OLTL Update Tuesday 1/27/09

One Life to Live Update Tuesday 1/27/09


Written By Jennifer S.

Starr is rehearing what she will say in court when she testifies against her father for intending to kidnap her baby, have her believe her baby died and intending to raise the baby as his own. Blair enters and asks her daughter if she is ok. Starr informs her mother that Nora has contacted her and is ready to go forward with the trial.

In the other room, Dorian is attempting to get David to marry her by doing what he wants with their “new faith” where they both give up all of their need for material wealth.

At Buenos Dias, Téa informs Todd that Nora has gotten Janet to testify at his trial and he could be in serious trouble of they don’t think and act fast and outsmart the prosecution.

Jared appears outside and calls Natalie to inform her about what he are going to do in regard to David Vickers. They are still mindful and worried that he will take over their company after finding out that he is the sole heir of Asa’s will. But Jared informs his fiancé that he has moved to a “plan B”. And Jared is dressed as David does so that they can attempt to “motivate” David.

At Dorian’s home, her lawyer enters and talks to her about her “plan” with David. He reminds her that she must “make this happen” before David finds out that he is heir to the Buchanan fortune.

Jared meets David at Buenos Dias dressed the same way David is now dressing. He sits down beside David and asks him to show him the way.

At St. Anne’s Jessica goes to talk to her doctor and tells him that she believes that she has resolved all of her issues involving Nash’s death and everything. And she believes that it’s time to go home.

But right then, we see Bess confirming that nobody knows that her baby is really Starr Manning’s child. She has made certain of that. And it appears as though Jessica is merely sleeping and dreaming of talking to her doctor.

Natalie brings Chloe to her mother’s house and talks to Gigi and Rex. They all talk about how they take care of the baby and give her her formula. But Natalie reveals that when the stuff she needs is down in the basement, she cannot go down there remembering her near brush with death the last time she was stuck in the basement. Gigi then tells Natalie she can go down to the basement and get the stuff for her. Alone with Natalie, Rex tells his sister he totally understands why she has her phobia about going anywhere near the basement. And he admits that if it were him, he might move out of the house.

Blair reveals to Starr that she may not be able to go through with testifying against Todd.

Téa tells Todd that she can easily establish that Janet has no credibility when she testifies against him. He asks her what about Starr. She explains that she can establish that Starr is a troubled teen with anger issues toward her father. But at that point, Todd tells her no. She must leave Starr alone.

Jared tells David that he is “serious” about giving up his old ways of needing wealth and greed and being a sinner. SO he needs “David Vickeroshi” to help him. But David admits to Jared that he does not believe that Jared is pure in his intent.

Dorian’s lawyer shows her papers that appear as thought she is signing over all of her estate to a specific temple And he tells her that if she can get David to “sign” off on in, then everything that he inherits will go to her. Hearing hat, she smiles with delight. He tells her that it will work If she gets David’s signature and he inherits Buchanan Enterprises, what is his will be Dorian’s. She tells him that he is great. And she promises that he will be richly rewarded. The lawyer leaves.

Blair admits to Starr that she noticed Todd in a bad way and she decided not to testify against him. Starr admits that she had a similar intent when Todd ran into her at Hope’s grave. He tells her that he wanted to get his daughter back and be forgiven. And they both realize that the only way they can “relent” with Todd is to lie in court or refuse to serve their court ordered subpoena.

Nora enters and runs into Dorian going out the door. Doran makes it clear that she is angry at Nora for taking Clint and helping him steal Buchanan Enterprises from Dorian.

Téa tells Todd that maybe Starr could be discredited in her testimony that Todd was going to kidnap her baby. She was previously angry at him for attempting to break up her relationship with Cole. Marty got to her and told her the story because Marty was angry at Todd.. So that could be a credible theory for why Starr would falsely accuse Todd of wanting to kidnap her baby. But, hearing that, Todd seems as though he really doesn’t want to fight the charges or have further conflict with his daughter. In response that that, Téa asks him if he really wants to risk going to prison. If the thinks he is having a difficult time seeing his children now, he doesn’t want to think what it will be like if he gets convicted.

