OLTL Update Friday 2/13/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/13/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

When Blair and John arrive at the ball, they observe Todd and Téa together. Blair remarks that “this is awkward”. Right then, Marty and Wes arrive. Téa, then, responds to Blair’s comment by telling her: “No, this is awkward”.

After Beaver Calhoun enters the ballroom to announce that David Vickers is really David Buchanan, David replies that his name has always been Vickers. He is now David Vickeroshi. And he has never been known as David Buchanan. Beaver Calhoun tells him he hates to break it to him but it’s true. He tells him that the truth is that Asa Buchanan is David’s father which makes David the missing Buchanan heir. Everybody is stunned to hear that.

When Gigi the show girl enters the ball and Rex and Gigi see her, they find out that she is Gigi’s sister, Stacy.

After Beaver Calhoun announces the startling news, Dorian asks if he is certain that her husband is Asa’s son. Viki replies if that is true, then Clint and Bo are David’s brothers. At that point, David goes and hugs them. Clint and Bo are speechless and do not touch David.

Gigi is stunned to see her sister. Stacy hugs her and asks if she would have forgotten her even if it has been 10 years.

Wes admits to Marty that he is not comfortable being at this function. She asks him what is wrong. He replies that he does not know how much longer he has to “put on a show” for John.

Todd admits that he does not want to be there. Téa tells him that she does not like paying taxes. But there are things that need to be done.

After David hears the news, he states that he lost his brother, Spencer. But he’s now gained two new brothers. Nora is his ex sister in law. And Natalie is his niece. They all stand around to face him but do not exhibit enthusiasm. He asks Beaver Calhoun how that could be. Beaver Calhoun says he has the birth records that prove that his mother conceived with Asa 9 months before he was born. She conceived Spencer with Mr. Truman. But he knows that David is Asa’s boy. Hearing that, David acknowledges that he is a Buchanan. And he has a family. Dorian “appears” baffled and tells Beaver Calhoun that she finds it very odd. It does not make sense. Asa has been dead for almost a year. Why hasn’t he come forward sooner about David being his son? He tells them all that he can provide all of the proof and all of the reasons for Asa’s decision. Hearing that, Viki asks Clint if it is really true that David could be her ex brother in law. Clint says nothing. Charlie then tells Viki that she knows that David is back in town for a reason and he bets it’s money. She tells him that she is not ok with this happening. It’s going to be a big disaster for Clint and Bo and the entire family suddenly finding this out. She walks off.

When Gigi and Rex notice Gigi’s sister Stacy who followed them from Vegas where she’s has been known as Gigi the show girl, Gigi reminds her that she has always been stealing her clothes without asking. She is happy to see her sister. But why did she do all of this and why is she in town?

Todd acts happy to be with Téa in the hopes of making Blair jealous. John, Blair, Marty and Wes are all unsettled when they see what they see.

Rex tells Stacy that he recognizes her as Gigi the model on the poster. Hearing that, Gigi tells her sister that she hopes she is not stripping and using her sister’s name. Stacy explains to her sister that she knows that it’s a tough world. So she wanted to pick a name of a strong person like her big sister with the brown hair. Gigi observes her sister, hugs her and tells her she is really skinny and gorgeous. Stacy explains to them she noticed them in Vegas. Then she followed them. She found a helpful ticket agent who tipped her off. She got on a flight and looked up her sister on line. And here she is.

Blair and John are together. But she says that she needs to “get a drink”. She notices Todd drinking. She asks him if he is celebrating his freedom or if this is just a way to relieve stress. Todd asks her what stress. She replies she bets his noticing Marty with her “boy toy” must provoke him. And she knows that he is jealous of her with John. But he denies that. Right then, Marcie and Michael enter. She tells him that he was right that dressing up and getting out of the house and seeing people is a good thing to do. She is glad to be having fun and happy to be with him. IT has reminded her that life can be good. Right then, he introduces her to a new resident he works with at the hospital. Marcie is happy to meet her husband’s new acquaintance. He introduces them to his wife. And her name is Hope. Hearing that, spoils Marcie’s good mood.

Téa goes to greet Cristian and Vanessa and asks just how the “newly weds” are.

Beaver Calhoun then informs everybody that Asa has declared that he’s cut out his entire family from his will. He’s left his company and his entire estate all to David. Everybody who hears that is stunned except for Dorian who gloats.

Talia asks Téa just what is going on and reminds her that she lied when she said she murdered Lee Halpern. But Téa tells her story of self defense again. She tells Talia that she wonders if “her man” convinced her that Téa is a liar. Talia tells Téa she does not need any convincing. Téa then finds John and asks him to do her a favor by dancing with her. He dances. Not far away, Marty wants to drink heavily. But Wes does not want her to. Blair tells Todd that she is not jealous of Marty or Téa or anybody else. He asks her why, then, she is drinking. But right then, she turns to see Téa and John dancing. And she reveals that she really is angry.

