OLTL Update Friday 1/30/09

One Life to Live Update Friday 1/30/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

At Todd’s trial, Starr finds she cannot answer the question Nora puts to her of whether her father admitted to her that he was ready to kidnap her child and having her falsely believing she died.

Jessica returns home to see her family. She is overjoyed to see all of them. Viki and Charlie warmly greet her. Jared appears cordial while he holds baby Chloe and he gives her to Jessica. She holds her daughter and appears elated to see her. She then asks where Bree is. And they notice that Natalie is also not present. At that point, they both appear. Natalie looks at her sister coldly and so does Bree. It appears Bree only wants Natalie to take care of her and resents her mom.

Right then, Marcie goes to baby Hope’s gravesite. She tells her that she was hoping, if nothing else, to bring Todd Manning to justice. But that may not even happen.

In the courtroom, Nora instructs Starr to answer the question of whether her father admitted to intending to kidnap her baby. At that point, Starr replies no. Hearing that, Cole stands up and tells her she cannot do that. She is lying. Todd cannot get away with his crime.

Jessica graciously talks to Viki, Clint and Charlie. They are all happy to see her. But when she turns to her Natalie and to Bree, they clearly indicate that they don’t want her back. Viki encourages Jessica to believe that her sister and daughter both love her and they will come around. But Jessica is afraid that that may not happen and she blames herself for how she has severed her ties with both of them.

After Starr has answered Nora’s question by stating that her father never told her he intended to kidnap her baby, Nora reminds her if she does not know that she is under oath and lying under oath would be committing perjury. Starr says she knows. She is not committing perjury. Nora then presents a letter previously written by Starr where she states that she is not being coached by the prosecution. She is not a child. She is a 16 year old person. She needs to realize the unfortunate truth about her father and what he did. He admitted to wanting to kidnap her child, have her believing she died and running away with Cole’s mother and lying to her by telling her that Starr asked them to raise the baby. In response to that, Starr tells Nora, under oath, that she lied when she wrote that. She was angry at her father because he kept her away from Cole and for what he did to Cole’s mother. Nora again asks Starr if she wants to answer the questions truthfully. At that point, Starr is tempted to admit to the truth. But she looks at her father. She remembers overhearing his confession and apology to baby Hope at her gravesite and his revelation that he loves his daughter. She remembers Jack being furious at her for hurting their father and his urging her to see that he needs them. And she remembers Téa informing her that Todd tried to take his own life. And at that point, she replies, again, that Todd never told her that he intended to kidnap her child. Nora is not willing to accept that answer. Nor is the judge. But Téa stands up and announces that Nora has asked the witness the same question several times and Starr has provided the same answer each time Nora repeats the question. In response to that, the judge tells Starr she may step down since the prosecution has asked her all they need to ask her. Nora protests that he cannot accept what has happened. The judge then asks Nora if she has any other witnesses to prove what the prosecution is alleging Todd of doing. Nora looks around and notices that Janet is nowhere to be found.

Right then, Antonio steps outside the courtroom, gets on his cell to call Talia, realizing she is not there and neither is Janet. But while Talia is passed out on the floor, she cannot answer. Antonio then rushes to the motel where he last left Talia and Janet. The door is locked. But he kicks it down. He notices that Talia is bleeding from a bump on the head and Janet is gone.

Wes goes to visit Brody at St. Ann’s and notices his friend is smiling and happier than he’s been in a long time. He also has a football in his hand. Wes asks Brody where that came from. Brody replies that his “friend” Jessica just got discharged from St. Ann’s. Wes asks Brody about his “new friend”. Brody replies that Jessica is just a friend and nothing more. He admits hat they stepped up for each other. He admits that he misses her. She gets him more than anybody else. He realizes the doctors and sisters are doing a good job. But he really got to know Jessica and related to her situation. He hopes she is doing ok at home and realizes it must not be easy for her.

Jessica asks Jared to hold baby Chloe while she goes over and talks to Bree. But Bree only clings to Natalie and does not want to speak to her mom.

At St. Ann’s, Brody can tell that Wes has something going on. He knows that Wes is not ok. He asks him what is going on. Right then, Wes shows him the article in the Sun about Janet where it says she is Janet Ke-ching Ketring.. And he shows Brody the picture “the bitch who ruined his family”.

