OLTL Update Thursday 2/12/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/12/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Dorian and David arrive at the go red ball. She has her red dress. But he is still dressed in Buddhist attire. The woman at the desk needs to know who they are. Dorian tells her that everybody knows who she is. She is chairing this whole event. The woman tells Dorian that they need a record of everybody who attends. Dorian then asks David to go and find them a seat. Alone with the front desk attendant, Dorian asks her if she could be “discreet” in revealing the identity of Dorian’s “companion”. The woman assures Dorian she can. And Dorian asks her if they could add Beaver Calhoun’s name to the guest list.

Right then, Gigi the show girl gets off the elevator wearing the dress that Rex bought for his Gigi.

Rex rushes to angel square and finds out from his mother that David Vickers is not far away. But Roxy hesitates to give it up to her son. Rex rushes up the stairs in search of David. John comes downstairs dressed in a formal suit. Roxy asks him if he has a date, assuming that he’s going to go with Blair. Yet, it looks like he has different plans.

Right then, Blair is alone in the kitchen wearing just a robe. Moe observes her and asks why it is that she is not attending the ball. She tells him she does not have a date. And she is not interested in going.

Roxy encourages John to join the festivities. And not far away, Marty enters to notice him and eyes him coldly.

Todd is in his bedroom watching television and isolating. Téa enters knowing that he has Marty on the brain.

Noticing that her dress is missing, Gigi makes calls to find out what might have happened to her dress.

Viki and Charlie arrive at the ball. He asks her if she has any worries about what will happen. He admits that he remembers the last time they attended a ball, Allison Perkins was loose. At least that can’t happen again. She reveals that she knows that Dorian is going to jinx the event.

In the other room, Dorian asks David if he believes that she looks vulgar or impure in her dress. He tells her that she looks beautiful. She shows him a room. He asks her what this room is for. She tells him that it’s a private room where he can chant. But he knows that she wants to hide him and asks her what is going on.

At Todd’s home, Téa tells him she will not give him back his house key. He tells her that she is his lawyer and not his babysitter. She admits to him that she is concerned about him.

Moe and Noelle get ready to go to the ball. When Noelle notices that Blair is not “yet” dressed, she tells her she better get ready. Moe informs her that Blair told him she has decided not to go. He then suggests that she goes with “that ex cop” she used to see. Noelle tells him that his none of their business. But Blair tells them that it’s ok to talk about it. It’s obvious that “That ex cop” has other things on his mind. Noelle asks if she means that John is cheating upon her.

At angel square, John notices that Marty does not intend to go anywhere with him and has other things on her mind. Rex tells Roxy that he is bound and determined to find David. But he rushes out without his phone. She calls to him but he’s out the door. Back at the house, Gigi tries and fails to each Rex, wonders why he is not picking up and wonders what happened to her red dress.

The front desk agent asks Gigi the show girl whom she is. She must be on the list or she does not get in the door. Gigi the showgirl replies that she is Gigi Morasco. She goes in the door.. Nora, Clint, Bo, Natalie and Jared enter. Clint admits that he is very worried that David will find out that he is a Buchanan and take everything. And if Dorian is legally married to him, she will take it all. Nora is worried that he will give himself another heart attack worrying about that.

In the private room, after David asks Dorian if she is trying to hide him, she tells him that she would like nothing more than to let everybody know that she is Mrs. David Vickeroshi. But she continues to hide him. She leaves the room and comes face to face with Viki and Charlie. She gasps to admit she is startled. Viki asks her what she could be up to now.

Blair encourages Moe and Noelle to get going before they are late. But they are concerned about her unresolved issue with John. She tells them that John acts like he has problems revealing his feelings. But he sure knows how to “make an exception” when it comes to Marty Saybrooke. He’d risk his life for her. Marty is all John can think of. And she is over John whether anybody wants to believe it or not.

Alone with Marty, Roxy encourages her to believe that John is a hunk. Marty admits she is not really interested in John. Roxy informs Marty that she did not really approve of Marty and John. She wanted her daughter, Natalie to hook up with John. But she knows that Natalie has moved on and maybe John is the man for Marty. Marty reveals that she has something else on her mind and wants Marty to leave her alone. Right then, Wes enters and asks if there is something wrong.

Todd asks Téa just what types of legal cases she has. She replies that she is defending another man who has been falsely accused of murdering his daughter’s mother. Todd sounds like he does not care and jokes about it. She tells him that an innocent man’s life is at stake and she has an urgent situation. He asks her just what she needs. Does she need money? She tells him no. He asks her if she needs him to write an article in the Sun. She replies no. What she needs is for him to escort her to the go red ball. She needs to keep an eye on the woman who has framed her client. Todd tells her no way. He cannot do that. She asks him why not.

At the ball, Nora asks Bo if he is really serious about sending Matthew to a military academy. He tells her they may talk about it. But it’s a done deal. Cristian attends with Vanessa. He tells her she looks beautiful. She thanks him for taking her. He asks why he would thank him for taking her. She is his wife. Antonio, Talia and Layla all enter. The front desk attendant asks Layla if she has an escort. Layla asks her if she has seen Officer Fish. Not far away, Fish is hiding unseen.

Nora tells Bo that she believes that sending Matthew to a military academy might be a bit extreme. But he tells her that their son has turned into somebody they don’t even know. And he cannot even think straight when he can see Dorian looking so smug like the cat who swallowed the canary. Rex rushes in without his formalwear. The attendant demands that he tells her who he is. He tells her he realizes he is not properly dressed. But he is late and bets his girlfriend came there without him. She asks his girlfriend’s name. He replies Gigi Morasco. She replies that “Gigi” is already there with her red dress. He rushes in but does not see his Gigi

Right then, the real Gigi Morasco dresses in a blue dress without Rex and heads out the door. Not knowing what happened to the red dress that was right there in her living room, she asks what can go wrong if she is not in “dress color code”.

