OLTL Update Wednesday 2/4/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 2/4/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Clint is having Rex report to him what he found out about Dorian and David. Rex informs him that Dorian is attempting to get David to marry her before he finds out that he is a Buchanan

David goes to Viki’s home. She is very surprised to see him dressed and behaving so differently than the way she has known him. She is surprised that he does not want some of the common food that he always liked form her refrigerator. He informs her that he is there for one reason. He wants to inform her that Dorian has just proposed to him

Right then, Dorian is on the phone talking to somebody from the temple where David has joined. She wants to somehow arrange to marry David and make it legal with the temple. She right then enters her living room to see Moe, Noelle dressed in elegant clothes with caviar, champagne and their own private servant. Moe asks her if she cares to join them.

Todd sits in his house with Janet’s dead body on the floor. Téa enters after being at the police station for questioning. He asks her if they let her go and if she will not be charged with the murder.

Right then, Wes enters Rodi’s. John greets him. John looks at the article in the paper. Marty enters and tells him she wants some coffee. She indicates that she has probably not seen the morning paper. John informs her that Lee Halpern was killed the previous night. He then shows her the newspaper article and she is shocked.

Right then Blair and Starr discover the article and wonder who might have done it.

Todd asks Téa just what her defense was for allegedly murdering Lee Halpern. She tells him she knows how to wheel and deal with any legal consequences and beat any charges anybody throws at her.

In the courtroom, Bo shows Nora the article and tells her that Téa has confessed. That may not give a lot of credibility to Todd’s trial when the defense attorney is confessing to murdering the prosecution’s star witness. Nora asks Bo if he believes hat maybe Téa is covering for Todd and he did it.

Outside the courtroom, Blair and Starr are reflecting that they are disappointed that Lee Halpern is gone. But Cole enters and asks them why that would be. Isn’t that what Starr wants?

Todd asks Téa if she does not believe that he killed Lee Halpern.

In Viki’s kitchen, Viki asks David if he is quite certain that he has sworn off “all of this” completely. He admits to her that it was not easy. She asks him if he really wants to change. He tells her that he is trying. He really is. She tells him she believes him. But doesn’t he believe that “this change” is a little extreme. He tells her that has had a lot of encounters with nirvana. He has had some close calls to dying. But he believes that he has found inner peace. She tells him that she believes that that might be true. But, she asks him, why in the world would he want to give it all up for Dorian. He tells her it’s the other way around. It is Dorian who is telling him that she wants to give up her worldly possessions for him. Hearing that, Viki bursts out laughing. She asks David if he believes for one minute that Dorian would be serious in telling him any such thing. Would she want to give up all of her wealth, her expensive clothes her jewels, her car, her lovely home just to marry him or anybody?.

Dorian notices Moe dressed in a classic exquisite suit and Noelle wearing a beautiful, elegant dress and shoes sipping on expensive drinks, eating the finest caviar and having their servant waiting on them. She notices he is Swedish and cannot speak nor understand English. She attempts to sound happy for them. But she is obviously not ok. Moe tells her that he has always wanted one of those expensive suits. Noelle asks Dorian if there is something “wrong’. She replies of course not. She is very delighted to see the two of them relishing wealth. He tells her that he assumes it won’t be long before she is packing up and living with David. She tells him of course that is her intent, gritting her teeth to sound happy and gracious. She believes that she will have everything she has always wanted with David.

Rex informs Clint and Nigel that he overheard Dorian privately revealing that she wants to become Mrs. David Buchanan. Clint asks Rex if he has any idea if David wants to marry Dorian. Rex admits he does not know. But they must know all too well how Dorian knows how to get anything she wants.

After Marty notices the newspaper article that Lee Halpern was killed and Téa has confessed, she tells John and Wes that she bets, once again, that because of this, Todd will walk away free and clear for his crime. And she bets that it was he who killed Janet. He had the perfect motive when she was about to present evidence that could get him put away.

Téa tells Todd that it would be very stupid of either one of them to be holding a bloody knife. They both know that. She tells him that she will not be charged with anything. Lee Halpern came to the house demanding money. Téa caught her. She tried to “pawn” Téa. Téa acted in self defense. And they both reflect that they haven’t a clue who killed her.

Outside the courtroom, after Cole has overheard Starr’s conversation with Blair, and tells her that he bets she wants for Lee Halpern to be dead, Starr tells him that she gets why he is angry at her for not testifying against her dad. But she just found out that her father tried to kill himself. And how does he think she would feel if her dad finished himself off because his own daughter sent him to prison? He does not respond nor act like he cares. Blair enters the courtroom and talks to Nora and Bo. Nora asks Blair what she thinks would be Téa’s motive for confessing to murdering Janet/Lee Halpern. Why would Todd’s ex lover want to confess to murder, take the wrap for him and let him get away with murder? What would be in it for her? Blair admits she cannot answer that.

In Dorian’s home, she gets very annoyed at Moe’s Swedish servant’s inability to speak or understand the English language. And she realizes she is at the desperate mercy of Moe and Noelle in order to remain staying in what she’s previously known as her own home. Noelle tells her that she has always had a way of knowing what people are saying without hearing them come out and say it. From all the years of waiting on truckers and making lousy tips, she developed that ability. And she can sense that Dorian is having some “issues” with the two of them having all of the wealth. She (Noelle) sounds like she might be willing to give it up if Dorian is having second thoughts. But Moe does not sound like he wants to do that. And he shows Dorian papers that he drew up with a lawyer to make him the sole owner of everything she has.