Jessica tells Viki, Clint and Charlie that her sister hates her and her own daughter is afraid of her. What is she going to do? She’s ruined their lives. Viki and Clint encourage their daughter to know that she’s made a great breakthrough and to have hope that things will get back to the way they were. Hearing that, Charlie remarks that maybe he should let them have a private family discussion. At that point, Jessica tells Charlie she knows he has good reason to never forgive her for what Tess did to his son and how he got involved in her mess. Charlie, however, graciously tells her that he has no ill will toward her. He wants her to get better and he knows she can do it. And he tells her he doesn’t want to “appear to be all 12-steppy” but this is definitely one of these “one day at a time situations”. He encourages her not to give up and to believe that things will get better. Right then, Natalie and Bree enter. Viki asks if she can have a word with Natalie privately. But Jessica tells them that she wants to talk to Natalie alone. They are all a bit afraid to let the two of them be alone. But Natalie coldly asks what could happen. They are sisters, right?.

When Marcie is at Hope’s grave, Michael appears and tells her he doesn’t want her to be alone. She tells him he has been so understanding to her and she loves him. he tells her he loves her. But she reveals that she just knows that Todd Manning will get away with murder for the second time.

While Brody looks at the headline printed in the Sun about Janet, Wes remarks that she was not called “Janet” when she knew his father. But she got him to dump his mother and abandon his kids. He reflects that his father left his family for Janet. Then she left him and took everything he had. Brody asks Wes if he never heard from his father again. Wes admits that his father was too ashamed to contact his wife or kids. Last he heard, his father was living on the streets. He could be dead for all Wes knows. He believed that Janet had dropped off the face of the earth. Then he suddenly picks up a paper and discovers that she is right in Llanview. And so is he.

Antonio calls to get help for Talia after Janet has knocked her out and run off.

In the courtroom, Nora announces to the judge that she is waiting for “Lee Halpern” (Janet). But since she is in protective custody, it might take some time to get her here. And, noticing that the judge believes that Starr is lying and asking her to tell the truth about what he father really did, Nora asks that he lets her recall Miss Starr Manning to the witness stand at a later date. At that point, Starr gets up off the witness stand. The judge then calls a 30 minute recess. Starr then runs to her mother who asks her what happened. Blair asks her daughter why se did that. Cole asks her how she could let her father get away with what he did to their baby. MR. J. is not far away. Nora asks John if he knows where Antonio went. John replies that he went to get Janet. Todd demands to know what Téa did to get Starr to lie for him.

Alone with Natalie, Jessica humbling tells her she is very grateful for her and Jared caring for her girls when she was away. In response to that, Natalie coldly asks her if “away” is the new term she is using for being put away after trying to kill her own sister. And she asks Jessica if she wants to be “all friendly” and reconcile down in the basement in the soundproof room where Jessica locked her in. She smiles sarcastically and asks her if she wants to relive some of her greatest triumphs. Tess had so much fun by torturing Natalie letting her believe that her brother died. And then she shows Natalie the video of Tess coming on to Jared and having him believe that Natalie wrote him a letter that she left town and abandoned everybody. And all the while Tess was enjoying having her locked in that room and then having Jared with her and almost having them blown up with a bomb. SO in answering Jessica’s question about whether they can “let bygones be bygones”, her answer is no. Jessica tells Natalie she knows that she put her through hell. Natalie tells Jessica no. It was “hell” when she believed that Tess was doing this. But then when she found out that Jessica was having Tess do all of her dirty work, that was beyond that. Jessica protests about reconciling. But Natalie reminds her that she (Jessica), not Tess wanted her and Jared to die. She believes that Jessica still does. And she concludes that she does not want Jessica anywhere near those girls. They are in danger around her. At that point, Jessica protests that they are her children. But Natalie reminds Jessica that she took Bree to Todd’s home to live for months and left her there when she was ready to give birth. And new born baby Chloe was left all alone when Tess could have gone to a hospital but chose not to. After she gave birth and abandoned Bree at Todd’s, their mother went over and found Bree all alone. And she screams at Jessica telling her it’s a miracle that they are both still alive. She demands that Jessica stays away from them. She tells her she is not fit to raise them. Jessica then asks Natalie just who is. Is she? Natalie replies right now, she is a hell of a lot more qualified to raise them that Jessica is. So yes.

After the court is in recess and Starr has testified under oath that she lied by accusing Todd of admitting to wanting to kidnap his child, Todd asks Téa what she did to “pressure” Starr to change her story. Blair then confronts Todd by telling him that he promised her that he would not let Téa anywhere near Starr. Téa reminds Blair that Todd did ask her not to cross examine Starr. And she did not. But Nora did and discredited her own witness. Blair tells her to shut up and tells her this whole situation stinks.

Outside the courtroom, Nora talks to Antonio on the phone and he informs her that Janet got away. She demands to know what he means. He explains that she freaked when she saw the headlines in Todd’s paper. Janet knocked Talia out and apparently made a run for it. Nora asks him how long ago. He replies just a little while. He assures Nora they will get an APB and find Janet soon. Nora tells Antonio he better. Otherwise, Todd will walk on everything, again.

