OLTL Update Monday 2/16/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/16/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

At the ball, Gigi runs off, distraught after finding out from her sister that their parents have died. Rex goes after her. She asks Stacy just how they died.

Nigel is serving Clint, Nora, Bo and Renee some alcohol. And Nora tells the others that they must accept the reality that David will take all of the money.

David tells Dorian that he can see that the only reason she married him was to get the money that she knew he would inherit from Asa. There was no other reason. She tries to convince him otherwise. But he knows what she has been up to

In the other room, Téa and Marty get into a brawl. Then Todd and Wes duke it out. John tries to break it up.. But they do not. At that point, Todd breaks a bottle over Wes’s head. Wes pulls a knife on Todd and tells him maybe this will shut him up. Téa tells him he doesn’t want to do that. He then reminds her that she is the bitch who has let this creep get away with his crimes. Maybe this town needs to be rid of this guy. He mentions how Todd Manning can rape women and kidnap babies yet seems to be afraid to take on somebody his own size.

Stacy explains to Gigi what happened the last time she spoke to their parents. She is hesitant since this is the first time she’s seen her sister in many years. But when Gigi insists, she informs Gigi and Rex that it was an average day in the Morasco household. Her parents asked her if she wanted to go to church with them. She wanted to sleep. But shortly thereafter, she heard that their car ran a red light. Their mother was comatose in the hospital. And all she could do is ask for Gigi

Dorian attempts to rationalize her way out of he argument with David. She tells him that she knows that Clint was out to screw him over. And the whole purpose of his spiritual journey was to find his real heart. And she knows that this heart is ready to break free. And she is ready to liberate him.

Antonio attempts to break up the brawl between Todd and Wes. Blair seems to defend Todd. So does Téa. But Marty shouts that Todd hit Wes over the head with a bottle and started the brawl. Wes explains that he has the right to carry the utility knife in his motorcycle compartment. Layla then takes Antonio aside and tells him that he really needs to let this go. He then tells them all that he wants everybody to take off and get out of there. John then picks up the knife and tells Wes that he seriously believes that Wes murdered Lee Halpern.

Stacy tells Gigi that she must know that when their father says something, nobody dares defy him. And their mom would never dare get on his bad side. She realizes that Gigi was just a kid herself ready to have a kid. She then informs Gigi that their mother sent her a Christmas card every year for Gigi and for Shane. Gigi remarks that she never got to see them. Stacy replies that their mother never had an address. But she happens to know that their mother kept the cards in a shoe box, hoping that maybe some day Gigi would come home and reunite with her family Hearing that, Gigi cries.

Nora talks to Clint and Bo about what it will mean now that David is Asa’s son, the chosen heir to his estate, the fact that he now claims to be a Buddhist and he will give up his need for material wealth and the fact that he has now married Dorian.

Dorian tells David that he needs to know that if he is a Buchanan, he need not worry about suffering. The whole family fortune is theirs. But when David hears that, he asks her why she thinks he would share any of it with her.

Clint, Bo, Nora, Renee and Nigel all propose a toast to all of the people who have affected their lives. They all strategize that since David appeared to be angry at Dorian, their “enemy’s enemy” might become their new friend. They acknowledge that Asa was a major influence in their life. Then, Clint toasts Emma Bradley. She gave them David who may be a no good con man but better than Spencer Truman.. Then Nora toast Viki telling them she hopes that Viki takes them all in if they no longer have any money nor a place to stay. And at that point, Renee mentions Lee Halpern. Hearing that, all the others stare not certain how to react to her mentioning Lee Halpern

After John announces that he bets that Wes murdered Lee Halpern, Marty tells him there is no way he could have done it. Talia agrees that Lee Halpern had many enemies and Wes is not the only suspect. John tells them he happens to know that Wes has motive, means and opportunity. And there is too much coincidence regarding Wes and the murder of Lee Halpern.

Stacy tells Gigi she must understand that their mom was not all there. She was in and out of consciousness not really knowing what was up after the accident. But whenever she was aware of what was going on, she asked for Gigi. Their mother was in so much pain, she could not even open up her eyes. And she admits to Gigi that she that thought she (Stacy) was Gigi. Stacy noticed their mother in a vegetated state of consciousness. She tells Gigi that their mother really admired Gigi for being strong and independent and never letting any guy push her around. Stacy told their mother that she had to get better soon and find Gigi and meet her grandson. And she wanted to tell Gigi how sorry she was for allowing their father to run her out of the house. Gigi cries and admits that she never went back to contact her mother or find out how she was doing. Stacy tells Gigi that she remembers when their mother died. She looked so peaceful. Stacy sung her a lullaby. And then she was dead. Gigi cries and Stacy hugs her. Rex listens silently.

David tells Dorian that he knows of better things to spend his money on than her. He can donate to many charities including environmental organization and many other noble causes. He asks her why he should share it with her and why she would need it in the first place. Isn’t she loaded? She tells him that there is no better of a way to share ones’ wealth than with somebody like her who can help him and make the most of it and encourage him to live life to the fullest. But, hearing that, he reminds her that he remembers when she took over Buchanan Enterprises and all of their money. She did not share a cent with him. So, now that he has money, why should he share with her? Hearing that, Dorian’s enthusiasm fades.