Viki ask David if he is really serious about marrying Dorian or in believing that she has given up her need for material wealth. He tells her that he does believe it. But he would like to hear her opinion about it. She then tells him that if he really values her feedback and wants to hear what she has to say, she will tell him. She then tells him that she believes if he marries Dorian and believes what she is telling him, then he would be the biggest idiot to walk the face of the earth.

While Rex talks to Clint about Dorian’s plan to take all of his family’s wealth, Renee enters and asks what is going on. He informs her that Dorian wants to have them all out on their behinds. He has discussed the matter with Jared. Jared has hired him to investigate. And Jared’s most recent idea is to admit to David that he (David) is a Buchanan. But he (Rex) believes that is a bad idea.

At Rodi’s, Marty tells Wes hat it’s all over now. Without Janet, then there is no way to get the charges against Todd to stick. But, she tells him, maybe he can get some peace now that she is dead. John takes a call and cannot hear their conversation. Observing him, Wes thanks her for not telling John or anybody else about his “history” with Lee Halpern. John does not overhear when he takes his call. But he eyes them coldly when he sees Marty taking Wes’s hand.

Blair discusses with Nora and Bo what might happen to Starr for her testimony that her father did not tell her he wanted to kidnap her baby. Outside the courtroom, Starr tells Cole she is sorry. But she cannot be responsible for her dad getting sent to prison. Right then, Todd and Téa enter and greet them.

Clint tells Rex that he does not want to give a cent to a con man. But he will do whatever is needed in order to prevent David from going through with marrying David and giving their family’s money to her. He’d rather have David taking his money than have Dorian using him against them.

After Viki admits to David that she believes he would be an idiot if he married Dorian, he tells her that usage of the word “idiot” is not enlightened nor like her. She tells him she does not believe that he is an idiot. But if he would believe that Dorian wants to give up her material goods for him, he not using his brain. She tells him that to think for a minute that Dorian has changed is “a load of bull”, and that is an expression that Asa would use. She tells him that she will believe that Dorian is willing to give up her lavish life style when she sees elephants fly. At that point, David concludes that maybe she is right that he is an idiot.

Moe shows Dorian the legal papers that direct her to give up all of her wealth to him. It looks like he is ready to live the life of the rich and famous. And he tells her he wants to run everything by her and make certain she is aware of everything he is doing. He asks her to look it over. And he asks her what she has to say. She then stands up, lashes out at him and replies that what she has to say is that he and Noelle are the most despicable, ungrateful, worthless low life hillbillies she has ever seen. Hearing that, he is surprised to hear her yell at them and call them hillbillies. And so is Noelle.

Viki tells David that she realizes that he has to make his own decisions for his life. It’s his decision to make. She is just concerned about him because she is his friend. He tells her he appreciates that and leaves.

Marty leaves Rodi’s. Alone with Wes, John tells him that the way he appears so smug about Lee Halpern’s death, one might get the idea that he had something to do with it.

In the courtroom, Starr tells Téa that she looks pretty smug now that the prosecution’s key witness has been killed. At that point, the judge enters and instructs everybody to sit. He announces that he’s certain everybody knows what has suddenly happened to Lee Halpern. Téa then stands up and tells him that she would like to drop all charges against Todd Manning. Marty tells her she must be out of her mind. The judge instructs Marty to be seated and keep her mouth shut. He then asks Nora and Téa to approach the bench. Both lawyers speak their piece. Téa tells the judge that there is no evidence against her client. Nora asks if anybody believes for a minute that Todd would not kill the key witness to nail him nor that Téa would not take the rap in order to save Todd’s sorry ass. She turns around to see Blair, Starr, Cole and Marty. And she asks if anybody would like to argue with that. Nobody says a thing.

At Rodi’s, Wes tells John that he can tell that John has had it in for him ever since they met. John tells Wes that he is concerned about Wes’s relationship with Marty. Wes tells John that his relationship with Marty is none of John’s business.

After Dorain lashes out and calls Moe and Noelle a bunch of low life hillbillies, he asks her if he heard her correctly. Right the, David enters. Knowing that she must “cover her feelings”, she tells him that what she intended to say is that she is ready to sign over the papers for her friend and his lovely fiancé. She signs the papers and asks David if he has “made his decision”. He indicates that he has. She is afraid that he won’t marry her. But he tells her that he is about to give her his vow of acceptance.

He will marry her if she will have him. Hearing that, she kneels down to hug and kiss him. And she is elated.

IN the courtroom, the judge announces that Todd is acquitted of all charges and is now free to go. Everybody is devastated to hear that except for Téa and Todd.

At Rodi's, John calls his uniform cop friend, Fish from Cherryville. He asks if he can do him a favor by running a check on Wes Granger, former Navy SEAL. And could Fish please let him know what he comes up with? Fish is only too happy to comply.

Rex goes to Dorian’s home and looks for David and Dorian. The servant who cannot speak English answers the door but cannot understand a word he says nor answer the question about whether Dorian and David tied the knot or where they went. After a frustrating game of charades, Rex gets the guy to tell him that they left on a plane for Vegas.

After Todd gets acquitted, Starr runs after Cole and tells him how sorry she is. But he angrily tells her she better save it. He will never forgive her. She is the only witness who could bring Todd to justice. Right then, Téa tells the bailiff, they may take her to jail. But Nora tells them no. She does not want that. And she realizes she has no control over what happens to Todd since he’s been acquitted. She wants them to take somebody else to jail, she announces. And that is Starr. She committed perjury. So Nora instructs them to take Todd Manning’s daughter to jail.

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