OLTL Update Wednesday 2/18/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/18/09


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

David tells everyone to get out of his house. Matthew comes home from school. David and Dorian announce to Matthew that they are his aunt and uncle. Dorian says that Matthew and Starr are cousins now.

Cole says that their parents are doing them proud as usual and Starr says that she could just die.

Téa tells Todd that he should frame the picture. Todd says that it was a hell of a date that Téa took him on the previous night and that she almost got him killed. Téa says that she thought she was going to have to defend Todd on murder charges.

Blair calls the police to report a murder.

Jessica shows up at St. Ann’s to see Brody and is questioned by Barb. Jessica asks Barb about Brody and Barb says that he wasn’t at breakfast. A nun goes to check on Brody.

Blair tells Talia about the murder of Wes Granger at the Angel Square Motel. Blair says that he is looking at the murderer, Marty. Talia tells Blair not to touch anything or move anything. Talia tells Antonio that they have another homicide, and that it is another stab wound to the heart.

John tells Blair that she should have talked to him before she called the police because he wants to handle it. Blair asks why and John says that Marty didn’t kill Wes.

Matthew says that Starr isn’t his cousin and Blair says that his family is a little more extended than any of them expected. Dorian says that Blair, Starr, the boys, Langston and Addie will be living there and Matthew’s half of the family will be living elsewhere. Matthew says that Asa gave them the house and asks why they have to move out. Bo says that they don’t and Clint says that they already have lawyers working on it. Dorian says that they have marshals outside waiting to evict them in an hour.

Barb says that it looks like Brody didn’t even sleep there. A nun calls security and says that they have a patient who seems to be missing. Brody comes up and asks if they are looking for him and the nun asks where he has been.

Blair tells John that Marty is covered in Wes’ blood and asks him how he can say she didn’t do it.

Cole reads part of the article about Todd and Marty at the Go Red Ball. Starr says that Wes pulled a knife on Todd and could have killed him. Cole says that he hates Wes as much as he hates Todd.

Todd says that women aren’t supposed to break up fights. Téa says that she kept Todd from killing the guy, but Todd says that he wasn’t going to kill Wes. Todd asks why Téa is there. Téa says that she is there to say goodbye.

John says that Blair doesn’t know what happened. Blair says that she has a pretty good guess and suggests that they ask Marty. John says that Marty didn’t do it. Blair asks if Marty was begging John not to call the cops because she is innocent. John asks why Blair is there. Blair says that she came to apologize for the way she acted the previous night.

Nora suggests that Matthew should go upstairs and let the grown-ups deal with it. Matthew goes upstairs and Nora asks Dorian if upsetting a child made her happy. Dorian says that Nora should hurry up or Matthew is going to get more upset when he watches Nora get carried out of the house. Clint asks David if the Buddhist conversion was an act and David says that he was doing his best to change, but Dorian showed him his deeper calling – to run Buchanan Enterprises and claim the gifts of his birthright. Clint says that families stick together and help each other out. Nigel says that Buchanan Enterprises’ business affairs are highly complicated. Clint offers help with the company.

Téa says that until Todd commits another crime, their business relationship is a wrap. Téa gives Todd his bill. Todd realizes that Téa has raised her rates and Téa says that she also added a bonus for her taking the rap for Lee Halpern’s murder. Todd says that the reason he went after Wes was because Marty has been letting him take advantage of her.

John says that Marty isn’t a violent individual. Blair reminds John that Marty talked Todd into jumping off the Palace Hotel roof and was furious with them for saving his life. Antonio and Talia show up.

Brody says that he went for a walk around the grounds. The nun says that his bed hasn’t been slept in. Brody says that he is still up to military standards. Barb says that Brody is just asking to get sick by walking around in the freezing cold. Brody says that he trained in the mountains of Germany before going to Iraq, so he is used to the cold. The nun says that next time Brody needs to fill in the sign-out sheet so they know where he is. Brody tells Jessica that he just went for a walk. Jessica says that Sister Mary Clare might have believed that, but she doesn’t.

David says that he can’t ask for Clint’s help because Clint has enough on his plate. Dorian says that looking for a new home can be a full-time job and that she hopes they all have a good credit rating. David says that his wife will help him with Buchanan Enterprises. David says that if it wasn’t for Dorian and Beaver Calhoun, he wouldn’t know that he was Asa’s son because his brothers weren’t going to say anything. Bo says that they did all they could to find him so they could share the good news. Nora says that the deed to the house still has her name on it and Renee says that they will just stay at the Palace Hotel if they get thrown out. Dorian says that all the bequests in Asa’s will go to David, including the house. David says that the Palace Hotel is his too and there won’t be an open room for any of them. Dorian says that there might be a room at the Angel Square Hotel.

