OLTL Update Tuesday 2/24/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/24/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda

After Bo, Clint, Nora, and Nigel enter Dorian and David’s new home (previously Asa’s) and inform them that David is not Asa’s son, David and Dorian tell them that they know that he is and that the Buchanans are probably falsifying any information that says otherwise. Bo tells them that he plucked a hair sample of David’s and compared it with that if Asa’s. He has proof on paper from the results that David is not Asa’s son. Clint then asks them if they are aware of what that means. Nora tells them what it means is that they’d better get out of her house.

Natalie and Jared go to Viki's and run into Jessica holding baby Chloe. Natalie coldly informs her sister that they are there to see Viki. Jessica informs her sister that their mother is not currently there and asks them what the nature of their visit would be. Jared tells her they just wanted to “run something by” her mom. Natalie then gets up to go, but Jessica asks her sister to wait. She informs her that Chloe is a little cranky and wonders if Natalie might give Chloe her bottle. Natalie then coldly asks her sister if she is not afraid that she (Natalie) might kidnap and take her away.

Michael and Marcie go to Rodi’s and talk to Gigi. They appear happy, and Gigi remarks that she’s glad that her two friends are back together. She does not appear happy, however, when she notices Rex, Shane and Stacy all together happily after going to a hockey game.

At Buenos Dias, Langston reads Markko’s letter of acceptance to UCLA and tells him she thinks it’s awesome that he has been accepted to their school of film study, but she wonders how it is that he would have been accepted there when, as far as she knows, he’s only applied to Llanview U.

After Téa drops the bombshell upon Cristian that Vanessa set Ray up for the murder of Lola’s mother and manipulated Cristian to marry her just so that she could stay in the US, Cristian grabs a hold of her and demands to know if it’s true. She admits yes. Lola tells them that she knew it all along. Ray confirms that he spent many years in prison all because of her. Téa then tells them that they must know that her client has had his life ruined, and Lola has had both of her parents taken from her because of this woman

At Asa’s, Dorian tells Bo he may give it up. She and David do not buy the “DNA results” that he wants them to believe are accurate. Nora tells them that DNA, nature and the law are all on their side. Bo tells them that he has made certain that the DNA test is unequivocally correct. Dorian then tells Bo that he must give it up. She is disappointed in him, and she would never believe he could stoop so low. She’d expect slimy behavior like this from Clint, but the “good brother” should be ashamed of himself. She goes on to remind them that Beaver Calhoun showed everybody the video confirming that David is Asa’s son and that he leaves everything to David. Clint informs them that his father went to his grave with the mistaken belief that David was his son, yet they now know that he is not. He asks David and Dorian what it feels like to be broke. He also tells David that things will get colder, as he can expect divorce papers in another hour. They then leave Dorian and David alone. David then asks Dorian if she still loves him. She eyes him coldly, realizing she may no longer have a reason to be married to him, but realizing she does not want to accept her fate, she tells him that she does not buy what she has heard. She’s going to call the hospital and have her own DNA test done.

Cristian asks Vanessa if she killed Lola’s mother; she says no, she is not a murderer. Téa reminds them all that Vanessa framed Ray for a murder, ruined his life and took Lola’s father from her. Cristian demands to know how she could do that. Lola asks her what she or her father ever did to her. Vanessa then cries and admits that it was her plan from the start. She admits that she read about Ray in the paper. She knew that he had money. She knew if she married him and stayed married long enough she could collect the money, and she could make it look like he murdered his first wife. Cristian asks her how she could take an innocent girl away from her father. He tells her that leaving a kid without a mother and sending an innocent man to prison is despicable. But she tells him no, she sent a guilty man to prison

At Rodi’s, Shane, Rex, and Stacy are all happily talking about the game that they went to, but Gigi is not happy that she has had to be slaving away at work while her boyfriend, their son, and her sister have all been having fun. Rex assures her that he would have had a lot more fun if she’d been there.

