OLTL Update Thursday 2/5/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 2/5/09


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In the courtroom, Téa notices that Nora is not about to accept the not guilty verdict the judge gave to Todd. She asks her what she is going to do, arrest her? Nora replies, "No." She is going to arrest Starr Manning. She committed perjury under oath. Hearing that, Blair protests that her daughter is “just a child.” Nora says, "No." Starr wrote in her report that she is not a child. She is old enough to know what she is doing and to understand the difference between right and wrong. Committing perjury under oath is a very sophisticated choice for a child to make. Todd protests that she cannot do that, but Nora tells him, "Yes she can." She instructs the bailiffs to cuff Starr and take her to jail.

Rex rushes to find Clint after it was too late to find Dorian and David before they elope.

In the airplane. Dorian asks David what kind of life they will have married with their new “faith,” but she obviously has other things on her mind.

Nora tells Téa that there is not one person in the world who does not know that Todd Manning is guilty as sin. Téa asks her if she is about to turn this into some sort of drama. She tells her that man is a rapist, a kidnapper, and very possibly a murderer. Téa has enabled him to get off scot-free. Téa then tells Nora she needs to make her point. Nora replies by telling her since Todd is not going to jail, his daughter is. Téa tells Nora that she heard the judge’s verdict. Todd has been found not guilty due to lack of evidence, so Nora needs to let it go. Nora tells her that the case against Todd may be over, but she is not over. Téa asks her if she is going to stand there and watch a 16-year-old being carted out of the courtroom in cuffs. She tells Nora not even she could not do that. Nora smugly tells her she may watch her. Todd then asks Nora what she wants. Nora tells him that she wants a full admission of guilt from him. She wants him to admit what he did to Marty, what he was going to do to Starr’s baby, and what he has done to his kids. He needs to accept some accountability for the first time.

At Viki’s home, Jessica is trying and failing to engage with Bree. Bree is busy doing arts and crafts with Natalie, very friendly to her aunt but very cold toward her mom. Jessica then asks the babysitter to take Chloe and give her her bottle. She takes both kids. Alone with Jessica, Natalie asks her why she hired a nanny. Jessica tells her that she has to go to therapy three times a week. Natalie tells Jessica she (herself) is very capable and willing to take care of the kids. Jessica reminds her sister that she (herself) is their mother.

Rex informs Clint and Jared that he went to Dorian’s. There is a new Swedish servant who cannot speak English, but he tipped Rex off as to where Dorian and David went. He found a baggage claims guy who gave him a clue as to where they are headed.

On the airplane, David asks Dorian if they may chant before taking off. He tells her he wants to fill the airplane with some positive energy. He chants. She then has a vision of entering Clint’s home wearing expensive ritzy clothes and announcing that he better get out of his mansion. He can take all of his family portraits. In her “dream,” Nora stands by him. She informs them that this entire estate is hers and David’s. They have 24 hours to get the hell out. Clint and Nora both cry. She smiles gleefully thinking about that happening. David observes her smiling and tells her she must be filled with joy over “something.”

In the courtroom, Nora reminds Téa that Todd has been charged with tons and tons of crimes throughout his life, but he keeps getting away with everything he does. She reminds them all that Starr’s baby died and almost got kidnapped. She informs Starr that no matter what anybody wants to believe, her father is the reason that baby did not get proper medical care. After all Todd has done to Marty and to his family, Téa knew how to turn it all around to get him exonerated. So he keeps getting away with everything he does that ruins people’s lives. She tells Todd if he really cares about his daughter and feels remorse for what he did to his family and what he did to Marty, then he can have some guts by looking them in the eye and admitting what he did. At that point, Starr announces that this is all her fault. Nora tells Starr she does not have to take the rap for her father. He needs to admit to what he has done throughout his life. If he can do that, she won’t have Starr taken to jail.

While flying, after David has gotten up to get them some Téa, Dorian calls Clint on her cell phone. She informs him that she has “fallen in love again.” He asks her just whom the lucky fellow is. She tells him that it is very surprising that this man reminds her a lot of him. He tells her she obviously thinks she’s won. She tells him she knows she’s won. David returns and asks her why she is talking to Clint when she has married him.

After Natalie demands to know why Jessica has hired a nanny, Jessica explains that she has been a pretty good mother and would like cooperation from her family. Natalie angrily tells her that from the moment she and Jared got “sprung” from the locked room where they could have been killed, she has been taking care of both of Jessica’s children. She has fed them, bathed them, diapered them, and been there for them while Jessica has been at St. Anne’s. Now, Jessica thinks she can come back and have no responsibility for what she did. She will not forget Jessica (as Tess) cutting the brakes on her car. She does not trust her. She fears for her life and the life of those two kids. She and Jared will never let their guards down. It has now become their responsibility to protect the children from Jessica.

