OLTL Update Tuesday 2/3/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 2/3/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Téa calls the cops to Todd’s house and confesses to killing Lee Halpern. Antonio and Talia observe Janet lying on the floor in a pool of blood and Téa has blood smeared on her face. Antonio goes in and confirms that Janet is dead. But he tells Téa he knows that she is not the one who killed her.

Wes and Marty are together. He reaches to kiss her but pulls away. He tells her he should not have done that. She tells him he need not apologize. They realize they both have some real issues involving “Lee Halpern” and their respective lives. She tells Wes that he’s been such a good friend to her.

Schuyler goes to Rodi’s and notices John as a former cop. He admits to him that his mother was Starr Manning’s OBGYN.

In Starr’s room, Blair enters. Starr tells her mother that she bets that she is angry and believes she did a very stupid thing for lying in court for her father. She tells her mother that Langston has already told her what she thinks of it. Blair tells her daughter she is not there to judge her. Starr tells her mother if that is true, then she is the only person who doesn’t

Right then, Cole enters to see Matthew smoking a joint in his room. He runs in and demands to know what he is doing. Matthew tells him he must relax. He is only smoking pot. At least he is not popping pills like Cole is.

Dorian has agreed to go walking up Llantano Mountain with David. But he knows that she has hated every moment of it. She has a winter coat on. But he only wears his gown. She protests that she does not have “hate” for anything. He tells her that he is a monk but not an idiot. He knows that she is lying. She tells him she knows him also. She knows about his “urges”. He asks her why she would want him to believe that she wants or needs inner peace. He tells her that the Dorian he knows only likes money, power and drama. He tells her that she obviously “wants something” from him. But since it’s obvious he has nothing of material value, he cannot figure out exactly what it is that she could want from him.

In Rodi’s, Jared asks Rex just what he has found out about Dorian and David Vickers. Rex informs him that Dorian has donated her money to some bogus company. And she attempted to get David to sign papers so that he’d be signing away any “future” wealth to the same entity.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler talks to John about his mother’s career as an OBGYN. It was her mission to “bring life” into the world. And could you believe that she would kill herself? And she almost helped Todd Manning kidnap Starr’s baby. John tells Schuyler that he has heard that Lee Halpern is ready to testify for the prosecution and may incriminate Schuyler’s deceased mother for helping Todd. Schuyler informs John that that may not happen. He’s heard that nobody can find Lee Halpern.

Blair tells Starr that she is concerned about her daughter’s “sudden change of heart” in the courtroom. Not long ago, Starr was ready to get her father prosecuted and nail him. And she bets that “somebody” got to her. Blair asks Starr if it was her father or Téa. And she asks Starr just what they told her.

At Todd’s, Téa cries and tells Antonio that it was she who killed Janet. He tells her he does not believe that for a minute. He demands to know why she keeps doing Todd’s dirty work for him. When will she stop? Talia tells her that she is not helping Todd by taking the wrap for him. But she will go down with him as an accessory. Both Téa and Todd confirm that Todd did not kill Janet (Lee Halpern). Téa tells them she realizes that Todd had everything to gain if Lee Halpern was prevented from testifying. And she understands why they would suspect Todd. But he did not do it. But she tells Antonio that maybe his partner should be questioned. She was responsible for keeping Janet in the locked motel. And Janet fled. Antonio then asks Téa just how she(Téa) managed to kill Janet with Todd standing right there watching.

After Blair asks Starr just who persuaded her not to testify against Todd. Starr then remembers Téa informing her that her father committed suicide. But she replies to her mother’s question that she noticed that Nora was going to put her father away. She was very angry at her father for all that he did. Yet she could not go through with it. But Blair knows that there is more to it than that.

At Rodi’s, Schuyler tells John that he finds it very strange that the cops and the DA had a very easy objective to nail Todd for what he did to Marty. He is a convicted rapist. But they needed Lee Halpern to confirm that she secretly helped Todd keep Marty in his home and was going to help him kidnap his daughter’s baby. Yet, she’s vanished into thin air.

Marty and Wes talk about how maybe they should get serious but they also realize there could be consequences. They both have major trust issues from previous relationships and

Téa tells Antonio and Talia the story about how Janet pulled a knife on her And in a struggle, Janet got stabbed, right in the heart. She then confesses that she did it.

After Cole catches Matthew with a joint, Matthew demands that Cole gives it back to him and stays out of his business. OR else he will tell everybody that Cole pops pills.

Dorian attempts to convince David that she has found joy and peace. But he tells her he knows that she has not given up her need for money or power. He knows her motives are not pure. So she better come clean and tell him or he won’t listen to anything she says anymore. At that point, she admits that he is right. Her motives are not pure. She then tells him she thinks she is going to regret what she is about to say. She tells him the reason she is ready to stop at nothing to do whatever he wants and prove herself in his eyes is because she still loves him and wants him to love her.

