OLTL Update Friday 2/20/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/20/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

At the police station, when Antonio and John implicate Todd for the murder of Wes and question his whereabouts, Téa informs them that there was somebody else with Todd on the night in question. She turns to Blair who turns her back. She asks Blair if that is not true. She asks Blair if she (Blair) wants to tell them or should she (herself)? John then asks Blair what Téa is talking about. Blair then replies that she is Todd’s alibi. She admits that she slept with Todd in his bed and was with him throughout the entire night.

Schuyler is alone with Starr in the classroom. She admits that she has found out some things about his personal life. She tells him that she knows he must really miss his mom, and she bets he regrets that he ever met her dad or her (Starr).

Rex and Gigi return home. They have a bunch of food and fun for Shane. She tells him that she feels very lame to be able to tell Shane that although his grandparents are dead, she did not know that herself until just now, and he never even had a chance to meet them. There’s all kinds of goodies for him. He reminds her that at least Shane has his Aunt Stacy. They assume that Shane will not be home until his ride takes him home. When they enter, they notice Shane and Stacy having a water fight in the living room.

After Blair admits that she and Todd spent the night together, John asks her if they really “slept” together.

At Buenos Dias, after Langston finds out that Markko got accepted into college, she assumes that it’s Llanview U. He does not have the heart to tell her that it’s UCLA which is thousands of miles away.

Gigi demands that her son tell her why he is home so early. He informs her that the class was cancelled. She asks why the babysitter did not call and tell her. Stacy tells them not to worry. Shane came home early and they have been getting to know each other. Stacy goes through the groceries that Gigi and Rex have bought and wonders why they don’t buy him more fun stuff to eat. Gigi asks Shane to let her talk to her sister alone. He asks his mom if they are going to talk about his deceased grandparents. Hearing that, Gigi demands to know if her sister told her son about that. Stacy replies that she and Shane discussed it because he asked.

At the station, after Blair admits that she spent the night with Todd but did not have ‘intimacy” with him, Todd jokes by telling her, "That’s cold, baby.” She explains that she had too much to drink, and Todd took her home. But he took her back to his home. She did not sleep in his bed. She slept on his bed and was too drunk to know where she was when she passed out. Hearing that, Téa informs the cops that they can no longer make Todd their scapegoat. Blair can vouch for his whereabouts. Noticing the disapproving look on John’s face, Blair protests that Todd took her keys. Todd adds because she was a danger to herself and others, and John should know. Blair tells Todd to shut up. At that point, Téa concludes that if there is nothing else, she and Todd are out of there. John then concludes if Blair was passed out drunk, there’s no way she’d have known if Todd had left and come back. Antonio agrees. Téa then asks if they believe that Todd just happened to sneak out of his home, went to Wes’s place, broke into his room, stabbed him without Marty or anybody else knowing. Then he conveniently comes home and has no trace of anything on his hands. Yet, he puts blood all over Marty’s hands. She tells him she bets that that is what they all want to believe about Todd and what Marty wants them to think because she hates Todd. She’d like nothing more than to see him fry. Marty admits that she woke up and saw Wes with a knife in his chest but has no clue how it happened. Téa then asks her if she expects anybody to believe that. She then tells Antonio, Talia, and John that they have this on record. They have proof of this, yet, they stand there and accuse her client of murder?

Schuyler tells Starr she is not responsible for what her father does. She tells him she always has to deal with what her father is going to do. She has to worry about Whenever she meets somebody, she has to worry if it will set him off. Schuyler then tells her that he finds genetics very interesting. When two cells combine, so many thing can happen. An offspring of any two people can have any types of traits, physically, emotionally, or intellectually. She asks him if he thinks that his drug problem might have something to do with genetics. He admits that there is alcoholism in his family. She tells him that she wonders if she carries all of her father’s sick genes. He tells her that somebody could say that a child of Todd Manning’s is doomed. He finds it very interesting.

Vanessa tells Lola she should have seen Christian in his tux at the ball. He was the most handsome man there. Lola appears cold to her stepmother. Vanessa asks her how her new school is working out. She asks Lola what is wrong. Ever since Talia’s birthday party, she has not been herself. Lola tells her that she cannot act as though everything is normal. She tells both Vanessa and Cristian that she is onto what really happened. She tells Vanessa she knows what she really did.

