OLTL Update Tuesday 2/10/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/10/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

When Schuyler Joplin has the high school students in his class, Langston informs Markko that Starr has made it clear that their new teacher is her “new BFF”. She admits that she is not angry at her friend’s new friendship with her teacher. But Starr didn’t even tell Langston the secret that she is all too willing to tell her teacher. Right then, Schuyler is engrossed and distracted by the article in the paper about Todd’s trial for kidnapping Starr’s baby There is also an article about his deceased mother. And right then, Starr enters cautious and knowing that people have read the paper and know about her situation.

At Nora’s home, she leaves Cole and Matthew alone. Matthew tells Cole that he knows that Cole has smoked his joint.

When Gigi returns home, she is observed by mysterious unseen person hiding in the bushes spying upon her. It looks like Gigi the show girl. She enters the house to see her son. Roxy has been staying with her grandson and has given him a “hair makeover” Gigi is shocked to her see her son with blond hair.

Rex goes to Dorian’s home. But she is not there. Viki enters. She asks Rex what is up. He leaves. She enters and is surprised to notice Moe and Noelle dressed in expensive clothes. They inform her that this is now their home. Dorian has left them everything.

Back at Clint’s home, he tells Nora he is very worried what might happen if they do not prevent Dorian and David from getting married. If David finds out that he is a Buchanan, he can take everything. And if she is married to him, so can she. And they have not heard back from Rex.

Right then, Dorian goes with David to check into a cheap motel. But she makes it clear that she is not ok with the arrangement. He asks her if she lied in saying she wanted to become Mrs. David Vickeroshi and spend the rest of her life with him.

In the high school, the bell rings. Schuyler asks the students to sit. But he is engrossed in an article about Starr choosing not to charge her father with intending to kidnap her baby.

While Brody in group therapy at St. Anne’s, the doctor remarks that he is very quiet and appears to have his mind elsewhere. A woman remarks she can see that he has Jessica on the brain..

Rex enters Nora and Clint’s home. He runs into Cole who informs him that they do not look too happy. He enters the room to see Bo, Clint, Nora, Renee, Natalie and Jared. They ask him what he has found out and if Dorian married David. He does not know what to tell them.

After David asks Dorian if she is not ok with their staying at the “Zen center”, she explains that with her reputation and with all of the people and press knowing what they know about her, it could damage his “spiritual enlightenment”. He tells her that he happens to know that she is attempting to “keep something quiet”. The last time she had to do that it was when she drugged Charlie Banks. And David asks her just what she is up to now.

Cole is alone smoking a joint and remarks that his day is starting to go better already.

In the group therapy session, a woman admits that she misses Jessica just as Brody does. The doctor tells her that they are a “family” at St. Anne’s. And it’s natural to feel a sense of loss when somebody leaves. Right then, Jessica appears outside the door.

Dorian protests to David that she has given up all of her wealth to Moe and Noelle. But he reminds her he knows that she called Clint right as soon as they got on the plane to Vegas. Why is Clint still on her brain when not long ago, she wanted to make his life a living hell? She tells him she did that to apologize and inform Clint that she married David. She protests that she is not a perfect person and took pleasure in letting Clint know that she was marrying a handsome and sexy man like David maybe so that Clint might be jealous. But now that he realizes she is not a perfect woman, maybe they should end it all right now. He then admits to her that when he was alone, he ordered a BLT and finished all the bacon. He may be born a pig in the next life. The point is, nobody is perfect. He tells her he realizes he craves bacon. But he can tell that she is obsessed about the Buchanans and BE. She tells him that she does have Clint on the brain. But she married him (David). David, however, seems to know that she has something going on.

Rex reports to Clint and the others that he tried and failed to find Dorian and David. But he did run into Moe and Noelle. And they informed him that Dorian gave up all of her money to them.

When Viki enters Dorian’s home and finds out that Noelle and Moe own Dorian’s house, he tells her that they have a legally done deal and nothing to worry about. Noelle, however, tells her husband that she can clearly see that Dorian is not ok with her decision to give them everything.

Rex explains to Clint, Bo, Nora, Renee, Natalie and Jared that he did not find Dorian nor David. He realizes that he does not deserve a bonus. He blew it. And if they want him to resign form the case, they may say the word.

David tells Dorian that he remembers when she found out that Jared was not Asa’s son and exposed him as a fraud. She reflects that by doing that, she may have done them a favor. He tells her that so far as everybody knows, there is no Buchanan heir. He asks her if she is really over the need to have the Buchanan billions, then why can’t she let it be known to everybody that they are married? She tells him she plans to do that. She just has to find the perfect time.

In the therapy session, Brody admits that he wanted to have a family with a woman and her son. He could not let it go and realize that she was in love with somebody else and her son was not his. He did a lot of bad things by lying to them. He realized that things were not going to work in his life until he met Jessica. She really understood him. She did not judge him. And he cannot tell you how much that meant. From outside the door, Jessica overhears and makes herself seen by the group.

Bo admits to Rex that he knows that Asa’s lawyer, Beaver Calhoun might have already gone and found David Vickers. So, he believes they may need to do damage control. And he asks Rex to stay on the case.

After Gigi notices Roxy making Shane’s hair blond and very much like Rex’s, she tells Roxy she does not like her “creative idea”. Roxy does not like Gigi's objection. She storms out the door. Shane tells his mom that his grandma wanted to make his hair the way he wanted it. And that shows her that maybe he does want to be like Rex.

After Viki finds out the big news from Moe and Noelle, she admits she has no clue that Dorian has run off with David. And they admit they have not seen her either but for all they know, she might “be off with Vickers”.

