OLTL Update Wednesday 2/25/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/25/09


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Moe tells Langston to sit down for breakfast, and Langston says that she has to go. Moe says that Langston isnít leaving the house while Ray is in the country. Langston says that she can take care of herself, and Moe says that he is under orders from Dorian not to let Langston go anywhere. Moe asks if Langston is in such a hurry so that she can keep avoiding Starr. Moe asks when Langston and Starr are going to make up. Starr comes in and tells Moe that Coleís mom got arrested.

Nora asks Cole if he is going to join them for breakfast. Cole says that he doesnít want to get in the mess with David and Dorian. Cole says that he was thinking about taking some breakfast to his mom, and Nora says that Marty doesnít want any visitors.

David says that Dorian is making sure the latest DNA test is done correctly.

Dorian tells Roxy that they need to talk about Rexís father.

Gigi tells Marcie that Rex got some crazy news the night before.

Rex dreams about being Davidís child.

Markko tells Noelle that the letter from UCLA fell out of his jacket in front of Langston. Markko says that he tried to explain to Langston that he wasnít wimping out, but that there is no way that he is moving thousands of miles away from Langston. Markko says that instead of being happy, Langston is still sad. Noelle says that no woman wants to feel like she is holding her man back. Markko says that Langston is the big thing he is doing with his life.

Starr says that she will just grab breakfast and go, but Moe says that his cuisine isnít to go. Moe suggests that Starr tell Langston about Coleís mom and that Langston tell Starr about Ray. Starr asks what happened to Ray and Langston says that he escaped and is now in Llanview. Langston says that Ray and Vanessa are both in lockup. Starr says that Coleís mom is in lockup too, because she is suspected of killing Wes.

Cole asks Nora to make sure Marty gets something from him, and she agrees. Nora says that she will have Marty out of jail as soon as possible because they both know that she had nothing to do with the death of Wes Grainger. David comes in and says that he heard Marty sliced up the guy she was shacking up with and suggests that they hide the kitchen knives. Cole leaves. Nora says that she didnít know that David was so cruel and David says that it must be the Buchanan in him.

Dorian says that they all know that David is Rexís father.

Oliver Fish shows up at Gigiís to see Stacy. Oliver says that he met Stacy at the Go Red Ball and hit it off. Gigi says that she will go get Stacy.

Rex continues his dream about being raised by David and Dorian. Rex wakes up and Stacy says that she wanted to check on Rex. Gigi comes in.

Layla tells Noelle that she needs help. Noelle says that the first espresso is on the house as a way to thank Layla for doing such a good job on the Go Red Ball. Layla says that Noelle must be making a lot of tips. Noelle says that Dorian gave her and Moe the house, and everything in it, when she turned Buddhist. Layla tells Noelle to watch her back because Dorian isnít the caring and sharing type.

Dorian says that Rex already knows that David is his father, but Rex and Roxy wonít get anything from David. Dorian says that Rex and Roxy wonít be getting a penny out of David.

Stacy says that Rex was having a nightmare. Gigi says that Stacy should put some pants on because she has a visitor. Gigi says that Oliver Fish is there to see Stacy and that it is a social call. Stacy says that she is sorry about Rexís nightmare and asks Gigi if she can wear something. Rex says that he never thought his father could be a self-centered lowlife con man. Gigi says that Rex is nothing like David, even if he is Rexís father. Gigi suggests that Rex should talk to Roxy to find out if it is true.

Bo says that the court order to evict David and Dorian is on its way over, and David says that he isnít going anywhere until the test results come in. Bo says that if David and Dorian arenít out immediately after the order is there, it is trespassing. Nigel brings Mr. Lewis in and says that he is from the DNA lab.

Langston says that Starr needs to call Cole. Starr says that she canít believe Ray escaped from prison and Langston didnít reach out to her. Langston says that she wasnít going to reach out to the person who has barely said two words to her in weeks. Starr says that Langston went off and has been avoiding her since. Moe says that they have been avoiding each other, and he leaves. Langston says that Starr seems to be doing all her confiding in Mr. J. Starr says that she is working on a project with Mr. J. Starr says that Langston is never going to forgive her and neither is Cole.

