OLTL Update Thursday 1/29/09

One Life to Live Update Thursday 1/29/09


Written By Jennifer S.
Pictures by Laurie R.

Nora has a nightmare where Todd is the judge who is sentencing her to life in prison. Téa sits besides her looking like she might be Nora’s legal counsel. She says nothing and observes smugly. A guard takes Nora off to prison and Todd and Téa celebrate with champagne. Todd then asks Nora how it feels to be sold down the river by your own lawyer. And he asks her to give their regards to Lindsey. Right then, Nora awakens in her bed and vows that Todd is going down.

Starr goes to the high school after trying and failing to reach Cole and Langston by phone. She rushes to see Mr. J. She cries and runs intro his arms. He holds her. Cole appears and sees them.

Todd and Téa are at Buenos Dias. And she tells him she is pretty confident that she can win his case for him.

Marty is walking outside with Bo while he carries a pizza for Antonio and Talia. He tells her that if she is not up to this trial, she doesn’t have to attend. But she tells him that she doesn’t want to put this off any longer. Right then, they enter the motel room where Janet is staying. Janet comes face to face with Marty. Marty eyes her coldly and speechlessly.

Starr clings to MR. J. But he pulls away form her and tells her that this is not a good idea. She tells him that she is very worried and he’s the only person who knows what she is feeling. He tells her he realizes that she is upset. But why would she come to a teacher? She tells him that she tried to contact Langston but she does not believe that anybody would understand the way he would. He asks her about what. She replies how it would feel to have somebody you love want to take their own life and not know it until it’s too late. The way his mom did and the way her dad did.

At Buenos Dias, Téa informs Todd that Janet Ketring has a rap sheet a mile long. She tells him that she is not concerned about Janet’s “problems”. Her only concern is winning this trial. He tells her that’s fine with him as long as she does not come after his daughter. Right then, Cole enters and asks the two of them what they are going to do. Are they going to hurt Starr the way they hurt his mom?

Bo asks Talia to step outside with him while Marty and Janet talk privately. She asks Bo if it’s really a good idea to involve Marty in all of this and have her face Janet. Bo tells her that Marty is willing and able to help them. And maybe she and Janet can both serve as credible witnesses. Inside, Janet attempts to justify to Marty what she did and how bad she feels. Marty tells her she can save her guilt. And if Janet wants to “make things right”, then what she must do is bury Todd Manning on the witness stand at his trial..

When Jessica is packing her things and ready to leave St. Anne’s she talks to Brody. He asks her if she is not certain that she wants to leave. She admits that facing the outside world might not solve all of her problems. He admits to her that he wants to know for certain that he is ready before he goes home. She tells him that she needs to do the same. She knows that there are “missing pieces” that she still does not understand.

Marty tells Janet that she does not care about her apology nor believe her word about anything. Janet admits that she “falsified” who Todd was. Marty reminds Janet that she knew that Todd was a rapist. And what did Janet think was going to happen? Was Marty going to escape to never-never land with a man who gang raped her. Janet tells Marty that they have some things in common. She (herself) was getting her life together and doing good things by being a nurse. And Marty was finally recovering. She wanted to help Marty get back on her feet. And she asks Marty how she could have revealed to her that Todd raped her when it was so clear to everybody that Marty was falling in love with him? Hearing that, Marty knows she cannot answer that question.

Cole goes to confront Téa and Todd. He tells her she is a bitch. Todd tells Cole he mustn’t speak that way to his lawyer. She asks if his mother would be proud of him now. He points his finger at both of them and gets in their faces. And it looks like he’s on drugs. He then goes and finds his dealer and demands that he “coughs it up”.

Bo meets Nora outside the courtroom. He tells her he knows she has a lot on her plate with Marty and Matthew and now this trial. She tells him she believes that she is ready for this hearing. If she can get testimonies form Starr and from Janet, she believes she has a good shot at giving Todd what he deserves.

Starr tells Mr. J. that she should have seen what was going on with her father. She had no clue that he was going to kill himself. She tells her teacher that she had no clue that her father wanted to take his own life. And Mr. J of all people should know since his mother was found dead without any warning to anybody. So how could she testify against her father and send him to prison when he was so upset that he wanted to die? He then asks her just what are good reasons for convicting her father. She tells him it was not about herself or about Todd. It was about Hope. She wanted to bring him to justice because it the only way of saying that her dead baby mattered. He then asks her why she would not want to testify against her father. She replies that she may regret it. He asks her if anybody has asked anything about his mother’s involvement in the situation. Starr replies that Nora, the DA said that they cannot get the records from deceased. Dr. Joplin. He then concludes to her that all he knows is that she needs to listen to what her heart tells her instead of being concerned about anybody else. She needs to start trusting herself. She tells him that somebody does not agonize this much and not make the right choice.

Janet admits to Marty that she knew what Todd was planning and did not have the nerve to tell Marty what she knew about Todd. Marty tells Janet she cannot believe her. Janet tells Marty she knows that she was so in love with Todd and he-her. And she only wanted to protect her by telling her Todd’s lies. Marty tells Janet that she trusted her and trusted Todd with her life. And Janet stood by while Todd violated her again and again. So why should she believe nor care about a word that Janet says? Janet cries and replies that she remembers seeing Todd’s and her grandchild dead after she was born. SO she must do something now that she could not do before. So she hopes that it’s enough. Marty then angrily tells Janet that it must be enough for her to put Todd away for good. And she storms out the door.

At Buenos Dias, Cole demands that his dealer finds him more drugs. But the dealer tells Cole there is no way he’s going to give up his supplier’s name. SO Cole has to wait and make due with what he has for now. Cole does not accept not having any more drugs.

