OLTL Update Friday 2/6/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 2/6/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

When Jessica is in the kitchen she observes a picture of Chloe. And she talks to herself as if she is confronting Natalie. She tells her (or somebody) that Chloe is hers. They need to realize that. Nobody is going to take Chloe from her. And right at that moment, unexpectedly, Starr enters. Jessica appears startled and tells her cousin she did not hear her come in. Starr tells her she is sorry to be “eavesdropping”. Jessica graciously tells her that she is not eavesdropping upon one who is “talking to herself”. Star can sense that her cousin may not be ok and asks her what is up. Jessica tells her she is fine. It’s just hormones after having a baby. She just wants to make certain that nobody “takes her baby” from her. Hearing that, Starr asks Jessica why she thinks anybody would take her baby from her. And it’s as if they are both unconsciously aware of something.

Rex and Gigi are flying to Vegas in search of Dorian and David before they get married and it’s too late to prevent them from taking the Buchanan fortune. She asks him how long it will be and if he thinks they won’t be too late. He tells her that believes that he can track them down and they’ll have plenty of time. They can come back shortly and maybe have a wedding of their own, he tells her.

At Rodi’s, the cops all sit at a table and talk bout their “unsuccessful quest” to find Lee Halpern’s killer. Bo, Antonio and Talia all say that they know they can find whoever did it. Wes busses tables and overhears. He appears very uneasy.

In the courtroom, after Téa has managed to get Todd acquitted of all charges, Blair enters and smacks Téa really hard across the face.. She asks Téa why she came out of nowhere to be Todd’s lawyer and let him get away with his crimes. Does she intend to get him in bed? In response to that, Téa smirks and reminds Blair that she (Blair) is sleeping with John McBain. So why would she care?

At that same time, on the docks, John is looking for Marty and finds her. She notices him observing her. She does not want to be seen or found by him.

After Starr asks Jessica just why she would fear that somebody would take “her” baby, Jessica explains that it’s because she spent so much time at St. Anne’s, that she gets scared that Chloe might forget about her. She knows that whenever her baby was in need of a mother to care for her, she (Jessica) was not there. Starr tells her hat she is back with her baby. She reflects to Jessica that she misses her baby. Jessica tells her that she is really sorry that that had to happen. Starr tells Jessica that she has just discovered that the reason her baby died might be due to her father. Starr asks if Viki is available. Jessica tells her that right now she is not there. But Starr can wait until she gets back. She asks Starr what happened in court. Starr replies that her dad was found not guilty of kidnapping her baby. She couldn’t go through with testifying against him. SO he got away with everything he did. Jessica tells her she is so sorry. And she reveals to Starr that if Todd got off it’s as much “her” fault as anybody else’s’. Hearing that, Starr appears puzzled to know what Jessica might have to do with Todd’s plan to kidnap Starr’s baby.

After Rex tells Gigi that he might want to marry her, she asks if Shane put him up to it. He tells her that he wants it. She tells him she hats to get “all girlie” on him. But she might prefer a proposal. She reminds him that he has married twice before. But this would be her first wedding. He promises her that this will be his last wedding. She tells him that since this is her first, she might not mind all of the festivities; a white gown and a formal ceremony. He jokes that he’d prefer a “drive through”.

At Rodi’s, Cristian, Vanessa, Lola and Layla all join Antonio, Talia and Bo. They ask whom they believe murdered Lee Halpern. And wasn’t it coincidental that she died right before testifying against Todd Manning? Antonio tells them that he and Talia had every reason to believe that it was Todd. But then Téa confessed. They don’t believe that it’s her. Nor do they understand the reason she would confess. But whoever killed Lee Halpern, they will find them. Again, Wes overhears while working and appears spooked and what he is overhearing.

Téa asks Blair why she is concerned about Todd’s business or whom he is sleeping with. Blair angrily tells her she could care less about Todd’s sex life. She cares about her children. Téa must realize that Todd has a restraining order to stay away form his kids. And Téa better not come near them either. She knows that Téa got to Starr and that is why she changed her story to exonerate Todd. Why doesn’t Téa just go crawl under the rock she came out of.? Téa tells Blair that for a woman who claims to be over her ex husband, she sure cares a lot about his business. Blair tells Téa that she has no choice except to be into Todd’s relationship with Téa when it concerns her children. Téa tells Blair that if she were Blair she would spend more time being concerned about her “current boyfriend” and who he is spending more time being concerned about than Blair.

When John finds Marty, he admits that he still has feelings for her. She observes his chivalrous nature and reveals that she might remember having feelings for him.

Rex asks Gigi just what she wants for her wedding. She admits to him that ever since she was little she dreamed about her father giving her away. He asks her if she has been in contact with her father. She replies that the last time she had contact with her parents is when they kicked her out of their home for getting pregnant. He tells her that he does not want her to be estranged from her parents, nor Shane from his grandparents. She did not get pregnant by herself. How can they judge her when they have refused to know their own grandson and turned their back on her when she really needed them? She tells Rex that she has accepted their decision. But Rex tells her that he will always be there for her and won’t let her be alone without a family.

