OLTL Update Monday 3/2/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 3/2/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

After Cole and Starr talk about her concern over his drug issues, he asks her if she went behind his back to their teacher, Schuyler Joplin. She tells him she believes that maybe Mr. J. could help him. He asks her how it is that she believes that. She replies that their teacher informed her that he has had a drug problem in his life. Hearing that, Cole asks Starr if their teacher is fit to be a teacher or to judge him. Maybe he can expose Schuyler to the school, since Schuyler wants to get into his business.

Bo goes to the high school auditorium to find Matthew. Matthew tells his father he knows what is in store for him. He knows about his “Uncle David” taking everything from their family. At that point, Bo reveals to his son that David Vickers is not his uncle. The lab made a mistake, David is Matthew’s brother. Bo just found out that David is his son.

Back at the house, David and Dorian ponder what to do with the fact that they’ve just found out that he is Bo’s son.

Matthew tells his father that he cannot believe that David could be his father’s son.

At Rodi’s, Gigi asks Rex what he just found out from Roxy about the “revelation” that David Vickers is his father. He informs her that she admitted that David is not his father. She knows for a fact that he couldn’t be, but she would not tell him just who his real father is. All she told him is that his real father is  dead.

Right then, Roxy enters a private hospital room where it looks like a comatose patient is staying. She tells him that she must talk to him about their son. In addition, she does not look amused.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Rex she is so sorry and knows how much he wanted to find out who his real father is. He tells her that all this time he never thought that his father would be dead. She tells him that she bets that people always think of their parents being out there. She never considered that her parents could have passed away. He concludes that she never had a chance to say good-bye and he never had a chance to say hello. She asks how it was that Roxy never told him who his father was. He tells her that all she could say was that he was a terrible and dreadful person that she didn’t want to admit to her son. She then asks just who could be worse than David Vickers.

At Asa’s old house, David asks Dorian if she really needs to take everything from Clint. She replies that she does.

Matthew asks Bo who David’s mother was and how it was they slept together to conceive David. Bo replies to his son that her name was Emma Bradley. He slept with her once, unintended, when he was drunk.

At Rodi’s, Rex tells Gigi that they just found out that David Vickers is Bo’s son. Hearing that, she assumes he is joking. He tells her it is true, Bo admits to having a one-night stand with David’s mother at Fort Bliss. Rex admits that he hasn’t a clue just how to talk to Bo about his situation involving his own father. She tells him that he can discuss it with Bo and tell him all, but he tells her that there is a limit to what he can tell the police commissioner.

Roxy then informs Rex’s “father” that she lied to their son by telling him that his father was dead.

Rex then tells Gigi that Roxy did not tell him much about his father dying. All she said is that he deserved to die.

At the high school, Starr protests to Cole that she cares about him, and it really kills her to see all of this happening to him. He then demands to know how it is that their teacher gave him some referral to a drug counselor. How could he know anything about that? Starr replies that their teacher knows about Cole and his situation because he was once Cole and had his situation.

Schuyler runs into Stacy Morasco at Buenos Dias. He informs her that he got a job teaching 11th grade. She tells him it’s good to see him. They reveal that they knew each other in Vegas and reflect that it was a “challenging time” for both of them. He tells her that he really worked hard to get his life back.

David tells Dorian that he doesn’t want to be a lazy rich guy sitting around playing golf all day. She asks him what is wrong with that and reminds him that the thought of that never bothered him before. He tells her that it does now. He tells her that he knows the only reason she married him was to get her hands on the Buchanan fortune. She then concludes who cares if he is not Asa’s son? He’s still a Buchanan. He tells her that he’s a “different” kind of Buchanan. He could accept himself as a creep if he was Asa’s son, but to be that way knowing that he’s Bo’s son is something he cannot do.