At the other table, David tells Jared he knows why Jared is “doing this”. Jared asks David why he believes that is. David replies that he believes that Jared is doing it for Natalie.

At Viki's home, Natalie discusses with Rex how it is that Jessica had Tess almost murder Natalie and Jared and got away with it because of her” illness”. Gigi then returns with the baby formula. Natalie concludes to Rex that she is angry at Jessica and the fact that she and Jared have to take care of Jessica’s child because Jessica has no accountability for her actions.

Right then, Jessica sleeps and Bess concludes what she is going to do in order to convince the shrink that “Jessica” is ready to go home to her baby. Jessica hears Dr. Levin calling to her. But Bess urges her to listen to her. She can mastermind the whole situation.

Nora informs Starr and Blair that she has found a witness who can corroborate what Todd intended to do. She informs them that a nurse named Janet Ketring was going to help Todd kidnap the baby. She was going to work with Dr. Joplin to deliver the baby and then tell Starr that the baby had died. And according to what Janet has told them, Todd may have contributed to Hope’s death.

Téa warns Todd that he will be in serious trouble if he does not fight the charges. But he tells her that he is going to change his not guilty plea whether she advises it or not.

Dorian appears outside the door of Buenos Dias, dressed in her gown with a plan. She goes to see David. But when she notices Jared sitting beside him dressed the same way, it looks like there might be a problem.

Natalie and Rex talk about how it could be that Jessica might be prevented from ever seeing her daughter again.

Jessica is sleeping and dreaming about what will happen when her doctor asks Tess and then Bess to come out and tell him what he (and Jessica) need to know. And she is completely confused as to which alter she should listen to and who should be allowed to take over.

When Jared sees Dorian, he tells her hat he is seeking enlightenment from David. She tells him what a coincidence. That is what she is seeking also. He tells her that that sounds so unlike her. He knows she went after Buchanan Enterprises. She is very much a power hungry fortune hunter. She tells him that she could say the same about him since he committed fraud pretending to be a Buchanan heir. She smiles and reminds Jared that David Vickeroshi is the mentor they can both have to help them attain spiritual enlightenment. But she tells Jared that he need not worry about anything since he is marrying into the Buchanan family. Jared then goes outside, puts on his jacket and realizes that Dorian is on to him. Yet, he is now onto her.

Todd tells Téa that when he went to the house a few days ago, his boys were so happy to see him. He tells her that she must find another way besides doing anything that could further alienate him from his kids.

Nora informs Blair and Starr that Janet has informed them that she and Dr. Joplin were going to kidnap Hope for Todd. Then Todd reconsidered and told them he couldn’t go through with it. Yet, Janet tells them that she and Joplin both confirmed that from birth until the time they discovered that the baby died, she was perfectly healthy. And nobody had any reason to believe she would have died only an hour later. Hearing that, Blair and Starr are completely confused. But Nora clarifies to them that the point is, Todd went to the hospital and prevented the doctor and the nurse from tending to a new born baby. And he could be responsible for the death of her child. And she will be willing and able to charge Todd with murder. Blair and Starr really don’t want to go through with that. But Nora reminds them that Téa is going to go after Starr on the stand. They know what Téa is capable of and how ruthless she is. Nora ask Starr if she is ready for that. Starr tells her that she is not afraid of Téa Delgado. What she is worried about is having to testify against her own father. But Nora reminds Starr that she must know that her father is responsible for the death of her newborn baby. Hope is dead and cannot do anything. All she has are the people who want to bring the person who ended her life to justice. Nora reminds Starr that her father needs to suffer the consequences of his actions. Nora leaves. Blair tells Starr that Nora may be right about Todd’s accountability. But she tells Starr that she (Starr) should not have to be the one to put him away. Blair then leaves to go talk to Todd. Right then, Jack enters, informs Starr that he just overheard the conversation and asks his sister if she really intends to put their father in jail.