Lola tells Vanessa that she wants to be able to talk to her father and find out what he has to say for himself about murdering her mother. She reminds her stepmother in front of all of the others that Ray wrote her a letter protesting that he did not do it and got set up by Vanessa. Hearing that, Vanessa tells her she thought they agreed not to talk about it. Lola asks Vanessa why she (Vanessa) does not want to talk about it. Vanessa replies because it “upsets her" (Lola). Lola reminds Vanessa that her father had a different story about her mother being stabbed to death. In response to that, Vanessa screams at her that Ray Montez murdered her mother. She storms off. Lola walks after her. After they are both away from the table, Layla asks Cristian what is up with that. He tells her that Lola is questioning what really happened with her parents. And he assures her that Vanessa has been taking care of her stepdaughter throughout Lola’s life. But Layla can sense that that might not be entirely true. And she reminds him that he broke up with Sara and married Vanessa which might be a decision he will regret. She informs them that she talked to Sara yesterday. Talia asks how Sara is. Layla replies she is great. She is moved into her new place and managing a band. Sara might want to have kids some day and would be a really great mom if she had the right guy to be a dad. And she reminds Cristian that he gave up on her sister, Evangeline as soon as Sara came along. And then as soon as Vanessa came along, he dropped Sara like a hot potato. He asks her to please not do this. Right then, Talia notices Officer Fish. She asks what brought him to town. He tells her that he is looking for John McBain. Has anybody seen him?

At the docks, John tells Marty that maybe she can have some sort of closure. She at least knows that Todd Manning is not trusted not respected by anybody. She tells him that she does not believe there could be closure when she trusted Todd only to have this whole things happen. He tells her that regardless, Manning will have to live with whom he is for the rest of his life. She tells him she is really disappointed in John for saving Todd when he tried to drown himself. She wished he had let Todd die.

In the empty courtroom, Blair tells Téa that she won’t hesitate to hurt her if she pushes things any farther. Téa laughs. Blair leaves.

After Starr asks Jessica just how she (Jessica) could be responsible for Todd almost kidnapping Starr’s baby, Jessica explains to her that Tess lived in Todd’s home when the whole thing was going on. She blackmailed Todd not to tell anybody that she came out and kept the secret that Todd was keeping Marty there and planning to kidnap Starr’s baby with Marty. Starr then informs Jessica that they were going to subpoena “Lee Halpern” who was the nurse whom Todd hired to take care of Marty and who was going to arrange to help him kidnap Starr’s baby. Hearing that, Jessica is stunned when she remembers meeting “Janet” when she was Tess staying in Todd’s home. And right then, she hears baby Chloe cry from the “device”. Right then, she has a flashback of overhearing, from the same “baby device”, a conversation where Todd told Janet (Lee Halpern) that he needs her help to get Starr’s baby out of town and will pay her and make sure she does not get in trouble for her “help”. And right then, Starr notices Jessica’s “far away” expression and asks her if she is ok. Jessica does not know how to respond.

While flying to Vegas, after Gigi has informed Rex that she has no “family” for Shane, he tells her that he hasn’t a clue whom his real father is. She remarks that she finds it odd that he would not attempt to find out. He’s a great PI. She bets if he wanted to find his real father, he could. He asks her what she is implying. She responds that she thinks that he is purposely not looking for his father because he’s afraid he’ll be disappointed. Hearing that, Rex asks her if she is playing “Freud”. She laughs and tells him that she does not claim to be a shrink. At that point, they are ready to land in Vegas. She tells him she is confident that he will prevent Dorian and David’s wedding. She knows he can get the money that Clint Buchanan has promised him for delivering the goods. And Dorian will end up not getting squat.

After Jessica has the “vision” of a conversation she overheard between Todd and Janet about kidnapping Starr’s baby, from the baby device, she knows she cannot tell Starr what she remembers. So, she excuses herself to go and take care of Chloe.

Marty tells John that she wants him to stop trying to “protect” her. She tells him she cannot be around him because of how it makes her feel. He asks her how it makes her feel. She replies it makes her feel scared and confused. Right then, Blair enters and overhears them unseen. Marty tells John that she does not remember being the person who knew or had feelings about him. He asks her why she is afraid to remember. She tells him she has no memories. And even if she did, she realizes he is with Blair. In response that, he firmly tells her that she must know this is not about Blair. It’s about them.

Right then, Ray Montez calls Téa from his prison phone. He asks her just how close they are to getting everybody to know that Vanessa set him up for the murder of Lola’s mother. She replies “very close”.