Starr then concludes, with Mr. J. that she has to make her own decision as she sees fit. And she leaves.

Marty goes to Rodi’s and runs into John. She informs him that she just got back from seeing Janet and is not ok. He asks her if she wants to talk about it.

When Mr. J is alone in his classroom, he privately reads the letter that his mother wrote to him. She clearly tells her son about the “deal” she got into with Todd. She tells him that she writing this in case it becomes public knowledge. The reason she was going to help Todd kidnap his grandchild and do this despicable act was because Todd was going to get him (her son) sent to prison for drugs. She admits that she was so careless with what she did that she had to risk a child’s life. She tells her son she is so sorry. But she just cannot live with that.

In the empty courtroom, Nora rehearses her address to the court. She presents a photo of “the defendant” only a few short months ago. Not long ago, Todd had a loving family who would have never turned on him. But now not a one of them ever wants to see him again nor forgive him for what he did. SO now, he had a desperate quest to “start a new family” with a woman who was suffering from a terrible illness, unaware that he raped her and who was at his mercy. He was about to destroy the lives of two teenagers by having them believing that their baby died so that he could steal, kidnap and raise it with the woman who he lied and fabricated the whole situation to. There are only two witnesses. Unfortunately, one of them cannot be there and testify because she took her own life due to guilt for her involvement in what Mr. Manning was ready to do.. But she has one living witness who knows all about what he did. And Mr. Manning’s own daughter will testify what her father admitted that he was about to do.

Right then, we see MR. J alone not knowing what to do. Cole is popping more pills, Blair comes to pick Starr up at school and holds her distraught daughter.

Then, the hearing starts for real with everybody in the courtroom. Nora continues her speech. She testifies that the doctor and nurse could have done their job and prevented the baby from dying, were it not for Mr. Manning interrupting them. In the courtroom, we see Blair, Starr, Cole, John, Marty and Wes on one side. Yet, Janet is not there. And we see Todd and the defense on the other. At that point, the judge asks if the defense is ready. Téa replies they are. She stands up and admits that Todd Manning is no saint. No PR can spin his history into anything other than what it is. But her client’s actions are just that; History. Todd Manning is not the man whom the DA’s office has been charging him of being for many years. She asks the people not to be fooled. This trial is not about the flimsy evidence of kidnapping. What this is all about is a town that has it’s own personal vendetta with Todd Manning. The police department and DA have their own personal agenda to get Todd Manning in trouble. And she can prove that what they allege about him are lies.

Right then, Janet notices her face plastered on the Sun. She is horrified and afraid to go to court even though she’s been subpoenaed by the prosecution.

Téa tells the court that Starr Manning’s baby tragically died after she was born. But there was no plot nor kidnapping nor intent to kill a baby. All that happened was human error. IT would be very easy for anybody to blame it on a person, the most convenient being her client. But this case is not about justice. It’s all about a personal vendetta. The judge then announces that court is adjourned. Starr notices that Mr. J. is there. John goes looking for Marty. Noticing that she is with Wes, he asks his “employee” if he does not have a beer to deliver. And everybody wonders where Janet is.

Right then, Nora notices the article that Todd published in the Sun to discredit Janet. She tells Todd and Téa that they cannot get away with it. Téa tells her that nobody is breaking the law by publishing it and exposing Janet. Nora then stands up and announces to the judge that Ms. Delgado is using this as a way to tamper with her witness and commit fowl play. And she wants Téa removed from this case immediately. In response to that, Téa protests that Ms. Hanen is only making further attempts to exercise her vendetta against Todd. The judge then denies Nora’s motion and affirms that MR. Manning can have Téa represent him if he chooses. Right then, Nora calls Antonio to testify what he and the police discovered when they were dispatched to Todd Manning’s home on the night when they discovered Marty was still alive and in his home. He replies that he noticed Mr. Manning keeping a woman in need of medical care. And he discovered a list of things to buy that Todd had written that indicates what his intent might have been. It included a baby bottle, diapers, baby clothes and a safety seat to transport an infant.

Nora asks Antonio if, to his knowledge, Mr. Manning has any infants in his care. Antonio replies no. Téa then cross examines Detective Vega and asks if he has no way of knowing whether Todd might have just bought some stuff for his daughter’s baby to give to her after she gave birth and took her baby home. Antonio admits he would not have a clue why Todd had the shopping list. She also shows him a list found in Todd’s home of things to take to an orphanage. Why would he have wanted to thank those things to an orphanage if he intended to kidnap a baby? Antonio tells her that maybe Todd wrote the list after already knowing that Starr’s baby died. She establishes that there is no conclusive evidence that Todd had any intent to kidnap Starr’s baby.

Jessica gets ready to leave St. Anne’s and gives Brody a present in a box. IT opens it and sees a football. She asks him to call her when he gets out of there and they can maybe play a game together.

In the courtroom, Nora announces that the people call Starr Manning to the witness stand. Starr sits on the witness stand. Nora thanks her for coming and tells her she realizes this is hard for her and wants to make this as painless as possible. Starr does not seem ready to talk.

Back at the motel room, after Janet has seen the startling and incriminating article that Todd and Téa put in the Sun, she tells Talia she has to talk to the DA. This is a matter of life and death. But Talia reminds her that Nora is in court. So she just has to wait. Janet tells Talia that this is the very reason she did not want to get involved in this is the first place. She went into hiding because she knew what Todd might do to her. And then, the cops got her exposed. Talia tells her that the DA’s office might be able to protect her. But Janet tells Talia she cannot take that chance. And when Talia’s back is turned, Janet knocks her out.

In the courtroom, Starr is the only witness on the case against Todd. Nora asks her if her father admitted that he intended to kidnap her child. Starr then stares at her father and finds she cannot answer that question.

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