Right then, Jessica sleeps an has a dream of Bess take over to know what to say and do when she talks to Dr. Levin.

Starr takes Jack aside and tells her little brother that they must realize that their father cannot keep getting away with what he keeps doing She tells him he must heed what Nora just said. But he angrily tells her that Nora hates their dad and he cannot believe that Starr is helping her. Jack runs out of the room. Right then, Téa enters through the back door and acts nice to Starr. Starr asks her what she is doing there. Téa replies that she has to talk to Starr about her father.

Blair goes to Buenos Dias and sees Dorian and David at the table. She stares at them but realizes she has more important things to do. She goes and informs Todd that Nora told her what Janet confessed to. Janet and Dr. Joplin both attest that the baby was healthy. But Todd came in and preventing them both from tending to her. Then she died. So, that means that Todd is responsible for her death.

When Natalie is talking to Rex and Gigi, Jared enters and informs them that he must find a way to get David Vickers out of town. Rex and Gigi ask why. He informs them that they just found out that Asa has willed his entire estate to David. SO nobody must ever tell David that he’s inherited everything.. And that is why he went to find David. But he saw that Dorian has a “plan” with David. She probably wants to marry David in order to take the money. Hearing that, Gigi assesses that she could not believe the rich society woman Dorian Lord marrying the dishwasher at Bon Jour. They all brainstorm just how Dorian can pull that all off. Rex confirms that he knows all too well what Dorian is willing and able to do. She used to be his mother in law. She has lawyers at her disposal. They must trust him on that. He knows. Jared then concludes that he needs to have somebody to investigate Dorian and David and find out what their secrets are. Maybe a P.I. Hearing that, Gigi suggests maybe he can rely on his future brother in law. Maybe Rex can help them.

Dorian tells David that she has signed away all of her wealth. And now all he has to do is sign their agreement.

When Téa enters the house to talk to Starr privately, Starr tells her she is through talking about her dad. And Téa should not be there. Téa tells Starr she is there as a friend to Starr. Starr tells Téa that she is Todd’s lawyer and wants to ruin her case in court. Téa then informs Starr that she needs to give Starr some new information. She believes that Starr is now mature enough to know the truth.

At Buenos Dias, Blair tells Todd that if he cares about his daughter, he won’t work with Téa nor let her cross examine Starr. But Todd tells Blair that he won’t let Téa hurt their daughter.

Starr asks Téa just what “new” information she has about Todd. What did her dad do now? Téa then answers that Todd tried to commit suicide. Hearing that, Starr is shocked.

Jessica envisions Dr. Levin hypnotizing her. Bess tells her that they need never know the true identify of the baby. Jessica then awakens and asks her doctor if he believes she is ready to return home. He tells her that they might be. But he needs to do “one more test”.

Natalie and Jared take Chloe home. Gigi tells them that if they need anything, please let her know. Gigi and Rex leave. Alone with Natalie, Jared asks her how she is doing knowing she had a rough night. She tells him that she is wondering what to do if and when Jessica comes home. He admits that he has the same concern now that she’s revealed that she wanted Tess to kill them both.

After Dorian tells David that he needs to sign away his claim to material wealth, he reminds her that he has no “wealth” to sign away. But she reminds him that he got a winning lottery ticket from Viki not long ago. Anything could happen. He could come up with some invention that will make a lot of money for him. And if that were to happen, they “cannot take any chances”. So he needs to sign her papers and put his “little David Vickeroshi” on that. David looks at her perplexed.

Dr. Levin calls Natalie and tells her that Jessica is doing a lot better. And she would like for Natalie to arrange for her sister to have a supervised visit with Chloe. Noticing Jared holding her niece and realizing the situation, Natalie tells Dr. Levin she does not believe that would be a good idea.

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