Rex tells the Buchanans that he will continue to look for Dorian and David. He goes out the door. Bo informs him that there is going to be a Go Red Ball for women. And Dorian is supposed to chair the event.

Dorian tells David she knows she is supposed to be there.

BO tells Rex that he wants him to be there.

Dorian tells David that she want to go there with him.

Bo tells Rex that he wants him to be there. He needs to find formal clothes and take Gigi. Rex asks if he is certain that Dorian would be there. Bo tells Rex he would be very surprised to see Dorian missing such a formal event.

Dorian tells David they can don’t have to go to the ball. But he tells her he will attend with her as husband and wife. She is very happy to know that he won’t expect her to walk in the cold up the mountain. She tells him that after tonight, she will do whatever he wants because she really does love him. Hearing that, he tells her he really does love her too.

Gigi finds Shane and tells him that she really “digs” the fact that his hair looks just like his dad’s. But she warns him about what to do if she ever leaves him with grandma Roxy. Right then, Rex appears and tells his son that he looks really hot and girls will be falling at his feet.

After Jessica appears out of nowhere to overhear Brody tell the group he really misses her, he asks her just how much she heard. She smiles and tells him she has been missing him too.

When Nora and Bo leave the house, they are completely interrupted from their conversation when they notice they can smell marijuana. They both know that somebody has been smoking pot.

Right then, Cole is in school putting eye drops in his eyes.

Starr talks to Schuyler Joplin alone about how she went into court and testified that her father did not kidnap her baby. And all charges were dropped against him. He tells her that is good. He does not judge anybody for that. But he asks her if anything came up about his mother.

When Clint is alone in his living room with Natalie and Jared he tells them he doesn’t want to think about what will happened when David and Dorian take everything from them.

Right then, David and Dorian check into the angel square motel. Roxy notices the two of them dressed in their gowns and laughs. She tells them she does not believe for a moment that either of them has given up their need for wealth. David tells her they can take her smallest room. Dorian then asks David to go upstairs and have a nice meditation. She has to go and run some errands for the go red ball. Alone with Roxy, Dorian pulls out a big wad of cash. Roxy tells her she thought she gave up her need for money. Dorian then puts big bills on the table in front of Roxy and tells her that she needs to understand that nobody but nobody is to ever find out that David is here with her. She puts the tons of money in front of Roxy. And Roxy concludes that that is the Dorian she knows and loves.

Jessica talks to Brody about the conflict she is having with her sister. She is grateful that Natalie took care of her girls. But it hurts that they love Natalie more than their mother and Natalie is so angry at her. In some ways it was easier to be crazy and staying there with him. She informs him that he knew all of her secrets yet never judged her. She also admits to Brody that she fears that Natalie is right that she (Jessica) is unfit to raise her kids. Bree does not even regard her mom and she doesn’t even feel as though Chloe is hers.

After Schuyler asks Starr how it would be that all of the charges against Todd could be dismissed when he “knows” about the nurse they found and subpoenaed to testify against him. And at that point, they both wonder what happened to her

Rex and Gigi are getting ready to attend the ball. He tells her that he went looking for Dorian and could not find her. But the Buchanans have invited them and want them to wear the finest clothes. She is really happy about that. Right then, from outside the window, Gigi the show girl spies upon them.

Roxy puts the cash that Dorian secretly gave her inside a chipmunk head where it cannot be seen. David then appears carrying pillows and sheets. She is not about to reveal anything to him nor tell anybody where he is. Right then, Beaver Calhoun appears. And he asks Roxy if she has seen “this fella”. And he shows her a picture of David.

Viki informs Moe and Noelle that she ran into David Vickers. He informed her that Dorian proposed to him. He wanted to get her opinion. She really believes that David is making good faith efforts to change. She cares about David and could not bare the thought if him getting hitched to that nasty, despicable no good woman. And right then, Dorian appears to hear what Viki has to say about her. Viki then tells Dorian she apologizes. It was “not polite” to malign her in “her own foyer”. But Moe clarifies it is now his and Noelle’s “foyer”. Dorian replies that she is not going to stoop to Viki’s level and get angry nor trash her. She tells her she is enlightened. Viki asks her if she and David have tied the knot.

When Rex and Gigi are walking outside her house, they talk about how odd it is that many show girls are named Gigi. Little do they know that they are being seen by the mysterious Gigi who followed them home from Vegas.

Dorian asks Viki if she is going to be part of the ball. Viki tells her that she will help with the festivities. Dorian then realizes she has no clothes to wear. So she asks if Noelle has anything which she can “borrow”. Noelle tells Dorian of course. She may help herself to any of Noelle’s lovely clothes.

Beaver Calhoun asks Roxy if she has any knowledge of David Vickers staying in this motel. He asks if she has seen him. Roxy does not know how to answer that.

After Dorian goes up the stairs with Noelle, Moe remarks to Viki that he knows Dorian is “up to no good”. She tells him she knows that also and something has to be done to stop her.

Bo and Nora go to the high school to find Matthew assuming that he has been smoking marijuana. He tells them it was not him. It was Cole. They are not certain whether to believe that.

Alone in the room, Schuyler Joplin asks Starr how it felt for her to let her dad go free. She tells him she did what she had to do. He tells her he knows that nothing will stop what has happened to all of them. But maybe in time, they can all heal. But she reveals to him something that is “incomplete” for her with losing her baby.

Jessica admits to Brody that she really does not feel as though she is the real mother of Chloe. She cries and seems to know that there is something “not right”

Starr admits to Schuyler that she cannot get over losing Hope. She tells him ever since she held “Chloe”, she could not stop thinking about her baby.

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