OLTL Update Thursday 2/26/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/26/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

John enters Wes’s apartment with gloves, alone and unseen. Everything looks in order.

Rex tells Roxy that he just got a phone call from Bo, and that he found out that David Vickers is not her “baby daddy.” He demands that his mother tell him why she lied about that when he asked her, but she does not want to answer. She attempts to change the subject, when she sees Blair enter. She tells Blair she may find John upstairs. Rex then tells his mother that he is not going anywhere until she tells him why she told him that David is his father. Roxy tells her son that she lied because David Vickers would be a much better father to Rex than the one he really has.

At Asa’s home, the DNA technician tells Bo, Clint, and Nora that his original conclusion that David is Rex’s father was a computer error. He says he happens to know that the second result he got was accurate, and he has it right there, in an envelope, for everybody to see.

When Ray and Vanessa are both thrown in prison, he tells her that he hopes he enjoys her stay as much as he did. She tells him that she knows he killed his wife. Not far away, in an adjoining cell, Marty notices Ray. He asks her why she is staring at him. She replies that they are in the same boat. They are both being wrongfully accused of stabbing somebody. Hearing that, he is curious to find out what happened to her.

Blair goes to find John in Wes’s empty room. She asks him just what he is doing there.

At Asa’s, David Vickers hugs Bo and makes a joke about how he has just found his daddy. Dorian smirks and tells them that this is just another stall. She asks how many phony DNA tests have to be run before they all realize that David is Asa’s son and entitled to everything that Asa has. At that point, Bo opens the “accurate” results in the envelope.

Rex demands that Roxy tell him what is going on. She explains to him that Dorian and David came by and Dorian bribed her not to tell anybody that David was there. She has heard that they have inherited Asa’s estate. She didn’t want to explain the whole thing to her son and have Rex going “all PI” on her. He then asks her just what the big secret is about his real father. Just how bad could he be? Is he a drunk, a gambler, or an unfit father? She replies that his real father pretended to be many things that he was not. For the first time, while thinking about this, Roxy appears serious when she tells her son how much she hated this man’s stinking guts. Hearing that, Rex asks his mother why, then, she slept with him.

At Buenos Dias, Lola informs Markko that she has just found out that Vanessa framed her father for the murder of her mother. He inquires what has happened now that he knows that Vanessa married Cristian. She replies that Vanessa manipulated Cristian to marry her, but she’s in jail now and Cristian is going to get rid of her. She tells him her father is back in town, yet he’s also in jail again. He then asks her if she plans to go and visit her father. She admits that she is not entirely comfortable with that after she believed all these years that he was a murderer.

In the jail cell, Ray Montez asks Marty just whom she is being accused of stabbing to death, and why. She explains that it was her friend. She was staying with him in his home. She heard some startling things about him. She got drunk and passed out one night beside him, and when she awoke the next day, she noticed a knife in his chest and his blood all over her clothes. He asks her if she had reason to want this man dead. She replies no way, but she is not certain of what she is capable of doing.

Blair tells John that she knows that he has Marty primarily on the brain most of the time, and Blair is always a lesser priority to him. He tells her that he doesn’t want to get into this. She tells him she doesn’t want to either. She is accepting the reality of what is going on. He then reminds her that he happens to know that she spent the night with Todd after the ball. Hearing that, she then concludes that maybe now is the time to “get into this.”

At the station, Téa protests to Cristian and Antonio that she did not “force” Cristian to marry Vanessa. He did so of his own free will, and it looks as though Cristian fell in love with Vanessa. She did not want that to happen nor to have him trust Vanessa, but she had to find a way to keep Vanessa in town, and the marriage was the only way to get her to stand accountable for what she did to the father of her child as well as to Lola’s mother. Cristian then demands that she save it. Cristian tells his brother that he feels like an idiot being conned by Vanessa. Antonio tells his brother that Vanessa has conned many men, and Cristian had no way of knowing what she did. At that point, the guard brings Vanessa by to see the three of them. Cristian looks at her coldly.

