OLTL Update Tuesday 2/17/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/17/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Rex and Gigi awaken and ask if they remember Stacy coming home with them or not. Stacy awakens to overhear them, sleeping on the couch and demands that they don’t come down there. It appears that she has “company” lying beside her on the floor in the living room.

Nora awakens on the couch and assumes that Clint is beside her. But she notices Bo instead. She asks how they could have wound up like this. Right then, Clint appears at the door noticing them.

Dorian and David wake up together.

Blair awakens assuming she is with John. She asks for an aspirin but is startled to notice it’s Todd sleeping beside her. And she is in his home.

Marty awakens beside Wes. But as soon as she opens her eyes, she notices blood on her hands and Wes has a knife in his chest. She screams.. Not far away, John walks through the hallway, hears her scream and rushes to get in.

Layla remarks to Talia that they did raise a lot of money the previous night. But Talia reminds her that a lot of people got out of control and she hopes that the message they attempted to send out about heart health does not go the wrong way with all that happened the night before. Talia asks Layla if she has seen Fish. Layla admits that she does kind of like Fish but has not seen him since last night. She wonders where he went.

Right then, we see Fish asleep on the floor beside Stacy in Gigi’s living room. She tells Rex that he and Gigi cannot come downstairs. She is not “decent”. Rex tells her that he needs to get his morning coffee. He closes his eyes with Gigi guiding him down the stairs so he cannot see Stacy “indecent”. She hides Fish under a blanket and pushes him out the door without his clothes. She stands by the door and asks Rex if he was looking for the newspaper. It’s not there yet, she tells him as she stands with her back against the door . He notices her in a skimpy nightie and asks if this is her “decent’.

BO asks Nora if she remembers anything they did the previous night. She tells him she remembers something about raiding Asa’s wine cellar. Nigel then comes to serve them muffins, eggs and banana shakes with Worcestershire sauce which, he says is the perfect cure for a hangover. But, he admits that he is not fully functional himself after indulging with them the previous night. Renee then asks if that is one of his famous banana shakes. She grabs one. She tells them that normally she would swear off alcohol for the rest of her life. But now, after finding out that David Vickers could be taking over the estate, what can any of them do? Bo reminds them that David has now declared he is a Buddhist and has no more need for money. He might give it back to them. But Clint reminds them that even if he does, they must all know that his “bride from hell” won’t let him.

After Dorian and David wake up together, he asks her what she is doing there. Didn’t she go out the door? She tells him that she went out but came back in. He then admits to her that she admitted to him that she was being greedy and vindictive and she apologized. She tells him she realizes that whether she wants to stick it to Clint or not, it’s David’s new found fortune and up to him what he does with it. At that point, he remembers when she walked out the door the previous night, he followed her out the door and kissed her. And they may have consummated their wedding night.

Todd gets up and tells Blair that he can see that John dropped her like a bad habit when he felt a need to come to Marty’s rescue. Blair was insanely jealous. She admits that she has very little recollection of what happened the previous night. He recalls that she went and drank and told John she knew that he only had Marty on the brain and there was no point in the two of them spending the night together. She tells Todd this is not a joke. And she asks how that caused her to drink and wind up with him. He then recalls that he took her purse and told her he would take her “home”. She asks him why he took her to his new place instead of Dorian’s. He replies that he did not want her to embarrass herself in front of their kids. Plus, he has a restraining order to stay away from Dorian’s home, remember? But she asks him why she wound up in his home and in his bed.

Right then, John busts the door down to Wes’s apartment. He demands to know what happened. Marty does not know what to tell him. He examines Wes and declares that he is dead. Marty is in a panic realizing that she has no clue how this happened. She was drunk and passed out and doesn’t know how any of this happened. She hysterically tells John that all she remembers is when she and Wes returned home, they had a fight. She remembers his telling her that he does not believe that she is his friend. Wes told her he believed that she only wanted to drag him to the ball to use him and she does not believe him when he said he did not kill Lee Halpern. She remembers Wes admitting that he did go and find Lee Halpern knowing the safe house where the cops kept her stashed at. And Marty reveals to John that she also knew where Lee Halpern was and tipped Wes off to find her.

Todd tells Blair how it is that they wound up together the previous night. He tells her that she passed out and she was just looking for his bathroom. He tells her that she argued with him about his new place not being adequate and looked for the bathroom yet couldn’t find it. But she admitted to him that she happens to know that this is the very place where he slept with Marty. She then attempts to get out of there angry at Todd for taking her to the bed where he slept with Marty. And she passes out drunk. Hearing that, Blair tells Todd please not to tell her that they “did it”.

Bo and Nora wonder if they might have done something they don’t remember and did not intend to do. Renee and Clint talk to them about the previous night when they all played poker and how one thing led to another. They ate, drank, listened to music and played cards. And Nigel indirectly suggested they play strip poker since they had no more money. Hearing that, Nora asks him to please say it isn’t so. So we see the 5 of them playing and each of them taking off an article of clothing each time they lost.. They all laugh. Nora seems to have no memory of what happened. But Renee informs her that she was a complete goner and she did not have the heart to get Nora up the stairs to her bedroom. We then see Nora the previous night sitting on the floor with just her slip. Bo also passes out with only his tee shirt and pants on the couch. She then walks over and passes out beside him on the couch. Hearing that, she concludes what’s a little “lost dignity” among family members when they are all about to lose the roof over their heads.