Renee tells the others that she loved Lee Halpern. She was her friend. Lee had a hard life. Somebody murdered her friend. Bo then toasts to good military academies if they can turn a pot smoking kid into a fine, upstanding young man. Hearing that, Clint asks Bo if it’s true that Matthew smokes pot. He could not imagine such a good kid as Matthew doing that.

After Blair hears John accusing Wes of killing Lee Halpern she tells the others that that confuses her. She thought that Todd’s lawyer/hot little bed warmer confessed to killing her. Wes then tells John that he knows that John wants to harass him only because he’s jealous that Marty does not want to be with him and chose Wes over him. John tells Wes that he has been checking him out and knows about his history.

Rex holds Gigi and asks Stacy if they were 16 or 17 when they got thrown out of the house and reflects that that seems to be the magical age when they can all get thrown out of their parents’ home. Stacy then admits to her sister that she had to get out on her own without any help. She quit school and looked for jobs realizing that she had to pay the mortgage. But she knew she could not make enough to pay her living expenses with retail jobs in local stores. So she found her way to Vegas and found a way to make enough money so that she could provide for herself and for their ailing mother. Hearing that, Rex concludes that both she and Gigi are two of the strongest and mot heroic women he’s ever met.

David reminds Dorian that she has been manipulating him for a long time. She took over B.E. only for herself and had no interest in helping him even though he was an heir. She tells him that she needs to put the past behind him. He reminds her that he was forced to marry her sister as the only way to get wealth from her family after being cut off. Then he was out on the street with nothing. So, he asks her to give him one good reason why he should not cut her out of his inheritance when she has done nothing for him.

At the ball, Blair and Todd argue. Antonio finds Téa and tells her that he knows that she is lying with her confession that she murdered Lee Halpern. She asks him if he really believes that Wes killed her. He tells her that it makes more sense than believing that she did. He reminds her that ever since she came into town she has been making trouble. So, maybe she should get out of town.

Wes and Marty return home. He tells her that he is done with her. She is not his friend, as she wants him to believe she is. He went to the ball with her because she demanded that he did. She only wanted him to go with her so that she could make John and Todd jealous. And what did he get? Assaulted and falsely accused of killing Lee Halpern. Hearing that, she protests that she knows he did not and is on his side. But he tells her he does not believe it. She believes he killed Halpern. Doesn’t she? She does not respond to that.

Stacy tells Gigi that after hearing all this, Gigi must feel as though she’s been punched in the stomach. Gigi admits to her sister that sometimes one has to hear the undesirable truth. Stacy asks her if she can forgive her stealing her dress and ticket and not telling her that their parents died. In response to that, Gigi tells her sister the only thing she cannot forgive her for is the fact that she (Stacy) looks way better in a dress like that than she (Gigi) ever could.

Alone, Nora asks Clint if he remembers that Asa and Blair got married in this very house. They drink and he asks her to dance. She remarks that they can barely stand up and will be paying for it tomorrow morning. He tells her that is better than worrying about this all tonight. He concludes that whatever happens, they can make new good memories. He’s ready to ask her about Matthew’s issue. But At that point, Bo and Renee interrupt them by turning on music and dancing. Nigel asks them if they want more drinks. Clint tells him please do and have some himself.

Dorian tells David that what he said was right. What she did was petty and cruel. She let her anger toward Clint cloud her judgment. And many people got hurt including him. She tells David that she has often wondered just what would have happened if she’d let him into her life. What could they have shared and discovered together. He tells her that he knows she is just working him again. She then tells him she is merely confused. He tells her he does not believe that. He opens the door and holds it for her. He tells her that it’s pretty obvious that only he gets confused. She has been using that to her advantage. She then admits to him that throughout the time they’ve known each other, she has never seen him as an equal. And that was her shortcoming. And now, for the first time, she realizes that whether he has money or not, she loves him. She is sorry that she cannot be a part of his life. But whatever happens, she wishes him love and good luck. She then kisses him and leaves.

At the ball, Officer Fish talks to Talia about his attempt to get Layla to go out with him. He admits to her that he has been taking dance lessons. And he pulls Talia up to dance with him.

John tells Blair that he would like to go with her to Rodi’s. But she tells him that she knows if they were to do that, he wouldn’t be “really there” with her. He’d be somewhere else with Marty on the brain ready to rescue her the minute he hears something about her. So, she tells him why not just see things for the way they really are.

After Antonio confronts Téa, Todd reminds him that there is a car double-parked. Antonio needs to practice law enforcement. And Todd needs to talk to his lawyer. Alone with Todd, Téa tells Todd that she wouldn’t be surprised if it was Wes who killed Lee Halpern. He is a trained killer. He had motive. He may have followed her to Todd’s home and made it look like Todd did.

Wes intensely tells Marty that Lee Halpern tore his family apart. She tells him she realizes and is on his side. But he tells her he does not buy a word she says.

The morning after the ball, the janitor cleans up and reflects that it must have been some party last night.

Right then, Nora awakens on the couch, hung over with a card on her forehead and notices that the room is spinning. She assumes that Clint is beside her. But she is surprised to see that it’s Bo lying on the couch beside her.

David and Dorian awaken together.

Blair awakens and assumes that she is with John. She tells him she needs an aspirin really bad. But she is startled and surprised to hear another voice telling her that they will get her anything she needs. She then turns and sees Todd, not knowing how she could have wound up with him sleeping beside her.

Marty awakens and notices blood on her hands. She then turns to see Wes with a knife in his chest. And she screams.

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