At Viki’s home, Jessica gives Chloe to Natalie. Natalie happily holds her niece. Jessica leaves the room. Jared tells her she must realize that Jessica is “trying,” but she tells him she is not going to let this go. She needs to know how it is that Jessica, or Tess, or somebody drove to the cottage to give birth to a baby alone without seeking any medical care but then suddenly drives to the hospital after Chloe was born. She then asks him “what if she did not even take Chloe to the hospital with her after giving birth. What if she left her newborn baby at the cottage?” He reminds her that Jessica has a sickness she cannot help, but Natalie asks him if he really thinks it’s a good idea to leave two infants in the care of somebody who could do something like that. That is why she has to talk to Viki in order to find out what is going on. Jared then tells Natalie that maybe they should ask Jessica that question. Jessica then enters and asks them what question they should ask her. Natalie tells her sister actually, they wanted to find out what happened the night when Chloe was born. Jessica tells her sister that she realizes that she (Tess) tortured the two of them and neglected getting medical care when ready to give birth. She tells Natalie that she realizes that she only cares about the welfare of Jessica’s two children; but she would never, ever put them in any danger.

After Langston asks Markko how it is that he applied to UCLA, he replies that he applied but didn’t think there was any possibility he’d actually be accepted. She tells him that he is an art freak and just what UCLA is looking for, but she wonders how it is that he did not tell her about his letter from UCLA and let her believe that he was going to go to the local school. “Why is that?” He replies it’s because he didn’t think it was important. She asks him how he would not think this is important.

Vanessa protests that she did not let an “innocent” man go to prison. The others must see that Ray is a threat to society. He has a knife in his hand. Ray tells her that he has spent a lot of time in prison because of her lies. He could not trust anybody including Téa in order to help him. Vanessa protests that when one lives with a man, they see their moods and know what they are capable of. She knows all about Ray’s temper and she knew about the arguments he used to have with his wife. She was afraid he’d hurt her or hurt Lola. When she saw the knife that he had in the drawer she was afraid that hew would use it. She turns to Lola, but Lola turns away. Cristian then asks her just how she got Ray’s prints on the knife. Téa answers that by planting the murder weapon upon Ray, it would convince Lola that her father was a murderer. Cristian then asks Vanessa how she could do that. She cries and tells him that in order to survive, she would take advantage of an opportunity. Téa says by opportunity, she means a man, Cristian then concludes that she obviously has a pattern of doing this. She used him all along, the same way.

At Asa’s, Bo tells David if he really is a Buddhist then he must know that what he is doing will only generate bad karma results. At that point, Nigel shows the lab intern who ran the DNA test into the house. Noticing him, Dorian asks him if he’s old enough to work or know anything. He enters and tells them that he has confirmed the results. If anybody doubts anything, they can confirm it with the hospital records. He has found a “DNA match” to David who lives right in Llanview. Hearing that, everybody is fascinated to hear just who David’s father really is.

Cristian concludes that Vanessa has been using and playing him since they came back from Columbia. She protests and pleads that it’s “not that way anymore.” He asks her what she means by “not any more.” She cries and tells him she fell in love with him.

Everybody demands that the lab technician tell them who David’s father is. They could care less as long as he’s not Asa. He then answers that David’s biological “father” is a man named Rex Balsam.

At Rodi’s, Gigi tells Rex that she rally does not care for hockey, and maybe she should not have been a “bitch.” She can see that her sister and her son are hitting it off. He tells her that that must be a good thing.

After hearing the lab technician confirm that he’s established that David’s father is Rex Balsam, everybody knows that could not be, since Rex is younger than David. Dorian laughs uproariously knowing that “evidence” like that couldn’t possibly have any credibility. Bo then says that it’s entirely possible that David is Rex’s father since he knows that Rex has not yet found out who his real father is. The lab technician then informs them that that could be the case. He found a “father/son” relationship with their DNA yet there was no confirmation who’s the father and who’s the son. Nora then realizes that Rex is almost 30 and asks David just how old he was when he jumped in the sack with Roxy Balsam. Clint confirms he could care less as long as he can confirm that David Vickers has no claim to anything their family owns. David appears baffled as if he knows it’s impossible for Rex to be his son. Dorian does not want to believe it. Bo gets on the phone to call Rex. Rex is at Rodi’s; Bo tells him he needs to see him right away.

Jessica tells Natalie that she deeply regrets what Tess did, but there is nothing she can do to undo what has already happened. She cries and tells Natalie that both of them wish they could take back many things that they cannot. She then asks Natalie if she thinks that she might be able to get her sister back.

Markko tells Langston that even if he was accepted to UCLA, he is not going there. She tells him that this is an opportunity he cannot pass up. He protests that he cannot afford out of state tuition. She tells him he can get a scholarship or grant, but he tells her she must not get what he is saying. He doesn’t want to leave her; he loves her. When he thought that her uncle was going to take her away and he’d never see her again, he realized he cannot be without her.

