OLTL Update Monday 2/2/09

One Life to Live Update Monday 2/2/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.
Proofread by Melanie

Outside the courtroom, Bo tells Antonio and Talia that the best place to find Lee Halpern would be somewhere where she would feel “safe.” Talia tells him that she doubts there is anywhere in this town where Janet (Lee) would feel safe. From the moment she saw that headline Todd printed in the Sun, she does not trust anyone. Bo tells them he will stop at nothing to find her. Antonio declares that with that article in the Sun about Janet, she could not have gone far.

Téa goes to Todd’s home, sees Janet lying in a pool of blood, and Todd holding a bloody knife. He declares to Téa, in a calm tone, "She is dead."

Starr returns home and talks to Langston. Langston asks Starr how it was testifying and asks if her father’s lawyer was really tough on her. Starr replies that Téa never questioned her. She took the stand as Nora asked of her and she betrayed Cole.

Right then, Markko finds Cole sitting outside in the park drinking a beer. Markko asks him if he wants to go to the diner and have one of Carlotta’s enchiladas. He encourages him to get out of the cold, but Cole tells Markko that he cannot after what happened.

At Dr. Joplin’s gravesite, Schuyler tells his mom that she did what she did in order to protect him. So he is going to protect her.

Wes returns home and notices Marty drinking booze from the bottle. He asks her how the trial went and is surprised that it ended so soon.

Téa asks Todd what happened and what he did. He appears like he could care less and is not worried about what he just did. She asks him if he killed her.

Cole tells Markko that he “did” something he should not have done. He asks Markko if Langston told him what he “did.” He tells Markko that it’s only a matter of time before everybody knows. Starr will let everybody know. He then admits to Markko that he has been taking pills. Markko tells Cole that he has seen him with Asher, the drug supplier. Cole then asks Markko if he has been following and spying upon him. He’s just like Starr, Cole tells him. Markko tells Cole that he does not intend to spy nor be a nark. He is merely Cole’s friend.

Starr admits to Langston that she lied for her father in court. Langston asks her how she would let him get away with intending to kidnap her child. Starr then tells Langston that she went to her baby’s grave and noticed her father talking to her and admitting how sorry he is and how he wishes he could get back with his family. Langston protests to her that there is no excuse for Todd’s behavior and Starr cannot let him get away with what he did. Starr then informs Langston that she found out that her father tried to commit suicide. Langston asks her if that means he should get a free pass to get away with what he intended to do. Starr informs Langston that she really needed to talk to somebody to find out what she should do and so she discussed the matter with Schuyler. Hearing her addressing their teacher by his first name, Langston asks Starr if she is getting “close” to their teacher. Starr cannot answer that questions nor reveal to Langston just whom Mr. J. really is.

Schuyler is standing by his mother’s grave. He tells her that she went through this whole disgraceful process that lead to her taking her own life just so that she could protect him from consequences of his actions. He tells her that she was willing to let Todd Manning get away with stealing his own daughter’s baby because Todd threatened to expose her son for his crimes.

Marty informs Wes, while drinking and slurring her speech, that she went to court and was ready to testify against Todd that he was ready to take the baby with her and lied to her about the circumstances. She never had a chance to testify. His daughter lied on the witness stand knowing full well that he was going to lie to her, tell her her baby died, and raise it without her knowing. The only other witness, Janet the nurse, was nowhere to be found.

Téa and Todd stand over Janet’s dead body and she is wondering what they are going to do. She still knows that as his lawyer, she must “protect” him for all of his crimes, even this. Todd flippantly tells Téa that he did not kill Janet. He wishes he did. At that point, Téa yells at him to not say that. They are standing in his living room next to a dead woman with blood, and he is holding the knife in his hand. She then “briefs” him about how he can account for his whereabouts and be able to beat the charges. He tells her that within the last few hours, he went and talked to Blair. He then went to court. He asks if, maybe, somebody might “cover” for him. She tells him that regardless of anything, he had means, motive, and opportunity to kill Janet. She was ready to testify and present irrefutable evidence that he was arranging to kidnap his daughter’s baby with her help. Todd tells Téa that there are other people with motive to kill Janet. Not the least of which is her (Téa).

