OLTL Update Tuesday 3/3/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 3/3/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

Langston and Lola try on clothes. Starr tells them that if she joins them, she won’t be much fun. Langston can tell she has something on her mind.

Cole awakens to his alarm clock and appears as if he has had a bad night of it. His room is a mess. He walks over to find his stash of pills that he put in his pocket. He takes one and drinks soda to wash it down. Then he returns to bed.

Jessica goes to St. Anne’s to visit Brody and notices him doing sit-ups on the floor of his room.

Rex comes downstairs and reveals to Stacy that he slept the wrong way and hurt his back. She knows how to “help” him with an exercise that has them sitting in close contact on the floor scantily dressed. Gigi enters and sees them.

In the courtroom, Téa tells Nora that it has been a pleasure doing business with her. She is pretty certain that she has won her case, but Marty enters and appears as though she might have other wishes.

Stacy knows how to make Rex “feel better” and relieve his headache and backache. They sit on the floor and appear to Gigi as though they are doing something other than Pilates. They stand up and Rex tells her that he slept the wrong way and Stacy helped him with his bad back. Stacy tells him if it happens again, he must let her know. She knows many ways to “make men relax.”

Brody has just gotten out of the shower, and he is shirtless. He and Jessica talk about how the women at St. Ann’s look him over and might want him to jump their bones. She laughs and tells him it’s great that he still has his sense of humor. She tells him that she tried calling last night, but she realized she called after hours so she wanted to come over there and see for herself if he was ok. He admits that he was a mess with his best friend, Wes, dying and he is afraid that he might have killed his best friend yet wouldn’t know it. She then tells him that she might be able to tell him something of interest. They have already arrested somebody for the murder. It was Marty Saybrook.

In the courtroom, Nora is ready to prosecute Ray Montez, but Téa is confident she can prevent that from happening. Marty is also there to see Nora. Nora then tells Téa and Ray she wants to talk to Marty alone. They leave. Marty then asks Nora where her attorney is. Nora tells her that they cannot find him and he may have withdrawn from her case. He might not be able to win because the odds are stacked against her.

Starr shares with Langston that she has very mixed feelings about Cole. Langston asks Lola to go and find some clothes so that she can talk to Starr alone. She tells Starr that she can see that she is not ok with Cole asking somebody else to the school dance. Starr tells Langston she is not worried about it. She realizes that she and Cole are done, but Langston tells her that she must know that Cole only wants her. She asks Starr if she remembers prom. Starr replies that she sure does remember prom. It was wonderful, and the reason was that Cole was not wasted on drugs then.

Cole continues to sleep in and consume his drugs when he gets a call from his dealer, who is ready to score him some more. He tells Cole that he will be right over with some premium stuff and would like Cole to prepare breakfast for him for his efforts.

Nora tells Marty that whether she goes to prison or is set free is dependent upon the decision she makes right now.

At St. Anne’s, after Jessica informs Brody that Marty Saybrook has been charged with the murder of Wes, he tells her he can see that she does not believe that Marty did it. That means that Wes’s killer is still out there, and Brody does not have an alibi.

In Nora’s office, Marty tells her that she thought she had rights. Nora informs Marty that there are reports that she was seen at the ball sloppy drunk. There were witnesses who observed her and Wes in an argument. Marty then asks Nora what she wants. Nora replies that she wants Wes’s murderer behind bars. Marty tells Nora she wants that also, but the evidence is stacked against her. Marty protests that she has a son, and she would not want to go to prison. What motive would somebody believe she would have to commit murder? Nora replies that Marty is choosing not to live with her son. There is DNA evidence that links her to the murder. She would certainly be considered a flight risk. She knows what might happen if Marty goes to prison, so she has an idea about what needs to be done.

Natalie goes to visit Rex at Gigi’s home. Stacy gets the door. When Natalie asks for Rex, Stacy tells her that Rex is “taken” and is ready to slam the door in her face but Gigi gets the door and apologizes to Natalie for her sister. She informs Stacy that this is Natalie, Rex’s sister, and she is welcome to come to the house to visit her brother.