Gigi asks Stacy if she really told Shane about his deceased grandparents. Stacy replies that Shane asked her to tell him about his mom when she was his age, what their childhood was like, and about their parents. Shane tells his mom she must know that his aunt did nothing wrong. Gigi tells her sister she wanted to be able to tell her son that herself. Rex and Shane go off and let them talk alone. Stacy then reminds Gigi that she did lie to Shane not only about that but also about Brody Leavitt being his father. Stacy tells her sister she realizes she does not have kids and no experience with them, but she does not approve of lying to them. Gigi asks her if she thinks that it would be in Shane’s best interest to know that his grandparents kicked his mother to the curb because she was pregnant with him. Stacy tells her that is not his fault, nor anything he should be ashamed of, nor should he be kept in the dark about that.

Lola tells Vanessa she knows what she did. She framed her father. She manipulated Cristian to marry her so that they would not have to go back to Columbia. Cristian defends that Vanessa did not manipulate him. He did what he chose. She goes on to tell her stepmother that she knows that she shot Ray before he had a chance to expose her and let the truth be known. Vanessa tells her that is absolutely not true. She shot him in order to protect her (Lola). Lola tells her she does not believe that. She bets that Vanessa set Ray up for the murder of Lola’s mother and it was she (Vanessa) who killed her.

At the station, after Téa tells the cops she believes that Marty killed Wes and Blair agrees, they ask what motive she would have. Téa replies that she has many. Marty was drunk and partying and went home with Wes. He wanted to get “frisky” but she did not and it got out of control. Marty protests that that did not happen. Wes was her friend. They weren’t even having sex. He was never violent with her. None of that happened. But Téa reminds everybody that if Marty has no memory of anything, how can they be sure? What they do know, however, is that Marty was laying beside Wes in his bed right after he was stabbed to death. She tells them that she and her client are done, and she leaves with Todd.

In the science lab at the high school, Schuyler and Starr look at chromosome pairs through a microscope. They noticed the "x" and "y" chromosomes of males and females. He is impressed by how she has been doing her homework. She compliments him on being a good teacher.

After Lola reveals to Vanessa and to Cristian that she knows that Vanessa framed her father for the murder of her mother and bets that Vanessa killed her mother, Vanessa asks her stepdaughter how she would say something like that. She loves her just like a daughter. Lola tells her she does not buy that. It’s because of her (Vanessa) that she (Lola) does not have a mother or a father. She runs out the door. Cristian then asks Vanessa where she thinks that Lola would have gotten that idea. Vanessa replies she bets it was from Téa Delgado.

At Todd’s, he asks Téa what the nature of her other case is. She tells him that Ray Montez got framed for the murder of his first wife by his second wife. He’s been wrongfully sent to prison while his second wife raises his daughter and has lied to her. She bets it was his second wife who killed his daughter’s mother.

Vanessa informs Cristian that in the letter that Ray wrote to Lola, he asked her to talk to somebody besides Vanessa who might know what really happened. She knows that that person must have been Téa. She knows that Lola and Téa have been talking privately, alone. She has been putting terrible things into Lola’s head. Cristian then asks her why her own lawyer would turn on her. Vanessa then asks him if he is implying that he believes that she killed Ray’s first wife.

At that moment, Lola rushes to find Langston and Markko at Buenos Dias. She hugs them and cries. They ask her what is wrong.

Rex replies to Stacy, telling her why Gigi lied about Brody being his real father. He does this by telling her it was because Gigi wanted Shane to believe he had a war hero for a father and not the likes of him. In response to that, Stacy tells Rex that she knows that Shane loves him (Rex). She tells Gigi that she believes that Shane is a great kid and Gigi might have  something to do with that. She believes that their parents would be proud of Gigi for being such a great mom. Gigi hugs her sister.

At the station, Blair asks John if they can talk, but he walks away from her looking disappointed. She asks him if he really thinks that she would let Todd touch her. He walks away and indicates that Marty is more important to him. Blair reveals she is insanely jealous of his attention toward Marty.

