OLTL Update Friday 2/27/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/27/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

At Buenos Dias, having no clue who his real father is, and only hearing dismal stories from his mother about how he was conceived, Rex tells Bo he wishes Bo was his father. Having heard for the first time that David Vickers may be his son, Bo tells Rex he wishes that Rex were his son. Knowing nothing about Bo’s discovery, Rex tells Bo that at least he has a quality individual for a son, meaning Matthew. Rex tells him that even if Matthew is currently having some problems, he will come around. Bo reveals to Rex that he just found out he has another son.

David goes to Rodi’s and sees Gigi working. She tells him she knows that he has found out that he is Asa’s son and has obviously hit the jackpot. He then tells her that that is not really true. He is not Asa’s son. He’s Bo’s son. Right then, Viki walks in and is startled to hear that.

Bo reveals to Rex that he just found out that he has another son. Hearing that, Rex asks if it’s anybody he knows. Bo informs Rex that it’s David Vickers. Hearing that, Rex is shocked. He asks Bo if he is certain. Bo admits that he may very well have slept with Emma Bradley many years ago when he was going back to Viet Nam. It was an irresponsible act that happened when he was drunk. Rex tells Bo that he can hardly blame himself for having an “accident” that resulted in a pregnancy that he did not find out about until many years later. Bo tells Rex that he can hardly expect responsible behavior from Matthew when Matthew finds out what type of example his father (and half brother) is.

Right then, there is sports try out at the high school. Matthew is on the bench. All of the kids know who he is and that he doesn’t dare get into trouble, and they cannot allow him to know their secrets with his police commissioner father and DA mother. Out in the hallway, Schuyler Joplin notices Cole and can see that he is high.

Starr goes to Todd’s home. Todd is happy to see his daughter and tells her how “grateful” he is to her. She asks for what. For the fact that she committed perjury under oath to protect him and ruined all of the lives of everybody she cares about. He responds by telling her except himself.

Rex heads back to Rodi’s to see Gigi. Before he returns, Stacy appears and orders a big menu from her sister. She says she wants tons of fattening food. Gigi asks her sister if dancers are supposed to eat that much. She knows that Stacy wants to get free food. Stacy asks her sister why she cannot provide free food from her place of employment. Gigi reminds her that she will get fired if she lets anybody eat anything they do not pay for. Stacy reminds her sister that she has no money. Gigi suggests that maybe Stacy gets a job and pays her own way.

Starr confronts her father.

Blair goes to see Dorian and informs her aunt that she went to find John at his home and noticed that he only has Marty on the brain. She admits to Dorian that she told John that if he thinks he can commit to her and that she is not second fiddle to Marty, he is lying to himself. Dorian tells her niece of course. She should know that a guy cannot admit his feelings to her when he cannot even admit it to himself. Blair tells her aunt that it’s very obvious that Marty killed Wes. John must know it also, but he refuses to see it. Dorian smirks and tells Blair that John must not have wanted to hear her say that he is smitten with Marty. Blair tells Dorian, John told her that he “cares,” yet she knows that John does not place her as anything important to him.

Marty calls John from her jail cell, and he rushes to see her. He tells her that he cannot help her, unfortunately, since he is no longer a cop. She then tells him that she will talk to her lawyer but first she needs somebody in her corner who knows her or who at least knows who she was. He looks at her as if he really wants to help. She asks him if he will help her.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells her sister that she doesn’t want to get into her business. She is thrilled that Stacy is there, but she and Rex are trying to dig themselves out of debt. Stacy protests that she eats a lot and has high metabolism. Gigi tells her she remembers how her sister always fit into a size 2. Gigi believes that Stacy has to start pulling her weight.

At the table nearby, Viki sits down with David and asks him how he feels about finding out that Bo is his biological father. He tells her that he has no clue what to do about having money and being a Buchanan. That is why he called her. Maybe she can help him figure things like that out. Isn’t that what best friends are for, he asks her?

At Buenos Dias, Bo asks Rex if he asked Roxy who his real father is, and why she did not tell him. He tells her that he’s heard that his real father is dead, and his mother seemed pretty honest. He realizes that Roxy has a casual relationship with the truth, but the way she told him the situation, she was in so much pain that it had to be the truth. He then tells Bo he has one question. How did David Vickers get to be “the lucky one”?

Viki asks David if he’s talked to Bo and shared his feelings with him. David tells Viki that doing that is very complicated to him. It would be one thing if Asa was his father, but with Bo, he feels as though he might actually respect Bo. VIki then concludes that is all the more reason why David should talk to him.

Rex asks Bo how Matthew is doing. Bo tells him just great except for smoking dope. He informs him that he feels he has no choice except to send him to a military academy. Matthew won’t listen to a word he tells him and has a completely nonchalant attitude.

In the gym, while watching the sports meet, a girl tells Matthew that she feels she is also a ‘wannabee.” She knows that in order to be a gymnast she’d have to live on laxatives, so maybe everybody needs to know and do what they are good at doing.

In the hallway, Schuyler tells Cole that he is not about to get him in trouble, but if he sees Cole high on school property again, he will turn him in. He then writes down a number. Cole asks him what that is. Schuyler replies it’s the number of a substance abuse counselor. Cole needs to go and check it out. Schuyler then tells Cole he realizes all he’s been though in the last year. Hearing that, Cole asks Schuyler how he would know anything about that. Has Starr blabbed his business to the teacher? Schuyler replies no. Cole tells Schuyler he believes he’s lying about that.

