills back to him. Marty says that she wants something better than this for him. Cole says that he used to want her to be his mom, but you can’t always get what you want. Marty says that she isn’t giving them back and Cole says that he can always buy more. Marty tells Cole not to go out the door. Cole says that Marty can’t tell him what to do because he doesn’t know here, but she isn’t his mom.

Marty calls John’s cell phone. Blair tells John to choose, her or Marty.

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