Vanessa asks Cristian how her step-daughter could turn on her. He must believe that she would never do what Lola accuses. Maybe she should not have prevented Lola from talking to her father. He tells her that they can work things out. She tells him that she thought that all of this was behind them, all of Ray’s threats and accusations. She thought that once he is in prison, this will never happen again. Cristian tells her it is over. He won’t let Ray or anybody else hurt her. He kisses her and tells her he is not going anywhere. They are happily together even though Lola does not trust them.

At the station, Antonio searches on his computer for clues. Marty’s lawyer tells him if he cannot find evidence against Marty, she must be released. Talia then comes back with a forensics report. It looks like Marty might be charged with murder one. Hearing that, Blair smirks.

Starr asks Schuyler if he believes that there is a genetic link between him and his mom. He admits that he considered following in her footsteps and becoming a doctor, but he didn’t really have the discipline for med school. She then asks him if his drug problem might have prevented him from getting through med school. He then tells her that she is asking him a lot of questions. Though, he does share with her that he first thought that he was not meant to be a teacher with his personal problems. He first thought that nobody in their right mind would see him as any kind of role model. But he noticed a kid who really wanted to learn and whom he could help, and it inspired him.

At the station, the cops are all coming up with theories about how Marty’s fingerprints could have gotten on the murder weapon. She exclaims that she is sorry, but she does not remember. She protests that Wes was her friend. but she is still sorry but she does not remember. Antonio then declares that so is he, because he has no choice except to place her under arrest.

At Buenos Dias, Lola reveals to Langston and Markko that her father urged her not to trust Vanessa. Now she knows why.

Meanwhile, Vanessa and Cristian are having passionate sex. His phone rings but he does not get it. Téa leaves a message on his voice mail warning him about Lola and tells him he must call her back, because it’s very important. Vanessa erases the message.

Gigi tells Stacy that she will get her some food. Stacy tells her sister she is fine. Alone with Gigi, Rex asks her if she is certain she is okay. She cries and tells him that she wanted to be able to tell her son that his grandparents died but did not know how to. Shane enters and tells them that he does not feel a sense of loss since he did not know his grandparents and does not appear upset.  Gigi is ready to go to a game with Rex and Shane when she gets a call from Rodi’s. Everybody has called in sick and they really need her. She tells them that she really wishes she could go. Shane suggests that, maybe, Aunt Stacy could go. Stacy asks if it’s okay. She really loves hockey, although she’d hate to crash a “family thing.” Gigi then tells them she better get changed and get to work. They could use the extra money. She encourages them to have a good time without her.

Antonio tells John that it does not matter what he thinks. Marty’s fingerprints were all over the crime scene, the murder weapon, and his blood was all over her. So he asks Talia to escort Dr. Saybrooke to her cell. Antonio protests that he had no choice. Blair tells John he needs to see the reality that has been proven whether the cops want to believe such a thing about Marty or not. John then tells her she is free to go. She tells John she is not going anywhere.

Langston and Markko ask Lola what she really believes about her mother, father, and stepmother. She tells them she really does not know. But she knows her mother would not cheat on her father, and she knew her father would not kill her. Vanessa did.

Cristian and Vanessa are happily in bed. He gets up. She remembers hearing Lola tell her that maybe she killed Lola’s mother herself and that she (Lola) does not have a mother or a father because of Vanessa. Just then, Vanessa calls Lola. Lola tells Langston and Markko she is not about to answer it. Vanessa leaves her a message to please come home. She tells her they will talk. At least, please come home, she urges her. Cristian then goes to the other room and gets dressed. Before he knows what happened, “somebody” knocks him out, and he falls to the floor.

Schuyler asks Starr to look though the microscope and asks if she needs his help to spot a mutation. She replies, "No." She thinks she understands it all.

At the station, Blair pleads with John that he must know that she did not do anything. She expresses her anger toward the thought of him with Marty, with his tongue in her mouth. He snaps at her that that is enough. She looks very hurt at the thought that he may be done with her.

Langston and Markko tell Lola that maybe she needs another adult to talk to about the situation. She tells them she has somebody. It’s her lawyer.

Téa gets her phone and assumes that Ray Montez is calling her from prison. She finds out that it was the warden who has informed her that Ray escaped the night before.

At that moment, we find out who knocked Cristian out. It’s Ray. He has found his way to Cristian’s house to find Vanessa. He has a knife in his hand. 

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