Schuyler stands by his mother’s grave and reads the letter she wrote to him. She tells her son that she is not going to let anybody hurt or expose him. He has turned his whole life around and she is so proud of him.

Starr admits to Langston that she went and talked to her teacher because there was nobody else. Langston does not understand why it is that Starr would believe Schuyler, their new teacher, who she barely knows, was a preferred choice for Starr to discuss how she felt about testifying against Todd. She could have discussed it with Langston or with Cole. Starr comes up with excuses such as Langston being out with Markko and Cole’s bad attitude. Langston asks if Starr does not believe that she would interrupt a date with her boyfriend to be there for her best friend. Starr does not know how to answer that question. She confesses to Langston that she testified under oath that her dad never intended to kidnap her baby. She knows that Cole will never forgive her for that. Langston tells Starr she cannot blame him for that.

Cole admits to Markko that a few weeks ago he was very pissed at Todd Manning. He thought that Todd was going to get away with his crimes yet again, so he got a gun. He did not care if it was Todd or someone who helped him that got murdered. Markko admits that he never heard of this before. Why didn’t Cole come and talk to him?

Téa assesses to Todd that somebody could say that she (herself) killed Lee Halpern. She encouraged Todd to print the article in the Sun and after that, Lee Halpern’s life was over. At that point, she bursts out laughing about how she could possibly consider stabbing somebody and murdering them because they are going to testify against her client in court. They then brainstorm about how anybody could destroy the evidence. She then asks him that if she did not kill Janet and he did not either, then who did?

Marty informs Wes that the reason Todd’s trial was postponed was because Lee Halpern did not show up to testify for the prosecution. She just found out that Todd exposed her in the Sun. She was probably afraid to go anywhere and has a lot of enemies according to the history that she’s just read in Todd’s article. At that point, Wes looks at Marty with a grave expression. He tells he has a confession to make.

Todd asks Téa what they do now. She tells him that she’d say they have a fairly large problem. He asks her what she wants to do noticing that his prints are all over a murder weapon. It seems that neither one of them trusts the other.

Langston tells Starr that even if her father intended to kill himself, he is still alive. Starr asks her what that is supposed to mean. Langston then tells Starr she does not mean to be a bitch, here, but she knows that she has seen enough of Todd Manning’s behaviors. She would not put it past Todd to fake a suicide attempt in order to get sympathy from his daughter or from the court. Starr tells Langston that the entire reason why Todd wanted to take her baby, raise it with Cole’s mother, believed that Marty was the only person who loved him, lied to Marty, and did all the things he did was because she and her family abandoned him. Langston asks her if that makes his behavior okay. Starr tells Langston that is the reason she had to talk to Mr. J. He was the only person to understand. Langston obviously doesn’t.

Schuyler talks to his deceased mother about how she covered for her drug addict son. He tells her that they have to keep a secret that she has taken to her grave.

Cole tells Markko that he does not need to get revenge upon Todd or anybody when he has “these” (the pills). Markko tells Cole he completely understands his temptation to use, but he must know that they won’t solve anything and are not the answer. Cole tells him that for a while after he takes them, it feels that way. Markko asks Cole just how he plans to let the drugs solve all of his problems. Cole reminds Markko that his own mother cannot live in the same house with him. Living with her own son is too painful for her. So she chooses, instead to live in the Angel Square Motel in a tiny room with a strange biker dude. Hearing that, Markko is shocked.