Téa goes to Buenos Dias assuming she will be welcome there, but Carlotta hauls off and slaps her. She tells Téa that she has crossed the line by manipulating her son to marry a murderer, for her sneaky, underhanded secret that she is representing Ray Montez, and getting Lola mixed up in the mess. She tells her that she has a lot of gall to show up at Carlotta’s restaurant after putting Cristian’s life in danger. Téa protests that she had to find a way to protect an innocent man from going to prison for murder. Vanessa tells Téa that what she did to Cristian is only part of it. Cristian is a grown man, but Starr Manning is just a young girl. Téa let Todd Manning loose, and Carlotta is very worried about the future of that young girl all because of Téa.

Starr admits to Langston that she has shared with their teacher, Mr. J., her concerns about Cole. She did not mention his name, but Mr. J was able to figure it out. Langston asks Starr why she should assume she could trust all of her personal issues and secrets, as well as Cole’s privacy, to Mr. J when she barely knows him.

Cole’s drug dealer comes to his room and has more pills for him.

Starr tells Langston that it’s not Mr. J’s fault that he can clearly see that Cole is on drugs. Anybody could clearly see with the way Cole walks around school and the way he’s been behaving. Langston protests that she could not see that in Cole. She is his friend and knows him better than Mr. J does. Maybe Starr should communicate with her friends instead of turning to this stranger for guidance

Nora tells Marty that she might be able to prevent her from going to prison, but Marty needs to come back to Nora’s home and live with her son. Marty obviously does not go for the idea but Nora tells Marty that part of being a mother is stepping up. Marty admits she does not remember her son or her friends or her previous life. Nora tells Marty that she has to realize that her only choices are to go to Statesville or to accept responsibility for her life.

Natalie tells Rex that she would like to talk to him alone. Stacy asks Gigi since when Rex has had this sister. Gigi replies that Natalie is Rex’s sister, and they are close, and Natalie has the right to talk to her brother alone. She asks her sister what she plans to do today. Stacy replies that she has an exercise class to go to. Gigi then suggests that maybe Stacy rides with her to work, and she can go and fill out an application at Buenos Dias. They leave together. Natalie tells Rex she would like him to do some PI work for her. She has a mystery to solve involving Tess’s whereabouts the night when Chloe was born. She informs him that she happens to know that when Tess went into labor, she was right outside the locked room where she was keeping Natalie and Jared. Tess was staying at Todd’s home and neglecting her and her baby’s health. She kept Bree there alone after giving birth. She later appeared in the cottage after giving birth and apparently turned into Jessica. Natalie also knows that Tess was blackmailing Todd to keep a secret for her, and she needs to know what it was. Hearing that, Rex can sense that his sister does not trust Jessica and suggests why she doesn’t ask Jessica directly.

Antonio comes to St. Anne’s to question Brody for the death of Wes. Jessica stands beside Brody and asks Antonio why he is interrogating Brody. She tells him that there is no way Brody could have done that when he was there all night, but Brody admits that was not true. He did escape on the night in question.

After Nora tells Marty she needs to step up and “try” to get back to her old life, Marty angrily tells her that there is no way she can do that. She says Nora doesn’t understand anything since she has never lost her memory, but Nora informs Marty that she did once. She did not even remember the birth of her own child, and she was in a do or die situation. She knew she could give up and die or stay and fight, and she knew she had to fight even though she did not want to. The reason she had to “try” was for her son. She had a stroke and was unconscious for months. She could no longer do the things with her son or her friends that she could in the past, but she got her life back. It did not happen overnight, but it did happen. She tells Marty it won’t happen overnight for her, but she and Cole can get their lives back on track if Marty is willing just to be there. She has to try. Marty does not seem keen on the idea. Nora tells Marty she may take time to think about it, but Marty must know that this conversation stays between them or else, all bets are off. She asks Marty if that is understood.

