OLTL Update Monday 2/23/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/23/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Brenda


Viki and Charlie open their door to see Clint, Nora and Nigel. They ask if they are on a trip. Nigel replies “not exactly.” They find themselves in “not ordinary circumstances.” Viki asks what kind of circumstances. Nora replies that Dorian kicked them out of “her house.” Clint asks if Viki could let them stay at her house.

At Asa’s old house, which is now Dorian and David’s, they both plan all of the changes they will make, and all that they will spend, and they relish the money and power they now have.

Jessica is alone in Viki’s home reading baby Chloe a bedtime story and attempting to bond with her two children.

Right then, Natalie and Jared are ready to go on a trip; she reveals that she is very concerned about the two children being left in the care of Jessica. She might not feed or care for them, and nobody has a clue when Tess might come out. He again tells her that he thought they might let it go. But she tells him she cannot until she finds out the mystery of why Jessica drove to the hospital right before Chloe was born.

At Buenos Dias, Lola talks to Langston and Markko about how she does not trust Vanessa or believe a word she says. She believes that Vanessa set her father up for the murder of her mother and that it’s Vanessa who really killed her, and she has no clue what is going on.

Téa is right then wondering what to do now that she has heard that her client, Ray Montez, has escaped from prison.

Right then, Ray breaks into Cristian’s home, knocks him out and goes to find Vanessa with a knife in his hand. He walks into the bedroom to see Vanessa. She appears scared. He looks like he wants revenge.

Téa finds Lola with Langston and Markko. Lola asks if something might have happened. Lola admits to Téa that she told Vanessa that she believes that Vanessa killed her mother. She tells Téa that she could not just let it go and keep quiet about it any longer. Téa reveals to the three of them that Ray is out of prison. Hearing that, Markko asks if Ray is not considered dangerous and not ready to be legally released from prison. Téa admits that it is true and that she is figuring out what to do about it.

Ray holds the knife and stands over Vanessa’s bed. She panics and asks him what he did to Cristian. He tells her that maybe he killed him, just like he has been accused by her and imprisoned for doing to his wife, and just like he could easily do to her. While Cristian is on the floor, he struggles to get up.

Natalie and Jared meet Bo at the hospital parking garage, and they wonder what will happen to their company.

At Viki’s home, Jessica and Chloe enter to see Clint, Nora, and Nigel at the door. Viki asks what is going on. Clint replies that Dorian and David have evicted everybody. They’ve found out that David legally owns all of Asa’s estate. Dorian married him, so the two of them technically own everything. Viki then replies that she cannot believe that David would go along with Dorian’s plan. She thought that David had reformed himself. Charlie remarks that he wonders why Dorian would want to own Asa’s house and live there with David. Why wouldn’t she want to stay in her own very expensive mansion? Nora replies that Dorian no longer owns her home. Moe and Noelle own it now. She supposedly signed all of her wealth over to them. Jessica asks how that could have happened. Clint remarks that he happens to know that Dorian is only going about this whole plan out of revenge toward all of them.

Dorian and David talk about what might have become of Nora, Clint, and all the people who look down their noses upon them. She smirks, telling him that they deserve what they got.

Clint tells Viki that he and his family don’t plan on staying at her home forever. They might leave the country. She tells him she thinks that might be a drastic measure.

Right when David and Dorian are relishing and settling into their new house, they hear a knock on the door. David gets the door; it’s Addie. She pushes a pie in his face. Dorian tells her sister that it is way out of line for her to come into her new home and do something like that to her (Dorian's) husband. Addie tells the two of them that she really thinks they have gone too far. They are doing damage to themselves and their families, and she thought that the two of them were Buddhists. She tells Dorian that she scammed and lied about all of that. Dorian explains to her sister that she believes that maybe David’s path led him to find his real self and straight into his house, and maybe his higher power wanted him to be rich. David tells Addie “yea, she’s right.” Addie asks if they think they are justified to have run the Buchanans out of their home. She asks David if he believes that that is what Buddha would do.

Bo tells Natalie and Jared that they are investigating and trying to find a way to prevent David from taking everything. He is going to call for a DNA test. But they remember that Jared was able to scam them with a false DNA test; David could also. Bo leaves and tells them that he congratulates them on their engagement, and he reminds them that the state of Pennsylvania no longer requires a blood test in order to get married.

Right then, while in Viki’s home, Nora calls and leaves a message for Cole. Jessica enters and asks Nora if she knows about who might have killed Brody Lovett's friend, Wes Granger. Nora informs her that they have already made an arrest; it’s Marty Saybrooke. Hearing that, Jessica is surprised and shocked.

After Téa has informed Lola that Ray has escaped from prison, Lola asks her if she believes that her father might be in Llanview. Téa tells her she is not certain, But she needs to find him. Lola then insists that she goes with Téa. At first, Téa tells her that is not a good idea. But Lola tells Téa that he is her father, and she must go with her to find out if Ray is in trouble or endangering anybody.

After Cristian attempts to get up from the floor and has a bump on his head, Vanessa asks Ray just how he thinks he’s going to get away with breaking out of prison and into her home with a knife making death threats. He tells her that he knows what he is doing. And he won’t let her get away with what she did to him. But at that point, Cristian gets on his feet and gets up to protect Vanessa.

Natalie and Jared go to the parking garage to see if the attendant could find out about the parking validation that they found in Jessica’s purse. She makes up a story about how somebody has falsely accused her of hitting their car, and she needs to know where and when the parking validation came from. The guy then runs a search and gives her the information. Jared then asks Natalie what she’s got. She looks at it and replies that what she came up with was something that makes no sense.