In response to Jessica's asking Natalie if there’s a chance that they can get their relationship back, Natalie replies that the entire time she was stuck in that room, waiting for the bomb to go off and kill her, she prayed that her sister would come back to her. Now she’s found out that the sister she loves is the one who wanted her dead. Jessica then concludes that they cannot go back to the way they were right now, but maybe someday. Natalie replies she would really like that. Jessica tells them that she has memory flashes of being Tess. Natalie then asks her if she remembers when Tess gave birth. Jessica replies she does remember thinking that there was something wrong with the baby, although that is very weird. At that point, we see the happy and healthy Chloe smiling and indicating that she was mistaken to think there’d be anything wrong with this baby.

At Rodi’s, Gigi takes Stacy to meet Marcie and Michael. Marcie admits that she did not know that Gigi had a sister. Gigi tells her that she was estranged from her entire family after her parents kicked her out of the house when they found out that she was pregnant. Marcie tells her she is terribly sorry and never knew, but her sister seems really nice, and at least she and Shane have one family member who seems to care about them. Right then, Stacy wastes no time revealing that she would like to move to Llanview to be closer to her sister and nephew and asks if anybody knows of any place that is renting. At that point, Shane jumps in and tells them that they want his aunt Stacy to stay with him, his mom and his dad. At that point, Gigi knows she cannot say no to that, even though she wants to.

Rex rushes over to Bo’s and assumes that he must apologize for letting him down by failing to find Dorian and David in Vegas before it was too late. He knows of the detrimental consequences to Bo’s family for that. He tells David that he cannot believe that Dorian would manipulate him. Bo then tells Rex that the reason he called him over is to let him know that David is not Asa’s son, but he is Rex’s father.

Noticing Vanessa crying and professing her love for Cristian, Téa tells her she is “good,” she is still working Cristian. He tells her she must shut up; she is no better than Vanessa. She pushed and moved heaven and earth to convince Cristian to marry Vanessa, and she could care less who gets hurt. Vanessa tells Cristian that he is the only man she ever loved and she will do anything to get him back. He does not respond and gets on his phone to call Antonio.

Stacy plays pool, and asks Michael about Shane’s asthma. He tells her that it does not slow him down, and Gigi and Rex are doing everything they can. She tells him she is really happy that her sister and nephew have some good friends. At the table, Marcie tells Gigi that she can see that she is not happy to see her sister. Gigi admits that she has not seen Stacy since they were kids. Marcie seems to know that there is something going on with Gigi and her sister. Gigi admits that she never had time for her little sister when they were growing up and that Stacy always wanted everything that Gigi had. She then coldly observes Stacy playing pool with Shane and noticing how chummy they are becoming. She does not look like she is ok with that.

At Asa’s, after Rex hears they’ve found out that David is his father, he announces that he needs to go. Dorian then takes David aside and asks him if he slept with Roxanne Balsam, but he tells her no. He knows he did not. He has slept with many women throughout his life, but no matter how drunk he would have been, he’d have known if he’d slept with Roxy.

After Jessica admits to Natalie that she remembers being Tess and worrying that there might be something wrong with her baby, Natalie tells her that she would really like to know what might have happened. Jessica tells her sister that with all of the terrible things that happened, one good thing came of all of it. Chloe is happy, healthy, and safe and she would like nothing more than to be able to tell her daughter that story one day.

Markko asks Langston if she is not a little bit glad that he is staying in Llanview. She tells him of course she doesn’t want him going anywhere.

Antonio and Talia take Vanessa away, but they also have to take Ray since he broke out of prison and broke into Cristian’s home. Lola insists that they let her go with her father. Vanessa protests to Cristian that she will always love him. He knocks the table over in anger.

Rex returns to Gigi and tells her that something happened that has blown his mind. He found out who his father is.

Dorian tells the others that there is no proof that David is not Asa’s son, so she and David are staying right there tonight. It will take a court order to get them to go. Clint tells them that they (Clint, Nora, Bo and Nigel) are not leaving either.

Natalie tells Jessica if she really wants to know that happened the night Chloe was born, she can tell her something, but Jared interrupts her and reminds Jessica that he knows she is working with an excellent psychiatrist. Jessica then picks up Chloe, thanks Natalie and Jared for listening and tells her sister she hopes some day they can go back to the way they were. After she’s gone, Natalie asks Jared why he prevented her from asking Jessica why Tess drove to the hospital after giving birth. He tells her that he does not think they have any business interrogating Jessica and they have no way of knowing why Tess went to the hospital, but she tells him “yes, they do.”

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