OLTL Update Monday 2/9/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/9/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

By the docks, Blair confronts Marty when she observes that John is interested in her. They argue. Blair attempts to push Marty. But it is she who loses balance and falls in the river.

Téa goes to find Lola in the courthouse and wants to talk to her. Lola tells her she does not trust her. She knows that Téa has been “talking to somebody” and has some sort of secret. And Lola asks her what she wants her to say..

David and Dorian have their wedding ceremony at a Buddhist temple in Vegas. They chant. The priest meets them and reveals that he keeps appointments all day for weddings and they are his “3 o’clock”. Not far away, Rex and Gigi are attempting to track them down. They observe a sign that says Temple of Love and assume they will find Dorian and David there. But when they rush in to attempt to stop the wedding, they find out that they have mistakenly barged in upon Moe and Noelle’s wedding.

Still unfound, Dorian and David are at their wedding ceremony chanting.

At the casino, Gigi notices her former work associates and asks them if they are really getting married. Rex tells her that she knows that Dorian must have paid Moe and Noelle off to distract anybody looking to find her and David. And they must hurry to find Dorian and David before it is too late. And not far away, a show girl named Gigi is observing Rex and Gigi and appearing as though she may know them.

David tells Dorian that he can see that she has finally decided to give up her money for him. He tells her that throughout his history of wanting and needing wealth and needing to live off of other people, it’s been a life of emptiness. It did not benefit him nor enrich his soul. But a life of poverty has become “the answer” for him. He tells her that he really believes that she is serious. He tells her that a person “has not lived” until they fast and sleep out in the cold without any material amenities. He tells her that when they get married, they will be penniless but it will be worth it. He reminds her that there is this place where one can get free food as long as they agree to wash the dishes. Hearing that, she tells him he may wash and she will dry. She smiles and appears convincing that she is ready to go through with doing what he wants.

At the courthouse, after Lola demands to know whom Téa was talking to, about her, behind her back, Téa replies that she was talking to Lola’s father.

Back at Rodi’s, after Lola has left, knowing that Vanessa is keeping a secret from her about her father, Vanessa talks to Cristian. He tells her that she mustn’t worry about her stepdaughter. She is a teenager. Not far away, Wes observes the laptop computer where John and Officer Fish have been investigating his background and found out that his father was sleeping with Lee Halpern and she broke up his family and took all their money. John finds Wes and tells him that he was very surprised and asks Wes what Marty would do if she knew.

Right then, Blair is thrashing about in the river after falling and Marty is watching her not certain what to do. Marty jumps in and they both get wet but get back to the docks. Marty tells Blair that what happened to her was “not her (Marty’s) fault”. Blair sarcastically replies that it never is Marty’s fault. Blair then tells Marty that she will help her up and get her out of there. She does not want all the men in the town to think that they must take care of Marty. She gives Marty her hand. But Marty does not respond and remains sitting. Blair walks off. Back at Rodi’s, John tells Wes that he is onto him and does not trust him nor his relationship with Marty.

At Vegas, at Moe and Noelle’s wedding, Rex asks them if they might know where Dorian and David went. They admit that they don’t know. Rex and Moe go off together. Gigi asks Noelle why it is that they rushed their wedding. Noelle replies that Delphina read their fortune and warned them that they would be cursed if they did not get married fast. She also warned them if they had money, there would be danger. Hearing that, Gigi asks them if Dorian gave up her wealth (or told them she did) to them. Noelle replies yes. Rex returns and tells Gigi that time is running out before it’s too late to find Dorian and David and stall their wedding.

At the Buddhist temple, their wedding has not yet been performed. David leaves Dorian alone to talk to a statue. She gets up and admits to the statue that she is doing what she has to do because Clint Buchanan has no right to take what is rightfully hers. She calls that “karma”. And she knows that David is the soul heir to the Buchanan fortune. She must marry him in order to take everything from Clint’s family. She admits that she craves money and power. She knows she’s guilty of that. But she also craves David. And she admits if David finds out what she has done, he will hate her. He will leave her. SO, she concludes, so be it. She admits that she has lived without David before. And she can live without him again. Right then, David appears and overhears her. And he suggests that perhaps they call this all off.

At the casino, the showgirl named Gigi talks to her agent. They do not reveal anything in their conversation. But she still keeps staring at Rex and his Gigi. Noelle tells Rex and Gigi that she would like the two of them to stand up at their wedding. IT would mean so much to her to have real friends as witnesses. What’s more, it will cost them extra to have the “hired witnesses” stand in for them. Moe does not want to do what she wants. But Gigi then tells them they would be honored to be their witnesses.

After David has walked in and heard Dorian’s “private conversation” where she confesses that she may “lose” David, he tells her he realizes that he has hurt her in the past. Or, more accurately, “David Vickers” (not David Vickeroshi) hurt her. But he is a changed man. He no longer intends to use her for her money or manipulate her. He wants her to now know that he is a changed man. And he wants her if she will have him. Hearing that, she replies that she wants him with all of her heart.