Matthew asks Bo just how it is that he slept with Emma Bradley for one night. Bo admits that she as a prostitute. Matthew asks his father if he “bought” her for a night. Bo tells his son no, he was confused when he was in Viet Nam, and Emma was also very lost. Matthew then asks his father if this is some sort of lecture for him (Matthew) not to use drugs and not to get some girl pregnant At that point, he moves away from his father, but Bo takes his son aside and tells him that he knows that he made a mistake many years ago. Just today he found out that he has a son whom he knows and doesn’t even like. He doesn’t want to lose Matthew. He tells Matthew that he is angry at him for his choice to smoke pot, but he knows that Matthew is not the only one who has problems.

Starr tells Cole that she does not know him anymore. He is not the boyfriend whom she was once in love with. That guy would have never talked to her the way he is now. He’s completely changed since he’s been high. She can talk to Mr. J. He understands and respects her. Cole does not.

Gigi asks Rex what if Roxy killed his father.

At the private hospital, Roxy asks the unseen comatose person (Rex’s biological father) if he can hear her. She knows that he must be able to hear her. She never wanted to tell Rex the truth about his father. She led Rex to believe that Walter Balsam was his father. Then she thought that if he believed that Charlie Banks was his father, it would be a great thing, although she couldn’t pull it off. She even believed that if Rex believed that David Vickers was his father, it would be better than having him knows the truth.

David tells Dorian that there has always been something missing in his life. It’s the gift that he’s found out that he needs to give. He believes that he belongs in Hollywood. She asks him if he wants to give up his family fortune just to go somewhere to make movies and the weather is nice. He tells her that he’s spent his entire life as a scamming, mooching, swindling con artist and gigolo, and he doesn’t want to be or do that anymore. She urges him to know that he was a very skillful con artist and gigolo. He tells her that he finally found out that he could create value and fulfill his soul as an actor. He no longer wants to cheat or scam. He wants to earn his fame and fortune. He wants to never again pretend he’s somebody he is not; except, of course, on camera. She then asks him if he thinks that this will all make him happy. He replies he thinks it will, but he doesn’t believe he can do it alone so he asks her to come to L.A. with him.

At Buenos Dias, Stacy sits down at a table with Schuyler and asks him how he managed to get his life turned around. She tells him she is very impressed and inspired. He tells her that his mother really helped him. She has been there for him. He talks about what an amazing woman his mother “was.” Stacy then notices that he’s talking about his mother in the past tense. He then informs her that his mother died. Many things happened. She tells him she does not know what to say and knows that his mother was his only living family member. She tells him she is really sorry and wishes she could have been be there for him. He then asks her if, by any chance, she might have come to Llanview looking for him. She replies no. He then asks her just what brought her there.

Rex tells Gigi that his mother did not tell him anything about who killed his father. She tells him he did not have to; it’s written all over his face. He tells her he’ll just say that if he told Bo, he’d be putting him in a really bad position. She then tells him that he can tell her since she is not a cop. He admits that he believes his mother killed his father.

Roxy then tells the unseen comatose person that Rex can never find out the truth and they both know the reason why.

At the high school, Cole asks Starr if she knows how much trouble he could be in all because she had to tell Mr. J. about him. She protests that she did not mention Cole’s name. She just told him she had a friend whom she was concerned about. He then lashes out to her that she better not ever go behind his back and talk to her teacher about him. If she has a problem with him, she must talk to him. She tells him she wishes more than anything that she could, but it’s impossible to get through to him. She cannot talk to him. She knows that he is just walking off to go and pop some more pills. She turns to Cole and tells him she doesn’t want him to be mad at her anymore. He then tells her that he does not want to be mad at her. He just wants to feel something different than what he’s been feeling. At that point, he kisses her. She then turns away. He asks her what is up. She tells him she cannot “do this.” He asks her what she is afraid of. She tells him it’s him.

Matthew asks his father if he has concluded that David being his son is a big mistake. Bo admits to his son that he hasn’t really figured out how he feels about it. It’s all very confusing, but he knows one thing. He cannot let Matthew down. He does not know how he feels about David, but a dad has to love his son. He says he does love Matthew and that Matthew is a great guy. He wants them to be buddies again like they used to be. He tells Matthew that he was afraid that he would lose Matthew and remembers losing Drew. He admits that when he decided to send Matthew to a military school, it was fear talking. Matthew then asks if that means he does not have to go. Bo tells his son he does not want him to have to go to military school, but he is still angry at him for the crap he’s pulled. NO more drugs. Matthew then tells his father that his doing drugs is over. They then shake hands, hug, and call a truce.

