OLTL Update Thursday 2/19/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/19/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

Right when Schuyler is alone in his empty class looking into a microscope, Starr enters and tells him she is very worried about something that just happened to Cole.

Cole hears on the radio that Wes Granger has been stabbed to death.

Markko rushes into Buenos Dias and is surprised to see Noelle in her waitress uniform still working. He remarks that he thought she was rich. She replies her husband is rich. If Moe wants to sit around and stare at his portfolio all day, good for him. She is a waitress and gets terribly bored without working. Hearing that, he senses that she appears to be annoyed and tells her he’s sorry he asked. She asks him to wait and apologizes if she was short. She tells him that Moe is driving her crazy with all of his recent obsessions. She asks him if everything is okay at home. He tells her yes and asks why. She tells him that it appears he is getting all of his mail here. He asks her what came for him at the restaurant, and she shows him a letter form California. He rushes to open it and it appears that he has been accepted to a college. He is very happy.

Natalie and Jared enter. He notices that she is still carrying around the parking voucher in Jessica’s purse that indicates that Jessica went to the hospital parking garage the night Chloe was born. He tells her he thought she was going to let that whole thing go.

Jessica goes to visit Brody at St. Anne’s. He tells her he is very worried about his friend Wes being murdered. He’s afraid that for all he knows, he might have done it.

Todd enters and wonders why Téa appears to be upset and lost in thought. She tells him that she has found out that Wes Granger was stabbed to death.

A group of reporters are hoarding the police station. They are ready to interview Marty when she gets taken to the police station. Blair is right there, ready to testify to the cops what she saw after she called to report the murder. John believes there are many other suspects with better motives than Marty had.

Téa tells Todd that he had plenty of motives to kill Wes. There were witnesses all around the ballroom observing him assaulting Wes, and he may get charged for the crime. She tells him she needs to call the cops.

Jessica asks Brody if he killed Wes. He tells her that he found out that Wes lied to him about what happened to the boy in Iraq and is afraid that he might have gone off on Wes. She asks him if he killed his friend, wouldn’t he know? She asks him if he has had any blackouts. He tells her he does not think so but does not know. He does know, however, that he got out of St. Anne’s the previous night. She examines his hands and wrists and asks if there is any blood or evidence that looks as though he might be under suspicion. He is very worried that something might have happened that he had no control over. She demands that he looks at her and stops this. She does not believe that he could have done it.

At Buenos Dias, Natalie tells Jared that if Tess was smart enough to hire a builder to build this secret soundproof room in the basement without their knowing and then have them both locked in there with a ticking time bomb, then how could she have left the hospital to go and have the baby alone? He tells her he really does not know. Maybe she was not in her right mind. She tells him that she cannot let this go.

Markko admits to Noelle that he secretly applied to UCLA and cannot believe that he got in. Right then Langston appears. Noelle announces the news to her. It looks like he wants to keep a secret from her.

Starr informs Schuyler that she used to be able to talk to Cole. He used to open up and share with her. Even after they broke up. But now he hides and keeps secrets and is off in another world. Schuyler tells her that he really understands what it’s like to have somebody in your life who has not died, who used to be somebody’s significant other and having had a child together and now having that happen. It’s the loneliest thing anybody can deal with. He reveals that he might know about that from his own experience.

At the police station, John and Antonio tell Blair that they know she wants to implicate Marty for the murder, but they don’t believe she did it. She had no motive. They know, however, of somebody else who does, namely Todd.

Téa tells Todd that there is a lot of suspicion against him.

Blair protests to the cops that they have no proof against Todd. They found Marty in Wes’s room lying beside him with blood all over her hands. What more do they need? Marty’s lawyer then tells her that she cannot harass his client. He asks Antonio if he is pressing charges because if he is not, then his client would like to go home. But Antonio tells him that his client had the murder victim’s blood all over her hands. So Officer Sahib has to do her job and ask her many questions. At that point, Cole rushes to see his mother, but she appears numb, as if she has no feelings for her son. He asks her if she is okay. John tells him that his mother is fine. They just need to ask her some questions. He protests that his mother may not be able to take an interrogation. But Marty assures her son that the cops are just doing their job. There’s no need to worry. Why doesn’t he just go back to school?