Wes confesses to Marty that he knows Janet and/or Lee Halpern. Her name was Carol something when she was sleeping with his father. His father was ready to leave his mother. Lee/Janet/Carol broke up his parents’ marriage, ruined his family, and took Wes’s father for every cent he had. His mother had to raise the kids all by herself. He has not seen nor heard from his father for many years and doesn’t even know if he’s still alive. Hearing that, Marty is shocked to find out that Wes knows these things about Janet, the nurse, who she believed was a nice person.

Todd tells Téa that there must be many people besides the two of them who would have reason to want Janet/Lee dead.

Langston tells Starr she gets why she feels bad for her dad, but she lied under oath. That’s called perjury. She could go to jail. Starr asks her if she believes that Nora will go after her. Langston tells Starr she may very well. That’s the DA’s job when she clearly knows that a witness is lying. She cannot believe that Starr did something so stupid. Hearing that, Starr tells her, that is the whole reason why she didn’t want to discuss it with her. She knew that Langston would not understand. Langston asks Star why she believes that Schuyler, this guy she’s known a few days, would understand better. Starr tells Langston she had to protect her father. If Langston had a father, she might understand.

Wes and Marty talk about how coincidental it is that they both know Lee Halpern. She tells him that she sat in the courtroom and noticed that Todd was ready to get away with his crime just like he did before. She cannot believe that there is no justice. He tells her that sometimes there is. She asks him how there could be any justice. There is no longer anybody to testify against Todd. Lee Halpern ruined his family. Where is her justice? In response to that, he tells her that there are other ways to make somebody pay besides putting them in jail. He tells her that he believes she did not deserve what happened. She is a good person, and he believes that good people win in the end.

Markko tells Cole that he needs to know that it’s entirely possible that his mom will get better. He needs to know that these pills are temporary, but his problems are permanent. He won’t have the excuse to keep using them forever.

Langston asks Starr why it is that she could believe that their new teacher is a better person to talk to than her best friend. She cannot believe that Starr would let somebody like her father get away with what he did. She declares that Starr is just like Todd. She has ruined many peoples’ lives including that of her own child.

Schuyler tells his deceased mother that Starr Manning does not blame her for the loss of her baby. His mother is right that Starr is a good kid. She has been through some rough times. She could not testify against him her father nor get him in trouble because she loves him so much. And now the only way to get Todd convicted for what he did is the proof in the letter that she wrote to him. He remembers she always used to tell him he could come to her with anything. He wishes that she would have come to him with this one.

Todd makes all the plans for himself and Téa to “hide the evidence.” He tells her they need to find a way to transport and dispose of her body so that nobody finds her. At that point, she calls Antonio. He grabs a hold of her and demands to know why she called the cops. She then demands that he shuts up and does exactly what she tells him to do.

Cole admits to Markko that the pills don’t make him feel anything, and that is the thing he wants. Markko then tells him he must drive him. Cole is in no condition to drive.

While Schuler sits by his mother’s grave, he remembers Antonio warning him that if he covers for Todd Manning, he goes down with him. Yet he can clear his name by coming clean and helping the police to nail Todd. At that moment, his phone rings. It’s Starr. She is crying and tells him she really appreciates him coming to her father’s trial. She believes that he understands so much and it means a lot to her. He tells her he’s happy he was able to “help” but he doesn’t tell her anything more. When he hangs up, he concludes that he understands more than she knows. At that point, he lights the letter from his mother on fire.

Marty and Wes are drinking and are comfortable together. They both wonder what happened to Lee Halpern/Janet/Carol.

Nora tells Bo she cannot believe that Starr would change her testimony after all that Todd did to her. Bo tells her that he was surprised that Starr would want to testify against Todd at all. She asks if it’s not enough that he was going to kidnap his daughter’s baby. Bo tells Nora he can see that Starr knows about her father doing many really bad things, and she loves him regardless. Nora tells Bo she so wishes that Lee Halpern would get there and help them with their case.

Just at that moment, Antonio and Talia are dispatched to Todd’s when Téa calls them. She has blood on her face and confesses to them that she killed Lee Halpern. 

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