While Matthew and Cole are arguing about who should get in trouble for their “usage” of substances, Renee enters and tells Matthew she has been looking for him. He lied to her and she wants to know why. Hearing that, he appears unclear as to just what she is referring to

Blair tells Starr she is not judging her for having a need to protect her father. But she committed perjury under oath. And if they ever find Lee Halpern, she will prove that Starr is lying. And it could mean serious consequences for Starr.

At Todd’s home, Antonio asks Todd that when the one person who could have sent him away has been prevented from testifying, and she’s found dead on his living room floor, he will really need an alibi. Does he think that Starr will be his alibi?

Blair right then asks Starr if she’s called her father since the trial. Starr admits she has not been in contact with her father since court has been adjourned. And she does not wish to talk to him.

Todd tells Antonio that he is not going to ask Starr to cover for him. She has been through enough. Téa again attempts to build a case about how she had to kill Lee Halpern.

Right then, Marty admits to Wes that she wanted to kill Todd. He tells her that she is “no killer”. But she tells him that maybe she is. He would not know.

At Todd’s, Antonio tells Téa she may suit herself if she wants to take the wrap for the crime. And he places her under arrest for the murder of Lee Halpern.

David asks Dorian if he heard her correctly that she still loves him. In response to that, she asks him to look at her. She is standing outside in the cold without proper clothing. She has given up all of her monetary wealth and possessions. She has changed her life for him. Why does he think she went off the wall when he married his sister? And his friendship with Viki drives her insane. It’s all because she is insanely jealous of the thought that he could be interested in another woman. He then assesses her jealous nature. She asks him why they cannot get married.

Blair goes to Rodi’s. John asks her what happened at Todd’s trial. She tells him she is very worried about Starr lying and the consequences that might happen to her little girl.

Right then, when Starr is in her room alone, Jack knocks on her door and tells her he has to come in. He admits to her that he has overhead everything. He knows that she has come around and refused to put their father in jail. She tells her little brother that he should not have been eavesdropping on her conversation with their mother. That was not for his ears. But he tells her that he knows she is upset and needs a friend. And he is very proud of her for not letting their father go to jail.

Blair tells John that she knows that somebody got to Starr. And she knows that he is concerned about Marty.

After Marty tells Wes that she has had a “desire” to murder, he tells her that he has actually murdered people. That was his job in Iraq. She tells him that she knows that John remembers his “law abiding girlfriend”. But that is not who she is. And she will never forgive Lee Halpern for failing to tell her what Todd did and now for being afraid to testify against him.

Right then, the cops arrest Téa for the murder of Lee Halpern.

Marty tells Wes that maybe people who knew her want her to be “the forgiving kind”. But that’s not who she is anymore.

Renee enters to interrupt Cole and Matthew’s “discussion” and she tells Matthew that she let him go out the other night because he did not tell her that he was grounded. That’s not good. And he better get back to his room and finish his homework. He apologizes and leaves. Alone with Cole, she tells him that she knows that he is up to something. She knows what he has been through. She was hoping that her “friend”, Lee Halpern would come clean and testify against Todd. Hearing that, he asks Renee if that lady was her “friend”. She replies that that was another life ago. She knows that nobody has any control over whether another person does the right thing or not. Cole indicates to Renee that he will never forgive Lee Halpern and she is going to get what is coming to her.

Téa tells Antonio and Talia that she wants to get this “process” over with. She wants to be able to help Todd get acquitted and back to his family. In response to that, Antonio sarcastically asks her if she believes that she will be a good legal counsel for this “upstanding family man” after she has confessed to murder.

Dorian tells David that they must find their way back to each other. SO she proposes to him. IN response to that, he reminds her that he is taking a vow of celibacy. She protests that she must be able to walk the path with him. But he tells her that his “path” is to relinquish all need for the desires that they have both had in their past.

While Jared and Rex brainstorm about what they are going to do in order to prevent David and Dorian from taking everything from the Buchanan’s, Jared says that maybe he should do “the unthinkable”. Maybe he should tell David that he is a Buchanan. Hearing that, Rex is shocked and tells Jared that if he does that, he must find a way to talk to David without “cruella’ nearby.

Right then, Rex goes to find the two of them. David is gone. Dorian believes she is alone and unseen. And she reveals the secret that unknown to everybody, she is going to be Mrs. David Buchanan.

After Cole tells Renee that he wants Lee Halpern to “get what is coming to her”, she asks him just what he meant by that. He tells her he is questioning whether there is justice. She tells him that he must believe that the wrong doers will be brought to justice.

Right then, the cops take Téa to the station.

Cole is alone in his room and calls Starr. But she only wants to call Schuyler Joplin. Schuyler is in Rodi’s and observes her text message. Cole is alone in the room with the joint that Matthew left in his room and is ready to smoke it.

The paramedics take Janet’s body away.

Marty sleeps. John and Blair are not far away out in the hallway Wes is awake near Marty, looking out the window knowing that he should not be sleeping with Marty.

It looks like everybody is unsettled.

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