Schuyler tells Starr that losing his mom was a devastating loss. But when you see somebody every day who has shut you out, knowing that they are alive and well and making that choice can hurt worse. She tells him that every time she sees Cole, her heart skips a beat and she gets excited. She has a glimmer of hope that they might get back together. She notices how things are never going be the same again. Hearing that, she then asks him if he doesn’t mind her asking what went wrong with him and the person he cared about.

After Langston finds out that Markko got accepted into college, she assumes it’s somewhere local where she can attend with him and they can be together. He admits to Noelle that he doesn’t know how to tell her that it’s thousands of miles away.

Looking at the parking voucher that indicates that Jessica (or Tess) drove to the hospital before giving birth, Jared reminds Natalie that regardless of what it may mean, this happened before she went to St. Anne’s and got help. There could have been a million reasons why that parking validation has that date on it. It could have been a mistake. Nobody knows what really happened.

At St. Anne’s, Jessica tells Brody that she does not believe that he killed Wes. He tells her he really has no clue if he did or not.

At the police station, Marty assures Cole that she will be okay and goes off with Talia to give her statement with a video camera.

Téa tells Todd she knows he is innocent. She fixes him some Campbell’s soup. He tells her that he’s afraid that when the cops talk to him they will want to nail him. She tells him that he has an alibi. Blair knows for a fact that he was in his home, in his bed, and nowhere near Wes when he got killed. But Todd tells her that even if Blair knows, he does not trust her to vouch for him. He bets Blair would like more than anything to get him falsely accused of murder.

In the empty classroom, Schuyler Joplin tells Starr that they should not be talking about his love life. He is her teacher. She tells him she did not intend to be nosy. She just wondered if that had anything to do with his drug problem.

At the station, Antonio and John tell Cole that they found his mom near Wes’s dead body and, it’s standard procedure to question anybody who might have been nearby at the time.

In the other room, Talia records a video where she questions Marty, and Marty’s lawyer stands beside her. She tells Marty she realizes that she and Wes shared a room, and Marty found him dead with a knife in his chest. The lawyer reminds Talia that his client will only answer questions that he believes she should answer. Marty tells Talia that she did not have a clue how it happened to Wes. Talia tells Marty she does not intend to accuse her of anything, but she has heard Marty admit that she and Wes Granger were fighting the night before. At that point, the lawyer instructs Talia not to make these types of implications to his client.

Antonio questions Cole. At that point, Todd and Blair enter. Cole tells them that she is concerned about all of the interrogation they might be doing to his mother. He tells them she has been through enough and doesn’t need anymore. Todd tells them he agrees with Cole. She has.

Talia asks Marty if the argument between her and Wes that started at the Go Red Ball continued when they went home. Marty replies, "Yes." Talia asks Marty if Wes had too much to drink. Marty replies, "No." Talia asks her if she didn't believe that Wes acted irrationally the night before even though there were witnesses that saw him get into a brawl with Todd and with John. Marty defends Wes and tells her that Wes had good reason to be provoked by the way John and Todd were both harassing him. Talia asks Marty if Wes ever hit her or threatened her. Marty replies, "Absolutely not." Wes was kind and gentle and decent. He would never hurt her and would not hurt anybody without good reason. Talia reminds her that she knows that Wes was trained to kill, had a knife, and was very angry and combative at the party. Marty tells her that Wes had been through hell with a personal issue involving his family and Lee Halpern, and then he went to Iraq. He did not do anything wrong. She indicates, that she is suffering from something going on where she does not remember anything. She believed that Wes, maybe, had good reason to be angry at her.

At St. Anne’s, Jessica encourages Brody to know that he does not need to feel bad for what he might have done or what happened to Wes. He is a great person and deserves to have happiness in his life.