John goes to see Blair and gives her some flowers. She greets him coldly. She tells him that maybe he should have called first. Why did he think he could just come over and get her to go to the ball with him?. He tells her he wants her to go with him. He wants her to wear her red dress. She tells him she could go and get it but is afraid if she went with him, he wouldn’t even dance with her.

At Angel Square, Marty smiles for the first time when she is with Wes.

Téa tells Todd that she really wants to go with him to the ball. She takes off her coat and reveals a stunning red dress. He smiles at her and looks like he might have changed his mind about not going.

Dorian enters to face Viki, Clint and all the people she wants to antagonize. She asks Clint if he wrote a check that will clear. He tells her that everybody knows what she is up to. She tells him she hasn’t a clue what he is talking about. He replies that the last time she had this look on her face, his son in law died. She tells him she doesn’t know what he is talking about. She just wants to have a good time. Nora asks Dorian if she even knows how to have a good time without making others’ lives miserable.

Right then, Beaver Calhoun enters and identifies himself. The attendant remembers that Dorian asked to save a spot for him so she lets him through. Right then, Gigi enters. The woman tells her that she is not dressed in proper attire. Gigi tells her she realizes she is not wearing red. Her boyfriend just bought her this gorgeous red dress. And she has to get in there and find out what he did with it. She tells the woman her name is Gigi Morasco. But, remembering another person identifying herself with that name, the woman does not believe her.

Right then, Gigi the show girl reveals that she might know Officer Fish. Viki gets up to do her speech. Layla finds Dorian and can see that Dorian has something on her mind. Viki gets on the mic and welcomes everybody to the event. She lets everybody know that the money that they raise goes for the heart health foundation. And she has to grit her teeth by introducing and acknowledging Dorian for all of her “help” in sponsoring this ball. Dorian then thanks Viki. And she announces that she is no longer Dr. Dorian Lord. She has recently remarried. And she asks David if he will join them. At that point, David enters from behind the curtain. She then tells everybody that she is proud to introduce her husband David Vickeroshi.

Téa and Todd roll the dice and play poker back at his house. It looks like the “stakes” are that the winner gets to decide whether they go to the ball.

John tells Blair that he does not wish to change her. He likes her just the way she is. She faces him and tells him she likes him just the way he is. He then asks her if she is going with him to “this clam bake” or not. At that point, she agrees to get dressed.

Back at angel square, Marty happily faces Wes, puts her arms around him and tells him that they are going to crash the ball.

After Dorian has announced to everybody at the ball that she has married David, everybody is very surprised. Viki expresses she is very worried about what David has gotten himself into by going through with that. She knows that Dorian has a trick up her sleeve at his expense. Dorian then announces all that David means to her and the new way of life he has inspired her to live.

In the lobby, the front desk woman believes that Gigi is lying about her identify. But Gigi tells her that she can present her ID. She reaches in her purse, however, and discovers it is gone. The woman does not believe for a minute that she is who she says she is and tells her she should leave as if she has not embarrassed herself enough already. But Gigi tells her that she has to get in the door. Her boyfriend is waiting for her. The woman yells that Gigi cannot go in without a ticket and a red dress. But Gigi does not listen. Gigi the showgirl has taken Gigi Morasco’s dress and her ID

Inside, Rex is startled when he notices a “stranger” come up to him wearing a red dress and a name tag that says Gigi Morasco and she asks him to buy her a drink.

After Marty goes up to dress and attend the ball with Wes and he is downstairs waiting, Roxy talks to him about how she can see that Marty likes him. Marty comes down the stairs. They are in awe of her red “attire”. She has a red leather jacket.

Right the, Blair enters with her red dress to go with John and they go out the door.

Téa looks like she has won the poker game and tells Todd it looks like they are going to the ball. She does not want her clients accuser to turn into a pumpkin at midnight. So she has to get there and he has to come with her. She tells him she does not say that she understands what he did to Marty or to Starr or to the baby. But she knows that he wanted to redeem himself. And no matter what he did, he was coming from a good place. He then laughs, tells her that sounds like a load of crap and reminds her she must be really desperate to go to this thing. But she tells him he will have to face people eventually. So he really needs to get out of his house.

David stands beside Dorian and talks. But Viki grabs the mic and tells everybody thank you and enjoy the ball. Officer Fish finds Layla and asks her if she could save him a dance. But she is obviously not interested in him. Rex observes Gig the show girl wearing his Gigi’s dress and asks her what is up. She tells him his girlfriend must be a very lucky person. Meanwhile, Gigi Morasco rushes in the door when the front desk attendant runs after her demanding that she stops and knows she cannot attend the ball.

Right then, Beaver Calhoun enters and tells everybody he is there to find David Vickers. Dorian faces him and tells him that he has found him. And she is Mrs. David Vickeroshi. Beaver Calhoun tells David he has been looking for him for a long time. And he has some very important information for him.

Gigi rushes in the door and finds Rex. But she also notices that somebody wearing her dress. She turns her around and faces her. And it spears she knows the mysterious girl who has stolen her dress.

Blair and John get off the elevator and see Todd and Téa together. John can see that Blair is engrossed in the sight of them. Right then, Marty and Wes arrive and they become the focus.

Beaver Calhoun announces to everybody that he knows that David is not David Vickeroshi. He announces that his name is David Buchanan.

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