At Rodi’s, Lola tells Vanessa that she wonders why it is that ever since she got the letter from her father, Vanessa has been acting so “secretive”. Vanessa tells her that there is no truth to anything that Ray Montez says.

Officer Fish appears that he wishes that Layla would have invited him to join them all for Talia’s birthday. He asks her if she might want to go with him to the police department ball in Cherryville. She is not certain.

On the docks. When Blair overhears their conversation, John tells Marty he does not want to “push” anything. But if she wants to talk or needs anything. She insists that she does not want to talk nor need anything He tells her that he is her friend. She tells him if he is her friend, then he must please go. He leaves. Right then, Blair enters and tells Marty that they need to get some things straight.

Ray Montez demands to know why it is that Téa has not gotten Lola to know that Vanessa set him up. She tells him that she is working on it but has been busy with Todd Manning’s trial. He asks her if it’s over by now. She tells him she is done with Todd’s trial. She has saved one father from being sent to prison and prevented from being with his daughter. And she will do the same for Ray. Ray reminds her that he is getting very impatient being stuck in prison waiting and wondering.

At Rodi’s, after Fish tells Layla that he would like her to join him at the policeman’s ball, she does not seem really interested. John returns and finds Wes and asks him what he has been doing for the last few hours. Wes admits that he broke some wine glasses and apologizes. He as obviously distracted. He leaves. Fish then asks John if this is the Wes Granger whom John would like him to “investigate”.

Marty asks Blair why she is there eavesdropping upon her conversation with John. Is Blair worried that Marty will “take her man” once again. Blair tells her that maybe since they are both through with Todd, they can make peace and put their past behind them. But she admits hat she remembers how Marty was the party girl who knew how to manipulate men and get the knight in shining armor to find her. She thinks that Marty is “after” John. Marty tells Blair that is absurd. She is not interested in John. Blair tells Marty that is good because Marty cannot have him.

When Jessica brings baby Chloe to the kitchen and Starr observes her. She is in awe of the baby without conscious awareness of whom she really is). She tells Jessica that all she has to remember Hope by is a locket. Jessica remarks that all she had was a picture of Chloe. And they find out that Dr. Joplin was both of their doctors and delivered both of their babies at right about the same time. Starr then informs Jessica that her dad went to the hospital to “change his mind” about kidnapping her baby. And that is right when Hope died. Hearing that, Jessica has a horrifying flashback of Tess giving birth to a dead baby. And when Starr observes the horrified look on her face, she apologizes, knowing there is something “up” with Jessica. Jessica lets Starr hold “baby Chloe”. Jessica then asks Starr about Nora asking Todd to confess all of his wrongdoings. Starr replies that he did but it doesn’t matter. Jessica then admits to Starr that she realizes that Todd has a lot of problems. But Todd saved her life once. She has always been close to Todd. And she cannot believe that Todd would want to kidnap his daughter’s baby nor have any intent to hurt his daughter. And she stares at Starr while she holds the baby. She remarks how “natural” Starr looks holding her..

Rex and Gigi go to a casino in Vegas. He goes looking and finds out that champagne was sent to the honeymoon suite and charged to Dorian Lord. But he indicates they might need to go to all of the chapels in the town. He tells her he doubts they’ve gone too far. Right then, they notice a poster of a model named Gigi. And a strange woman observes her.

Blair tells Marty that she knows about Marty’s history of getting a guy interested and then pushing him away. She reminds Marty that since she is a shrink, she knows all the tricks in the book. And she knows how to make any poor sap think that Marty is the first person in his life who can make him happy. That is what she did to Todd. That is what she is now doing with John. But Marty reminds Blair that she left out one important part. It takes two to play a game. So “all of these men” might have “wanted” it.

John is brainstorming with Fish to find out about Wes and his past.

Cristian offers to take Vanessa and Lola home. But Lola leaves by herself, tells them she will be fine and encourages her stepmother to enjoy the evening with her new husband.

One the phone with Ray Montez, Téa admits to him that she is concerned about how hard it will be for Cristian Vega to find out that the woman he married is a con artist and criminal whom she is about to send to prison. He tells her it cannot be harder than being in prison. She tells him that when Cristian finds out, his entire family might never speak to her again.

John and Officer Fish are on the laptop investigating Wes. And John appears startled at what they have discovered.

Starr tells Jessica that she must now goes. Jessica tells Starr that she will tell Viki she stopped by. When Starr is gone, Jessica gets a call from Dr. Levin.

In Vegas, when Rex sees a picture of a woman with the name, Gigi, his Gigi demands he stops staring at the poster. But he tells her that she is the only Gigi for him. They are then headed for the temple where Dorian and David might have gone to. And not far away, the dancer named Gigi spies upon them. Her agent then demands that she gets on the stage since she is up next. He asks her what is up. She looks like she has seen a ghost. She seems engrossed in watching Rex and Gigi.

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