OLTL Update Wednesday 1/28/09

One Life to Live Update Wednesday 1/28/09


Written By Mandy
Pictures by Laurie R.

Dr. Levin calls Natalie and suggests that Jessica comes home and gets supervised visits with her children. But Natalie firmly tells her sister’s doctor no way. She makes it clear that she has been taking care of both of Jessica’s daughters and she does not believe that Jessica has the right to see them quite yet. Right then, Viki enters and asks her daughter what is up. She appears not to want to do what Natalie wants to do in regard to the situation. But Natalie asks her mother to second the motion to Dr. Levin.

Cole is alone in Rodi’s with his pills in his hand. He remembers John telling him that he does not approve of what he is doing. SO Cole puts the pills back in his pocket. Right then, John enters and asks Cole what he is doing.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian meets David and asks him to sign away all of his “potential” wealth to the temple she appears to give her wealth to. Right then, Rex enters knowing what he’s just been told by Natalie and Jared about the two of them. He sits down beside Dorian. He asks David what the two of them are up to and just what Dorian expects David to sign.

At another table. Blair tells Todd that he must know what Téa is going to do in order to discredit Starr on the witness stand. But Todd assures his ex wife that he won’t let Téa do anything to damage their daughter.

Right then, Téa comes through the back door to talk to Starr privately. And she informs her, for the first time that her father committed suicide, realizing it might “soften” Starr’s perceptions of her father and motivate her not to want to prosecute him. And it looks like it’s working. Starr asks if she is implying that her father tried to kill himself because of her (Starr). Téa acts all nurturing to Starr and explains to her that her father has a lot of “complications” going on involving losing Marty. And he’s very traumatized by his grandchild’s death. Hearing that, Starr asks Téa just what she is talking about. Todd prevented her baby from getting medical care. Téa protests that Nora Hanen wants to go after Todd and she’s using everything. Starr protests that Dr. Joplin killed herself and her father tried to kill himself because of her baby. She concludes if she had not gotten pregnant, Dr. Joplin would still be alive and her father would not be on trial for murder.

Blair reminds Todd that he must know that Téa is going to rake Starr over the coals. He must know how Téa always has to win. She informs him that Nora informed her and Starr that Janet Halpern testified that she and Dr. Joplin were prevented from taking care of the baby because of him. And she tells Todd that he can prevent his daughter from enduring so much pain by simply admitting to the charges. And if he doesn’t, then the prosecution can nail him. Todd asks Blair just how he should do that. He also tells her that Lee Halpern (Janet) is just a washed up con and an ex whore. Who would believe a word she says? But Blair tells him that he better realize what he is up against.

Rex attempts to pick the brains of Dorian and David about how it could possibly be that they’d want to give up their wealth. Dorian asks to talk to Rex alone and demands to know what he is doing.

At Rodi’s, Cole discovers that John is now the new owner. He asks if he bartends and listens to people’s problems now that he’s no longer a cop. John admits he sometimes does that and asks Cole if he wants a soda or something. Cole admits that he has been having a really hard time. With what has happened to Starr and the baby and the fact that his mother has abandoned him and is now shacking up with some biker dude, he is not in a good state of mind. Right then, John takes a call on his cell. Not far away, Cole overhears Gigi talking to Wes asking him to help her carry a crate of beer. And at that point, Cole recognizes the man whom his mother is choosing to stay with. And he goes over to confront Wes. Wes tries to explain. But Cole tells him to shut up. He tells him that his mother is sick. And Wes is “playing house” with her. Wes protests that he and Marty are just friends. But Cole angrily tells Wes that his mother has many friends. Wes does not realize that she is lost and fragile. And he pulls Wes by his collar and looks like he wants to hurt him.

Viki tells Natalie that she believes she is being a bit harsh to her sister. But Natalie tells her mother that she must realize that Tess could come out and hurt the children at any minute. She asks Viki if she thinks it’s ok for Jessica to be able to get away with everything. She reminds her that Jessica tried to kill her and Jared. Everybody thought she was just fine. But she fooled everybody. But Viki tells her daughter she still believes that Jessica should be allowed to come home and see the children. Dr. Levin believes that she has made a major, major breakthrough. Natalie must let Jessica have that chance. Viki then takes Chloe from Natalie and prepares her to see her mommy.

