OLTL Update Wednesday 2/11/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/11/09


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Matthew says that it was Cole smoking weed.  Cole walks in and asks what is going on.  Bo says that they found a roach on the ground and Matthew said it was Coleís. 

Rex says that he doesnít know where to go next to try to find Dorian and David.  Rex says that they have had plenty of time to get married.  Rex says that Beaver Calhoun, Asaís lawyer, is in Llanview looking for David too.  Gigi asks about Felicia, Rexís contact.  Rex says that she is a dispatcher at the limo company and that if he doesnít do something fast, the Buchanans will be toast.

Roxy tells Mr. Calhoun that she canít help him.  Calhoun says that there is a reward in it for him finding David.  Roxy remembers Dorian telling her that no one can know David is there.  Roxy asks how big the reward is.

Viki rants because Dorian didnít finalize any of the arrangements for the go red ball.  Natalie comes in and Viki asks how Chloe is.  Viki says that it is a good idea to get the girls fed and bathed so that Jessica wonít have as much to do while they are gone.  Natalie asks Viki if she is really planning to leave Jessica alone with the girls.

Jessica tells Brody that she doesnít feel like Chloeís mother.  Jessica tells Brody about being away from Bree at the beginning, but knowing that she was Breeís mother.  Jessica says that every time she looks at Bree, she sees Nash, but doesnít when she looks at Chloe. 

Starr tells Schuyler that she held Jessicaís baby, which was born on the same day as Hope.  Starr says that she canít stop thinking about her baby.  Starr says that when she held Chloe, she felt something really strong.

Jessica tells Brody about Starr coming over and asking to hold Chloe.  Jessica says that Starr seemed more connected with Chloe than she is. 

Cole confronts Matthew about what he told Bo and Nora.  Bo says that it isnít the first time that Matthew has tried to put the blame on Cole.  Cole tells Nora not to blame it on Matthew.  Nora says that Matthew is in a lot of trouble.

Starr says that she felt a connection with Jessicaís baby that was stronger than it should have been.  Starr says that she canít stop thinking about what Hope would have been like and apologizes to Schuyler.  Schuyler says that he canít imagine what it would feel like to lose a kid.  Starr says that she doesnít feel like a kid anymore.

Brody tells Jessica not to force her way back into her old life.  Jessica apologizes to Brody.  Brody says that he doesnít keep seeing the boy he shot, but does still dream about him.  Brody says that he misses talking to Jessica.  Jessica says that she misses talking to him too, especially now that she canít talk to her sister.

Natalie says that she and Jared are staying home to take care of Bree and Chloe, but Viki says no.  Charlie and Jared go to make dinner for the kids.  Viki says that she wishes Natalie would share the kidsí likes and dislikes with Jessica.  Natalie reminds Viki that Jessica tried to kill her and Jared.

Rex tells Gigi that Dorian is in Llanview and that he got the information from Eddie, the man who shovels snow at Dorianís house.  Rex says that he will try to meet up with Gigi before the ball, but he has to find David.  Gigi says that her ticket is at home with the beautiful dress that he bought her.

Calhoun gets a phone call while talking to Roxy about David.  Roxy argues with herself about telling Calhoun where David is.  Calhoun comes back and tells Roxy that he is offering a finderís fee to anyone who can track down David.  Roxy says that she knows exactly where David is.

Viki tells Natalie that Jessica would never hurt her children and that even Tess is a good mother.  Natalie says that Tess was too busy to spend time with Bree.  Viki says that Lois will be there to help Jessica with the girls.

Justin tells Becca that Matthew is getting busted by his parents again.  Justin says that Matthew is the only guy he knows that gets in trouble for doing nothing.  Cole starts to tell Bo and Nora something, but Matthew interrupts and confesses to smoking weed in front of the house.  Matthew asks if Bo is going to arrest him.

Charlie asks Viki if Natalie agreed to go to the ball.  Viki says that she put that fire out, but there is another one burning and it is out of control.  Viki says that she is convinced that Dorian is going to sink her teeth into David.

Roxy asks Calhoun to make the finderís fee cash, but then agrees to take a check.  Roxy starts to tell Calhoun where David is, but Dorian interrupts.  Calhoun tells Dorian that he has reason to believe that David is back in Llanview and Dorian says that she has reason to believe that he is right.

Gigi asks if Marcie and Michael are going to the "Go Red" ball.  Marcie says no, but Michael says yes.  Gigi says that at least she didnít have to borrow a dress from the Buchanan girls this year because Rex bought her a gorgeous dress.  Michael tries to convince Marcie to go with him to the ball. 