While Cole’s dealer talks to him alone in his room, Cole looks at a report that was sent to his legal guardian about his failing attendance and grades. He does not want Nora to see it. The drug dealer asks Cole if he has heard a word he’s said.

Langston asks Starr if she plans to tell Cole’s mom or Nora about his drug problem. She reminds Starr that Nora is the DA, and she could get him into a lot of trouble. Starr tells her that somebody has to find out. Nora is his legal guardian and Cole’s mom is in jail. So maybe he needs some sort of guidance.

Right then, Ray goes to Dorian’s old house and sees Lola.

After Rex suggests that Natalie attempts to communicate directly with Jessica instead of going behind her back, she admits that she is trying to build trust again with her sister, but she needs his help. She will pay him triple the going rate. He then agrees to do it for her and offer her the family discount. Natalie then hugs her brother. She asks him about Gigi’s sister. He tells her that Gigi has not seen her sister since her sister was a kid. From the top of the stairs, Stacy eavesdrops on their conversation. She then comes downstairs and tells them she has to go with Gigi. She tells Natalie it was nice meeting her and hopes they see each other again.

Gigi goes to Buenos Dias and overhears Téa and Carlotta talking. Téa tells Carlotta that she must know that she has to do her job and Carlotta must know all the hard work she had to do to get where she is. Carlotta then tells Téas she is really sad for her. She hopes that Téa enjoys all of the money and power of being a super lawyer because she will not have anybody to enjoy it with.

Lola rushes to her father, hugs him, and cries. He tells her he is so sorry that he failed her.

Starr tells Langston that she is going to be in Cole’s face until he learns that all he is doing is screwing up his life. She gets on her phone to call Cole. Cole is in his room and pays his dealer. The dealer tells him he will see himself out. Cole shows him to the door and hides his drugs. Little do they know that right outside the door Nora and Marty are in the hallway. Nora tells Marty she knows she has made the right decision. She tells her that she knows that she can makes things work with Cole. It starts right there. She hugs her and wishes her luck.

Antonio continues to question Brody about his whereabouts the night that Wes was murdered. Brody admits that he went out and took a walk. Jessica tells him that she ran into Brody while he was out walking. She said she was driving and gave him a ride home. The following morning, she called and checked on Brody. The staff informed her that he was there and got home before it was too late. He could not have been anywhere near Wes’s home the night he was killed, and she can prove it. Brody informs Antonio that Jessica is lying.

At Buenos Dias, Carlotta observes Gigi at the counter and asks her if she wants a cup of coffee. Gigi tells Carlotta that she wanted to talk about her sister. She would like Carlotta to consider hiring her. She realizes that her sister kind of comes across like a ditz but she needs a job. Carlotta then informs Gigi that she went through all of the applications this morning and did not notice anything from Stacy. Gigi then tells Carlotta she thanks her for her time. She gets up to leave and runs into Stacy appearing at the door.

Antonio tells Brody that since he is not getting anywhere questioning him or Jessica, he’d like to go and talk to Brody’s doctor. He tells them both they had better be careful. When she’s alone with Brody, Jessica tells him she does not know why Antonio is doing this. He asks her if she knows him. She replies that she and Antonio were married. She apologizes if she got into his business. He tells her he realizes she is merely trying to protect him, and it means a lot.

Marty goes into Cole’s empty room. She observes photo albums of herself and her son throughout his life. She has a distant memory of reading him Kipling stories when he was a baby. She hears his phone ring, and she picks it up from beneath his unmade bed sheets. She then notices an envelope addressed to Nora from Cole’s school under his bed. It’s his deficiency report.

Ray Montez enters Dorian’s living room and tells Langston that he deeply regrets what he did to her. He hopes that she will give him another chance. He tells her that while he gets to know his daughter, he would very much like to get to know her as well. She looks at him and is almost ready to say yes but right then, somebody comes from behind and knocks Ray out.

Marty picks up Cole’s phone and notices an unanswered message from Starr. She notices several bottles of prescription drugs that do not have Cole’s name on them, and she is shocked.

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