When Lola finds Téa in court, she tells her that she never before knew that Téa has been working for her father as his lawyer and helping him instead of Vanessa. She wonders why Téa has been leading everybody to believe that she is “helping” Vanessa. Téa then confesses to Lola that she believes that it was Vanessa who murdered Lola’s mother and who framed Lola’s father. And she would like Lola’s help in proving it.

Back at Rodi’s, Vanessa is trying and failing to reach her stepdaughter by phone and getting no answer. She dances with Cristian and it looks as though he trusts her.

Lola admits to Vanessa that she has always been told and believed that her father caught her mother with another man and he murdered her for that. Téa then asks Lola what she (Lola) believes. Lola admits that she really does not know but needs to know what really happened. Téa then tells her that she believes that Vanessa wanted to have her father locked in prison. She wanted to have custody of Lola and have her trust her stepmother. And the reason for that is Vanessa has known for a long time that Lola is related to people with money. SO she thought she could cash in. Lola admits to Téa that she wants to find out if that is really true. Téa urges her not to let Vanessa endanger anybody else. SO she must admit to what she knows so that it won’t happen. But Lola admits that she has been trusting and believing what her stepmother has told her and not questioned what she’s seen and heard.

IN Vegas, a James Brown impersonator appears and tells Moe and Noelle he will perform their wedding ceremony. Rex and Gigi observe.

In the other temple, The Buddhist priest chants before Dorian and David. She asks David what exactly he is saying.

The James Brown impersonator talks and sings James Brown songs and talks about Moe and Noelle’s past, present and future relationship.

The Buddhist priest talks to Dorian and David about their commitment. David smiles and tells her this is it.

When Moe and Noelle join hands, he reflects how they first met when she was a waitress and he was a chef. They always used to annoy one another until they had their pie bake-off. And then they fell in love. They both vow that as long as they both have their desires to make the excellent pecan pie, they will be together. “James Brown” then asks if there is anybody who can dispute this wedding between this man and this woman. Rex and Gigi do not dispute it.

Right then, Dorian and David make their promises and take their vows. She promises to be hospitable and courteous to all of her husband’s friends. She’ll even pretend to like Viki. She then tells David that she loves him. And she would not be marrying him unless she wanted to.

Meanwhile, “James Brown” pronounces Moe and Noelle as husband and wife and Moe kisses the bride. Gigi claps and cheers. But Rex is silent.

Before the Buddhist priest has pronounced Dorian and David as married, she asks if David may kiss his bride. The priest walks away coldly and seems to know that there is something not going right with “karma”. But David says: “karma be damned”. And he kisses Dorian.

Gigi and Rex photograph Moe and Noelle with a digital camera. The happily married couples leaves. Alone, Rex and Gigi kiss.

In the other room at the casino, Gigi the showgirl tells her agent that he is the “Best boss a girl could have’. But, she concludes, she wants more.

Alone with Rex, Gigi tells him that it was fun to watch her friends get married. It was kind of a silly ceremony. But she bets they will be happy. She realizes, however, that the two of them (herself and Rex) really need the money that Clint will fork over if they can find Dorian and David. And without it, they are not going to be able to accept being poor. But, she concludes, that maybe they can be happy without wealth, just like Moe and Noelle can be. Maybe obtaining wealth will only get people in trouble, just like Delphina told Noelle.

In court, Lola admits to Téa that what she remembers before her mother died is her mother showed her all of the toys and things that her daughter would remember. And she showed her the knife. Hearing that, Téa appears puzzled. Lola then asks her if it was Vanessa who killed her mother, then how did she manage to put Lola’s father’s prints on the knife? Téa replies that a smart woman knows how to pull that off.

At Rodi’s, Blair finds John and knows that he has been very preoccupied in wanting to “rescue” Marty. She tells him that she realizes that he just doesn’t want Marty to get into trouble. But she is worried that he is going to get into trouble spending so much time and energy looking out for Marty. Hearing that, John tells Blair that he thinks about her (Blair) and she is important to him. She responds to that by telling him that is the case only until he runs into Marty. She knows that Marty always comes first in his life and she is not going to argue or fight him with that. She tells John have a nice life. And she storms out the door.

At the Vegas casino, Rex and Gigi confirm that they intend to be together for life. They leave. And not far away, Gigi the show girl reveals that her hair is now blond. She tells her agent that she does not want to work with him anymore. She knows of a place called Llanview, PA. She can find work there. And, she tells him, by the way, her name is not Gigi.

Dorian tells David that whatever happened at the temple the previous year, it will “be perfect this year”. How could it not be? She will make a grand entrance on the arm of her new husband. Yet it looks as though they are not yet officially married

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