In the courtroom, after Nora tells Todd she won’t let his daughter go to jail if he comes clean, he then tells all the people listening that he will take the stand. He promises to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. He turns to face Marty. He tells her that he loved her. He had this idea ever since he discovered her at Ramsey’s home. He wanted to have her in his life and make a life with her, but his desire to love her was all about him. He did not admit to her that she had a son. He did not admit to her that she had a relationship with John. He did not admit that he raped her many years ago. He did not give her the information to make her own choices.

Natalie tells Jessica that if she thinks that she will just forgive her for all that has happened and let her take over parenting her kids, she’s got another thing coming. She tells her that she still has panic attacks whenever she goes near the basement. She is afraid to set foot down there. Jessica tells Natalie that she wishes there was something she could do to make things right. She is not okay with the way that Bree clings to Natalie and doesn’t even trust her own mother. Natalie tells Jessica that is her own problem, and her own fault.

David can sense that Dorian has some type of “impure” intent with calling Clint. She tells him that is not true. Everything will be okay. Clint will envy them.

Rex tells Clint that he will do whatever it takes to stop Dorian and David from taking the whole Buchanan estate, but he doesn’t have the company jet. Clint admits that he has his lawyer using the jet. He tells Rex if he can successfully prevent Dorian and David from taking his family’s fortune, Clint will give Rex $100,000 in cash. Hearing that, Rex is in awe.

While Gigi is working at Rodi’s, Shane appears. She asks her son why he is not in school. He replies that his grandma let him skip a day and eat some junk food. She notices Roxy with her son and tells her that she may do it just this once. Roxy asks GIgi if she has seen Rex or knows what he is up to. Gigi admits that Rex is on a “mission” to help the Buchanans since he just got wind of the fact that Dorian and David Vickers have a little “scheme.” Hearing that, she tells him she will never forgive nor justify him. He tells her that he really wanted them to have a great life together, but maybe that is how he justified it for himself. He is sorry. She leaves. At that point, Nora tells him she is not finished. She expects a full admission of everything he has done.

Jessica tells Natalie that maybe she needs to realize she has her own anger management issues. She (herself) is going to therapy and working to get better. She owns her responsibility for her issues. Maybe Natalie could realize that she has some responsibility in all of this. She tells her that she is driving a wedge between them and she needs to realize that she has her own issues. Natalie admits that she can never trust Jessica after finding out that she wanted to kill her.

Clint asks Rex if they have a deal where he will give Rex $100,000 if he gets up, gets out, and stops the wedding. Rex tells him of course and runs out the door.

On the airplane, David tells Dorian he has had his issues with Clint, but he does like the man. He realizes he must be difficult and stressful to manage a multibillion dollar conglomerate. She tells him she knows all about that. She tells him that Clint might surprise him.

Todd then tells Starr that he did intend to steal her baby, but he never told her the reason why. He did it because he thought that if she gave her baby up for adoption, she would regret it. She would some day realize that the baby was a part of them. Blair lashes out that it was not his decision to make. He tells Starr that he was going to give her back the baby when the time was right. Blair tells him how generous. Todd admits when he realized that he could not go through with it, it was too late. Janet and Dr. Joplin were already doing what he had asked and bribed them to do. He now knows that due to his stubbornness, the baby did not get proper medical care, and she died. He will regret that for the rest of his life.

Natalie tells Jessica that she is afraid to look at her. Anytime she sees Jessica getting angry, she lives in fear that Tess could come out. Jessica asks Natalie if she is going to hold that against her forever. Natalie reminds her that she did not get proper medical care when she was pregnant, and she is not fit to raise a child. Jessica reminds her sister that she is still their mother. Natalie tells her they will see. She walks off. And Jessica throws all the stuff off the kitchen table in anger.

Rex goes to Rodi’s. He wants to see Gigi. Roxy then tells Gigi and Rex that she will take care of their kid while they have some time together. It looks like he’s going to have Gigi go with him to Vegas to find Dorian and David.

Marty goes out by the docks. John appears and looks at her. She seems disappointed to see him and tired of him following her everywhere she goes. He asks her if she is okay. She tells him, "No, and nothing has changed."

Outside the courtroom, Téa tells Todd he is now a free man. But he tells her that he will never be “free” with all that has happened. He leaves. Téa enters the empty courtroom to collect her briefs. Blair enters and smacks Téa really hard. 

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