Talia tells Marty that they need the clothes for evidence and helps her change. Blair asks why they are treating Marty like a victim. John tells Antonio that he was walking down the hall when he heard a scream and kicked the door in to find Wes dead. John says that Marty was inside the room and the door was locked.

Cole tells Starr that he went to see Marty the previous night and Starr asks what happened.

Antonio asks Blair if she was with John when he kicked the door open and Blair says no. Antonio asks where Blair was before she got there.

Téa finds Blair’s earring in Todd’s apartment.

Jessica says that she knows when Brody isn’t being straight. Brody says that she doesn’t always get him right and asks why she is there. Jessica says that she brought him something. Brody admits that he snuck out the previous night. Jessica asks Brody where he went.

Blair says that she doesn’t know why Antonio is wasting time talking to her, when he should be talking to Marty because she is the one who left the party with Wes and was alone in the room with him. Blair says that Marty was begging John not to call the cops and that is why Blair did it. Blair says that she thought they would be arresting Marty and Marty says that they should be arresting her because she doesn’t know if she killed Wes or not.

Dorian says that she is going to love living in the house. Dorian tells everyone to start packing and tells Nigel that they would like him to stay on as their butler.

Brody says that he didn’t go anywhere and that he just had to get out of there for a little while. Jessica asks how he got out without anyone noticing and Brody says that the Seals trained them well. Brody says that Wes hasn’t been back to visit since he told him the truth. Brody says that if Wes had told him the truth in Iraq, maybe he wouldn’t be there now.

Antonio tells Marty that they have to take her in for questioning. John says that they aren’t arresting her, but she should talk to a lawyer before she says anything. Marty says that she doesn’t need a lawyer and that she got drunk the previous night and doesn’t remember much. Marty says that she and Wes came back to the room and had a fight because he wanted her to move out. Blair suggests that she and John should leave.

Cole says that he walked up to Marty’s door and heard Wes’ voice so he left. Cole says that he wanted Marty to see something and shows Starr his acceptance letter to Llanview University.

Téa says that she was just curious about Blair’s earring ending up on the bedroom floor in Todd’s apartment. Todd says that Blair slept there the previous night.

David tells Nigel that he will be getting a big bonus. Nigel says that he wants nothing to do with Mr. Vickers. David says that he will give $1000 to the first person who calls him David Buchanan. Nigel says that it was his decision not to tell the family about David and now he knows that he was right. Nigel says that David is not worthy of the name Buchanan. Clint suggests that they do a DNA test and Dorian says that Jared used David’s DNA to prove that he was the Buchanan heir. Clint says that they will just be confirming it and pulls a hair from David. Dorian tells everyone to leave her husband along and get out of their house.

Todd says that Blair was too drunk to drive and Téa says that she doesn’t want an explanation. Todd asks Téa if she is jealous.

Blair asks John if he is coming with her. Antonio says that he will need Blair and John to come down to the station to give their statements and then they are free to go. John suggests that they look at Todd for Wes’ murder because it is the same way that Lee was murdered and Lee was killed in Todd’s house. John says that Wes pinned Todd with the murder weapon the previous night.

Téa tells Todd that he can shack up with anyone he wants. Todd asks if Téa is going to check up on him anymore and Téa says that she just wanted to make sure he was okay because that is what she does when she is friends with someone. Todd says that he doesn’t have any friends and Téa asks if he wants one.

Starr apologizes and says that she knows that Cole still hates her for not testifying against her dad. Cole says that he will never hate Starr. Starr says that maybe now Cole can move forward and stop taking those pills before he does something to hurt himself and something he will regret.

Talia says that the murder weapon is the knife that Wes pulled on Todd the previous night. Antonio asks Marty if anyone came into the room and she says that she passed out. Marty asks if they believe that Todd could have snuck in and killed Wes while she was sleeping and Blair says that it is impossible.

Clint says that they will be back before Dorian can hang new drapes. Dorian asks David what they should call the house and David says that she will think of something.

Todd asks what they do now that they are friends. Téa says that they can talk, play another game of “money honey” or go to get something to eat. Todd says that he needs to take a shower.

Antonio asks Blair why she thinks it is impossible and Blair asks why they are trying so hard not to see the obvious. Blair says that Marty was soaked in Wes’ blood. Marty says that she is sorry to Wes.

Starr asks Cole if he wants to go somewhere to talk and says that she can push back her project with Mr. J. Cole says that it sounds important and she shouldn’t push it back, but Starr says that nothing is more important than Cole. Cole tells her to go and says that he has stuff to do too.

Jessica says that she wants Brody to be able to go for a walk whenever he wants with no permission slips from the doctors.

Blair asks John if he really thinks Todd did it. John says that it fits, but it could be anyone.

A reporter says that Wes Granger was fatally stabbed the previous night.

Barb tells Brody that Wes was murdered the previous night.

John tells Marty to hang in there because everything is going to be alright and Talia tells Marty that they have to go.

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