Ray tells Marty that he wishes he could have faith in the system, but in his case, the innocent person paid and the guilty person got away with the crime. She admits to him that she does not know what she did. He then asks her if she really believes in her heart that she murdered this guy. He tells her that he has many times wondered if he might have involuntarily murdered his wife. He remembered he was angry at her for cheating on him and they had problems, but he knew that he could not have taken the life of the mother of his child, and forgetting having done something like that is like forgetting how to breathe or how to love.

Blair clarifies to John that she did not sleep with Todd. She did not have sex with him nor want to share his bed nor want to be with that man ever again. He tells her that he believes her but the trust that they could have, or fail to have, for one another is a two way street; she must trust him also. She then asks him if he really thinks he is doing the right thing by getting involved in the murder investigation when he is not even a cop any more just so that he can save Marty; And does he really know for certain that she did not kill Wes? He tells her that he knows she did not do it. She then tells him that she came there to apologize. She knows that her behavior at the ball was not ok. She should not have harassed him about what he was doing with Marty. She realizes she drank too much, and she should not have let Todd take her home. She admits to him that she is a jealous person and that she has her fears and insecurities. She hates that about herself, but being jealous is who she is. He has assured her that nothing and nobody would come between him, but she just wishes he would be straight with her. He then replies that he did not lie to her. She tells him that regardless, she knows that he is lying to himself.

After DNA evidence has proven that Bo could be David’s biological father, he admits that when he was very young, before going off to the Viet Nam war, he may have slept with Emma. There was a party with a lot of drinking. Clint then remembers that his brother disappeared. Bo admits that he did not remember what happened. He remembers being with a girl whose name he did not know, and what he remembers is that she told him he may call her whatever he wanted. David then asks Bo if he does not even remember sleeping with David’s mother. Bo admits that it is entirely true that he could have slept with Emma and that he’d be David’s father.

At Angel Square, Rex asks Roxy just where his real father would be right now. She evades his questions but replies that he is gone. He asks her just how it is that his father would be “gone.” She then replies that she killed him. She asks her son if he is happy now.

Clint then tells the DNA tech that he wants a clean new test run and have it all done right. Bo tells his brother that that is not going to solve anything. Nora then tells Dorian and David that that should be proof enough that David is not Asa’s son and they have no right to anything. Alone with Dorian, David tells her that he could accept the possibility that a corrupt, greedy, egotistical womanizer like Asa would be his bio father. He realized he may be a chip off the old block, But Bo is a good and decent human being. Hearing that, Dorian tells him not to get “all misty eyed.” David then reflects what it might have been like if he’d known that his father is Bo. Dorian then reminds him that his “good and decent” father is the one who is about to throw them out of their house.

At Angel Square, Roxy cries and appears uncharacteristically serious to her son when she tells him that his father was despicable. She tried to get away from him and did not want to have his child, and she lived in fear of him. Hearing that, Rex can tell that his mother is now not lying about anything.

Lola tells Markko that she knows that her father is not a killer. She can tell that.

In the jail cell, Ray tells Marty that he knows how to spot a killer. He can tell from looking into their eyes. He can tell that she is not a murderer and whoever wants to get her charged does not know what they are talking about. He then warns her that he had an excellent lawyer helping him, but not even that prevented him from being falsely accused of murder.

John admits to Blair that he has this “thing” about rescuing and caring for people such as Marty. He cannot stop himself from doing that. He tells her that he is not going to apologize for knowing that a woman he once cared about, whom everybody thought was dead, and who has a son he’s very close to, is back. She tells him that she also is very happy that that boy got his mother back, but he must know as well as she does that Marty is hardly acting like a mother to Cole. She then concludes to John that she is not angry at him or asking him to change his feelings for Marty. She just wishes he would admit to just how deep his feelings for Marty really are. In response to that, he then tells her ok; He will tell her everything she wants to know.