At Buenos Dias, Natalie tells Jared that she cannot understand how it was that Jessica had a parking validation ticket in her wallet at the hospital stamped on the very day when she gave birth. She knows that Tess gave birth at the vineyard. She needs to know what really happened. Jared tells her that he really wishes that she would just let it go. All he cares about is that neither of them have been killed by Tess. It’s a miracle they are alive. They can start a life together. Jessica is getting help and maybe what happened in the past needs to stay in the past. She tells him she knows that, but she is really concerned about this big mystery involving her sister giving birth.

Starr tells Schuyler that she does not mean to get into his business, but she considers herself his friend.

At the station, Cole tells the cops they better not be harassing his mother. Antonio tells Blair, Todd, and Téa that they all must account for their whereabouts the night  Wes was killed. Antonio indicates that he bets that Todd went to Wes’s room to finish him off after they got into a brawl. Téa tells Antonio that he knows better than to assume something like that. Antonio reminds her that Todd is a suspect, and the cops have the right to ask him to account for his whereabouts. She tells him she realizes that. She knows of somebody who can account for his whereabouts, and that happens to be Blair. Blair turns her back and indicates that she might not want to get involved in this nor admit that she spent the night with Todd on the night in question.

John tells Cole that he should go home. He tells John he cannot. He has to see how his mom is doing. John tells Cole that he knows that after they question her, she will be released. He knows that she did not do it. Todd then reports to Antonio that when he got home, he brushed his teeth, took off his tuxedo, and went to bed. Antonio asks if anybody can vouch for that. Blair then stands up and exclaims that they must know that Todd did not kill Wes Granger. Marty Saybrook did.

Talia questions Marty and her lawyer guards her. Talia asks Marty what happened when she and Wes got home and argued. Marty replies that she told Wes that she was too tired to continue arguing and she went to sleep. Talia asks Marty if she takes any drugs to get to sleep. Does she take pain medicines or anything of that nature? Marty replies, "No." Talia reminds Marty that she is suffering from a memory loss and it’s entirely possible that something could have happened that she does not remember. Marty admits that she does not know but indicates that she cannot say that she knows she did not kill Wes. She tells her that she remembers she and Wes stopped talking. She fell asleep. When she woke up the next morning, she noticed her hand was sticky. She saw there was blood all over her clothing. She turned and saw that Wes was dead with a knife in him. She wishes she knew what happened. But she does not remember. And she cries.

Jessica tells Brody that she believes that he has the right to be angry at Wes for lying to him for what happened in Iraq and for dying. He tells her she is right. He was angry at Wes. Wes was his best friend and he protected him. Jessica reminds him that now he is dead and it is devastating. She knows all too well what it’s like to live in doubt of oneself, not knowing if you could black out or hurt somebody. But she has faith in him, knows he’s getting better, and would never murder his best friend.

Blair tells the cops that she knows that it was Marty who killed Wes. She saw for herself when she walked into his room that Marty was lying beside him when he was in a pool of blood. John needs to know that. Téa then asks if anybody can account for Marty’s whereabouts and how she could not be the killer.

Cole goes to school and pounds viciously on the lockers knowing there is nothing he can do for his mother now that she is being investigated for the murder of Wes.

In the empty classroom, Starr and Schuyler talk about “somebody” she is concerned about who has issues that she cannot deal with and which she does not believe anybody can handle without help.

In the hallway, Cole opens the locker, pulls pills out of the plastic bag and puts them in his mouth.

In Buenos Dias, Langston is telling Markko and Noelle that she is concerned about losing her friendship with Starr and Cole. She knows that Starr is angry at her. She doesn’t want to lose him also.

Marty’s lawyer tells Talia that it is true that his client was in the room when Wes Granger was murdered, but they had no violent contact. She had no motive to kill him, and she did not. He tells Talia she has been very cooperative. They are done with her. He and Marty walk out the door together.

The video shows them in that room. Antonio asks Téa if she does not think it’s gone a little too far with her letting Todd off the hook for everything. Todd is capable, willing, and had perfect motive to kill Wes. Why does she believe that he did not? In response to that, Téa tells him that there is another witness who happens to know that Todd was nowhere near the scene of the crime because “this person” spent the night with him. She asks Blair if she would want to corroborate that. Blair turns to her coldly. 

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