David informs Rex that Dorian has been brought into this world on a “quest” and has been trying to better herself throughout her life. Rex asks about this “quest”. David explains that Dorian has sought out men and wealth and power and many other things and it has never worked out before. Rex then asks them if they are really serious about giving their wealth to this temple. Doesn’t this organization already have enough money? If they want to give up their wealth and work against greed, why not give to the homeless or somebody who needs it? Hearing that, David thanks Rex for his brilliant idea.

Blair tells Todd he has no clue what Starr is going through. And if he thinks that he really had a breakthrough with his daughter when he ran into her at the cemetery, he’s wrong. He must know that Starr is a teenager. He may think that she is tough. But she is a wreck.

In the room where Téa has found Starr, she nurtures her and tells her she mustn’t believe that she is responsible for all of the things that have happened. And she tells Starr she is so sorry that her father tried to kill himself. Starr tells Téa that she needs to know all of the details. Téa then tells Starr that since she does not want her to feel responsible, she will tell her everything she knows. She then explains to Starr that Todd and Marty arranged to have some sort of “encounter”. And on that very night, Todd somehow wound up on the roof of the palace hotel. Starr asks if that means he jumped.

After Cole physically attacks Wes, Wes defends himself and tells Cole he must know that he is merely a friend of Cole’s mother. He has no intent to hurt or exploit her. He is not that kind of a guy. And he asks Cole if they are “cool”. Cole replies yes. Wes then lets go of him. But as soon as Wes’s back is turned, Cole attacks him from behind and pushes his face into the counter of the bar. Cole then leaves. John gets done with his call and asks Gigi and Wes what just happened. They explain to him that Cole is very protective of his mother and untrusting of Wes.

After Viki takes Chloe to see Jessica against Natalie’s wishes, Natalie is angry. Jared attempts to assure her that things will be fine. Jessica won’t hurt Chloe or Bree. But Natalie tells Jared that it was so recent that Tess tried to kill them. And Jessica admits that she had control of Tess’s intent. It’s absurd that everybody gives her the benefit of the doubt and always assumes that she can do no wrong. And she tells him that she cannot accept the fact that the two children are at her mercy when she could endanger them.

Right then, Jessica and Dr. Levin talk. And Viki enters with baby Chloe. Jessica is elated with joy and holds her baby.

Téa tells Starr that she knows that Todd cannot take back the terrible things that he has done. But her father is a passionate man. He is impulsive and irrational at times. And that has done a lot of damage in his life time. And this time, maybe he could not deal with it. They both cry. And Starr asks Téa if she thinks that Todd will try to kill himself again.

At Buenos Dias, David tells Rex all about his new life. But he doesn’t reveal what Rex needs to know. Rex then tells Dorian and David that it was nice “chatting” with them and he gets up to leave. Dorian then expresses to David that she knows that Rex is up to something. She reveals to him that she is angry with Rex. He asks her to tell him what he already knows. She asks him what he means. David then clarifies that the real reason Dorian is upset with Rex is because he hurt her daughter, Adriana. Hearing that, Dorian tells David of course she is angry at Rex from breaking her beloved daughter’s heart. And she’s very happy not to hear David say he knows that she is angry at Rex because he wants to prevent her from getting money.

At Rodi’s, John tells Cole that he does not believe that using and medicating oneself with drugs or alcohol is the way. But Cole asks John if that is not what he sees all the time running a bar and bartending; people drinking and medicating themselves and drunken behaviors.

Jared tells Natalie that maybe she needs to give her sister a chance and have some faith in her. And they must realize that Chloe is not their child. She’s Jessica’s. Hearing that, Natalie expresses that she is angry at the thought that he would ever say that. And she tells him that he is talking to her like she is a patient at St. Anne’s. She’s tired of both him and Viki treating her like she is the nut job when it’s Jessica who is mentally ill.

Meanwhile, Jessica holds baby Chloe with her mother and doctor right beside her. Dr. Levin asks her how she feels with her baby in her arms. She says all the right things. But Viki seems to know that something is not right. She talks to Dr. Levin alone and tells him that she has noticed that Jessica has no memory of when the baby was born or any of the details of the birth. So how could she be integrated? She tells him she knows from experience that when one gets integrated, they remember all of those details. But Dr. Levin tells her that he believes that Jessica is making significant improvements. Viki tells her daughter’s doctor that she’d like to believe that. But she knows that something is not right about Jessica supposedly being in charge and not at the mercy of her two egos.