At the baby’s gravesite, Marcie tells Michael even if Hope had lived, Todd had taken her, and she’d have never known where she was, it would still be better than this. At least, she’d have been able to be raised by a woman who loved her and she might have had a chance. But now, there is nothing and nobody who can bring her baby back.

After Natalie blasts Jessica and tells her she will not forgive her nor let her near her children, Jessica tells her sister she is eternally grateful for all that she has done. But she is not Bree’s nor Chloe’s mother. She has no rights to Jessica’s children. Natalie tells her this is not about “rights” it’s about doing what is right for those children. She reminds Jessica that she happens to know that Chloe could have died. She informs Jessica she happens to know she (Jessica/Tess) went into early labor. She (Natalie) and Jared begged Jessica to let her out of there so that they could help her. But she couldn’t let them do that. She chose, instead to go back to the abandoned house and give birth and leave Bree all alone. Jessica protests that that was not her. That was Tess. She protests that she believes she is really integrated. But Natalie tells her she has no way to guarantee that. Natalie then informs her that she and Jared are now engaged. They are going to get married and live in their own home. They both took care of and raised those children. She tells Jessica that she is insane if she thinks anybody would trust her to raise them. She almost killed them once before. And she will be damned if she’s going to let Jessica do it again. At that point, Viki rushes into the room, alarmed to hear Natalie going off on Jessica and demands that she stops right now.

In the courtroom, Cole and Marty demand to know why she cannot find the only witness they have against Todd. Nora admits that they cannot currently find “Lee Halpern”. Cole asks her what if they do not. What if Todd gets away with his crime like he always does? She tells him she promises that that will not happen. He walks away. Right then, he notices Mr. J and demands to know what he is doing there. Mr. J. replies that he is there because his mother was Starr’s doctor. Cole reminds him that that was his baby. The one that his (Mr. J’s) mother had a chance to save but didn’t. And Cole walks away coldly. Right then, Mr. J gets a call and tells his contact he will be right there. He gets up to leave. Blair confronts Todd about his despicable act and how he and Téa have brainwashed Starr. But Marty tells Todd that he has not won. There is still Janet. And there is still her. Todd then attempts to talk to Marty. But she tells him she doesn’t want to hear it. Marty then turns to John and sarcastically tells him that maybe he’s right. Sometimes life “is not fair”. And she storms out the door. Blair tells Téa she bets she believes she’s won by getting Starr to lie for her father. But Lee Halpern is going to blow her out of the water. Unfortunately, Starr is going to be the one to pay for it. Todd tells her that Starr is not going to pay for anything that he did.

Right then, Starr rushes out to her baby’s gravesite alone. She cries and kneels down by Hope’s grave, telling her she is so sorry.

At St. Ann’s, while Wes stares obsessively at the headline in The Sun about Janet coming back to town and that she is a known con-woman, prostitute, liar and criminal, Brody observes him and asks him to let it go. He tells him he realizes what she did to his family. But there’s nothing he can do about it now so he must let it go. In response to that, Wes protest that Brody did not “let it go” about the kid in Iraq. Brody then tells Wes that he is locked up in this place because of that. Does Wes want to end up the same way? Wes admits to Brody that he knows he has to get over it. But that is easier said that done. Janet knew that his father had small children. But she didn’t care. She got away with that and all of her crimes. And he does not know how he’s going to accept that bitch being in the same town. Brody tells Wes he wants to be there for him and he cares about his buddy. Wes leaves. Alone, Brody looks at the football that Jessica gave him before she left.

Viki tells her daughters that this is not accomplishing anything. Natalie tells her she is sorry. But this is more than she can take. Viki and Jessica leave together. Jared enters. He tells Natalie that he agrees it will be “a little weird” having to face Jessica each morning at the breakfast table after she tried to blow them up. But, he tells her, at least one good thing came from all of this; Chloe is the perfect baby. Natalie agrees but admits to Jared that she reminded Jessica that she reminded Jessica that she almost killed Chloe. And she meant what she said that Jessica is danger to both of her children.

Right then, Starr is lying on the ground by her baby’s grave, clinging to the stone plaque and telling deceased baby Hope how sorry she is. She admits that she could not do it. She knew that Todd was going to take her away from her. But he is her father. And she needed to protect him. She just wishes she could have protected Hope too. Right then, Cole appears and observes her from behind the gates.

In the courtroom, Blair tries to get a hold of Starr but she does not answer. John asks Nora what she heard from Antonio. She asks him if he is ready for this one. She informs him that Lee Halpern escaped.

Right then, three hours later, Téa returns to Todd’s home. The door is open. Todd is sitting on the floor. Janet is lying beside him in a pool of blood. And Todd has a bloody knife in his hands.

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