Jessica tells Nora that she does not believe that Marty killed Wes. Nora tells her she agrees; but, Nora reminds her, Marty woke up beside him with his blood all over her clothes, and her fingerprints on the murder weapon that killed him, so Antonio had no choice but to arrest her. Jessica then tells Nora that she feels responsible for the things that Tess did, including, but not limited to, letting Todd off the hook for what he did to Marty and what he almost did to Starr and to Cole. Nora tells Jessica she mustn’t worry about that. She goes into the room to talk to the others. Alone, Jessica gets on the phone to call Brody Lovett at St. Anne’s.

Nora enters the other room. Charlie has an idea about how they can beat Dorian and David at their own game. Nora tells him she likes the way he thinks.

Bo has a similar idea.

Addie tells Dorian and David that they have gone too far with their greed. The last time Dorian had a plan to take over B.E., Nash was murdered. Then her next brilliant plan got Ray Montez shot. What else will she do?

Right then, Cristian and Ray struggle with the knife. Téa and Lola enter. Ray tells his daughter he has missed her for so long. And these two people (Vanessa and Cristian) will not keep him from seeing her again. Lola urges her father to let Téa to help him. He tells her that he does not trust Téa. He has to take the law into his own hands. Hearing that, Cristian demands to know what is going on. At that point, Téa admits to him that she has been representing Ray for months. He is her client.

After Addie tells Dorian and David that they have stolen from the Buchanan’s, Dorian reminds her sister that Asa willed everything to David, and she has married David, so they have the legal right to own everything. Addie then asks her sister if she can talk to David alone. David asks Addie why she disapproves. He plans to build a yoga studio that she can co-own with him if she wants. She asks him if he really thinks that this is the way to do things. He reminds her that it is clothing optional. She does not look amused.

Right then, Dorian goes into the other room to call Langston. She tells her foster daughter she needs to come home, and she needs to meet her at Asa’s home. Langston tells her foster mother she has some important things to attend to, but Dorian demands she gets home. Langston tells Markko that she’d like to stay and see if she can help Lola, but she has no clue what to do. Maybe, for all she knows, Ray did not murder Lola’s mother and got framed just like Téa said, and Vanessa is roaming free and endangering innocent people, including Lola.

Viki enters and asks Jessica about her call to Brody Lovett. Jessica tells her mother that she heard that Marty got arrested for the murder of Wes. She asks Viki if she could go with her to see Marty; Marty is her friend. Viki tells her daughter she can come. They want to be there for Marty. Viki then asks her daughter if she is really “up to” all of this and helping all of these people with their problems. Right then, Bo enters and has some information for them.

Charlie asks Nora and Clint just how it is that David would have inherited everything from Asa. Right then, Bo enters and announces that he has gotten the results of the DNA test. And, it has turned out that Vickers and Dorian are in for the surprise of their lives. Bo smirks and looks encouraged.

After Téa reveals to Cristian for the first time that she has been representing Ray, he appears furious and feels betrayed, and she protests that she did not intend to hurt him; she is his friend. He asks her how she can say that if she is working for Ray. She tells him she will explain everything. Ray then wields the knife and tells Cristian and Vanessa that he won’t let them get away with what they have done. At that point, Lola pleads with her father not to do this. She reveals to him that she got his letter and she now believes what he says that Vanessa set him up for the murder of her mother. She is now on his side and knows that Vanessa is the one who is dangerous and not to be trusted.

Outside of Buenos Dias, Natalie and Jared find it baffling how to account for the time when Jessica, or Tess, or somebody in her body, drove to the hospital and how that would have been right after giving birth to Chloe. Natalie concludes that she will have to ask her mother what she knows about the whole situation.

Viki tells Jessica that she believes she has come a long way in her recovery. She assures her daughter that she has nothing to prove to her mother. Jessica tells her mother she appreciates that, but she realizes she has a lot to prove to herself.

At Asa’s house, Dorian tells Addie she wishes she would stay and have some food and drinks and take a tour of their lovely new home, but Addie reminds her sister of how she remembers being Asa’s mother in law and living in this very place. This house was cold and uninviting. She does not have fond memories of how Asa hurt her daughter. She believes that man was sick and evil and the bad element might be living on in his son. She tells Dorian and David she hopes they can find some comfort in what they are doing because they are both going to be all alone in this place without anybody to care about them. Right then, she gets up to go out the door. And she sees Clint, Nora, Nigel and Bo at the door. She the turns and tells Dorian that maybe that is not true after all.

Markko is ready to close Buenos Dias and leave with Langston. She tells him that maybe they should celebrate. He asks her what they should celebrate; he knows the news about her uncle may not be encouraging. She still believes that he has been accepted to Llanview U. She tells him that now that she is an heiress, Dorian Kramer Lord can spring for some festivities. But right then, she notices something has dropped out of his pocket. She picks it up and asks him what this thing is that he got from UCLA.

Natalie and Jared enter Viki’s home and go to see Jessica. Natalie looks at her sister coldly.

Téa tells Vanessa that she knows that she married Ray for his money. And as soon as she got her hands on the money, she framed Ray for murder. She used him and used his daughter and kept Lola away from her father. Cristian then demands that Vanessa tells him if that is true. Vanessa cries and does not know how to answer that. He angrily grabs her and demands to know how she could have done that.

Nora tells Dorian and David that she has found out that the house is hers, not theirs. Dorian tells them no, Asa left everything to his son, David. Clint then clarifies to her that Asa left it to his son who is named David. She assumes that means the man whom she has married and named David Vickers is that son in question. But Clint lets them all know that this low life idiot whom she calls her husband is not Asa’s son at all. Hearing that, Dorian appears horrified.

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