Starr asks her father why, if he feels remorse for all that he did, would he ask his lawyer to convince her to lie for him. She tells him that he knows that Téa plays dirty. He was married to the woman and he knows her. Starr was her key witness. Whom else was Téa going to go after?

Dorian tells Blair that maybe John is an attractive man in ways, but she is higher class than he is. Blair tells her aunt that she wishes she wouldn’t talk about John like that. Dorian then asks her what she is saying. Is she falling in love with him? Blair tells her aunt that John did catch her off guard. She knows that he never made her any promises. She never asked nor expected him to; and things were ok. Then things got all complicated when Marty came back. She acts like a victim in a leather jacket, and that really affected Blair. Right then a detective comes to talk to Blair about what she witnessed the night Wes was murdered.

At Marty’s jail cell, she tells John she knows that he didn’t much care for Wes, but Wes was a good man. He gave her a place to stay and he never touched her. John asks if that is really true. She replies it’s true that they never slept together.

Matthew’s new friend asks him if he’d like to join her after the soccer game. He tells her he’d like to, but today might be the last day he gets to spend at Llanview High. She asks him how that is. He replies that his father is going to send him to military school. She asks him why. He tells her that he convinced his father that he was smoking marijuana even though he was not. She asks why and notices it’s because he wants to impress the popular kids.

At Rodi’s, GIgi tells Stacy that maybe she could get a job waitressing. Stacy tells her sister she has no experience and doesn’t believe she could do it. Gigi tells her that she can and learn.

David tells Viki that he’s afraid there is no way he could live up to the standards of being Bo’s son. He’s afraid that if he let himself recognize Bo as his father, he’d never measure up. She then asks him what it is that he wants. instead of proving himself to Bo or anybody, what does he want to accomplish in his life? He admits to her that he has very shallow goals and only admires con artists.

At Buenos Dias, Rex asks Bo just what it is that he believes warrants sending Matthew to military school. Bo tells Rex that Matthew is smoking marijuana and acting as if he couldn’t care less how his parents feel about it. He tells Rex that if he ever dared do anything like that when he was Matthew’s age, his father would have killed him. Rex then suggests that maybe Bo try to communicate with Matthew. He reminds Bo that he could do a lot worse for a son, implying that if a son of Bo’s never knows his father until he’s an adult he could turn out like David Vickers.

Starr tells her father that he hired a lawyer to convince her to lie for him. He tells her that he did not want her to lie for him. She tells him that she stood up and changed her story to get him acquitted for almost kidnapping her baby. If he loved her, then he would not have let her do that. He asks her if that means she no longer loves him. She answers that what that means is she wants nothing more to do with him. He needs to stop calling her, stop emailing her, stop contacting her. She says it’s over, and she walks out the door.

After Cole asks Schuyler if Starr blabbed to him the secrets about Cole’s business, Schuyler tells him that Starr did not mention his name specifically, but he could clearly tell that Starr is concerned about him. He tells Cole he can see that Starr loves him, and he urges Cole not to shut her out. She is a wonderful girl. He urges Cole to go and get some help and clean up his act.

After Starr goes out Todd’s door and tells her father she is done with him, he tells her that Marty changed him. She motivated him to clean up his act, but Starr tells him that she knows how he works. He sometimes feels bad about the things he does, but he never has to accept any consequences. She then tells him that she wants him in jail. She doesn’t want him near her. He is only going to hurt her, or her mom, or anybody that crosses his path. She demands that he stays away from all of them for good.

Marty tells John that she doesn’t believe that Wes killed Lee Halpern. He would not do that. He tells her that if she is right then maybe the same person killed both of them.

When the detective comes to talk to Blair about Wes’s murder, Dorian realizes that if Blair implicates Marty, she will also be implicating John. Does she really want to go through with getting John in trouble?

Matthew and his friend talk about what it will mean if he is sent to military school.

Starr goes to school and runs into Cole. He then asks her if she has being talking to Mr. Joplin about him behind his back.

At Rodi’s, Viki tells David she’s sorry she could not help him with his issue. David tells her no. She’s been a lot more helpful than she realizes. Right then, they run into Bo and Rex. David tells Bo that regardless of anything, he is honored to be his son. Bo tells Rex he thinks he’s going to take off and is sorry about his dad. Bo leaves and ignores David. Rex enters, finds Gigi, and hugs her..

Stacy then goes to Buenos Dias and tells the waitresses that she is Stacy Morasco. Her sister used to work there and she thought there might be an opening. The waitress coldly hands her an application, but before she even has a chance to see it, she crumbles it up and tosses it. Right then, Schuyler enters, and it appears they know each other.

At the high school, Cole demands that Starr tell him what she told Mr. Joplin about him. She tells him that she didn’t intend to rat him out. She thinks that maybe Mr. J. can help him because Mr. J used to have a drug problem too.

Right then, Bo goes to see Matthew at the school and holds the basketball in his hands. It appears he might have second thoughts about sending his son to a military academy.

A detective goes to talk to Blair about what she saw when she entered Wes’s home and noticed he was dead and Marty was lying beside him. Dorian leaves them alone to talk. Blair confidently tells him exactly what she saw. She tells him it appears obvious to her that Marty is guilty of murder.

Marty tells John that the only suspect for the murder of Lee Halpern besides Wes is herself. He reminds her also Todd is also a suspect.

Right then, Todd looks at a newspaper article about Lee Halpern, and he punches a hole in her picture.

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