Stacy tells Schuyler that she is staying with her sister Gigi. He admits that he remembers her talking about her older sister who was kicked out of their parents’ home for being pregnant. She tells him that she has reunited with her sister and her nephew who is a cool kid. He then concludes that she has found Gigi and he has found her.

Gigi tells Rex that all of the times that Roxy has made up all of these stories about his father. Now he knows the reason why. She has lived with that all this time. Either she is the bravest woman he’s ever known or she is a complete psycho.

Roxy tells Rex’s bio father that she had to look into their son’s eyes and lie to him. He totally bought it. She was afraid that Rex wouldn’t even be able to look at her after what she told him tonight, but she thinks that maybe he can. She finally believes that she and her son will be ok. He is a good kid and deserves some peace. She finds it amazing that Rex is good through and through when he came from two people like them. She concludes that Rex is the best thing that either of them have ever done. He is nothing like her and nothing like his father. Thank God.

Cole asks Starr if she rally is afraid of him. She replies she is afraid of what he has become. She tells him she doesn’t want him to go. She wishes she could have him the way he used to be. He asks her about what her dad did to his mom, And her not wanting their baby and the baby dying before they could even see her. He asks her if she cannot see that things have really changed. She tells him that she didn’t have to tell Mr. J about Cole’s business. Mr. J could figure it out on his own. He understands situations like this. Mr. J has been where Cole has been. He has lost his mother. At that point, Cole concludes that Mr. J’s mother is the reason why their baby is dead.

Schuyler and Stacy admit that they used to go out and know each other pretty well. He can tell that she has that look in her eye that reveals that she has a guy on the brain.

Right then, Gigi hugs Rex and tells him that everything will be ok. She tells him that she knows this is not what he wanted to hear. She knows that it’s horrible but at least, he now knows the truth.

Dorian tells David that she cannot go to L.A. with him. She has to stay in town with her family. He tells her that he knows that she wants to take everything from the Buchanans. He then tells her that maybe she can take her schemes to Hollywood with him. They conclude that their timing is all wrong. He asks her if she wants to end their marriage. She tells him no, but she wants to carry on this fight with Clint over the will, and she will do it on David’s behalf. He then tells her he hopes that she does not intend to destroy his new family. She tells him yes, that is what she intends to do. Hearing that, he then tells her he cannot stand by and let her do that. She asks him why he cannot support her with this. He replies that he cannot stand by and watch her ruin Bo’s family and his life. She asks if he could not at the very least support her when she sticks it to Clint. He tells her he has to go. He will always love her. He asks her if she can “put in a good word” to his father after she sticks it to his father’s brother. She laughs and tells him she will do that. He kisses her and leaves.

Matthew reveals to his father that he wanted to ask a girl to the dance, but somebody else beat him to it. Bo then suggests social activities he can engage in where he can meet people. Matthew reminds his father he cannot, since he is grounded. Bo then tells him that maybe they can make an exception.

Starr tells Cole that he cannot blame their teacher for the fact that she is drifting away form him. The reason they are drifting apart is that he is high. He then angrily tells her she may continue to join their teacher in their little research project. She tells him as long as he remains high, they cannot even talk about them. He leaves. Cole pulls out the business card that Schuyler gave him of the drug-counseling center. He throws it away pulls out more pills and pops them in his mouth.

Schuyler tells Stacy he has to get going so that he can meet a student. She hugs him. He tells her that regarding “the guy,” she can deny it all she wants, but life is too short. She should go for it. Alone, she smirks and concludes that maybe she will.

Rex tells Gigi that if his father was such a lousy guy, then maybe it’s just as well that he’s dead. He has Bo who is the best father figure anybody could have.

Roxy tells the comatose “father of Rex” that nobody on this planet knows that he still exists, and will not hear it from her. She goes out the door. We see feet moving from under the sheets and blankets.

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