Dorian then “recaps” to David how they were served fine food. But he was the yummiest dish of all. She tells him of course none of this would have happened if he had not forgiven her. She reminds him that they both want a marriage of love. But she realizes, of course his inheritance makes a wonderful wedding gift. And at that point, he tells her that he finds comfort in a simpler life and sees the world a different way. For the first time in his life, he sees peace and will not give it up. But, he then tells her who needs “peace” when you can have all the Buchanan money.

Gigi asks Stacy if she is mad at her for leaving. Stacy tells her of course not. And she asks Gigi if she is angry for the way Stacy came back and appeared after all these years to inform her that their parents died. They then remember Gigi finding out and inviting Stacy to stay with them. They both tell her that they know that Shane will love her. He will be really happy to know that he has an aunt. But right at that moment, she noticed Fish walking by himself when she was alone. And she remembers how she “entertained herself” after they left before she returned to Gigi’s home. She met Fish at the bar.

Right then, in the present, after Stacy throws Fish out of the house so that Rex and Gigi don’t find out he was there with her, he goes to find Layla and tells her he must talk to her alone. Talia leaves them alone. He tells her they cannot see each other anymore.

Todd tells Blair that he did not bring her there so that she could give him a hard time. He did not want her driving drunk into a ditch. She reminds him that she has been keeping their daughter together without his help because he messed her up. And they both admit that they could clearly see that John was insanely jealous of Wes when he was with Marty. And if “looks could kill”, Wes would be dead.

Meanwhile, John asks Marty what exactly happened the previous night. She remembers her argument with Wes and how she thought it was entirely possible that Wes did kill Lee Halpern. And she asks what if she went crazy and what if she killed Wes? She then admits to John that she is afraid that she might have killed Wes. She asks if she did not, then who did?

Blair gets ready to leave Todd’s home and tells him he better not tell anybody that she spent the night there. He asks her why she would care if she is really done with him.

After David declares that he will indulge in the Buchanan money, he and Dorian have fashion consultants come to their room and show them both some very expensive clothes. She shows him a cowboy hat. And at that point, he discovers the famous Asa hat and puts it on his head. She smiles and tells him that “his paw” would be so proud of him.

Stacy shows Gigi some photos she has of their family and their history together. Gigi then observes a photo of her mother on the last Christmas they saw her. Little did she know that she’d have never seen her again. Stacy tells her that wherever their parents are, they know that Gigi loves them and they love her. Rex then informs Stacy that when they were on their way to Vegas, Gigi talked to him about her estranged parents. They inform her that that they are considering getting married. Gigi then asks Stacy if she has any “special guy” in her life.

After Fish informs Layla that he “found somebody else”, she asks him exactly how that happened. He relives how he tried and failed to get her to dance with him and notice him.. And Stacy came out of nowhere and indicated that she was very interested in him. And he explains how Stacy took him home and seduced him when he was drunk. It appears that he was kind of “impaired” and she was aggressive. He then concludes to Layla that he is really sorry. But he thinks he might have found the “love of his life’.

After Gigi and Rex ask Stacy if she’s found anybody, she replies she has not had a man in her life in a long time. She is not interested in anybody. All the men she’s been with recently are losers. She did not come there for any reason except to visit her beloved sister.

At Asa’s home, they all come up with plans on how to prevent David from taking everything. Renee suggests that they invite him to dinner and she gets the cook to poison his food. The others are silent. She then tells them it was just a suggestion. Right then, they hear a knock on the door and assume that it’s David there to claim his fortune.

Right then, Blair goes to find John at his apartment. But before she gets there, she notices the door to Wes’s room open, blood all over Marty’s hand, Wes with a knife in his chest and John there with Marty while she urges him to please help her.

Fish tells Layla that she is a really great woman and some guy will be very lucky when she finds him. And he’s sorry that things did not work out. He appears guilty with his feelings. He leaves and Talia asks Layla what just happened. She replies she is not certain how it happened that Fish suddenly “dumped her” for somebody else.

Stacy concludes to Gigi and Rex that she wants to be part of their family and be Shane’s aunt. They tell her they want her there and know that Shane will love her. They both hug her.

When David and Dorian enter Asa’s home, Nigel announces “Mr. and Mrs. Vickers”. David wears Asa’s cowboy hat. He tells Clint that he has always seen him as a brother. He tells Bo he has always had utmost respect for him even when Bo slapped the cuffs on him. He tells Nora he is honored to have her for a past and future sister in law. And he has warm regards for his step mother Renee. At that point, Bo demands to know just where he is going with this. David then replies that after he’s made all of his gestures, he now is ready to tell them he wants them all to get the hell out of his house. He smirks and smiles.

After Blair observes Wes dead on his bed and Marty and John wondering what to do, she gets on her phone to call the police and report a murder.

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