Starr asks Téa if Todd said he did not want to testify against her. Téa replies that Todd demanded that she does not put him on the witness stand to testify against her daughter even if it means detrimental consequences for him. She tells Téa that she’d like to believe that her father has potential for being a good and loving person. But she cannot dismiss the things that he’s done. Téa emotionally tells Starr that she really believes that Todd needs a chance. She then admits that Starr that she is Todd’s lawyer and maybe should not be there. But she is also Starr’s friend and wanted to inform her about what is going on before running into her in the courtroom. She tells Starr that she does love her and hopes that Starr realizes that. She puts her arms around Starr and leaves. Starr cries and admits she does not know what to do.

Rex goes to find Gigi and admits to her that Jared was right on the money. Dorian is doing just what he suspected. David was only seconds away from signing away everything to her. He admits he does not know what happened to the guy, as he used to be the king of con artists. Rex then gets on his phone.

At Rodi’s, John asks Cole to sit down. But he gets up to leave. When Cole is alone at the table, he gets out the pills and puts one in his mouth unseen. And right then, he gets a call which he notices is from Starr.. He does not answer. Starr then tries and fails to get a hold of Langston. And at that point, she goes out the door with her coat.

At Buenos Dias, Dorian tells David that once again, he is guiding her to a higher plane. So she is going to call some of her philanthropist friends and ask them what kinds of worthy charities she and David can donate to. He tells her he has a better idea.

At Rodi’s, John tells Cole that he must know that Marty is not herself right now. Cole tells John he does not know what he does not just fire the guy since John owns the place. John replies that if he keeps Wes working there, he can keep an eye on him. Cole must be patient. And he tells Cole that they may talk. But Cole tells him it no longer matters and he gets up to leave.

When Rex returns to Gigi, she asks him how it is that he knows a lot of women in the courthouse. He admits to her that he has ways of working the system. She then admits that she likes the way he knows how to get what he wants. And she asks him just what he intends to do in order to prevent Dorian from getting her claws into Buchanan Enterprises. He admits that he hasn’t a clue.

At Buenos Dias, David suggests to Dorian that they go outside and walk barefoot. She reminds him that it’s 10 degrees outside. But he asks her how enlightened a journey can be without hardship. They can go and climb Llantano Mountain and achieve enlightenment if she trusts him. She then agrees to go with him.

Téa enters and Blair warns her if she goes after Starr on the stand, she will regret it. Blair leaves. Todd asks Téa where she went. She replies that she has been earning her hourly rate. She tells him she has taken care of “one problem”. Now she must go after another named Lee Halpern.

Natalie admits to Jared that she is nervous to come home. He replies that if she asks them to come down to the basement, they can just “say no”. Hearing that, she tells him she sees nothing funny about that. But he assures her that he has her back and will be there for her. And they kiss.

At St. Anne’s, Viki finds Jessica and informs her of the good news that Dr. Levin has approved of her going home. It will be a great surprise even though Bree does not know. Jessica asks her mother what about Natalie and Jared. Viki tells her daughter that in spite of everything, they can all get through this because they are a family. Observing baby Chloe, Jessica remarks that she cannot understand how it was that Tess worried there’d be something wrong with her. She is beautiful. Viki confirms yes. She is.

Right then, Starr rushes to the school to find Mr. J. She runs into his classroom. He asks her what is up. She runs to him and hugs him.

Natalie tells Dr. Levin that she thinks it is too soon to take Chloe to St. Ann’s to see Jessica and gives the phone to Viki.

Dorian convinces David to sign away all his worldly possessions to the Llanview Clouds-in-River Zen Center and the Sunshine-on-Meadow Mind Temple. Rex comes up and asks what they are signing.

Todd promises Blair that he shut Téa down and says that Téa gave him her word that she won’t cross-examine Starr.

Téa tells Starr about Todd attempting suicide on New Year’s Eve. Téa says that Todd didn’t want Starr to know because he didn’t want her to feel responsible. Starr says that if she had never gotten pregnant, Dr. Joplin would still be alive and Todd wouldn’t be on trial for murder.

Blair says that Téa is going to rake Starr over the coals because Téa can’t stand to lose. Blair says that Todd can protect Starr from a lot of pain if he would just confess.

Dorian wants Rex to leave, but David asks him to stay. David says that Dorian is signing over all of her possessions to the Llanview Clouds-in-River Zen Center and the Sunshine-on-Meadow Mind Temple and so is he. Dorian asks David to get some water for her and he leaves. Dorian asks Rex what he is doing.

Cole shows up to see John. John gets a phone call from Michael and asks Cole to stay there for a minute. Gigi and Wes come out and Cole meets Wes. Cole and Wes get into an argument about Marty. Cole punches Wes.