Markko says that there is no way that Marty could have killed Wes. Cole says that they have Marty locked up, and he canít even go see her. Markko says that the cops canít stop Cole from seeing his mother. Cole says that Marty doesnít want to talk to anyone, including him. Cole says that he went to see Marty the night before Wes was killed and could hear them arguing from outside the door, so he left. Markko says that he got accepted to LU and UCLA, but he isnít going to UCLA because he doesnít want to be that far from his girl. Cole tells Markko to make sure that Langston wants a future with him before he turns down his dream school.

Noelle says that a cop was completely smitten with Layla the night of the Go Red Ball. Layla says that she ignored him and now he is smitten with someone else.

Oliver says that he had to come see Stacy because he didnít get her phone number. Oliver says that he came because he has something important to tell her, and Stacy asks if he has an STD. Oliver says no and that he broke up with the other woman he was seeing so that he could be with Stacy. Rex leaves. Oliver says that he didnít want to string another girl along now that he and Stacy are going out. Stacy asks what made Oliver think they are going out, and he says that he assumed they were after they made love on every surface of the house.

Dorian asks Mr. Lewis if he solved the problem. Kyle says that there was a mistake made yesterday.

Rex asks Roxy if David Vickers is his father.

Mr. Lewis says that David is not Rexís father.

Roxy says that David is Rexís father, and Rex asks her if she is sure. Roxy says that she didn't want to hurt Rex. Rex asks why Roxy didnít tell him.

Mr. Lewis says that he is positive that Rex isn't David's son. Mr. Lewis says that there was a computer error and it threw the whole system out of whack. Bo says that Rex is going to want to know. Dorian asks Mr. Lewis if he re-ran the test.

Roxy says that she didnít tell Rex because she thought she was doing him a favor.

Stacy says that Oliver was just a one-night stand. Oliver says that they had a connection, and Stacy says that it was just sex. Oliver says that he ended things with someone else because he thought Stacy wanted to be with him. She says that he shouldnít have because she doesnít want to be with him. Oliver leaves.

Markko says that he is staying in Llanview, and Cole will be his roommate at LU. Cole says that LU was all about him staying close to Starr, Markko, and Langston. Cole says that he didnít think they would all fall apart.

Langston says that she understands why Starr didnít testify against Todd. Starr says that Langston was furious at her for lying. Langston says that she was mad at Starr for committing a crime that could have sent her to prison. Langston asks Starr to forgive her, and Starr agrees. Langston says that Markko got into UCLA but is refusing to go because he doesnít want them to be apart. Starr asks why Markko would apply to a school that is halfway across the country, and Langston says that UCLA is one of the best film schools in the country.

Markko asks Cole if he is sure there is no chance with Starr.

Stacy says that she didn't tell Gigi about Oliver because it wasn't important.

Bo tells Rex that the computer made a mistake and that David isn't his father.

Mr. Lewis says that David is a Buchanan.

Starr says that Markko can be a film major at LU, and it isn't like he would hold it against Langston. Langston says that he wouldn't right away. Starr says that it was supposed to be the four of them. Langston asks if there is any way that Cole and Starr can get back together.

Cole says that he and Starr had problems way before the pills and Todd's trial. Cole says that he can't even talk to Starr anymore.

Starr says that she and Cole were close again and she remembered what it was like between them, but then it was just gone. Langston asks if Starr talks to Mr. J about Cole when they are working on the project, and Starr says that she does, but Mr. J doesn't know it is Cole. Starr says that Mr. J is more of a listener, and that is what she really liked about Cole when they first met.

Markko says that he is still holding out for the original plan - the four of them together at college.

Starr says that at least she and Langston are back together, and Langston says that it is a start.

Stacy says that she shouldn't have brought Oliver home, but she got carried away. She didn't want the night to end. Stacy says that she doesn't want a relationship because it will get in the way of being with Gigi.

Rex tells Roxy that David isn't his father and asks Roxy why she said he was.

Mr. Lewis says that Asa isn't David's father, Bo is.


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