Roxy cries, and tells Rex that now he must know why she was afraid to tell him, and she is very afraid what would happen if anybody finds out. He then reminds her that she still has yet to tell him who his father is. She hesitates and pleads with her son not to hurt her. He protests to his mother that he does not intend to hurt her, He just wishes she’d tell him who is father is, But she pleads to him that she knows she’s been a lousy mother to him. He must know that he has been able to turn his life around and have a great life with a good job and a real family, and if her son really loves and cares for her, he will give up his need to find out who she slept with to conceive him all those years ago.

At the station, Vanessa protests to Cristian that he is the only man she really fell in love with. He inspired her to change and have a good life. She then tells him if he wants or needs anything from her. He then tells her actually three is something he wants from her.

Téa goes to see Ray in prison. She informs him that she has contacted the press and let many people know how he was wronged. He will not be extradited. All he needs to do is tell the judge how it is that he got into this country. Hopefully, it will just be another formality, and he’ll be acquitted soon. When she leaves, Ray informs Marty that this woman (Téa) is the best lawyer that money can buy. She wishes him luck at his arraignment hearing. Ray then tells her that she must remember what he told her. She is going to fight these charges.

John tells Blair that when Marty came back, he did not want to change things between himself and Blair, but this is not Marty’s fault. She came back and John has to accept his feelings. Blair tells him she does think that it is Marty’s fault that he is being manipulated, that her son does not have a mother; and it’s her fault that Wes was murdered. Hearing that, John tells her that’s enough.

Roxy continues to cry and tells Rex she knows that she is asking him for so much. She knows that he has good reason to demand to know who his father is. When she was pregnant and had her son, she remembered all that had happened. She knows that he has good reason to hate her. Rex tells his mother that he does not hate her. She then tells him he must promise her that he does not tell anybody any of this. He tells her he can genuinely see how crucial this whole situation is to her. He tells her that it’s all over now and he will drop it, and he hugs her while she cries.

David asks Bo if he might be able to help him with some parking tickets. Bo walks out and tells him he cannot deal with that. Clint then follows his brother out the door and tells him that what happened many years ago when he was in Viet Nam is not something anybody could hold against him.

At the station, Cristian tells Vanessa that he is going to go to court and get an annulment. He walks away. She then sees Ray and tells him she knows that he killed his wife. Téa and the guards accompany Ray while he goes to his hearing. Lola then demands that Vanessa shuts up and gets out of their lives. Vanessa leaves. Lola hugs her father and tells him she loves him and wants to be there for him. He tells her that he has always loved her and has never forgotten her.

Blair tells John that Marty used him just like she used Wes and like she used Todd, and he used her to get over his feelings for Marty. He then tells her that she dos not know anything about him. He still cares for her. Blair tells him that she knows that he loves Marty. He tells her she cannot tell him how he feels. She then tell him that she will say it a different way. She tells John that she wants and needs more than he is willing and able to give her. That’s the way it is and what they both must face up to, so he may now go and save Marty. Hearing that, John asks her what she wants him to say. She tells him he may now do what he does best -- saying and doing nothing, and she goes out the door.

Lola cries and tells her father she is so sorry, this was all her fault; she falsely accused him of murdering her mother. He assures his daughter that she is not to blame for what happened. It was all Vanessa. In the station, Antonio tells Cristian that they still don’t know who murdered Lola’s mother or who killed Wes or who killed Lee Halpern.

Rex goes to find Bo and asks him why he can’t be his father.

Roxy talks alone to her stuffed chipmunk telling him that she cannot let a living soul know that Rex’s father is closer than anybody knows.

After Bo hears Rex asks him why he can’t be his father, Bo asks Rex why he could not be Bo’s son.

Blair goes to find Dorian at her “new house.” Dorian tells her niece she is so happy to have her there. She needs the Cramer women to band with her. She can tell that Blair is upset and hurt about something and asks her what is wrong.

Right then, from her jail cell, Marty calls John and tells him she could use his help.

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