After the “big shock”, Dorian asks David if he is ok. She reminds him that he is going to get all of the monetary wealth from Asa’s estate. Everything. Natalie tells everybody that she is certain that “Uncle David” is very surprised. Knowing that David is now a Buddhist, he has no need for wealth. But she’s certain that her grandfather would be very proud of him. Jared says of course. He knows that Asa was a very generous man. Dorian then tells them all that this is not an appropriate discussion. But she reminds them all that she is his wife. She tells them that she believes that David should be applauded for his new life style. And it is completely inappropriate for the family to be ‘pressuring” David to give up something that he has the legal right to have. Bo then asks Dorian just what it is that she is “pressuring”. She does not know how to answer that.

Gigi tells her sister that after she had Shane and moved, she did not think anybody in the family wished her well. Nobody contacted her. She reminds Stacy that she did not willfully take off. Their father threw her out on the street for being pregnant.

Marcie admits to Michael that when she heard the name Hope, it was too much for her. She observes a grown woman named Hope who gets to live her life, the way her baby has not had the chance. But Michael tells her that he will be there for her.

Wes tells Marty that he believes that he knows her probably better than anybody else in this room. He cares about her. And whatever the two of them have works for them. And he’s not going to stand by and let her embarrass herself in front of him. And this game that she is playing to torture Manning and provoke McBain is getting old. IN response to that, all she tells him is that she’s getting another drink. While Téa dances with John, she admits to him that he is not her type. But she knows that he was there when Vanessa shot Ray Montez at the airport. And he must know that she is laughing and smiling and dancing when Ray is in prison. Is that fair? He asks her why she needs to dance with him. She replies because Todd is doing shots. He asks her what it is that Vanessa did to her. She replies nothing. But Vanessa did do something to her client and she is very passionate with wanting to protect her clients. She asks him if he thinks she is lying about killing Lee Halpern in self defense. He asks her if she is. Blair and Todd talk and make it certain they are not over each other. She admits that she wants to hurt Téa. She also attempts to torture Todd by telling him that Wes is a hot and sexy Navy SEAL and probably tireless in bed with Marty. They both get drunk and silly.. She is insanely jealous to see John with Téa. When John dances with Téa, he tells her he knows that she did not kill Lee Halpern in self defense.

Gigi reminds her sister that their parents threw her out of their house. She wound up in Texas, got a job and started raising her kid. Rex, adds, that her kid is the best. Stacy remarks she knows. She believes that Shane is “adorable”. Hearing that, Gigi asks her how she would know anything about Shane when she’s never met nor seen him.

Dorian tells all of the Buchanan that she believes that they have all been hiding from David his true parentage. It’s a little odd that he finds out for the first time that he is Asa’s son. Viki then asks Dorian why it is that she so conveniently just knows all of this and marries David in the nick of time.

Michael gives Marcie a Valentines Day ring. She is very happy and it looks like they might get back together. He tells her that maybe they had different ideas about this baby. But he wants her to know that he honors her and how much Marty loves her. He does not want Marcie toe feels as though she has to hide how she feels about that. He wants to be close to her. Marcie cries and they kiss.

Vanessa dances with Cristian. She asks what Téa is doing there. She realizes that Téa is his friend. But she does not trust her. He tells her that Téa is a little complicated but she gives them no cause for alarm. Téa tells John if he does not believe that either she or Todd killed Lee Halpern, then who is the culprit? He replies it beats him. He tells her that he has left his job behind and no longer obsessed about law enforcement. But he can tell that she is very much obsessed about her work. Right then, Marty is drunk, dancing with Wes and bumps into them. She obviously wants to provoke John.

David tells Clint and Bo that they are his brothers. He offers them gratitude and knows they are merely concerned about him. He turns to Viki and tells her she is his best friend. He really cares about her and is eternally grateful to her for all of her support. All that everybody has given him overwhelms him. And that is why he has to talk to his wife alone. They all leave. Alone with Dorian, he asks her if she really married him for love. She replies of course. He asks her if she really gave her home to Moe and Noelle. She replies yes. He then asks her if she has really followed the path of the Buddha. In response to that, she admits to him that she is not as interested in that as he is. But she finds this new way of life very peaceful and tranquil. He then asks her if she has known before this that he is Asa Buchanan’s son. She has no response for that. In the other room, Viki asks Clint why he is so suspicious and untrusting of David. He tells her she must realize that her “good friend”, David could take everything that her children own. He walks away.

Stacy admits to Gigi that she was in her house when she stole her dress and noticed the 8 million pictures of Shane. Gigi asks her how their parents are. She assumes that the whole exotic dancer thing is probably not ok with them. Stacy then replies that their parents are now gone. Hearing that, Gigi is stunned. Stacy tells her sister she thought she knew that they died. At that point, Gigi gets up from the table. Rex goes after her.

Clint calls and tells somebody that it’s a codicil. He knows that his father must have been not in his right mind to name David the sole heir of his estate.

David tells Dorian that he knows it’s all a lie. She never loved him. She never wanted to give Moe or Noelle her estate. He also knows that when she took over Buchanan Enterprises not long ago, she had no interest in marrying him. But now, all of a sudden, she does. He asks if she married him only to inherit Asa’s fortune. She admits that maybe she did. But so what. She knows that he needs her now more than ever.

Gigi cries after finding out that her parents have passed away. Rex holds her. Stacy observes them from the table. Todd and Wes get into a brawl. The women attempt to get them to break it up. Right then, Marty and Téa get into a fist fight.

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