Schuyler and Starr talk about how fast she had to grow up.  Starr tells Schuyler how much everything has changed with her friends.

Cole asks Matthew what he is doing.  Bo leads Matthew away and Nora apologizes to Cole.  Nora says that even though there is so much going on with Matthew, she still knows what is going on with Cole too.

Jessica says that Natalie believes she is a danger to her own children.  Jessica and Brody talk about Tess being a good mom.  Jessica says that she is starting to have some Tess memories and admits that she hasnít told her family.

Natalie says that she really should try to give Jessica another chance.  Jared says that he understands being worried about the kids, but they should try to look ahead and suggests they start planning the wedding.  Rex shows up and asks Viki if she knows where Dorian is.  Viki asks Rex what is going on and what Dorian is up to.

Calhoun asks Dorian where David is and she says that she knows where David will be.  Dorian says that Calhoun can tell David the good news tonight.  Dorian tells Calhoun that David will be at the Go Red ball.  Calhoun asks how Dorian can be sure that David will show up.  Dorian says that she knows David and can personally guarantee that he will be at the ball.

Rex apologizes to Viki for not being able to tell her what is going on.  Rex thanks Viki.  Natalie opens the door and a man asks for Jessica.  The man says that he works construction at the vineyard site and found her wallet while they were clearing the cottage.  Natalie looks in Jessicaís wallet and finds a parking pass for Llanview Hospital from the day that Chloe was born.

Starr tells Schuyler about holding Jessicaís baby.  Schuyler suggests that Starr help him with his masterís thesis about genetic mutations and mechanisms. 

Michael says that they always looked forward to the future and that he wants to go back to that.  Marcie says that she doesnít know how to go back there after everything that has happened.  Michael suggests that they start over.  Michael takes Marcieís hand and asks her to go to the dance with him.

Bo asks Matthew what is going on and Matthew says that Bo knows everything.  Bo says that he might have come on a little strong.  Matthew says that he doesnít have a problem.  Bo says that he just wants to talk to Matthew.  Matthew says that every time they talk, Bo doesnít believe a word he says.

Cole asks Nora what she thinks is going on with him.  Nora says that it had to be hard for Cole to see Todd walk away and find out that Starr lied for her father.  Nora says that she is there if Cole needs to talk.  Nora apologizes for Matthew and Cole says that it isnít his fault.  Nora says that she has to go, but that she will see him at home.

Asher asks Cole if he still wants the pharmaceuticals and Cole says yes.

Natalie says that if Tess went to the hospital, why would she leave and go have the baby at the cottage.  Jared says that maybe Tess thought she was okay.  Natalie asks why Tess would park in the short-term parking instead of the emergency room parking.  Natalie says that Chloe could have died.  Jared says that Chloe is fine and nothing that Tess did matters now.

Jessica says that she has to remember everything that Tess did and that when she thinks about when Chloe was born, she hits a wall.  Brody says that it probably isnít fun to remember having a kid by herself.  Jessica says that as terrible as it was, she wants to know.  Brody says that if some of it is coming back to her, it probably wonít be long before the rest of it does.

Nora walks in and tells Matthew that it isnít an interrogation.  Bo tells Matthew that because of Asaís will, the family might lose everything.

Calhoun says that all he cares about is finding David, telling him who he is and high-tailing it back to Texas.  Dorian says that she canít wait to see the look on Davidís face when he learns of his good fortune.  Calhoun leaves and Dorian says that it will be her good fortune too.

Bo tells Nora that he did a little research after the first incident with Matthew.  Nora realizes that Bo is thinking of sending Matthew to the Valley Creek Military Academy.

Dorian tells Roxy to give her money back because she was going to tell Calhoun where David was, but then changes her mind and says that it is chump change compared to what she has got coming to her.

Gigi says that she has to get moving if she is going to get ready in time, but realizes that her dress and her ticket are gone.

Roxy and Rex commiserate over each losing a boat load of money.  Rex says that all he had to do was find David and Roxy says that David is upstairs.

Starr says that she would love to do the project and asks when she starts.  Starr starts to tell Cole about the project and Asher asks Cole if he still wants it.

Brody tells Jessica to look him up the next time she is in to see Dr. Levin.  Jessica says that she might just come by to see Brody.

Natalie agrees that it isnít a big deal that Tess didnít stay at the hospital because everything turned out all right.  Viki and Charlie go to get ready and Natalie says that she and Jared are going to get ready too.  Natalie says that she is going to grab water out of the fridge and asks Jared if he wants one.

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