Viki tells Dr. Levin that they will see him shortly. Natalie and Viki argue about whether it is a good idea to take Chloe to see Jessica. Viki says that Dr. Levin thinks that Jessica might be ready to come home and wants to see how Jessica is going to react to Chloe. Viki gets Chloe ready to see Jessica.

Rex says that he is curious about this sudden spiritual awakening. David says that it wasn’t sudden and that Dorian has been trying to better herself her entire life. Rex says that he is surprised that Dorian isn’t giving her money to the homeless or to help cure some deadly diseases. David thanks Rex for his enlightenment.

Blair says that Starr should be out having fun with her friends instead of rehearsing her testimony.

Starr says that she wants to know all the details that Téa knows about Todd’s suicide attempt. Téa says that Todd had an encounter with Marty and he ended up on the roof of the Palace Hotel. Starr realizes that Todd jumped off the roof.

Gigi breaks up the fight between Cole and Wes. John comes over and asks what happened. Gigi says that Wes and Cole were getting to know each other.

Natalie says that she has a bad feeling about this and Jared says that everything is going to be okay. Natalie says that Jessica is the real danger, not Tess. Jared suggests they get their own place and move out. Natalie asks how he can even suggest that they should leave the girls to fend for themselves.

Jessica says that she doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry and that she hasn’t seen her baby in weeks. Viki comes in with Chloe.

Téa says that Todd is lucky because he landed in the river. Starr asks if Téa thinks that Todd will try to kill himself again.

David says that his new mission is life is to seek out those less fortunate and symbolically offer his worldly goods to them. David says that he leads a very peaceful sunrise mediation, followed by Téa. Rex says that he will check his calendar and leaves. Dorian gets upset and says that the Zen center was really close to her heart. David says that the real reason Rex upset her is because he hurt Adriana.

Cole and John talk about Wes. John asks about Cole’s hand and Cole says that he doesn’t feel it. John says that isn’t a good thing and Cole says that John runs a business where people drink until they are numb.

Natalie says that she would love to move out and get their own place, but she would never forgive herself if she moved out and something happened to Bree and Chloe and neither would Jared.

Jessica spends time with Chloe. Dr. Levin asks Jessica about Chloe’s birth and she says that she doesn’t know. Jessica says that she isn’t sure about anything that happened the previous summer. Viki asks to speak to Dr. Levin in the hallway. Viki says that there is something seriously wrong with Jessica not remembering anything from the summer before. Dr. Levin says that Jessica’s memories will return as soon as she settles in and feels safe. Viki says that she finds the fact that Jessica doesn’t remember the baby’s birth to be very discouraging. Dr. Levin says that Jessica can go home as long as she continues with strict outpatient care and that he will get the papers together.

Téa tells Starr that Todd forbid her from cross-examining Starr on the stand. Téa says that she wanted Starr to know everything before she goes into the courtroom the next day. Starr thanks Téa.

Rex tells Gigi that he got there just in time and that Jared was right. Rex says that Dorian was a second away from getting David to sign away his fortune and that David still doesn’t know.

John tells Cole to sit down and get something to eat.

Starr calls Langston.

Dorian says that she is going to call some of her friends and asks them what some of the worthy charities are that they can suggest to them, but David says that he has a better idea.

John tells Cole that he can keep an eye on Wes if he is working for him. John promises that Cole will get Marty back as long as he is patient.

Rex thanks Jackie for getting back to him and says that Jackie is a secretary at the courthouse. Gigi asks how Rex is going to stop Dorian from getting her claws into David’s money without tipping him off that he is the Buchanan heir and Rex says that he doesn’t have a clue.

Dorian says that there is nothing more satisfying than giving to a worthy charity. David says that she can do that later, but right now he wants to take a walk to the top of Llantano mountain. Dorian says that she doesn’t think a meditative state is going to keep her bare feet from getting frostbitten and David says that it will be worth it.

Todd says that he isn’t going to cut a deal with Nora. Téa walks in. Blair says that if they go after Starr on the stand, the fall out of the window will seem like a walk in the park. Todd asks Téa where she has been. Téa says that she took care of one problem and now it is time to take care of another - Lee Halpern.

Jared says that they will stay and keep looking after Bree and Chloe together.

Viki tells Jessica that she can go home soon. Jessica says that she doesn’t know why Tess was going on and on about something being wrong with Chloe because she is perfect.

Schuyler asks Starr what is wrong.

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